twitterexile · 2 days ago
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ingek73 · 2 days ago
So I posted this yesterday
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And then someone pointed out she wore white to Greenfell as well(were the dresscode was green for greenfell)
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Plus she was keen copykating Meghan, yet again
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And someone pointed out it wasnt just the clothes she copies
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Desperate to remind everyone she is the white duchess, but copies the black one
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(here she is applauding black people)
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dreadfutures · 12 hours ago
I really like this article that came across my dash today. I want to go out and read his books now, but as a preemptive summary of how climate change and justice are both global and interconnected, across peoples and between concepts, it seems really thought provoking.
Especially this:
On a cursory read, the sweeping history of what Táíwò calls “global racial empire” could lead you to think there’s no room in his account for human agency, for bucking the course of history and changing the world right now. But Táíwò doesn’t think history dictates what people do. History may create the constraints and boundaries within which people make choices, but they still make choices. The more those boundaries are expanded, the more actions that are available to people, Táíwò’s argument goes. And, perhaps, if people are more free and empowered, they will be more likely to coordinate and solve big problems like climate change.
In our conversations I got the sense that, if there’s one thing about Táíwò’s account that keeps him awake at night, it’s how close this belief is to an article of faith, rather than a reasoned philosophy. He knows there’s no guarantee that greater human freedom and empowerment will stop climate change, or bring about justice. If given more choices, people might pick the wrong ones. Nevertheless, Táíwò thinks it only makes sense to let them try.
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burnitalldownism · 5 months ago
Because of Brexit, all companies which only operate ATMs inside the EU have now replaced the UK’s Union Jack with the Irish tricolour for the English language option.
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Ye killed our language lads, so now we’ve kidnapped yours.
€10million and an Irish Language Act in the North within 48hrs, or Béarla gets it 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🔫
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camelotsheart · 4 months ago
An amazing speech by Kenya at the UN Security Council regarding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, 22/02/2022 (video excerpt from this reddit post)
Kenya is gravely concerned by the announcement made by the Russian Federation to recognise Donetsk and Luhansk Regions of Ukraine as independent states. In our considered view, this action and announcement breaches the territorial integrity of Ukraine. We do not deny that there may be serious security concerns in these regions, but they cannot justify today's recognition of these regions as independent states. Not when there are multiple diplomatic tracks available and underway that have the ability to offer peaceful solutions.
Mr President, this situation echoes our history. Kenya and almost every African country was birthed by the ending of empires. Our borders were not of our own drawing. They were drawn in the distant colonial metropolis of London, Paris and Lisbon with no regard for the ancient nations that they cleaved apart. Today, across the border of every single African country live our countrymen with whom we share deep historical, cultural and linguistic bonds. At independence, had we chosen to pursue states on the basis of ethnic, racial or religious homogeneity, we would still be waging bloody wars these many decades later. Instead, we agreed that we would settle for the borders that we inherited, but we would still pursue continental, political, economic and legal integration. Rather than form nations that looked ever-backword into history with a dangerous nostalgia, we chose to look forward to a greatness none of our nations and many peoples had ever known. We chose to follow the rules of the Organisation of African Unity and the United Nations Charter; not because our borders satisfied us, but because we wanted something greater forged in peace.
We believe that all states formed from empires that have collapsed or retreated have many peoples in them yearning for integration from people in neighbouring states. This is normal and understandable. After all, who does not want to be joined to the brethren and to make common purpose with them? However, Kenya rejects such a yearning from being pursued by force. We must complete our recovery from the embers of dead empires in a way that does not plunge us back into new forms of domination and oppression. We rejected irredentism and expansionism on any basis including racial, ethnic, religious or cultural factors. We reject it again today.
Kenya registers its strong concern and opposition to the recognition of Donetsk and Luhansk as independent states. We further strongly condemn the trend in the last few decades of powerful states including members of this security council breaching international law with little regard.
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cardassiangoodreads · 4 months ago
Being genuinely anti-imperialism, anti-colonialism, etc. means that you're that way across the board, no matter who is doing it. You don't whitewash the Ottoman Empire or Japanese imperialism just because they weren't "white" in an American sense (and in Japan's case, buy into their own propaganda, as they used the specter of Western imperialism to justify what they did to other East Asian/Pacific countries). You don't make excuses for modern Russia trying to take over Ukraine or other sovereign nations in Eastern Europe. If you truly believe in self-determination then it doesn't matter who is trying to prevent that. This shouldn't be hard, right?
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yellowmonday · 8 months ago
 donate to the Wampanoag people!
“The Wampanoag Nation once included all of Southeastern Massachusetts and Eastern Rhode Island, encompassing over 67 distinct tribal communities...With the European settlers came much adversity for our tribe - disease that virtually wiped out whole villages, systems of government that bore little resemblance to our tribal practices and values, missionaries intent on converting us to Christianity, and private models of land use and ownership that conflicted with our tribe's own communal practices and values. The vast majority of these tribal communities were killed in battles initiated by colonists to secure land. Today, only six visible tribal communities remain.” (Wampanoag history)
donate to the Wôpanâak Language Reclamation Project
donate to the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe
donate to the Herring Pond Wampanoag Tribe
donate to the Chappaquiddick Wampanoag Tribe
donate to the Native Land Conservancy 
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nativenews · 2 months ago
“An analysis by Front Line Defenders and the Human Rights Defenders Memorial recorded at least 358 murders of human rights activists globally in 2021.
Of that total, nearly 60% were land, environment or Indigenous rights defenders.
The countries with the highest death tolls were Colombia, Mexico and Brazil.
Advocates say the figure is likely far higher, as attacks on land and environment defenders in Africa often go unreported.”
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Thoughts on the gendering of Chinese pronouns
Edit: I replaced the word "colonization" with "westernization" in the last frame for accuracy. This comic was originally intended as personal vent. I didn’t expect it to get so much attention, and I will admit I wasn't as careful with wording as I could have been. The original comic and its wording can be found here with an image ID. 
Also can the racists and ra/dfe/ms get off my post and get better reading comprehension. This post was about my grief for western influence unnecessarily gendering something that wasn’t gendered before, not saying that gender roles and misogyny never existed in China so stop derailing the post.
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azkre · 3 months ago
I am absolutely loosing my shit that TOH went the route of power-hungry white man comes to a new land, habitually tricks people or kills for his own gain, makes everything actively worse, hates everything, makes up a story about how he's a great hero, and propagandizes everyone into thinking he’s some savior. Literally he calls everyone else “savage” and “barbarian”.
I could literally keep going on about this-- I kinda want to write a paper on TOH and narratives of magic if I weren't in the middle of like 3 other papers. He literally comes along, says everyone is using their natural resources wrong and takes them for himself.
Feel like we don't talk about enough how he purged wild witches when he first came to power.
The way the Island knew he was dangerous and tried to hide magic from him.
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nonbinarystarcomics · 3 months ago
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image descriptions in alt text
Justice is removal of the problem
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lagomortis · 4 months ago
people on tumblr will look at this painting and be like "what if the artist just wanted to paint a big lady"
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palipunk · 9 months ago
I’m really going to need people to stop referring to deserts as lifeless uninhabitable empty spaces, its colonialist rhetoric that has aided in the destruction of native environments and removal and murder of Indigenous peoples.
It is the Orientalist trope that framed deserts as empty land for ‘cultivating’, and its native peoples - if bothered to be mentioned at all - lacked the knowledge to ‘make the land thrive’ until Colonizers arrived. It was also believed that deserts and droughts were the results of divine punishment for indigenous peoples ‘sinful ways’ which was embraced by colonial administrators and scientists in the 19th century (x). This is also where ‘being from a desert’ has been used as an insult.
The idea of ‘making the desert bloom’ is a type of greenwashing or green-sheen that tries to portray something as environmentally friendly without it being so, deserts and dry-lands are vastly important to the ecosystem - planting non-native trees within a desert environment cannot counteract deforestation in other areas of the world. Planting non-native trees and invasive species in desert environments causes ecological destruction often in the form of wildfires (x).
On top of this, you cannot separate land from people. So many of our desert cultures are entwined with the land, our ways of life and cultural heritage revolve around deserts - deserts are not shameful or lifeless or open for settler ‘cultivation’ or safe areas nuclear testing, they’re our home - as they have been for hundreds upon hundreds of years.
Stop disrespecting deserts
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extra reading: (x) (x) (x) (x)
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thoughtportal · 2 months ago
Art museums and stolen art 
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elymaiis · a year ago
"If you give a man a fish, he will eat for a day; if you teach a man to fish, he will eat for a lifetime," but you have done neither. You have stood before us and eaten fish after fish, and chided us for our greed as you have done so. You have cast aside their offal and simultaneously chided us for our waste. You then told us that, coincidentally, you owned the river, and our parents should have gotten us the same if we wanted fish. You gave a man a fish to murder us if we step too close to the river, or speak too loud, or eat a fish from another river. You’ve copyrighted the fishing net. It costs us fish to leave.
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opencommunion · 11 days ago
“The army flew drones over us the day before yesterday — I was afraid they were coming,” said Safa al-Najjar. She, her children, and her grandchildren all lived in a tent that the army had destroyed, after having demolished their home earlier in May. On Wednesday morning, once al-Najjar realized that the military was conducting demolitions in nearby Fakheit, she told her children to quickly dismantle their tent and hide it in a cave. That made little difference.
“The soldiers came and searched for the tent,” al-Najjar explained. “They went into the cave, took the tent, and put it in front of the bulldozer, which drove over it until it was destroyed.” The soldiers crumpled the tents and covered them in sand and rocks, so that they would be unusable.
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girlromancer · 3 months ago
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yellowmonday · 6 months ago
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me when i don’t know anything about the xicanx movement or latina feminism or the latin american diaspora or the spanish language. youre blaming trans people and “libfems” for phrases that came out of the latine fight against the lingual patriarchy of a gendered colonizer language? like it’s a bad thing? like it’s about “hurt feelings” and not about acknowledging the fact that spaniards imposed their language AND gender binary onto the natives they colonized? as if changing the grammar of the spanish language doesn’t have enormous precedent in latine culture and YEAH especially in US latinx culture? as if latines in diaspora “don’t count”? as if some english speakers aren’t fully fucking latino? stop pretending that “real latinos” didn’t have anything to do with this shit because we did and we still do. just because it’s a new concept to you doesn’t mean it’s worthless or senseless lmfao. of course op is a t*rf. fucking useless explaining the relationship between colonialism and gender to these people.
obligatory disclaimer: if youre not latine this isn’t your conversation at all. and youre looking like a fool trying to protect the integrity of spanish & shitting on english speaking latines as if all of us haven’t had these languages forced on us by colonial forces. there’s nothing sacred about the spanish language.
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dat-is-chill-ghafa · a year ago
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whentheynameyoujoy · 4 months ago
I’ll have to disengage from online stuff on Ukraine for a while because although I have no intention of isolating myself from the life-changing events that are occurring in my literal backyard and are going to affect Europe for years to come, the rate at which I’ve been consuming the news cycle is starting to affect my head and that’s just not benefiting anything or anyone.
But before I do fuck off, a few words on what I’ve been noticing today. Namely that after the initial shock of seeing the terrorist gas station just going fucking mental and actually invading a sovereign country with no justification whatsoever, people (overwhelmingly uninformed Americans, as is tradition) have gone back to both-sidesing the war and sharing their dumbass radical centrist takes on how maybe Putin not good, but NATO is at fault. How NATO provoked the little fascist oligarchy into two days of nonstop war crimes. How if the evil West had just told Ukraine to fuck off, we don’t want you around, everything would have been peachy keen.
And there’s only one thing I can say to that—if you don’t support a people’s right to decide on its fate, on who it chooses to associate with; if you think that countries are by default beholden to whoever wields the biggest stick and have no right to rock the boat because might makes right, then I don’t give a fuck about how many thoughts and prayers you post—you don’t support Ukraine. You’re not an anti-imperialist and you sure as fuck aren’t a leftist. You’re a useful lapdog for the propaganda of a dying empire stuck in the 19th century notion of great powers that are somehow entitled to a sphere of influence, regardless of whatever said sphere of influence has to say about it or whether it even wants to be one. You’re showing a willingness to throw a free people expressing a desire to live in democracy to an expansionist dictatorship that’s a humans rights nightmare, simply “because that’s how the world works, nothing to do about it”. By regurgitating the Kremlin line on NATO provocation and “expansion” (i.e. Russia’s former colonies doing everything in their power to get the fuck out of Russia’s homicidal reach), you’re actively promoting colonialism and imperialism and you’re as useful to the victims of these horror shows as a soiled toilet paper.
Your “suck it up, buttercup” helps no one whatsoever. Quite frankly, it’s a part of the reason why we got here.
I implore you, read a fucking book on Eastern European history. Go into therapy with your U.S. centrism and “every conflict is like the Iraq War” because I swear, nobody in this part of the world is impressed with your main character syndrome. Grow out of the idiotic thinking that just because US BAD, an authoritarian regime automatically good.
You’re a part of the problem. Get solved, please.
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