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#color: purple
spiritcatcher · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Just a sketch with some colours that I may maybe finish later if I feel like it.
Just wanted to draw Matt a lil bit cause it makes me happy XXD
He is wearing pants tho and it is quite troubling Like who is this Tis not my boi XXD
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majoromerodlv · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Coloring a pretty mandala
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obiewan · 9 hours ago
Orange nd purple idk why you just give off those vibes
ohh that's an interesting combo of colors... nice!!!
tell me what you associate with me
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dfaftershock · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
My computer decided to die *while* I was working on her character sheet and I'm mad about it so you get this for now.
So, first of the human OCs getting introduced is one of mine, Yui Mizushima. She's 16/17 ish (We're still unclear *exactly* when this takes place - timelines are fun) and is a classmate of Kouichi’s. She's introduced to the rest of the gang by him after they're assigned a project together. Her and her mother are the host family for a transfer student (Isis [named after the goddess, not THAT one, obviously] - this will be a link once she’s up) who is her first real friend before meeting everyone else and she's responsible for introducing them as well. Yui can be rather abrasive and doesn't really know what the word "restraint" means, so she usually comes off as intense when interacting with others. If given half a chance, Yui *will* choose violence and good luck stopping her.
Her partner is a Lunamon she calls "Remi" after an old toy her mother made her when she was young (she still has it). Remi is also rather abrasive AND a sarcastic little shit.
Now for some fun facts:
Yui was originally a background character from a story I had back in middle school that will neeeeever see the light of day, please don't ask, that I repurposed because I really liked her despite her not featuring much. Back in the rp, we were doing that thing where we added more Legendary Warriors, and Yui was the Warrior of Poison. There was a whole subplot about it, but we're not doing that this time and that digimon is now her own separate character that has no relation to the Warriors at all, but we'll get to her later. Can you tell Yui likes music? Did I make that obvious enough? No? What if I told you she becomes a dj and has her own radio show as an adult? Would that do it? Okay? Okay.
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