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#color: yellow
zhuhongs · 14 hours ago
oh boy idk what color to do the background it was GONNA BE a grey blue but originally i wanted grey black and now... hmmm
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Tumblr media
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sakuraloid · 17 hours ago
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did some studies for my next darwing i might post the finish darwing tomorrow 
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hanakarii · a day ago
Btw quickest way to Sayuri’s heart? Giving her flowers or placing them in her hair. She knows her appearance is rather unsettling because of it being pure ivory, so she tends to wear lots of florals && bright colors. Yellow lilies are her favorite along with sunflowers, she will honestly cry because to her it is a pure gesture.
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anthemxix · a day ago
Tumblr media
color ask meme but color-picked from @linkeduniverse
from left to right, top to bottom:
hero's shade (gold) - i want to be you when i grow up
silent princess (teal) - you're kind of a mess but like. you try. and i respect that.
bunny (pink) - the world can be painful but don't worry. i will hold you gently
horsey (brown) - let's be friends. i already made us matching flower crowns.
grandma's soup (orange) - scrappy. spirited. show the world what you're made of, kid
awooo (grey) - enigmatic and eldritch (affectionate)
sacred forest (green) - you don't know where you're going, but i'll follow you anyway
marmalade (red/dark orange) - full of love. a little zesty. sunshine personified.
crocus (purple) - smart and clever. please help me with my math homework
drama king (dark blue) - you have charmed me. you are my aesthetic.
cucco feather (off-white) - you're like poetry. sensitive, ethereal, underappreciated
blond (yellow) - you are many things, some good, some bad. but above all, you are kind.
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