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northforkhacienda · 20 minutes ago
Get Around The Scenic Beauty of Colorado
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If you love to spend some time around the Rocky Mountains, nothing could be better than Colorado. Colorado is a year-round vacation destination with scenic beauty. The energetic surrounding of Colorado is imbued with natural beauty and magical landscapes. The state has diversified natural beauty and bursts with the scenic Rocky Mountains, Alpine Lake, rivers, waterfalls, and pleasures.  To get your accommodation comfy, book a Fully Furnished Vacation Villa in Colorado with all modern luxuries at a reasonable price.
This colorful state of the United States is full of year-round fun things to do. We have compiled some of the major attractions of Colorado.
Rocky Mountain National Parks: One of the pristine National parks of the country Rocky Mountain National Parks is the best place to explore the true essence of Nature. The perfect blend of alpine lakes, mountain peaks with an abundance of unique wildlife. It is best for hiking and camping around the state.
Vail: The most scenic town of Colorado during winters, it is home to skiing lovers. Apart from skiing, it is a year-round destination to enjoy. Due to its luxury, Vail could be expensive and might not fit everyone’s budget but it’s worth the cost and hype.
Garden of Gods: If you’re interested in exploring the uniqueness of nature the Garden of Gods has something for you. It is home to unique landscapes of boulders and jagged stone. It boasts 15 miles of walking trails, with various activities like rock climbing and mountain biking.
Maroon Bells: To explore the jaw-dropping beauty of Rocky Mountain Scenery get out of your comfort zone and get lost into the picture-perfect hotspot of Colorado. With six mountain peaks, it is incredible for hiking. It is a year-round outdoor playground. During summers people enjoy fishing, hiking, and kayaking, and in winter people enjoy ski and snowmobiles.
To get a spectacular experience, book a Colorado Rocky Mountain Vacation Rentals with great understandability of your taste and demand.
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thepotentialof2007 · 46 minutes ago
You Know, There’s Plenty of Space in Rural Communities for Queer Voices
In their downtime, the ranch residents cook and eat together in the dome house, filled with food, manuals on alpaca health and bulletproof vests adorned with patches showing a rifle on the trans pride flag.
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The walls in the main room are bedecked with several large rifles, a 5-foot sword and pride flags representing some of the identities of the people who live there: non-binary, lesbian, agender and asexual. There’s also a red-and-black flag stating, “Sometimes antisocial, always antifascist.” New people arriving at the ranch cry with relief sometimes when they see the flags hanging, Nelson said. It can be tedious living in a world where people see you as “other.”
“We all want to get away from everything because there is so much pressure and stress brought up by just existing,” Nelson said.
The ranch can especially be a safe place for transgender people who are transitioning and who may not want to be in the public eye during the process. Logue said she worked during part of her transition and was met with stares and many questions.
“Having worked retail from beginning to mid of my transition, I can tell you that the world is not kind,” Logue said. “It is unpleasant to be in the public eye during your transition. Offering a place to do that privately is really important. And who doesn’t want to be surrounded by alpaca all the time?” [x]
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The vast majority of the community, however, have welcomed the ranchers, Nelson and Logue said. They’ve joined in with other alpaca farmers in the area to pool their fibers and have them processed in bulk to create hats and socks.
“There was a real upsurge from the leftist community in the Valley,” said Logue.  Meanwhile, they found another niche: Many residents began employing them in local handiwork and physical labor. The ranchers also provide recycling services at the county landfill. That has exponentially increased their visibility: “It’s really hard for people to paint you as ‘weird’ or whatever, if you’re just helping people,” Logue said. [x]
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gdtraveltips · an hour ago
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GD travel NEWS - Air France plans to run a new route between Paris CDG and the Colorado capital of Denver, USA in July. The airline will offer up to three flights per week (Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays) from July 2, using a B787-9 aircraft with 228 economy, 21 premium economy, and 30 business class seats.
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dandydonald · 2 hours ago
Cops Assault Elderly Woman With Dementia
Police in Loveland, Colorado assaulted an elderly woman with dementia over failing to pay for purchases from Wal-Mart totaling... $13.88. Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur discuss on The Young Turks. Watch LIVE weekdays 6-8 pm ET.​
Read more HERE:
"Police in Loveland, Colorado dislocated the shoulder of a 73-year-old woman, who lives with dementia, after she simply forgot to pay Walmart $13.88 on June 26, 2020, according to a lawsuit filed Wednesday in federal court. The law office that represents Karen Garner released body-cam footage from the point-of-view of the arresting officer."
Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Cenk Uygur
The Young Turks
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mayonneqq · 2 hours ago
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View from my porch as I smoke in my underwear
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7dab1stiny0 · 3 hours ago
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Catch this and MUCH more in the link in my bio 😘
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