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#colored pencil

The Starry Night Project


Here’s The Starry Night project I did back in November. In order to familiarize myself with different painting mediums, I decided to redraw this master piece by Vincent van Gogh.

I did learn a lot from it, even if it took me some time, I’m really satisfied with the results!


Hello sweet sweet friends of mine!!!

I’m sorry that I’ve been away from tumblr for a while. I was occupied by my uni life and the part time job. But please don’t worry, I’m still alive, and I will be back soon!

Before that, please stay safe and be awesome as always. Love!!!! 💖💖💖

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dawn of a new day!

[Image Description: a traditional colored pencil illustration. a figure with warm colored glowing skin is dressed in a long, simple dress, somd fabric piled on the ground. They are smiling and winking, and the eye that is open has a cloud-shaped iris. They have warm brown natural hair which goes down to their waist and puffs out to eithrr side. They hold one hand aloft, which has a small glowing ball floating above it. a circle of light and two more highly saturated yellow rays come from the ball, lighting up the background, which consists of a bare, dark blue tree trunk that fades into the black background. End ID]

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The bell at the ball - or in this case, prom - @artsymeeshee !

Some nice stress relief after a long day at work and unfortunately news from the pharmacy. Her dress was just too cute, I really wanted to draw it (even though I don’t have the right colors in stock right now ;-;).

Really happy with how it turned out! Especially the hair, it was fun to draw….

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