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•La bugambilia•
These days in quarantine have been an ode to magic 💫 The things that are presented to us if we just stays it’ll now!
Quarantine has been romantically revealing ♥️
And I’ve been feeling so at peace and love and contentment…and I see all the wonders come when we are still.

This bougainvillea has been with me for a while and now is more beautiful and fluffy and sparkly than ever.
#ishaniArt #TheArtsyMonk #art #arte #watercolor #illustration #colorful #bugambilia #plants #plantsillustration #flowers #flowersillustration #butfirstmeditation #stillness #esdeishayas @thebrightpathespanol #hereandnow #colorful #illustrationartist #mujeresartistas #pintora ##quarantine #covidart #pandemicart #guadalajara (at Guadalajara, Jalisco)

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I just come back to tumblr everytime i do a drawing that i feel proud about.

you can guess that i doesn’t happens often.

I have like 4 more colored versions of this drawing but idk if i should upload so much shit lmao

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hi it’s lee jooyoung anon!! i really liked your colorful-mature rec and was wondering if there were any other songs that fit in that category? songs that are somewhat similar to ddd by exid?

i’m glad you liked it! colorful mature is the vibe when it comes to gg stuff and i stand by that

  • be natural - red velvet
  • the rain - ladies code
  • daydream - iz*one
  • lip & hip - hyuna
  • what’s your name - gidle
  • how you doin’ - exid
  • zzzz - mamamoo
  • love foolish - twice
  • red sun - gwsn
  • alice - exid
  • curiosity - loona
  • show me - triple h
  • meow meow - clc
  • 1, 2 - lee hi
  • be myself - gugudan
  • metronome - weki meki
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