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This week’s prompt was “Mystery” so obviously I had to do a cryptid or something. Feel free to color the mothyman in. If you post it after, throw line art credit my way. If you don’t post, I still wanna see it.

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Another Facebook #livestream is starting at 6pm central! In it, I’ll be walking everyone through the process of turning a pencil drawing into a digitally colored graphic. Check it out on my Facebook page, Sierra Arts & Media @sierrascolumn

#art #pencil #live #video #howto #stream #facebook #coloring #colorist

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A page to illustrate the way these waves are interconnected and in the same background, a space for one to color and shade! In these times, I am looking to generate any income I can in order to eat and live.

What do y'all think are reasonable prices for detailed/fluid/intricate line art?

Feel free to comment, like, reblog, or share! By all means, please do, any input/feedback is welcome.

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Day 16 of Quarantine


Today has been super peaceful and awesome. I woke up sometime after 10 and went into the kitchen. I joined my siblings and mom in coloring/painting easter decorations. I’m super duper proud of how mine turned out, so I posted them in another post!!

Don’t attack me, but I went to the store with my mom to get grocery, and some stuff for Easter. I also drove the entire way down there and back! Pretty good job if I do say so myself.

After coming back, I continued working my decorations. I finished watching Tiger King on Netflix, super good by the way! I also watched Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile and Tucker and Dale vs. Evil. Both really good movies!

I went to go work on homework, and what did I do? Fall asleep, must have been around 11. Anyways, it’s 3 am now and you bet your ass that I’m just going straight back to bed.

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Throwback to last summer in family in France when I went with some dotting in color pens like I hadn’t done since junior high, guys ! Ahahah I used to love to do that as a child and early teen and I still do ^~^
Just another #creative #activity during these #stayhome times ^^ Why not try it ? I find it #relaxing
#dot #dotting #sketchbook #colorpens #color #colordotwork #relaxingtime #coloring #colorful
do anything, just #staycreative

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