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So on my 23rd birthday my dad got me a desk. It’s one of the few desks I’ve seen many of my favorite artists used! I knew he was going to give me a desk but I thought it would be the size of our coffee table or the one with a bookcase and shelves 😂😂. Anyways, I was so ecstatic that I started using it instead of my usually workspace(the dinning room table).

And a little time afterwards I drew one of my newer characters named Lucy. A lamp like creature who only speaks or expresses her feelings through her smoke. I didn’t came up with a color scheme for her so I just went with whatever. I’ll give a new scheme when I digitalized her. Cause I just…don’t really think the skin tone suits her well. Especially with the color of her dress. Anyways, enjoy! 💖💖

And no worries, I’m actually working on the request i got from the expressions challenge. I just have a lot of stuffs on hand lol.


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