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Happy March everyone! A powerful month where for all the powerful ladies in the world! Women will conquer the world, i just know it

  • February recap: a month full of big surprises and changing plans. not only did i start college, but ive changed a course i never thought i’d drop. also a month full of dates (well it was february isnt it?), baking valentine sweets, painful studying and lots of sad hours. hopefully march will treat me better.
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80’s - 90’s kids show look… Hahahaha.
“Do wah diddy diddy dum diddy do” 🎶🎶🎶
#colours #oldschool #cool #kids #80s #90s #decades #backtrack #ootd #12thememories #dance #instagood #instalike #instafollow #like4like #follow4follow #igerasia #igerth #igerph #asianboy #man #boy #bear #chub #cub (at Bangkok, Thailand)

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Jo tío, adoro este fondo fantasía.


Ojalá poder viajar a esos lugares con los que solo podemos soñar, aunque supongo que parte de la gracia es que son demasiado inalcanzables mientras podemos respirar. Mientras siga imaginando, seguiré siendo feliz en mis sueños.

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Spring flowers colour changing

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There was the everyday, ordinary Jesus who was well known to his friends; and then there was the moment on the mountain when his friends, his disciples, his followers hardly recognised him, so radically transformed—transfigured—was he.

Divinity shone through him, revealing depths that they had never imagined. 

What if there on the mountaintop it’s not only Jesus who was transformed and transfigured but also the ones who could not see?  What if, contemplating on the story of transfiguration we’re being challenged today to let God’s light, the Divine to shine through?

When the little girl in church was asked by her mother what a saint was, she replied (looking at the stained glass windows in behind the altar), “A saint is someone that the light shines through!”

How can we boldly let the light through? 

Image: North Rose Window, Chartres Cathedra

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Illustrative Art

#art #drawing #museum #angel #colours #splash #smashingphotography #kidsinbarn #barn #nikond5300 #poznan #travelphotography

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tulipani in vaso

acrilici su foglio di carton legno cm49x70

“Il rosso di quei fiori in vaso diventava sempre più rosso con il passare dei giorni. Il Rosso che non voleva cedere al Tempo delle cose che si scompongono appassendo nonostante l'acqua cambiata al mattino.” 
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