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Happy Worldbuilding Wednesday (or at least it will be soon lol. Gettin em in a lil early this week) Lets talk about Color! Are there certain associations in your world for certain colors? Colors of mourning, colors of joy. Of gender or royalty or superstition or luck? Are some colors Forbidden to certain classes? Are there stories about lucky animals of a certain color? Associations with magic or myths? Hit me up with some hues.

Hullo and happy WBW! Sorry for the late reply to this one.

Silver Serpent:

Elise has a slight obsession with green. No matter what she is wearing, there has to be something green in her outfit as well, especially mint or emerald green. She started wearing green as a child as it matched her eyes and could use hooded tops to hide her red hair while playing in the forests around her house. Now she just naturally gravitates towards the colour.

Several months before the plots she was also given a zippo lighter. The flame the lighter produces changes colour according to what the person that gave it to her feels. She is one of the few people that know the meaning of each colour and for 5 months the flame has been oscilating between deep red and bright red which she knows mean danger and pain. 

Connection tattoos: these are not as much about colour, but more about the intensity of said colour. Law enforcement, especially 2 person partnerships and mentors and mentees get, if they want, a tattoo on their forearms. For partners it grants them telepathy and with mentors, they can read their mentees feelings without being affecte dby them so they can figure out the best trainign method. If there is distance between 2 connecting tattoos they fade until they become some barely visible dots and lines. Once closer, the tattoo regains it’s shape and colour intensity. 

Sentinels (home and personal security system): This is more light than colour. Each sentinel, in its original state, has the shape of a light orb with eyes. Each orb has a different colour, any colour and the eyes do not have to match this colour. Elise ends up having one called peppermint that is yellowish white with green eyes. 

Scales and Petals

Once the gang reaches Teilhor the frst thing they notice is colours as everything looks as if somebody pushed the satration to the max. For example Sabinne’s dark purple hair looks more purple than any purple that has ever purpled :))). The same happens to Niall and Angela’s hair which all of a sudded os a veryyy shinny blonde. 

Halvre is tinged purple and has dark stripes mostly visible on his arms as he likes to keep his sleeves rolled up. 

Teilhor in itself is mostly greens from forests and fields, browns from dirtroads and grey-write from rocks and ruins. 

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Do you ever fixate on a single colour or am I the only one who buys six notebooks, five sweaters and draws everything with the same shade of pink for a month or so?

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