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From a 1981 French edition of White Fang. Written by Jack London and illustrated by Jacques Darnel.
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Erwin, Levi
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my solution to gun control is to outlaw automatic & semi-automatic weapons, then institute a law that states every American citizen gets to choose a signature weapon at 18 that they are allowed to openly carry in public, the only limit being that it had to have existed prior to industrialization
Bayonets, crossbows, swords, maces, all fair game, but whatever you choose that is your's for life, you cannot change your mind.
high school gym classes dedicate time to having students try out different weapons so they can see which one suits them best, and once you turn 18 you have to go register your weapon at some kind of dmv type place, and they provide it to you that day, so you don't have to pay for it and economic status doesn't affect anything.
I see no flaws in this plan
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Writer's Guide: Hand to Hand Combat
Tumblr media
Your character is unarmed and all they have left to fight with is their bare hands. If they hope for the enemy to catch their hands, you will have to write an effective scene. So how can we write a good hand to hand combat scene?
Most Common Moves
Tumblr media
Now, I'm not going to list 30+ martial arts moves. Most of your characters will not be masters of kung fu or mixed martial arts. Most people who get into fights are novices.
Punch: a punch is probably to go to strike. Try not punch anybody in the face because one, they will expect it and two, it will hurt your hand. If you can aim for the soft parts of an opponent, kidneys or gut.
Kick: Kicking isn't pretty but it is effective. A good swift kick to the back of somebody's knee will fold them like a lawnchair.
Go for the groin: Man or woman getting kicked in the nether regions is no picnic. A good swift kick with your foot or your knee can incapacitate your opponent. Its not the most honourable of moves but it works.
An Elbow strike is effective: The elbow is your strongest point of attack. Drive it in to a windpipe or a gut and you can but yourself valuable time to retreat or stall your opponent from answering back.
Eyes: they are weak points. Jab somebody in the eyes with a thumb and they will stop in their tracks.
Throat: You can end any fight by going straight for the throat either grasping it in a headlock or jabbing it with a fist which can collapse the windpipe.
Bite: If you are unable to snack your opponent, use your teeth. The human bite is perhaps not as strong as a hyena's but it is strong enough to shorten your opponent by a finger or two.
How to Escape from Grips and Holds
Tumblr media
Pinned from behind with your arms pinned: You have to stop your opponent from getting to a headlock. Move your hips to one side and strike backwards toward the groin or gut. This should weaken the hold of your opponent. Once the grip is loosened, turn toward your opponent and snack them into the nose with the heel of your hand.
Held from behind: Bend forward as far as you can making it more difficult for your opponent to lift you. Jab with your elbows back into your opponent's chest or face. Turn toward your opponent once the grip loosens and strike at the face or the groin again to subdue your opponent.
Headlock: If your opponent has you in a headlock, DON'T STRUGGLE. You could break your own neck. Turn into your opponent's side as close as possible. With your hand that is furthest away, hit your opponent into the groin or gut.
Pinned down on the ground: Most likely your opponent is using their own hands and weight to keep you down. If you can move your knees, try to jab them in the side or the groin to unbalanced them.
Things to Remember
Tumblr media
1. The whole 6-10 minute bout only happens in films or controlled sporting events. Fights are usually over within a few minutes. (when writing effective fights, keep the pace short.)
2. Girls are vicious. I've worked in nightclubs and broke up a fair few fights. Boys will knock the shit out of each other but girls will tear shreds out of each other. I have known grown men to break up fights between guys but nobody wants to break up a catfight.
3. One wants the fight to end quickly. If you keep slugging at each other, you'll get tired pretty fast. Have your character try end the fight as soon as possible.
4. Nobody emerges from fights unscathed. Even winners may come out with black eyes, broken noses or at very least a broken lip. If you punch someone, you will likely bruise your knuckles if not split them.
5. If your character is fighting to survive, they don't have to stick to etiquette. They will have to do anything to survive even if it means doing something unpleasant like fishhooking or hairpulling.
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Jacques de Lalaing Fighting the Lord of Espiry at the Passage of Arms of the Fountain of Tears
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I Threw Down my Enemy by Donato Giancola
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“A U.S. Marine carrying a captured WW2 Era PPSh-41 during the Battle of Fallujah. Iraq, 2004)”
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they're kickboxing (girl)friends
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Previous from March 2020 Tumblr needs to know they used to fight all the time.
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Dilophosaurus. Written by Rupert Oliver. Illustrated by Andrew Howatt. 1986.
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Tengen Uzui
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Extremely sophisticated combat design (/j)
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Battle! (Volo) // Pokémon Legends: Arceus (2022)
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Percival and Clamadieu by Ugo Pinson
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Art by Donato Giancola
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Superbon Benchamek tips while setting up kicks and sweep or being trapped...
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Simo Häyhä
December 17, 1905 - April 1, 2002
Nicknamed 'The White Death' 705 confirmed
kills (505 with rifle, 200 with sub-machine
gun) Was a Finnish soldier who, using an iron
sighted bolt action rifle, amazed the highest
recorded confirmed kills as a sniper in any
war.ever!! Häyhä was born in the municipality
of Rautjärvi near the present-day border of
Finland and Russia, and started his military
service in 1925. His duties as a sniper began
during the 'winter war' (1939-1940) between
Russia and Finland. During the conflict Häyhä
endured freezing temperatures up to -40
degrees Celsius. In less than 100 days he was
credited with 505 confirmed kills, 542 if
including unconfirmed kills, however the
unofficial frontline figures from the battlefield
places the number of sniper kills at over 800.
Besides his sniper kills he was also credited
with 200 from a Suomi KP/31 Sub-machine
gun, topping off his total confirmed kills at
705. How Häyhä did all this was amazing. He
was basically on his own all day, in the snow,
shooting Russians, for 3 months straight. Of
course when the Russians caught wind that a
shit load of soldiers were being killed, they
thought 'well this is war, there's bound to be
casualties! But when the generals were told
that it was one man with a rifle they decided to
take a bit of action. first they sent in a counter-
sniper. When his body was returned they
decided to send in a team of counter-snipers.
When they didn't come back at all they sent in
a whole goddamn battalion. They took
casualties and couldn't find him. Eventually
they ordered an artillery strike, but to no avail.
You see Häyhä was clever, and this was his
neck of the woods. He dressed completely in
white camouflage. He used a smaller rifle to
suit his smaller frame (being 5ft3) increasing
his accuracy. he used an iron sight to present
the smallest possible target (a scoped sight
would require the sniper to raise his head for
sighting). He compacted the snow in front of
the barrel, so as not to disturb it when he shot
thus revealing his position. He also kept snow
in his mouth so his breath did not condense
and reveal where his was. Eventually however
he was shot in the jaw by a stray bullet during
combat on March 6 1940. He was picked up
by his own soldiers who said half his head was
missing. He didn't die however and regained
consciousness on the 13th, the day peace was
declared. Once again total kills....
505 sniper +
200 sub-machine = 705 total Confirmed Kills, all in less than 100 days!!! Cop that!
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Prehistoric Animals: The 1976 Childcraft Annual.
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