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Sasuke +
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Regarding plot armor thiccer than lady dimitrescu, I think ethan has been kind of infected by the virus thingy in re but it kind of given him the good kind of mutation like superhealing I guess instead of turning him into a monster. But aside from healing powers there are indeed lots of moments where lady D couldve just hacked his head off. But I guess “follow the ceremony” something something
PLOT ARMOR THICCER THAN LADY DIMITRESCU GJCJSJFJ ANON THANK YOU FOR MAKING MY DAY LMAO THIS REALLY MADE ME LAUGH FJDJDH and yea apparently something in re 7 infected Ethan and now he can apparently glue his hand back i guess and yea Lady Dimitrescu could've like easily killed Ethan in 5 seconds especially in her monster form but ummm I'm guessing there's a suspension of disbelief required to really enjoy the resident evil games huh tjdjf
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🕊 Being Shiratorizawa's Manager pt. 3🕊
🚫 Manager in Trouble🚫
Tumblr media
Shiratorizawa x Female Manager pt. 3
What happens when Shiratorizawa's precious manager gets hurt 🥺
Warnings: I guess YN gets hurt? That's really it
Oikawa takes a ball to the head
A/N: this was an anon request! Hope y'all enjoy 🥰
YN, poor poor YN
You've been through the ringer with this team
The third years are leaving soon and everyone is sad 🥺
You've been through so much with this team and you love every single one of them
You are preparing for an entirely new team, a new Shiratorizawa!
But 👀👀👀
Not before Coach Washijo has one final trick up his sleeve for the current roaster
He plans a surprise match for his team 🎉🎉🎉
Literally everyone is excited to know who it's going to be against 😳
The suspense is literally killing you 😬
That is... until the door bursts open
Revealing none other than...
.... we are getting there ....
....calm down Yn, this team likes to build suspense....
Or shall I say ONE member of this team likes to build suspense 👀👀👀
It's Oikawa YN
That's right, the OIKAWA with Seijoh
Or shall I say Iwaizumi, Matsukawa, Makki, Kindaichi, Kunimi, Maddog and everyone else plus Oikawa
You are literally shocked 😲
Goshiki is beyond excited
Ushiwaka is standing 🧍‍♂️ and watching
Iwaizumi and Oikawa approach Ushiwaka and Semi
Semi seems responsible so he was sent up to be Ushiwaka's right hand man
You stay back with Tendo
Tendo is your bodyguard
You don't need it YN
You could take Oikawa and Iwaizumi would help you 🤚🏻
Oikawa immediately hones in on you
Mans has been WAITING
Oikawa waves at you
"Yooohoooo YN-CHAN"
Wave back YN give the man something
Oikawa 👉🏻 😍
Tendo 👉🏻😳👀
Seijoh and Shiratorizawa 👉🏻👁👄👁
Ushiwaka 👉🏻 😐😑
It doesn't matter that they are third years
Ushiwaka will forever say
"If you want to talk to our manager, you should have come to Shiratorizawa"
Oikawa can not
Iwaizumi pushes him away
Everyone is 🔥 up
The match begins
Shiratorizawa takes the first match and Seijoh takes the second
It's all riding on the third and final set 👀
Oikawa is up to serve 🏐
You are sitting on the bench next to Coach Washijō
Mans is old and his pen falls from his clipboard
"Yn can you get that please?"
Of course you do because you are a sweetheart
Oikawa slams the ball
Oh no...
The death meteor that is Oikawa's serve spirals out of bounds...
That's good right?
Unfortunately for you, you happen to be out of bounds 👀
Everyone sees it happen in slow motion
Tendo will later say the scene was Matrix worthy
The ball SLAMS into you
You instantly fly back
Literally nobody moves
Like these two teams are the worst at panic situations YN
You literally couldn't have picked two worst teams to have in a match
Finally Oikawa screams 😱
Iwaizumi is snapped from his trance and runs to you 🏃
Tendo and Semi follow behind as the coaches move to you
Literally everyone is stunned YN, you are on your own for a good solid minute
Goshiki is dead on the floor
Man thinks he just became a widower
Oikawa is still screaming
Ushiwaka's head whips to Oikawa
He's ready to kill Oikawa for killing their manager
"Justifiable Homicide" Tendo said
Iwaizumi carries you to the nurse
Ok like you might be conscious at this point YN but trust me, stay down
As in like, maybe pretend to not breath 👀
Matsukawa and Makki literally tell Oikawa he needs to pay for your funeral
Oikawa is now crying
Kunimi has his phone out
He said it was for legal purposes
Shirabu kicked Goshiki to make sure he's still alive
Iwaizumi, Tendo and Semi are the only ones tending to you
Nobody even noticed you were gone
Literally you are in the nurses office, getting ice for your head when you hear
It's been a solid 10 minutes
Your head is killing you and you have a nasty bruise
Iwaizumi promises you he is going to give Oikawa a matching bruise
You laugh
Iwaizumi is definitely going to kick Oikawa's butt now 😍
Semi and Tendo are swooning over how adorable you are even with a potential concussion
The three boys help you back to the gym
Literally the gym is in ruins
Whose in charge?
Nobody YN you should know this
Ushiwaka is still staring at Oikawa 😠 who is now rolling around on the floor in tears
He's convinced his pro career is over before it's even started 🤚🏻
Matsukawa and Makki tell him he better contact a lawyer
Shiarbu is still kicking Goshiki
Reon and Kawanishi are sitting on the bench, they've just given up
You stride in
Goshiki rises from the dead 😍
Ushiwaka walks to you and the man HUGS YOU 🫂
Yn if you don't gold plate that shirt
Goshiki is bounding around you in sheer joy
He's so happy his wife girlfriend manager is still alive
Oikawa is sitting in the corner 🥺😫
YN do your thing
"I'm ok Oikawa! That was my fault. That was a great serve"
*walk away*
Oikawa 👉🏻 😢
Tendo 👉🏻 🤚🏻👁👄👁🤚🏻
Ushiwaka 👉🏻😐
Iwaizumi 👉🏻🙄😠🤚🏻🏐
A ball hurls at Oikawa
"IWA-CHAN" 😭😭😭
You laugh
Another ball flies
"IWA-CHAN" 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
You are doubled over with laughter
The entire gym fills with flowers, rainbows and birds sing
Shiratorizawa's Manager is ok
The world is once again right 😍
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mars reads too much dreamnotfound fanfiction for their own good
a dreamnotfound fanfic recommendation list by your resident dumbass (me)
this took way to fucking long... i’m tired
below is a (very extensive) list dedicated to all my favorite dnf fics, ranging from quick one shots to 100k+ word monstrosities that devour the storage on my computer, forever incomplete masterpieces to ongoing works of art, you get the idea. i provided links for each fic/series for your reading pleasure. there will be no smutty/nsfw fics on this list, that’s just not my vibe lmao. this list goes in no particular order, and i’ll update it from time to time when i feel like it. now, without further ado, let us begin.
Heat Waves (complete) by tbhyourelame
(wtf else did you expect, looking at a dnf rec list?) amazingly well written, and while it’s not my favorite dnf fic it’s damn near close. in the midst of a brutal heatwave, a suffering dream comes to terms with the fact that he is desperately in love with his best friend. everything i could say about this fic has already been said by nearly everyone who’s read it, so if you haven’t yet caved into the hype, just go for it. you won’t be disappointed.
Gonna be around (completed) by georgescatcafe
(mc irl) my favorite dnf oneshot to date. just read it, i don’t wanna spoil for you :)
Inferno in the Sky (ongoing)by zairielon
(star wars au) an ongoing star wars au currently clocking in at almost 200k words. need I say more? everything about it absolutely slaps, each chapter is amazingly written, and it’s just good. also, can we just appreciate dream and tubbos dynamic in here? 10/10, amazing, must protecc. oh right, a summary: george, an exiled padawan turned engineer, must return to the jedi temple after attacks on it from an unknown assailant threaten the safety of himself and the other jedi.
Like Magic (ongoing) by KangarooKen, NotGra55 (Gra55)
(harry potter au) the unofficial official dnf harry potter au. we watch the young unlikely wizard pair grow up together throughout their years at hogwarts as they battle good old fashioned wizard racism. beautifully written, incredibly fun and suspenseful, and just an overall blast and a half.
GeorgeNotFound, Son of Poseidon, and the League of Minor Gods (ongoing) by Clichewho_69, Cygnvs, Trash_Kinggg
(percy jackson au) percy jackson au? check. “road trip” (technically quest but u get what i mean)? check. enemies to friends to lovers? check. this fic follows the plot of the lightning theif (albeit loosely), but everything is explained enough where you don’t have to read percy jackson to understand what’s going on. basically after moving to the usa, george gets taken to camp halfblood where he learns that a) gods exist. b) he’s the son of poseidon and c) he needs to prove that he didn’t steal zeus’s master bolt.
Protected (completed) by aenqua
(royalty/camelot au) my favorite piece of dnf media of all time. dubbed the official dnf camelot au, where dream is the heir to the throne and george is a servants son with a secret that couldp get him killed. these childhood friends grow up together and learn trust, love, and acceptance. (that summary did not justice to the masterpiece that is this fic) here’s the directors cut
The Hunter (completed) by HederEgo
(mc irl) a choose your own adventure fic with 13 different endings, where dream the hunter must kill george and stop him from beater the ender dragon. enough said.
The official dream team cowboy AU (series)(ongoing) by antsu_in_my_pantsu
(cowboy au) cowboys and outlaws horses and shit. and the big gay. it’s a cowboy au, what else did you expect? fucking yee haw (all seriousness this is a great read, i loved it so so so so much and i can’t wait for the final chapter to release).
This is a Drista moment, let's just accept it (completed) by Qekyo
dnf fic from drista pov. considering its unique perspective, it’s perfectly done. beautifully showcases a sibling relationship through drista and her memories/moments with dream, and it just works, y’a know? also drista supremacy.
Dear Dream (completed) by Qekyo
(wwii au) i don’t cry when watching/reading anything sad. translation: i’m a heartless bitch. however, this fic is the only exception. it caused me to cry so hard my mom walked in my room and asked if i was ok. ‘nuff said.
TECHNOlogical Wingman (completed) by Closeted_Bookworm
techno is the autocorrect ai on dreams phone, and he gains sentience. interesting concept, and the author fucking nailed it. great fic.
It Was Only a Fic (ongoing) by imagineitdear
dream starts reading a dnf fanfic (we’ve all been there buddy).
Teacher’s Pet (ongoing) by niyuha
(teacher au) in which dream is a high school english teacher and george is the new comp sci teacher in room 297.
Saltwater Secrets (ongoing) by earlgay_milktea
(mermaid/high school au) a great example of the shear amount of variety in fics this fandom has to offer. when i started reading dnf fics i would have never thought i’d find one about a mermaid george hopelessly crushing on his human friend, who happens to be his schools star swimmer. yet here i am, and i am far from disappointed.
Smash My Heart (incomplete) by dontrollthedice
george and sapnap are commentators for duper smash brothers tournaments, and george develops a crush on an up and coming smash streamer named dream.
roleplaying in the dark is harder than it seems (completed) by Alienu
laser tag. 10/10
solar system (completed) by quartzfia
(mc irl) george vists dream in pandora’s vault.
Ramblings of a Lunatic (completed) by jungkooksfic
ahh communicating through a notebook left on a shelf in a bookstore- what a perfect way to start a relationship.
Paint me like your French Girls (It's Charcoal, Actually) (completed) by Turtle_ier
(artist au) george is an art student, and dream is a model.
00:00:00 (completed) by isleofdreams
(soulmate au) 00:00:00 is the moment you meet your soulmate, as indicated but the clock ticking down on your wrist until the moment you meet. i’m not a fan of soulmate aus; this fic is the exception.
Blue Skies Smilin' At Me (completed) by kivy
(artist au) i don’t usually cry while reading stuff, but this brought me damn near close. george is a painting conservator and chats it is with the ghost of the artist if the painting he is working on. they fall in a love.
Current Location (incomplete) by hendollana
(influencer au) george simps for a hot american instagram model. who knew he’d actually follow back?
The Withering (series) (series ongoing, 1 work completed) by App1e_Juice
(mc irl) lore and world building and fight scenes and everything i crave. what’s not to love? something starts making the plants and crops around dreams village wither, and must team up with new friends to find the cause of the mysterious disease plaguing the land.
Minecraft, But You Can't Leave (complete) by facadecake
(mc irl) dream and george are sucked into their own private minecraft world together and must beat the game to escape.
Free The Game, Beat the End (incomplete) by goatgoatwasfound
(mc irl) a glitch in minecraft causes thousands of players from around the world to be trapped inside minecraft, with only one way of escape- beating the ender dragon. first dnf fic i ever read, and it’s still 10/10 for me.
Why don't you come a little closer? (completed) by lifeofandoms
george gets stood up by a date, and Dream pretends he’s the date to save george from the embarrassment. simply adorable.
lightning bug (completed) by saintachesP
(band au) while on tour, dream realizes his feeling for george.
Hold me closer (completed) by Treesofmyheart
(mc irl/dsmp) i just,, really like this trope.
Dizzy on caffeine (completed) by GleamingGreenGoggles
(coffee shop au) best dnf coffeeshop au i’ve read. periodt.
living a life of crime isn’t always easy (series) (completed) by itisjosh
(mafia/assassin au) stockholm syndrome except it’s not weird.
Inhibitions Make Interesting Situations (completed) by Ship_On_The_Sea
i pissed myself laughing. it’s just a dream and george being hilariously dense, flustered idiots. serotonin central.
thy eternal summer shall not fade (completed) by gracequills
(high school au) that moment when you recite shakespeare to your crush in your ap lit class instead of confessing (hate it when that happens).
All is Fair in love and Football (ongoing) by graciegirl2001
(college au) #1 favorite college au. in which george is a cheerleader, and dream is the football teams rising star player. this one gets extra points because of the amazing karlnap moments sprinkled throughout. *chefs kisses air*
online love (completed) by andbutso
(high school au) online classes go zoooooooom
Can’t help falling (completed) by isleofdreams
dream re-learns the guitar to sing to george on his birthday. beautiful. fluffy. amazing
dance in the rain and my arms (completed) by lazy_kitkat
george is a rain god, and dream is a wind god
Weather Boy (completed) by DaintyDiizzle
wouldn't you like to know, weather boy? (where dream can control the rain)
The color orange (completed) by anon
(mc irl) dream describes the colors of a sunset
Family Mode (completed)by Strawberry_flavoured_tears
they’re dads :,)
Breathing Room (incomplete) by papercranes
(band an) an amazing band au. the mad lad author wrote original songs for each chapter. above and beyond, mad props :). unfortunately, it’s incomplete
Piece of Clay (completed) by carbonbrine
(artist au) george is a sculptor and his sculpture comes to life- but oh no he’s hot.
Try (completed) by Not4typicalwriter
(royalty au) george must choose a suitor, but none of them are up to dream, his head knights, standards. or dream is hella jelly. also protective dream is perfect
When the Roses Bloom (completed) by HederEgo
(royalty au) close second for my favorite fic. go to royalty au for a quick serotonin bost. it’s all fluff and flowers and crushes, and i love it. criminally underrated.
Heavenstruck (ongoing) by dontrollthedice
george is dreams guardian angel, and dream want to find out more about him and his past life. bittersweet :,)
Bang and Burn (completed) by App1e_Juice
(spy au) george accidentally falls for target number 1 on sapnap’s secret agency’s hit list. this ones great, i love me a spy au :)
Can I get a uhh… (completed) by lemonskies
dream keeps pulling up to the drive through mcdonald’s that george works at drunk.
Pretty Stranger (completed) by anon
when looking for dream in the terminal, george sees a cute guy and decides to flirt.
Take my Hand (completed) by latinbias
(royalty au) another royalty au? poggers. surprise twists? double poggers. love this a lot.
seconds, minutes, hours, lifetimes (complete) by meridies
ROAD TRIP ROAD TRIP ROAD TRIP ROAD TRIP *inhales to compose herself* roadtrip au. unrequited love, ignored feelings, longing, pining, you know the drill. absolutely love this one, its the best roadtrip au i have ever read, in any fandom. (maybe cause i identify with it a little too much, but thats not important. whats important is that you read this fic. right now. im waiting).
Message redacted (complete) by justyouraverageloser
(text fic) dream asks for a girls number and realises hes been given the wrong number. however, an unexpected relationship starts to form between him and the stranger on the other end of the line.
the waves (completed) by anon
(mc irl) this fic was written by the same anon who wrote the color orange, which is up there on my fav dnf oneshot list. dream and george know they have a higher purpose. they don’t know where they came from, or why they are seemingly the only humans in the world, or how they feel about eachother, or even where the skeletons come from, but they are sure of one thing: they have to beat a dragon.
The Dream Doll (completed) by PeppDream (Pep_Pizza)
(voodoo i guess) i’m a real big fan of fics with really out there or unique concepts, so naturally this one makes the cut! i really liked it, it’s really sweet and made me think a lot about what matters to me in the world. george finds a strange doll in an antique shop, and would really like to just stuff it in a drawer and forget about it. sadly (?), the doll has other plans.
last updated February 6th, 2021
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randomshyperson · 9 months ago
Seeing u getting many requests there, that's really cool you deserve it (though I hope it doesn't overwhelm u or smth). May I request smth? A WandaXReader where they're always arguing and being sarcastic to eachother but it's just sexual tension. Maybe smth with the lines "why are u laghing did I tell a joke?" "why don't u look inside my head and find out". I think it would be pretty cool. It doesn't have to be smutt though, only If u fell like it (also a dom!reader would be nice). Thank you!
Hello Anon! Hope you’re doing fine! 
Sorry this took long. It was really hard to write actually, because I don't feel anger towards Wanda and thinking about fighting with her was really weird haha But I hope you like this. 
Tumblr media
Attraction and Reaction / / AO3 
Warnings: 18+, Smut, language.
Words>  2.415k (One)
Part Two Here
It was no secret on the Avengers team that you and Wanda did not have the best of relationships. 
There were numerous warnings from Steve and Tony, and even Natasha, due to the number of arguments and disagreements that took place. You were sure that no action was taken just because you two function well on the battlefield, even if you don't get along off it.
At this moment, for example, you were in a meeting with the rest of the team about the next Avengers mission, but you weren't really paying attention as you scribbled on your notepad. And then your cell phone vibrated, and you pulled it out of your pocket to check it.
- Can you pay attention, Y/N? - Tony asked, and you looked away from the notification of a message from Carol to look at him. But before you could answer, Wanda muttered with irony:
- Typical.
You blinked, feeling a familiar irritation fill your entire body.
- Is there anything you wanna say to me, Maximoff?
- Just for you to fuck off.
You were going to hit back with a angry response, but the team let out a loud impatient grumble.
- Don't even start! - Tony ordered with a serious expression. - I need to go over all this, you can kill yourselves after the presentation.
- No one is going to kill anyone. - said Steve, and you giggled. - Just continue the presentation, please.
Tony rolled his eyes and resumed the presentation. You let out an impatient sigh and tried to pay attention. Fortunately it wasn't much longer before Tony finished. As the members began to get up, Steve signaled for you and Wanda to stay in the room, and you grumbled as you sat back down, throwing your feet up on the table.
- Girls, this can't go on any longer. - Steve said in a serious tone.
- I don't know what you are talking about. - You mock with your arms crossed. Steve doesn't laugh.
- I'm not joking. - He warns. - You need to work out your differences.
- Things would be easier if Y/N wasn't such an arrogant jerk. - Wanda says, and you let out a wry exclamation.
- If Wanda wasn't completely mental and stubborn it would also be easier for us to get along.
Wanda turns in her chair to look at you, her expression of anger.
- Oh, I'm the unstable one? Remind me who is known to lose her head around here?
You roll your eyes impatiently, but before you can respond Steve shouts.
- Stop it, you two, that's enough. - He says. - You are suspended from the next mission.
- Excuse me? - you exclaim looking at him.
- Until this conflict is resolved, you will work together. - He clarifies and you let out a nervous laugh, frowning. - You will be team partners, and you will learn to get along. That is my final decision. Now you can go.
You get up from the table in annoyance, and hurry to leave, with Wanda right behind you. As you stand in the hallway toward your rooms, she shouts:
- This is all your fault! You have to talk shit all the time, don't you?
You let out a wry laugh as you stop walking and turn toward her.
- You're so annoying. - You grumble with your hands in your pockets. - I can't believe I'm going to be stuck with you.
Wanda lets out an annoyed sigh, and you notice her reddened eyes and the magic slipping from her fingers, and you look at her in defiance.
- Come on, do it. - You tease. - I dare you.
- Girls! - shouted Natasha as she turned into the hallway, and quickly got between you and Wanda, putting her hands on her shoulders to calm her down. Wanda blinked in confusion, lowered her hands and her eyes returned to normal. - You two have lost your minds, haven't you?
Your heart was racing, and you thought it was the adrenaline. Licking your lips, you let out a laugh and gave Wanda one last angry glance before turning and heading for your room.
Steve was really serious about the suspension. The vast majority of the team was out of the tower heading to some city in Europe, and you and Wanda were basically grounded in the tower while Steve left Bucky checking up on you two.
At that point Bucky assigned you and Wanda to train together, and you didn't understand how the best alternative to resolve conflicts was to make you fight, but you didn't question it.
- I want a clean fight, girls. - He said sitting on the stool beside the mat, while you and Wanda climbed into the ring from opposite sides.
- Tell it to the little witch, there. - You retort, looking at Wanda, and she frowns at you.
- You're really going to piss me off before you fight me, aren't you?
You roll your eyes, getting into a defensive position. Bucky lets out a chuckle, getting to his feet. He picks up two sticks, and hands one to each of you.
- You two need to practice using bladed weapons. - He explains and sits back down.
And then you advance on Wanda, who narrowly defends your blow. She counterattacks with the stick towards your legs, but you jump and throw the stick at her, who ducks quickly. You take two steps back, preparing to attack, and as you launch a series of quick strikes which Wanda fights back, you manage to trip her, and watch with a wry smile as she falls backwards onto the ground looking extremely annoyed. But your smile dies when Wanda punches the tatami and her magic escapes, throwing you away.
You fall backwards, feeling your whole body boiling with rage, and get up quickly, but Bucky has already stepped onto the tatami and gets in front of you before you can reach Wanda, who has also gotten up.
- Let's just calm down, okay? - He says seriously, looking between the two of you. - A five-minute break? And no magic next time.
Wanda rolls her eyes, turning to leave the mat. You start to take off your training gloves. 
- What's the matter with you two? - Bucky asks looking really curious. You roll your eyes impatiently.
- I don't want to argue about this again.
Bucky lets out a sigh, leaving the ring. You look around, and notice that Wanda is in the corner of the room, drinking some water. She is sweaty, and her hair is disheveled, and you look down at her exposed collarbone, feeling your throat suddenly dry. You imagine yourself kissing and biting the exposed skin as she moans your name. You blink, trying to push these thoughts away, and then step out of the ring.
- I don't want to practice anymore. - You announce it before you leave. You think Bucky says something, but you have already left the academy.
Bucky decided to try a different tactic to improve your relationship with Wanda. He described it as a trust technique, which was something he and Sam tried for a while. 
So here you were in one of the empty rooms of the complex, sitting in a chair facing Wanda. Both of you had your arms crossed.
- Let's get started girls. - announced Bucky, standing in front of you. - I'm going to ask you some simple questions, and I need you to answer them honestly.
- Yes, sir. - You retort with mild irony, but Bucky doesn't mind.
- Y/N can you tell me something you like about Wanda?
You let out a dry laugh. But seeing Bucky's expression, you realize that you are going to have to answer.
- I like it when she shuts up. - You retort, and Wanda lets out an annoyed sigh.
- And I like it when you are not around.
- And I...
- Enough! - Bucky interrupts angrily, pressing his fingers to his forehead. - Let's try something else then. I have brought you a list of questions.
- This should be interesting. - You sneer as Bucky walks up to the living room table behind the papers.
When he reaches for the papers, he decides to stand against the table, looking at you.
- Well, Wanda. Tell me, what behavior do you think Y/N should change towards you?
Wanda smiles wryly.
- I wish she wouldn't talk to me.
- That's fine with me. - You retort grumpily, and Wanda looks at you angrily. Bucky sighs with impatience.
- I am serious. - He says. - Do you even know when this conflict started?
You laugh.
- I'm not the one who brought the enemy back to the team. - You point to the time when Wanda fought alongside Ultron.
- Seriously? - She replies incredulously. - Of course you had to bring that back.
- They are just facts.
- The only fact here is that you are an arrogant jerk...
- You just know two adjectives, don't you? - You mockingly interrupt.
- Oh, I have other adjectives for you, yes. - She retorts with irritation, starting to list them on her fingers as she speaks. - Immature, rude, selfish...
- Don't forget hot. - You hit back with a smile, and Wanda rolls her eyes, but before she can continue, Bucky gets up from the table.
- Okay, you guys are going to do the silent exercise. - he says. - Five minutes looking into each other's eyes. Now.
- You're kidding, right? - You retort incredulously, but Bucky's expression is serious.
- Now. - He repeats and you roll your eyes before looking away from him to Wanda.
It's weird, especially in the first few seconds. She looks at you with an impassive face, and you look at her with the same expression. And then you realize that she has very beautiful eyes. Has it been five minutes, you think, starting to feel strange. You hold your gaze, but your thoughts start to wander, and you imagine that you want to leave. But looking at Wanda like this, your thoughts begin to take a completely different turn.
You imagine Wanda sweating like that day at practice, only this time she's with her legs spread wide while you fuck her on your bed. Then you imagine her spreading her legs for you now still sitting in her chair, while you kneel down and touch her until she loses all control.
You also imagine pushing her down on the table, fucking her until her scream. 
And then a noise startles you, and you blink in confusion, looking away.
- Damn, sorry. - Says Bucky looking at his cell phone that is ringing and vibrating in his hand. - It's Steve. It might be about the mission. Try not to kill yourselves while I talk to him.
Bucky rushes to answer it and out of the room, and you let out an impatient sigh. Getting up, you walk over to the desk, looking at the notes he has made.
- Couple therapy techniques. - You read aloud with irony. - This is a joke.
- We wouldn't be here if you weren't such a pain in the ass.
- Yes, it's all my fault. - You retort, throwing the papers on the table and leaning on the furniture. 
- Are you implying that this is my fault? - she replies angrily. - You're the one who has hated me for no reason since I came here!
You blink in surprise and then you're laughing. You never hated Wanda. Your laughter seemed to irritate her even more because she stood up and assumed an aggressive posture.
- Did I tell a joke, by any chance? Why the hell are you laughing? - She asked irritated, you bit your lips, she was hot as hell with her jaw clenched.
- Why don't you take a peek into my mind and find out? - You challenged, looking at her with intensity.
Wanda looked slightly surprised, but didn't flinch. And then her eyes turned red, and you showed her exactly how you felt about her.
You moving towards her, grabbing her around the waist and kissing her mouth firmly. Your tongue in her mouth, as she moaned against you. Your hands going down a little, steadying her before lifting her onto your lap to carry her to the table and have her sit down without breaking the kiss. 
Once seated, you would move your kisses down her collarbone, sucking on her skin until it was red and sensitive, while your hands went inside her shirt at the waist and up to her breasts. You imagined Wanda moaning in your ear, asking you to touch her. And then you would. 
Guiding your hand up her thigh, you would lift her skirt, running your fingers along her skin, until you touched her where she wanted you to. And you would kiss her hard when you reached it, hard enough to make her lose her direction. 
You would start by superficially caressing her through her panties, until she began to tremble and push her hips against you.
Then you would push the panties aside, and penetrate her all at once, feeling her hot and wet in your fingers, while she moaned loudly against you.
You would bring your hand to her hair, pulling gently to expose the collarbone you wanted so badly to kiss, while Wanda would get overwhelmed with such intense satisfaction. You would push your fingers into her until her walls tightened around you, and she began to spasm, whimpering."
Wanda stumbled backwards with a surprised exclamation and a breathless sigh, the sound of the door opening and Bucky entering the room woke her up. You licked your lips, feeling extremely turned on by the playfulness.
- I see you didn't kill yourselves while I was away. - said the soldier, putting away his cell phone. Then he looked up at you two, and frowned. - Is everything okay?
You cleared your throat, trying to smile. But then Wanda spoke first.
- Everything's great. - Her voice came out a little hoarse. - We talked a little while you were out there. - She lies, but you cover it up. - Y/N and I are going out together for a while, to try to resolve this situation without involving the team.
Bucky looks really surprised, and you bite your lip to keep from laughing, and then Bucky smiles.
- Wow, that's great news! - He says - I am proud of you guys.
- Can we go now? - Wanda asks looking anxious. 
- Sure, go ahead. - He says, still smiling. Wanda looks at you and the gleam in her eyes makes your stomach turn with anxiety.
You walk silently out of the hallway, and there is such tension in the air that it is hard to breathe.
About five minutes later, you are in your room, settling your differences in the best possible way.
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hiatus4ever · 8 months ago
[ early gossip. ]
➤ pairing: levi x fem!reader
➤ cw’s: suggestive - mentions of make up and angry sex, eren doesn’t knock, cursing, reader is 5′7, levi get’s embarrassed, the scouts goofing around, hange teases levi and reader, crackfic (?).
➤ summary: connie and jean dared eren to walk into levi’s bedroom without knocking. what they saw shocked them all, and word got around about what happened.
➤ w. count: 2k+
➤ request by anon: hey bestie, can i request a crackfic for aot. basically the scouts are dared to enter levi's bedroom and they see his fem s/o cuddling him, but they were sleeping and they didn't know that levi was a little spoon. and they end up waking them up. the rest is up to you bestie !
➤ a/n: PLEASE THIS WAS A SHIT TON OF FUN TO WRITE. YOURE WELCOME BESTIE AND I HOPE YOU LIKE IT. <3 gif isn’t mine. takes place when historia is going to be the queen, so season three-ish.
Tumblr media
“i’m not doing shit! captain levi will have my head! if you really want to see what it looks like in there go do it yourself, i’m staying put here,” eren was getting nervous at what jean and connie dared him to do. 
like any group of teenagers, they stayed up all night, talked and played games. they had just started playing truth or dare when jean and connie both dared eren to walk into levi’s bedroom without knocking.
“what, you’re gonna be a pussy, jaeger?” jean teased. he knew that if he started calling eren a wimp for not wanting to do it, he would do it for sure. and the only reason he was pressuring him was because he himself wouldn’t do it either. 
“guys, i don’t think that’s a good idea. what if he genuinely gets upset. he won’t let us live it down,” armin reasoned.
all of the scouts were sitting up late at night in the lunch room with a candle in the center of the table. 
mikasa nodded her head in agreement, “and we also have to get up early for historia’s coronation tomorrow.”
“coronation for what?” asked sasha after getting a few snacks and opening the bags while putting them in the center of the table for everyone to grab their share. 
“sasha, hange told us this today,” armin chuckled nervously, “but it’s so she can become the queen tomorrow- or today since i’m assuming it’s pretty early judging by the way the sun is coming up.”
“that makes this even better, jaeger. if you do it now, there’s a chance that captain levi won’t even know,” connie encouraged. 
“don’t do it if you don’t want to, eren. it doesn’t make you a pussy like jean says,” since mikasa was seated next to eren she put a hand on his shoulder. 
eren’s face flushed and he nodded and sighed, “i’ll do it.”
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
eren’s fist shook as it hovered over the door knob of his office. after he stayed there for a while, jean complained, “c’mon and do this! we’ve all been wanting to see what his bedroom looks like,” jean whispered. if he had actually talked aloud, it would echo off the walls and levi would for sure wake up. 
eren looked back at him, “if it’s so easy, why don’t you do it?” eren whisper yelled back. mikasa stood in between them. sasha, connie, and armin were behind all of them -- preparing to run in case levi woke up. 
“guys, calm down, eren, if you’re going to do this, do it now.’
eren took a deep breath and his hand twisted the door knob. the door creaked and they all cringed. when the door opened -- levi’s office was present to them. of course they had all seen it already and knew it was always clean, but they were surprised when they saw how messy it was. his report papers were on the floor, the desk was cleared off with everything on the floor. the couch he had in his office was messed up with all of the cushions on the floor.
“... what do you think happened?” jean asked all of them as they all walked into his office. 
“there’s a slight chance that he got angry or something and went to go sleep it off. that probably explains why he didn’t clean it up,” armin said. after they scanned the room and its state, they all looked at the door in the far corner of the whole room. 
jean came up from behind eren, “go on, do it,” eren was sweating as he took cautious steps towards the door. 
they all followed behind in suspense. eren took a deep breath before putting his hand on the doorknob and twisting it quietly. this time the door didn’t creak. eren was the only one to walk in as the others stayed behind. 
eren’s eyes squinted and his eyebrows furrowed after he saw a rather big figure in levi’s bed that was too big to be levi. they were fully covered with the bed sheets -- meaning that eren would have to go on the other side of the bed to see who that was. 
eren’s footsteps were barely heard on the floor as he walked to the opposite side of the room and his eyes widened when he saw the face of commander y/n spooning a shirtless levi. 
his panicked eyes looked back to the group who had their heads peeped out of the doorway. in a panic, he misplaced his foot and a very audible creaking noise went through the room. eren slowly looked back at the duo in the bed and sighed in relief when they hadn’t woken up.
eren tip toed back to the rest of them. they all looked at him expectantly, “so, what’d you find out?” asked connie. they all stared at him eagerly. 
“uh- how do i word this?”
“spit it out.”
“captain levi is a ... little spoon, and they person spooning him is commander y/n,” their eyes were the size of saucers as they all rushed - quietly - into his bedroom and in fact saw that commander y/n was spooning captain levi. 
“he looks so peaceful when he’s sleeping,” said sasha. she was the closest to the two.
“sasha! back up,” jean whispered while pulling her back. 
they all inspected them. they looked a little too comfortable with each other. and that’s when armin connected the dots. while everyone was watching the two, he had figured something out. 
“wait- guys ..” they all looked back at armin. 
“what is it?” they all had their backs turned to the duo to hear what the blonde had to say.
“guys, you remember how everything was cleared off of his desk, and how his couch was a mess? the captain is shirtless .. and if i’m correct, commander y/n is also ,, uhm- shirtless,” armin looked at the floor with his new found discovery.
as if on time, a knife was thrown at armin. there was a small opening where they could throw something at armin. it didn’t hit him, but it was thrown next to his face and hit the wall, “bingo! you figured it out, arlert, i’m surprised though. thought it would take you longer,” they all slowly looked back in horror. 
there was you and levi - awake. 
while levi was undeniably flustered -- you didn’t have any shame. they all saw a bit of your side boob since levi was turned away from them and laying on your chest. when he realized who they were - thinking it was hange - his shy façade faded and he looked back at them while covering you up after seeing jean and eren looking a bit. 
“what the fuck are you guys doing here?” that’s when all hell broke loose. 
jean, connie, and sasha were yelling while running around the room. just when they were going to run out the room, a knife was thrown that stopped them. it hit the tip of sasha’s nose since she was in front. they looked back to see that you had thrown it. “no you don’t. unless you want to see my naked body, you’re not going anywhere.”
armin was on his knees repeatedly saying that they were sorry and begged for mercy. eren was getting yelled at by captain levi and mikasa was just standing there.
you and levi were properly sat up and levi offered most of the blanket to you for you to cover your breasts.
sasha, connie, and jean all walked to where eren was and they all got yelled at.
they were assigned cleaning, kitchen, and stable duty for 3 months, “any questions?”
eren looked up at you, “uh- if it’s not intruding or anything- what are you two?”
“now, that’s none of your business. jaeger-”
“levi, they need to know,” they all noticed how levi’s eyes softened a bit when they looked at you. levi sighed before nodding his head. 
“levi and i have been dating for 6 months now, and before any of you panic and ask us why we didn’t tell you- it’s because the both of us aren’t that fond of pda,” they all didn’t know how to respond to this.
armin was the first to speak up, “so .. did you two ... have-”
“make up sex and angry sex? yes. levi was being a bitch to everyone about something-”
“oh it wasn’t just something, you almost got yourself killed,” levi glared at you. 
they watched the both of you going back and forth before you ended the conversation to answer armins question, “anyways yeah he was mad about something and ignored everyone for like a week before he called me here yesterday night and apologized. i, of course, blew up on him and here we are now,” you grinned at them. 
levi was definitely going to say something to you later about revealing certain things about your relationship that didn’t need revealing. 
that’s when you rubbed your eyes and looked outside the window and panicked, “shit- levi we’re gonna be late. we have to do that thing and all the superiors need to be earlier than the scouts,” levi nodded his head. 
“hey, can you pass me that?’ you asked mikasa. mikasa’s cheeks flamed up when she saw you were pointing at your black bra on the floor. mikasa grabbed the bra and tossed it to you. now that they all looked at the floor, yours and levi’s clothes were thrown all over the place. 
you grabbed your panties from the nightstand besides your side of the bed and put them on. you looked over at levi who was staring at the group, “you’re not gonna get ready?”
levi shook his head, “i still have to deal with them,” after sasha tossed your jeans and shirt after pointing at them for her to grab, you put them on and stood up. your shirt wasn’t buttoned up - making your bra visible. levi knew you were in a rush so didn’t say anything. 
knowing that he was going to be stubborn, you walked over his side, “don’t be harsh on them, okay?” you gave him a kiss and hugged him before you walked out and shut the door. 
everything you needed was in your own bedroom. 
levi looked at where you left with a slight blush that made the scouts smile. they’re smiles faded when they saw the look their captain was giving them, “now that she’s gone ... let’s discuss some things.”
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
hange looked at the terrified and sleepy looking scouts in front of them at the lunch room. they raised an eyebrow at the scouts, “what happened? you guys look like you just went through hell and back.”
“it was just a stupid dare,” sasha started, “and we got yelled at by captain levi,” eren finished for her. 
“did he catch all of you staying up or something?”
“they walked into levi’s bedroom without knocking or anything,” you said after walking towards their table with levi behind you and sat yourself next to hange. levi sat next to you. 
“they don’t know how to fucking knock-”
“levi, we talked about this. they’re kids, let them have fun so they don’t get all grumpy like you,” you teased while bumping his shoulder with yours. 
hange looked between the two of you, “wait- did they walk in while you two were-?!” hange cackled. 
“more like the aftermath,” you chuckled. 
“that’s even worse!” hange held their stomach with both hands. 
the scouts looked at hange, “wait, you knew about them?!” they all exclaimed. 
hange wiped their tears, “of course i did? who do you think levi first told? he was so happy and couldn’t stop talking about it. when y/n first entered the training thing around the time levi joined, he wouldn’t stop getting all shy around her,” hange’s mouth was covered by you since you could tell that levi was getting annoyed. the scouts shivered, there was an aura surrounding the captain while he sipped his tea. 
“hange, if you want to live to see tomorrow, run for it,” they dashed out of the room.
that’s when you realized that hange quite literally yelled and everyone heard what hange had said and chaos broke loose. 
“they were dating?”
“captain levi’s known commander y/n for that long?”
“he had a crush on her when she first came here?”
“captain levi gets shy?”
“oi, leave it be or all of you will run 110 laps,” everyone went back to their business. 
you chuckled nervously and scratched the back of your head. 
levi looked all of them dead in the eyes, “knock next time or i’ll have your heads on a plate-”
“no, you won’t.”
“yes i will.”
“love, don’t start please.”
“you started it first.”
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haleigh-sloth · 10 months ago
Ok I love Shiggy I do but how can you say his heart is more golden than Nana’s? He’s literally committed mass destruction killing thousands of innocent civilians and unnamed heroes! He wants to commit more destruction and chaos! Sure he’ll spare a few things because his friends asked him too but other than that he wants to destroy!
Okay anon, I hear what you’re saying. But a “heart of gold” doesn’t necessarily mean innocent, good, free of sin.
Shigaraki has a heart of gold. The League of Villains was brought together through their shared interest in a better world. “Better” for Shigaraki means destroyed, which is wrong and I believe he will come to see that closer to the end of the story after being shown compassion and empathy from our main character. They all suffered in ways that lead them down the path to villainy. Shigaraki initially formed the league for his own ambitions, but it’s pretty obvious that Shigaraki cares about them individually, and he’s stated himself that he just wants them to be happy.
When I say heart of gold I mean the true nature of his heart is to help others. All of the league members came together because of Shigaraki and his desire to help THEM. Does his desire extend to everybody, like our main character? No, it does not. If it did, he wouldn’t be a villain. But the desire to help is IN there, deep down.
The true nature of Shigaraki’s heart was shown in his origin story:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Granted, it’s in the form of defending others against bullies, something much smaller scale than saving people from villains, but who else in this story showed the same nature as a child in the very first chapter? (Deku, the answer is Deku)
Now the reason I say his heart is more golden than Nana’s? Well, because Nana wears the title of “hero”. Heroes SHOULD have golden hearts. Heroes should NOT kill people, no matter how bad. Whether we like it or not, heroes are held to higher standards, because they should be. Yes they are human and make mistakes, but some mistakes just shouldn’t be made (Hawks killing Twice, and like, nobody around him giving a single shit). Also, this is a fiction story and these aren’t real people, so I am allowed to hold them to the high standards that the story holds them to!
Now, I am waiting to see what the next chapter holds for us, because I do believe it is very possible that Nana may be asking Deku:
Can you kill Tomura Shigaraki for me, and bring back Tenko Shimura?
But that isn’t confirmed yet. If that IS in fact what she means, then I take everything back!
But until then, I will remain disappointed. If Nana is in fact asking for her grandson’s death, at the hands of a sixteen year old no less (which is just beyond fucked up imo), then that truly ruins her heroism for me. Tomura is a result of her abandoning her son. I don’t blame her for his murderous acts, but I somewhat blame her for the overall result of everything.
Yes, she did it to “protect” Kotaro, but did she? Because look at what happened. How well did that work? She failed to consider her son’s future. What if it was Kotaro who became the villain? What if it was her own son who killed all these people? It very easily could have been, and she would have NO room to avoid blame. But because it’s her grandson, she can distance herself from his crimes and avoid blame.
But I’m getting ahead of myself, because we haven’t even heard her voice her thoughts on the way her grandson turned out. She may have immense guilt, and prove me wrong about her character! As I said, next chapter will give me a clear picture. Horikoshi loves leaving us with suspense and agony. But any good story teller would, because in the end when everybody is saved and living their best life (which I hope for, yes including the villains) everything will be worth it.
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jaminjims · a year ago
Tumblr media
anon request: hi can you do prompt 33, ot7 , bts eight member, female reader, fluff with angst and the scenario is where they had a boys night out so you were left at the dorms with your little brother and sister to babysit them, someone breaks in and you try to hold them off until the guys and cops comes
prompt: “keep your hands over your ears, do you hear me? even when the noises stop. don’t listen.”
pairing: poly bts x female reader
genre: suspense, angst, a little fluff at the end
words: 3.2k
warnings: sasaengs, break in, fighting, weapons (a knife), blood, panic attacks, injuries, hospitalization, copious amounts of crying
You held your breath as your heart thumped in anticipation. The shadow behind the shower curtain suddenly turned toward you and your eyes widened.
You braced yourself against the cold tile of the shower as the dark blue shower curtain was tugged aside. You gasped and jumped up.
“Found you, Noona!”
You grinned at the excited smiley face of your little brother. Easy laughter made it’s way out of your throat as you stepped out of the bath. You leaned forward and started tickling his stomach as he tried to squirm out of your grip.
He ended up running out of the bathroom to get away, “Youngsoo, what did I say about running indoors?” But soon after you found yourself running after him, laughing.
The both of you ended up back in the living room, where your younger sister sat, doing something on your phone to pass the time. She was the first one to get caught in the game and had been sitting there a while, but when the two of you made your grand entrance she sent a stunning smile up at you.
“Unnie! You’re always too good at this game.” You smiled and landed beside her on the couch, your little brother climbing on your lap.
You loved spending time with your little siblings. Being an idol was demanding and you barely had time to see them, so when the boys decided they wanted to have a night out to themselves, you thought it was a perfect idea to have them over. It also gave your parents a chance to have a night to themselves as well, so it ended up a win for everyone.
Your little brother, Youngsoo, and sister, Mina, were six and nine and there was nothing you loved more in the world than them. Well, your boys were also high up on the list, but what they don’t know won’t kill them.
You laughed at your own thoughts and the two little ones looked up at you, “What’s so funny, Noona?”
You rubbed Youngsoo’s head, “Ahh, just thinking about how much I love you little munchkins.”
“We’re not little!” You sister entervined. “And we’re not munchkins!” Your brother continued. You laughed at their combined one brain cell and felt your phone vibrate from within your hoodie pocket.
‘We’ll be home within the hour, love’ You blushed a little as you typed out a simple ‘Ok’ to Namjoon’s text.
“Ohh, Unnie is typing to her special people. Look at her face!” Mina said to Youngsoo, pointing at you. You smiled endearingly, “How did you know?” They both squealed as Youngsoo wiggled out of your lap.
You chased them around the living room for a couple minutes before you grabbed both of them by their shirts and pulled them back onto the couch. “I think it’s time for you guys to head to bed.” You said, still a little out of breath.
They both awwed and looked up at you with puppy dog eyes, “Aish, don’t give me those! I already let you stay up 30 minutes after your bedtime. Do you want me to get yelled at by Eomma?”
They both shook their head no in sync and you couldn’t help the small giggle that escaped you. “Come on you little rebels.”
You led them back into your room and turned on the light, helping them brush their teeth and change into their pajamas in the connected bathroom. When you finally settled them into bed and were tucking them in, you heard a small crash in the kitchen.
You turned around and went to your bedroom door. ‘Are they home already?’ You were about to call out to them when you noticed a figure clad in in black clothing slowly making their way into the living room.
An unknown black clad figure.
White hot panic rushed through your veins as you put a hand over your mouth to stifle the scream that wanted to come out. You heard movement behind you and whirled around to see Mina looking at you with wide eyes.
She was about to say something before you moved your hand from your mouth to hers, silencing her. You looked over at Youngsoo who had the same bewildered expression on his face and motioned to stay quiet.
You were shaking as you tried to silently pick up Youngsoo from the bed so the rustling of the sheets wouldn’t attract your intruder. At the reminder that there was an unknown potentially hostile individual in the dorm sent another rush of fear, panic, and adrenaline through your system.
That was not a good mix.
You opened your bathroom door and lifted both Mina and Youngsoo into the tub. Mina had tears in her eyes while Youngsoo was already silently crying. Your heart constricted and you almost started crying yourself. There was another set of crashes coming from the living room and you had to stop yourself from going into a panic attack at the sound of Mina and Youngsoo’s whimpers.
You were their big sister and loved them more than anything. It was your job to keep them safe.
To protect.
You took a deep breath and squeezed their hands, forcing them to look into your eyes, “Look at me. Keep your hands over your ears, do you hear me? Even when the noises stop. Don’t listen.” Your voice came out in a shaky whisper, but the look in your eyes was firm. When the two just kept staring at you with their tearful eyes and wobbly chins, you squeezed their hands again.
“Promise me.” You held out both your pinkies in front of their faces. They slowly reached up and intertwined their pinkies with yours. All of you were shaking.
You kissed your intertwined pinkies and then both of their foreheads. You stood up and didn’t turn around until you saw that they covered their ears with their hands like promised.
You took slow and careful steps out of the bathroom and locked the door behind you. You were met with a dark room. ‘Wait, didn’t I leave the light on?’
Your eyes widened in fear and you almost dropped to the floor with how much your legs were shaking. Your only thoughts were that they had come into the room without you noticing and turned off your lights. ‘Did they see Youngsoo and Mina?’
You almost slapped yourself when you realized, oh yeah, you had a phone! You could call the police! You searched for it in your hoodie but when your hands came up empty you panically searched your jean pockets.
You didn’t have your phone. It must have been left on the couch.
Your breathing picked up and you almost started to hyperventilate. You focused on the fact that you had to protect your younger siblings. You were their only line of defense and you would be damned if you didn’t go down swinging.
You gulped and took shaky steps toward your bedroom door. You peaked your head in the hallway but quickly ducked back into the room when you saw the black clad figure walk across the living room.
You heard some more crashing sounds but then everything went quiet. After a few seconds you looked out again and saw nothing but Yoongi’s opened door. His room was a few ahead of yours, on the other side of the hallway. You thanked your younger self for picking the room the furthest down in the hallway when you and the guys first moved in.
Seeing the coast was clear and hoping that the intruder would stay in Yoongi’s room, you silently made your way into the hallway, locking your bedroom door behind you. You slowly made your way to the living room.
You needed to get your phone from the couch. The only problem was that you had to move past Yoongi’s room to get to the living room, and the chance of the intruder seeing you made you almost pass out. You decided that you were going to slam Yoongi’s door shut and lock the intruder in. You took a deep breath and steeled your resolve. You could do this! You had to do this! Some part of you still refused to believe that this was happening.
You ran up and with a yell you slammed the door shut and locked in right after. To your confusion and slight terror, there was no sound. You slowly backed up and were struck with fear when your back hit something other than the wall. Everything was still for a second before you felt a breath by your ear.
You screamed at the top of your lungs and booked it down the hallway, toward the living room. You saw your phone sitting on the couch and dove to grab it. You fell over the back of the couch and scrambled up to your feet.
The intruder was standing at the intersection where the living room meets the hallway. Their face was covered up by a mask, so you couldn’t really make out anything about the person.
Their eyes, however, held madness and insanity.
They took slow, loud steps toward you and you saw something gleam in their hand. 
A knife.
You looked around you and, with the hand not holding your phone, you grabbed the lamp that was sitting on a nearby bookshelf. With no hesitancy at all, you threw the lamp at them. They stumbled back and that was all you needed to run toward the bathroom that was just a few steps toward your right.
You slammed and locked the door behind you as you felt the intruder pounding against it. You scrambled back, almost falling over into the bathtub. Your phone was in a death grip and you wasted no time in opening it and dialing the police.
Your hands were so shaky that you had to retype the three digit code a couple times. When you finally got it right, you put the phone to your ear and bit on the thumbnail of your other hand. The pounding on the door didn’t stop.
“119, how-“
You cut them off before they had a chance to finish, “Please help me,” Your voice came out breathless. “There’s an intruder in my house and they have a knife!”
“Ma’am, please calm down. Tell me your location. Are you alone or hurt?”
You quickly recited the address and told the lady on the other end about Youngsoo and Mina. She dispatched police and an ambulance immediately after you finished the address.
“Come out, come out Y/n!” The voice on the other side of the door yelled. You vaguely filed away that the voice was female.
You choked on a sob as the lady on the phone continued to talk. You couldn’t hear her over the sound of your own heartbeat and the yelling of the intruder. This went on for about 30 more seconds before the pounding suddenly stopped.
“Should I get the two little kiddies sitting in your bathroom instead?”
Your world stopped and you dropped the phone in your hand. White hot panic once again surged through you at the thought of her hurting your siblings. “No!” Your voice came out as a hoarse cry as you slammed the bathroom door open and threw yourself onto the woman.
The impact surprised her and her knife slipped from her hands and skidded on the floor. You clawed at her face, hitting her in any way you could.
The intruder fought back and she eventually threw you off of her. You landed on your wrist painfully but the adrenaline soon took over and you were diving at her again with a cry.
She was ready for you this time and sidestepped your poor attempt. You tripped over your legs and hit your nose on the floor. You instantly tasted blood.
Suddenly the woman was on top of you and you couldn’t move. She put her hands around your neck and you clawed and prayed at them with everything you were worth. You couldn’t breathe and once again a panic attack curled at your conciousness, and before you could stop it, it dug its cold hands into your brain and lungs. You were trying to hyperventilate but couldn’t breathe in and there were dots spreading across your vision.
Suddenly the front door was thrown open and your seven boys along with several police officers ran in. You couldn’t think straight, but you saw someone tackle the intruder that was on top of you to the ground. You grabbed at your throat and greedily sucked in air, but instead of it helping, you only coughed and grabbed at your head, still in panic mode. You felt several pairs of arms wrap around you and multiple voices, but you couldn’t focus on any of them.
Your only thoughts were on Mina and Youngsoo.
You tried pushing away everyone in blind panic to get back to your siblings but the hands only held on tighter and you couldn’t escape. You were yelling at that point and hit someone in the face. You didn’t feel the needle in your neck, but you did notice how your body went lax.
You passed out soon after.
You woke up to the soft beeping of a heart monitor; your senses assaulted by the harsh smell of disinfectant.
The next thing you registered was that there were two hands holding both of yours. They were warm.
You slowly opened your eyes only to shut them tightly once more when the harsh hospital lights hit them. You heard someone whisper something and after a few seconds the lights in the room dimmed.
You felt someone squeeze your left hand and you opened your eyes again to stare into Hoseok’s warm brown ones. There was only a split second of starring before the events of the day before caught up to you.
You started crying and that shortly turned into full on sobbing as you clutched Hobi’s and Jin’s - you realized belatedly that he was the other one holding your hand - hands.
Hoseok looked pained as he looked at you, “Oh baby.” He slowly sat you up and pulled you into a hug. You clutched to him like he was your lifeline. All the pain, fear, and panic rushed out of you with your tears and you already felt exhausted.
Someone was pulling their fingers through your hair as another embraced you from behind. They boys all looked on to the sight with heavy hearts and tears in their own eyes. They couldn’t believe this had happened.
After a few minutes of comforting you, your sobs turned into sniffles and you leaned back against the hospital bed you were on. You were still in the clothes you were in yesterday and after you had calmed down, you were suddenly hit with how much your nose and wrist ached.
“Here, love.” Yoongi held out a glass of water and you gingerly took it in your uninjured hand. “Careful.”
As you nursed your water they had told you about what had happened once they arrived home. How horrified and dumbstruck they were when they saw a random person choking you in the middle of their living room. Jungkook was the one who had tackled the woman while Taehyung was sporting a bruised face.
You almost started sobbing again when they said it was you who bruised Tae’s face in your struggle to get to your siblings, but they quickly shushed you and gave you quiet reassurance that it was ok. They knew you would never do something like that intentionally and you gingerly kissed Tae’s face where the bruise was in apology.
At the thought of your siblings you almost sprung out of bed, but they held you down and told you they were ok. Mina and Youngsoo were found in your bathroom hugging each other as they had their hands over their ears. They were safe with not even a scratch on their bodies. You did good. They were safe.
This time you cried in relief and the boys couldn’t help but cry with you. Jimin was the first one to walk up and hug you, then Jin, Jungkook, and Namjoon joined. Soon you were caught in the middle of a big group hug; everyone was crying.
“We are never, ever letting you out of our sight again.” Jin said into your shoulder.
Jungkook sniffed, “I was so scared, Y/n-ah. I thought you were going to die.”
The pain in his voice made all of your hearts constrict and you wiggled out of the group hug to grab Kookie’s head with your hands. You caressed his checks softly while rubbing at his tears. “Thank you for saving me, Kook-ah.” He cried harder and engulfed you in another hug.
After a few hours of doctors checking on you and giving your statement to the police, you were free to leave and go back to the dorms. The guys refused to let you walk on your own and Namjoon ended up giving you a piggyback ride to the car.
You giggled as he sat you down and buckled you in like you were a kid. “I can take care of myself, Joonie.”
“And?” He made sure your seatbelt was on tight and kissed you on the forehead. He sat next to you as the others filed in.
Your manager announced that you all will be taking a few days off to make sure you healed properly and were taken care of. Idol health came first, and the last thing you wanted to do was worry the fans.
It got out somehow that you were in the hospital and ARMY went berserk trying to figure out what happened. A day after you got home, it was announced on TV that an infamous sasaeng was now in custody and the fans quickly linked that incident with your hospital visit. You took to twitter to announce that you were ok and all you had was a broken nose and sprained wrist. Fans and idol’s alike showed their support and you were overcome with a sense of security from the fandom. You were so grateful that everyone was understanding and there for you.
Even though everything settled down, mundane things became difficult for you. You were all briefed that you would most likely have trauma from the event, but you didn’t really understand that until now.
You constantly had to have one of the boys around you, otherwise you would be overcome with a sense of fear that one of them might be hurt. Jimin and Yoongi were usually the ones to sleep with you, because you were constantly plagued with night terrors otherwise. The first couple days were the worst though; you would wake up in the middle of the night, hyperventilating and on your way to a panic attack, but the two would give you kisses and cuddles and reassure you that everything was ok, no one could hurt you while they were there.
You also had trouble moving around the dorm by yourself, especially at night, so you had someone (usually Jin or Taehyung) with you. You were so thankful and grateful for them and wouldn’t trade them for anything.
These boys were the loves of your life and there was nothing they wouldn’t do for you, and vice-versa. Your lives were hectic and full of ups and downs, but when you had them standing beside you, you knew it would be ok. You were here to love and support each other, and more than anything, you would be here to keep them safe.
To protect.
end note: my first post of the new year!! i hope everyone enjoyed reading this fic as much as i enjoyed writing it hehe. i’ve never really written suspense before but hopefully it was good! i think it was pretty good for my first attempt at least. thank you so so much for the request anonie, and i hope you liked it! i hope you all have a great day and year, love you 💖
request something!
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kayla1507 · 3 months ago
Hi! I was wondering if you had any favourite / least favourite chapters from DBH?
Personally, having played the game so many times, Jericho and Night of the Soul have grown a little irritating haha
TY :)
Hi, Anon! 
I’ve played through the entire game 20+ times. And I actually looove Night of the Soul! I think it gives some much needed character depth to both Leader!Markus or Leader!North. I especially enjoy visiting Carl back at home, Leo’s apology and the “you are my son, Markus” moment shared between Carl and Markus. The only chapter variation I dislike is Hank’s... for obvious reasons.
Favorite Chapter:
My favorite chapter is *drumroll*, Stormy Night. It's just the right mix between suspense, QTE action and drama for me. It also has so many different outcomes (my favorite one being the gun) and small variations that aren't even in listed the flowchart that the replay value is insane!
I really like Eden Club, too. I enjoy challenges and the tracking sequence is imo the trickiest Connor mission. In fact, I’ve seen quite a lot of players fail tracking Echo in time. There’s also the fact that Echo and Ripple’s story has an emotional impact on both the player and Connor (+ Hank by extension), whereas we don’t learn much to invoke sympathy for Daniel, Rupert or Kitchen Deviant. Echo and Ripple were the ones who made Hank start changing his mind about deviants. They’re also the suspects I personally care most about.
Least favorite chapter:
Well, you asked for it. CyberLife HQ. Not because it's so uneventful like Jericho, but because of its huge amount of plot holes, its deus ex machina whats-my-sons-name conclusion (yeah, Connor looked his name up on the internet offscreen, we get it) and the lack of consequence for the finale of a choice based game. 
A few examples to elaborate on it: 
The chapter opens to Hank being held hostage. Connor has various dialogue options, but nothing he tells RK800-60 matters. 
Connor has the option to shoot 60. But in the shoulder, which does precicely nothing.
If Connor fails every single QTE when fighting 60, nothing happens.
Remembering or not remembering Sumo’s name doesn’t matter. 
You don’t have to remember Cole’s name after seeing his photo, because the game points it out to you with a special effect.
Connor knows all about Cole even if the player never found out about him, deus ex machina per definition.
If 60 wins at Cyberlife Tower... nothing comes from it. He doesn’t show up in the crowd to assasinate Markus on stage. He just goes back to his stasis pod, you know? CyberLife just calls it a day.
It’s supposed to be Connor’s redemption arc, and I mean Connor turning his back on his blood-stained past. He doesn’t. He keeps killing. Killing a handful of humans on his way to the warehouse, killing the other RK800 to gather a massive army and force humanity out of Detroit City – with success. Neither the president nor Pacifist!Markus care. The peaceful demonstration was obviously added after the revolution-deviant route hence the lack of concept art and peaceful deviant options, but still...
RK800-52 to RK800-59 have just disappeared.
Hank executes 60 via headshot just to make sure he’s really, really dead. Then adds “maybe you (androids) really are alive.”
Connor’s LED is calm blue as Hank dies. A tense Hank laments he’ll miss Connor after Connor sacrificed him. 
The famous hug isn’t a reward for befriending Hank, the game will also force it in sheer inappropriate context. CyberLife HQ proves that our relationship to Hank up until this point, doesn’t matter. As long as both make it out alive, their relationship will automatically rise to ‘friend’, even if tense Connor was a murderous and toxic person who bullied Hank. Okay.
Which also hurt the chapter is the lack of a memorable, "boss fight”. RK800-60 is like a cartoon caricature of Machine!Connor, but stripped of all the badass and scary, into a deranged “I am disappointed in you!”-toddler. And like I mentioned, if he wins and walks out alive, then nothing comes from that. Fanfiction tells me that 90% of the fandom doesn’t recall who Connor-60 even was, but does recall Agent Perkins, Gavin Reed, Amanda and RK900. Yes, even RK900. That’s how forgettable he is as a villain.
So. My least favorite chapter because its lack of meaning, despite being the single most important character arc for deviant!Connor.
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fandom-necromancer · 2 months ago
A bit of comfort
This was prompted by a wonderful anon! I’m sorry for the double delay! You initially said either platonic or pre-relationship, so you can interpret it as both! Enjoy!
Fandom: Detroit become human Ship: Hannor/Hankon interpretable Warnings: None
‘Alright, Sumo, let’s get you cleaned up before Hank comes back home.’ It had been raining the whole day, turning snow to sludge and frozen ground to mud. Sumo’s fur was plastered to his skin, legs caked in mud up to his belly, but the dog looked up to him happy as he could be. Connor picked up the enormous St. Bernhard as if he weighed nothing and carried him to the bathroom. Sumo liked bathing, so with the excepting of a few times where he would try to shake off the wetness, Connor was confident he didn’t have to clean the whole bathroom afterwards.
He liked taking care of Hank’s dog. What he didn’t like was that that was about the only thing he could do. The revolution had left a lot of things in limbo. Androids were declared persons with all the rights that brought, but so far, there wasn’t clear legislation on that. Connor still legally was owned by Cyberlife and was only protected by the speech of the president and his prominent involvement in Jericho’s last actions. Others might not be so lucky. But he also couldn’t go back to his job at the DPD like he wanted. They weren’t allowed to own him, but also not to offer him a job with a wage. To add, he had indeed stolen Hank’s key to access evidence not in his possession and had tempered with it too. Not to forget he had killed in the Cyberlife tower. He, as well as all other androids could only hope on ruling their actions as self-defence. Because up to now, Cyberlife had been at charge for faulty technology. Now that they were persons, they had to be held accountable for their actions. And proving when an android had deviated and what it had done as part of a programmed response was a whole different story. Legally speaking it was a huge mess.
Hank had offered Connor to stay with him, for as long as he wanted. And he had gladly accepted, the other options being Cyberlife, a holding cell, the streets or Jericho. Marcus had offered him a place to stay too, but too deep ran the guilt that they had lost a lot of lives to him telling humans their location. No, Hank’s home was perfect. Located in the suburbs, where it was quiet, Sumo to keep him company, and Hank, who he trusted more than anyone else.
It was nice to have some time to himself. To find out what kind of person he had been and what kind of person he wanted to be. And mostly some time to get used to… freedom. Not having a purpose or directive or order to follow left him with a lot of idleness he had to fill not to succumb to boredom. He had read a few of Hank’s books – the human way, not simply uploading its content. He had realised why humans liked it. That way there wasn’t just information, but a start, middle and finish and you didn’t know what would happen next. The thrill was nice, but in Connor’s opinion, it took way too much time to read it word for word.
A type of story he did enjoy though were movies. A story packed into two hours with the same thrill of suspense, but in a short enough time to be considered effective. He liked them very much. Also, you were able to watch a movie together. Maybe that point had played far more into his decision than he wanted to admit.
As Hank came home, Sumo was washed and dry and Connor had made him some warm sandwiches to snack on during the movie. ‘How was work?’, he asked, and Hank waved him off. ‘Jeffrey is still trying to decide whether to fire me for breaking an FBI agent’s nose or promote me for helping you guys. I guess that’ll be the question until they’ve finally figured out who’s the good guy in this. As for the moment I’ve decided not to worry and do my job. Who knows, maybe once they figured it out, this whole thing is long forgotten.’ ‘I’m sorry.’ Hank laughed. ‘Hey, you don’t know for how long I’ve wanted to do that, it’s not a problem. I’ll go take a shower, then we can start the movie. What did you pick?’ ‘We didn’t watch anything from the horror-genre. I picked up one most say isn’t too scary.’ Hank pulled a face. ‘Not my favourite genre, but yeah, sure. I’ll hurry.’
Connor couldn’t say he had liked it very much, either. It was needlessly violent and graphic. Even though he knew real life murderers could be this sadistic, he knew the victims normally were much, much smarter. Maybe it had just been the movie that was bad, but Connor had the feeling he wouldn’t like other movies like that much better.
Hank had grumbled something similar, chuckling how he also wished to simply never sleep, like Connor did. The man quickly cleaned the dishes, went to the bathroom and afterwards wished him a good night before going to bed.
What left the android alone in the house. He didn’t have to sleep, just go to stasis for a few hours and he mostly did that when he was alone at home during the day. Sumo had a habit to lay down next to Hank on the free side of the bed, so Connor was truly alone. Not wanting to keep on the lights so Hank wouldn’t be disturbed in his sleep, he sat in the kitchen and worked on some defragmentation of his memory core.
Only that somehow his processes were always cancelled by some non-existent movement detected at the edge of his vision. He thought to see a vaguely human shape close to him, despite knowing he was alone in the room. His auditory sensors were suddenly tuned to every small noise there was: The wind howling around the house, rattling at the loose rain pipe of the neighbours. The wooden frame of the house groaning in the cold. Far away sounds of animals, searching for food close to humans now that night had fallen. They had been present all the time, every night. But now for the first time they triggered alarms in Connor’s mind. It was as if there was some hidden danger out there lurking despite him knowing it wasn’t and every sound was some aspect of its form.
It made his stress levels rise and even though Connor knew it was uncalled for, he couldn’t help it. Quick research found that humans experienced this too and there was a connection to the movie, but still Connor couldn’t understand how he, an android built for hands-on police work, could be afraid because of a horror-movie of questionable quality. He tried to keep calm and lower his stress levels, but it didn’t work, so in the end, he did the only thing that came to his mind.
When he entered Hank’s bedroom, he hoped the man was still awake, so he wouldn’t freak out if he saw Connor. But Sumo noticed him anyways. Hank, who had been half asleep, opened one eye to look at him questioningly. ‘Err… Can I stay here? The movie, it… I think I need some company.’ ‘Yeah, sure’, Hank slurred sleepily. Relieved, Connor looked around and leaned against the wall then. ‘Why are you standing there?’ ‘Because I… Well, I don’t… ‘For fuck’s sake, Connor, come here. Don’t just stand there, Jesus, you are giving me the creeps.’ ‘Where else should I-‘
Hank wordlessly lifted the blanket and patted the space next to him. Connor blushed and was about to decline, but Hank interrupted him before he could even utter the first word: ‘Now come on, it’s getting cold!’ Awkwardly, Connor climbed under the blanket and politely kept his distance from Hank. The man chuckled, put his hands around him and pulled him close. ‘Tell me if it’s too much’, he carefully said, but kept up the gentle pressure against Connor’s chest. ‘But believe me, this helps with it.’
And indeed, Connor somehow felt safer now. It made no sense, if there really were a killer, this would hinder him more than help in protecting himself and Hank. But feeling these strong human arms around him and the warmth from behind, his stress levels soon were back to his normal. ‘And, does it work for androids too?’, Hank murmured. Connor nodded and carefully brushed his hand over the man’s forearm. ‘Yes, thank you.’ ‘Not a bother’, Hank smiled and nestled deeper into his pillow, not letting go of Connor.
He should have been embarrassed, really. Since they started working together, Connor had noticed he was fond of the Lieutenant. They certainly had been friends in the end, but Connor felt like there was something more. He couldn’t really find a good word for it, but this right here right now? It was something that felt definitely like more than a friendly gesture and was something Connor might have played with as a thought for the future, but apparently Hank had just decided it was the time now.
Or Connor just read too much into a bit of comfort.
One way or the other, even though he was pretty sure he didn’t like horror-movies, this now was a good reason to watch them more often.
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ruewrites · 11 months ago
Raising Them Right
Ships: Diavolo/Lucifer (minor near the end)
Word Count: 3960
Warnings: Abandonement, Self Deprication
A/N:  Here it is! So this is the second fic that was inspired from the one angst anon that wanted to know more about Asmo’s past relationships. I really had a wonderful time writing it, and I hope you guys enjoy!
Lucifer could still remember that day. It was clear in his mind and bit at him like a viper, slowly killing a part of him that was now long lost to time. He knew that Levi and Mammon remembered as well. Maybe Satan. But Asmo and the twins? Not so much. Regardless, he knew it had toyed with his brothers in various ways. Forcing different insecurities and means to cope down their throats. Honestly Lucifer didn’t even get away unscathed. 
Hurt and betrayal had bubbled up in his throat as he tore their room apart. Part of him was looking for an answer of sorts. A reason. But the bigger of him wanted destruction, wanted to erase them from their lives entirely. They chose to leave, so why should they have any memory of them? 
Lilith’s room was left untouched. Lucifer boarded up the door the best he could. This made his heart ache the most. He couldn’t focus too hard on what he was doing. It wouldn’t lead to good things. He needed to keep a steady composure for his brothers. They needed someone to look up to. Someone they could rely on. 
They had all packed up and left that night. The oldest three couldn’t bear to be in the house anymore. Satan hadn’t said anything, conflict swirling within his young mind. Asmo and the twins questioned their actions slightly.
“What if they come back looking for us?”
“Are we gonna go home soon Luci?”
“What if they miss us?”
It made the situation worse. It made Lucifer’s throat tighten and his eyes burn. How could he tell them that they weren’t even going back? That that place was no longer home? That they’d been abandoned? That was how Lucifer saw it, and he could feel that Mammon was just as bitter. His teeth were clenched, trying so hard not to snap at the little ones. They didn’t know any better, and Lucifer wished he could have protected them all from this reality. 
He was helpless.
They’d travelled around for a while, until they found a small motel with a vacancy. The older three had done the math. If they worked enough, they could stay here.. He wasn’t sure who called about them, but he wasn’t surprised. Who wouldn’t have been worried about seven children of varying ages wandering around alone on their own? Honestly, it was the responsible thing to do. Even if Lucifer hated admitting to it.
Ever since that day, Lucifer fought tooth and nail for his family. He refused to let anyone take his brothers away from him, refused to let them be torn apart any more than they already were. He’d heard everything. He was too young to effectively take care of them, that the little ones would be better off in more stable households. These conversations only succeeded in making Lucifer angrier. Eventually they reached a compromise. All seven of them would move in with a family, until further notice. 
Lucifer had agreed to this, but also took it as a challenge to get them their own place as soon as he could.
Lucifer had gotten the call. He put himself down as the primary contact for all of his brothers, so he always knew what was going on with them. 
Deep breaths. In. And out. 
Getting angry at Mammon rarely got him anywhere. It was just frustrating. Mammon was smart  dammit! And he was a good kid deep down. Lucifer knew this, and it made it even worse every time he heard that Mammon had acted out once more. Lucifer had apologized to his professor multiple times about not being able to show up to class, and they understood, but it didn’t make the situation any better.
Lucifer got out of the car and started the routine he’d become so accustomed too. What could it be today? Acting out in class? Snatching something off of the teacher’s desk? Stealing from the cafeteria? Oh Lucifer could only imagine.
Greeting the ladies at the front desk, Lucifer was quickly ushered back to the principal's office. Mammon was hunched over in one of the chair’s, his hoodie obscuring his face.
For getting into a fight with another student.
It wasn’t  a long suspension, but Lucifer still didn’t exactly know how to feel about it. There was a tense silence in the car.It got to the point where Lucifer pulled off into a parking lot and shut his car off. Mammon sank down further in the car seat.
“Would you like to explain yourself?” Lucifer hoped his voice came out even, despite the twitching he felt in his lip. 
“It wasn’t that bad.”
“It wasn’t- Mammon you got suspended.”
More silence.
“Let me see.”
“Let. Me. See.”
Mammon hesitated for a moment before pulling his hoodie down and looking over at Lucifer. He had a black eye. Lucifer put his head in his hands and Mammon quickly went on to try to explain himself.
“It wasn’t my fault! These guys came along n’ they were makin fun of Levi and were tryin to take his-”
Lucifer’s head perked up as he looked at Mammon. His frustration slowly melted away as he listened to his brother with new interest.
“Yeah! These guys are normally jerks, but then they started goin at our family, and messing with Levi really bad.”
Lucifer was silent for a moment before starting the car. He was quiet for a few moments before speaking up, “Is there anything you want?”
“You know I don’t reward bad behavior Mammon,” Lucifer started, “But I don’t think I consider what you did today bad behavior.”
Mammon blinked a few times before snorting, “You sound like a dad.”
“Don’t push it.”
“Aight aight…. Thanks Lucifer. I’ll think about it.”
Levi had always loved his games, and he was good at them. The time he spent on them honestly had Lucifer concerned for his eyes. They made Levi happy and Lucifer could usually hear him talking about the lore behind them or the characters when he wasn’t talking about his favorite shows or manga.
Lucifer didn't understand any of it, he didn’t pretend to. Usually he couldn’t stop the confusion that spread across his face. Understanding what Levi was trying to understand quantum physics. But Levi didn’t seem to mind, he would continue to talk, excitement rising with each word that passed through his lips. Honestly, Lucifer was fine with anything that made him happy.
As long as his brothers were happy and safe, that was all that mattered.
So when he heard sniffling from Levi’s room, Lucifer couldn’t help but investigate. The door was open ever so slightly. He peeked his head in first, eyes scanning the room and settling on a pile of blankets in the center.
He walked closer and sat down on the bed and let the silence permeate for a moment.
“Levi,” he said softly, the sniffling stopped for a moment, “Why are you crying?”
Levi didn’t say a word. Lucifer didn’t move.
“I’m not gonna do anything or amount to anything,” Levi sniffled, “I’m not good at anything. My interests are weird. I’m  just taking up space and… and-”
And Dad said so.
The unspoken words lingered like a bitter perfume in the air. Lucifer knew their father had most likely said such things to Levi, he knew that he’d probably said more to Levi and the idea made Lucifer’s blood boil. Just because his brother had interests that their parents hadn’t deemed worthwhile, it didn’t  mean that it made them any less important nor did it define his worth in any way. 
Yet the words of their abandoners still ran hot through Levi’s veins, and the idea of his own self worth suffered. 
It was despicable.
“Who told you this Levi?” Lucifer asked.
The pile of blankets went quiet for a moment, “Just people…”
“Well they’re wrong,” Lucifer said, pulling the blanket down from Levi’s head, “You have plenty of talents and you have a place in this family.”
He picked up one of the controllers around them. The plastic felt awkward in his hands, and the buttons were foreign to him. Levi hadn’t moved, so Lucifer went to the next thing he could think of.
“I’d like it if you could teach me how to play.”
After countless hours of research on cats, Lucifer finally made a decision. Satan had difficulties when it came to being calm. He surrounded himself with teas, and books, and music, but every now and again something (or someone) would ruin the atmosphere he worked so hard to create. Lucifer wanted to help him, he wanted him to find some sort of peace and maybe a cat was just what was needed.
Satan loved cats. Ever since he’d been young he’d had an affinity for them. Lucifer used to catch him setting out scraps for the strays outside of their old house, and maybe on more than one occasion Lucifer had left out said scraps for Satan to find. 
Cerberus was good with other animals, he’d seen the dog around cats and Lucifer didn’t think there’d be any problem with having another pet in the house. Satan was responsible and a wonderful student.  Lucifer wanted to help him and wanted to see him succeed.
“Where are we going?” Satan asked, crawling into the passenger seat. 
“I guess you’ll just have to wait and see.”
The look in his brothers eyes when he realized where they pulled up  to was one Lucifer swore he’d never forget. He asked him not to run as they got out of the car, but his pleas fell on deaf ears. He knew every cat in the shelter would be coming home with them if Satan could have his way, but they would be settling on one.
Satan was staring into one of the pens. A small grey kitten with bright green eyes stared back. Needles to say, the soft bundle made the trip home with them. Lucifer swore that the calmest he’d ever seen Satan was when he was with that cat. He became a happier child and took care of her all on his own. His laughter filled the halls of the home more often, and it was contagious. Lucifer enjoyed seeing Satan smile, and he hoped the world would continue to allow him to have this type of happiness.
Clothing stores had become a second home for the Morningstars. Lucifer swore the clothes he bought for his brothers never fit past the mall dressing rooms. Every other week he was bringing one or two of his brothers for shirts, or pants, or shoes, or some other article of clothing. Today it was him and Asmodeus.
Lucifer pushed the cart down the thin aisle glancing at the various clothes on either side of them with Asmo hot on his heels. However, the closer they got to the usual section the further and further Asmo lagged behind. It wasn’t until Lucifer was in front of the button ups that he realized his younger brother was no longer close behind him. Panic seized him for a moment, thinking he’d lost one of his siblings, but soon he spotted Asmo a few aisles down looking off at something.
“Asmo. Don’t wander off,” Lucifer said, as he approached him. The closer he got to Asmo, the better he could see what he was looking at. 
Pretty bows, flower clips, other sparkling hair pieces, skirts, loose fitting sweaters. Lucifer took a moment, looking over all of the different clothes, before realizing how nervous Asmo looked. Normally he was talkative and bubbly, but right now he was uncharacteristically silent and avoiding Lucifer’s eyes.
His brother had always liked pretty things. He loved picking flowers and having Lucifer catch butterflies for him to look at. He loved to watch the way sparkling dresses twirled in the movies they watched together and looking at the makeup on models on posters in the mall. Lucifer noticed these things, Lucifer knew these things about his brother, but Asmodeus didn’t know that Lucifer knew.  Asmo was worried, and unfortunately Lucifer thought he knew why. 
His brothers deserved to feel safe, to be happy, and even if they’d had a rough beginning, Lucifer wanted to make sure the rest of their stories led to a happy ending.
Lucifer leaned against the cart and offered a smile, “Well, pick out some things to try on.” 
Asmo perked up, looking shocked before a wide grin spread across his face. He put multiple outfits together from various sections and filled the cart. Lucifer honestly hoped they’d last him a while and that he wouldn’t outgrow them as soon as they got home. Asmo’s excitement was contagious.
Later that night, when he dropped him off at Solomon’s, Asmo tore out of the car, excited to show his friend his new clothes, hair clip sparkling in the sunlight.
“Is dinner ready yet?”
Lucifer sighed and put the knife down next to the vegetables he was chopping. Beel had an appetite unlike any he’d come across before.  Doctors had said that he was probably going through a growth spurt and that he was likely going to be tall. A growing boy needed food, and Beel was far from a picky eater.
“Not yet.”
It was the same answer he’d given a few minutes ago.
Beel’s stomach echoed through the small kitchen as Lucifer picked up the knife once more. As he chopped away, his younger brother inched closer until his little eyes were peaking over the counter. A small hand reached out to steal a carrot piece from the counter. It wasn’t sneaky, Lucifer saw, but it didn’t matter.
Beel watched Lucifer in silence for a while, eyes wide and tracing every movement his older brother made.
“If I help you with dinner will it be done faster?”
The chopping stopped once more as Lucifer thought for a moment. Of course he could let Beel help. He didn’t want him using the knife, but this could still be a good opportunity to learn.  Slowly he nodded and looked towards the vegetables he’d already cut. 
“See those right there? Could you put those into the pot for me? I have another pot on the stove filled with water if you’d like to watch it warm up. When it’s boiling we can put the noodles in,” he said.
Beel’s grin widened and he nodded quickly, almost tripping over himself to help.
“And make sure you wash your hands, and be careful with the stove!”
Dinner had been quite lively that night. Beel chattered on and on about how he’d helped Lucifer with dinner, which led to some of the other younger ones wanting to learn so they could cook what they wanted. Lucifer chuckled quietly to himself. He knew he’d have to teach the rest of them eventually, but he never thought that he’d have a little cooking class on his hands.
Finals had Lucifer stressed. He was running off of at least thirty-six shots of espresso split between six separate cups of coffee. Sleep seemed like a distant and fond memory to him, something he hadn’t experienced in a long while. He almost didn’t pick up on the sounds of small feet slowly padding against the floorboards of the house.
The voice startled him, and he almost spilled one of his cups of coffee that had long gone cold. He swore softly before turning around. The soft glow of his laptop had been the only light source illuminating the room, and it took his eyes a while to adjust. Belphie stood in the doorway, pillow in one hand and his blanket trailing behind him. 
“Don’t tell the others, but,” Belphie was hesitant, his eyes swept to the floor, pink flooding his cheeks, “I had a really bad nightmare, and I can’t fall back asleep.”
Lucifer sat up a bit and tilted his head, “Is there anything you’d like to tell me about it?”
Belphie started to shake his head, then he hesitated. He opened and closed his mouth a few times before shaking his head again. “No,” he said, “But can I stay out here with you? But don’t-”
“Tell anyone? Of course I won’t, but you’re welcome to stay,” he yawned, scooting over ever so slightly to make room on the couch. He could feel his brother hesitate for a moment before wandering over to lay down. Minutes ticked by, and it wasn’t long until Belphie’s eyes shut once more and his small body slowly rose and fell
The more peace he could bring his brothers the better. Even at the slightest disturbance of sleep, Lucifer would smooth back Belphie’s hair in an attempt to calm him. Nightmares had become a common thing after what happened for a lot of them, and that meant Lucifer became alright when dealing with them.
He wasn’t going to leave them ever.
Had he made the right decision? Or had his own pride made him so stupid as to make the worst mistake of his brothers’ lives? Should he have let them be taken by other families, potentially more stable families, and just set up dates to meet? Had he been selfish in his decisions?
These thoughts often plagued Lucifer when he was alone with his own thoughts. He thought about the problems his brothers faced and part of him felt responsible. He felt responsible for their fears, their problems, their worries. Everything bad that afflicted them could potentially be his fault. 
Mammon’s rebellious behavior.
Levi’s self deprecation.
Satan’s frustrations.
Asmo’s issues with his image.
Beel’s misplaced guilt.
Belphie’s angst.
Maybe he thought he could do more for them than he was actually capable of.
Maybe he’d been wrong.
Lucifer’s eyes glanced up from his paperwork to look at Diavolo from across the desk. He’d had piles of paperwork today, it felt like more than usual. There’d also been an influx in clients. New hires would definitely be needed soon. Perhaps he could have a meeting with Diavolo and Barbatos about it. 
“It’s time to clock out!” he said, bright and chipper as usual, “I was wondering if I could walk you home?”
Lucifer sighed and put down his pen. Diavolo was a good man and Lucifer did love him, but sometimes Lucifer felt like he took his work a little less seriously than he did.
Or maybe Lucifer was a little too strict. 
“That isn’t exactly necessary, besides, I have some things I need to finish up before I head home.”
“Nuh uh!” Diavolo clicked his tongue and shook his head, “The last time I let you stay past close to work, you were still here when I got back in the morning! It’s time to clock out. I’ll even help you where I can tomorrow!”
If he could stay on task when Lucifer needed him to. But Diavolo was a good man to work with, and he had proven himself time and time again. So Lucifer really shouldn’t worry himself all too much…
With a sigh of defeat Lucifer stood from his seat, each vertebrae in his spine cracking as he did so. He’d sat longer than he intended to…  “Alright, you win,” he said, “Just let me organize my work.”
Barbatos was waiting for them by the doors of the firm, keys in hand. Diavolo’s hand was pressed firmly against Lucifer’s back as he chattered away excitedly. It brought a soft smile to Lucifer’s face as he nodded to Barbatos. The more he thought about it, the more he realized how routine it had become for the three of them to walk home together. They were two of the closest friends Lucifer had ever had. After all, taking care of his brothers hadn’t left much room for socializing.
He knew Diavolo walking him home would also require him staying to talk for a little bit. Lucifer was already thinking of the variety of teas he could make for the two of them to relax with. His home wasn’t ideal, considering his brothers could be nosey when it came to his relationship, but if it made Diavolo happy it would suffice.
“Thank you,” he said as Diavolo opened the door for him, “Now-”
His sentence was cut short. No sooner had he walked into the kitchen and turned the lights on than confetti streamers went off, and a chorus of ‘surprise!’ surrounded him. 
His brothers were all there, standing with wide smiles and eager faces. In the center of it all was a cake: “Congrats on One Year!”
Diavolo was behind him again, guiding a stunned Lucifer into the room. His hand squeezed his shoulder, excitement coursing through his veins. 
“You haven’t forgotten have you?” Barbatos hummed, “The firm has been around for a year now. Your brothers wanted to congratulate you and asked us both to help.”
Ah. That’s right. This is why Barbatos was their secretary. The man knew how to keep track of the passage of time. 
Seeing that their brother was still in shock, Beel decided to speak up, “We wanted to let you know how proud we are of you.”
“Despite everything you’ve had to do and all the odds stacked against you, you still did it!” Asmo chirped in.
“And you did it while still raising all of us,” Satan smiled.
“Even when we could be the biggest pains in the ass,” Mammon said.
Levi turned to look at him, “Hey, stop talking about yourself Mammon.” 
“Nah, he’s right, we can all be annoying,” Belphie snorted, “Well, you guys anyways.”
Despite his brother’s bickering, Lucifer’s smile had found its way back on to his face, “Thank you… All of you.”
“Well, why stand here when we have a cake to eat?” Diavolo chuckled, “Come on now Lucifer, let’s take a seat. Ha! That rhymed. Look at me being a poet!”
As Lucifer sat down with the others, he couldn’t help but look over all of his brothers. They’d all grown into such fine young men with bright futures. They were laughing, and happy, and together… They’d had their rough patches and a rather depressing beginning, but now they had a bright future ahead of them. Maybe Lucifer did make the right decision and maybe he’d been too hard on himself at times.
Despite every terrible thing that had happened they’d made it. They’d all beat the odds. As he sat there with his family he looked each of them over.
Confident and boisterous Mammon, who enjoyed drawing in attention.
Passionate Levi, who loved his hobbies more fervently than anyone Lucifer had ever met before.
Intelligent and calculating Satan, who’d always be hungry for knowledge.
Sweet little Asmo, who wore his heart on his sleeve and could spot beauty in anyone.
Gentle giant Beel, who was so compassionate and was always sensitive to the needs of others.
And a mellow Belphie, who knew how to appreciate the little things in life.
Lucifer was proud of them. No. Pride couldn’t even begin to describe the feeling spreading throughout his chest. This feeling was so much more intense. They were all so happy together, and Lucifer wouldn’t give this up for the world.
Their parents would never understand what a grievous mistake they’d made. Lucifer would never understand their reasoning, and he would never make excuses for them.
Lucifer had one thing they’d never have: the love of his brothers.
They would never have the satisfaction of seeing them be successful in life, and Lucifer would make sure they were successful and happy.
Even if Lucifer hadn’t been perfect, he knew he raised them right.
He knew they’d have bright and happy futures.
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theodora3022 · a year ago
Bloody Rose(Sebastian Michaelis x Vampire F!reader)
Request: Sabastian with a female vampire s/o? Can be yandere or not! You choose.
Notes: I made this in headcanons form and I’m typing on mobile during witching hours, so bear with me dear anon-
I decided to go with fluff since I am in a soft mood today~~
Warnings: Fluff, mentions of blood
Tumblr media
To others, you were a tailor owning a small haute couture shop, a spinster who make her living by making outfits. But they won’t know you been doing this since the Georgian times.
You move from county to county, around England every decade or so, to avoid suspension. Luckily no vampire hunters has ever been on your tail: you consider yourself as a good subject to the crown despite being a blood drinker. You only consume animal blood, which made you a harmless vegetarian. Being a forever maiden is not unpleasant by any means, apart from being banished from sunlight. You miss being able to run around in the sun freely. When you do go out during a sunny day you cover yourself in fabric as much as possible, resulting you with overly pale skin.
Contrary to common belief, you slept until the afternoon, opening up the store even during the day. You had forced yourself to change your biological routine to fit in the human society. Although your bed resembles a traditional coffin in shape, it is never an actual one. The mirrors in your shop were not backed by silver, so you can still see your reflections.
You happened to be at late Victorian London when a mysterious murderer decides to drain the blood of thier victims like a vampire would, how unfortunate.
You were one of the suspects, so Sabastian and his lord were obligated to pay you a visit. Although they did not put you as priority to begin with: you never done things like this. 
You welcomed them to your store with a polite smile and warm greetings, as any good saleswoman would. 
Ever since transforming, you had not drank a drop of human blood. However, you can still smell the scent of their blood even through skin. It feels like...a natural perfume to you, to describe it at best. Some are sweeter then others, like tempting sweet delights, and you had to make sure you are well fed before going near them. 
That little lord’s blood is sweet and tempting. The butler, however, his blood just...is that even blood? You thought to yourself. It reminds you of the mighnight, danger lurking underneath the peaceful surface.This man is no ordinary human, you can sense that much. You had never delt with a demon before, therefor your knowledge is rather limited, only from books and theaters. 
Vampires are demons are cut from the same cloth, in a way right? Both can only venture in the shadows for eternity, trying to get by without being slain by those self righteous dastards. Sebastian had met some of your kind over the centuries, albiet none of them are as lovely as you are. You still act like a young human woman, if not for your overly pale skin you would be considered as normal. He wonders what made you this way, as all vampires, save a selected few, are humans before something happened. You seem like a kind lady, not one of those blood-hungry lowlifes he had seen before. 
You showed Ciel your collection, took his measurements when he demanded, never flinching away from the young lord’s cold attitude. When you went into the inner chamber to retrive more material choice, Ciel decided you are most likely not the murderer they are looking for, and Sebastian agrees. There is not a single scent of human blood on you or anywhere in sight, as demons can smell such things even one uses the finest soap to cover the traces.  Even though you are a vampire, if you are harmless to others Ciel is not intersted in fighting you(he has a demon for butler, so?).
“But she is a fine tailor, right milord? Maybe you can just make this a normal shopping trip.” What an unsual person you are, thought Sebastian. He might just take a little more time to observe you. It has been forever since he met another immortal being that does not irritates him.
“Very well. This would not be a complete waste of time then. I need a new suit for the social season anyway.” The young man tsked.
When they asks you to deliver the order yourself, you were hesitant about going outside. Your ususal customers send their servents to collect their orders, as you insisted so. You know what sunburns can do to you, but they offered you a down payment you cannot refuse. It is a risk you are willing to take. Even vampires needs gold to survive, if you do not wish to massacre humans for food.
The moment you stepped onto the estate, covered in a long hooded cloak and gloves, you can sense great calamity has occured in this location rather recently. But that is none of your concerns, the customer’s private life is nothing to pry about.
The servents...they are an odd flock, to say the least. They might seem clumsy or even impotent, but you know that butler knows better then to hire three imbeciles.  
After you made your delivery, Sebastian insists on you staying for the afternoon tea. You wanted to decline, since normal food has been tasting like wet paper ever since that awful day, but you find it hard to say keep saying no to such a comely man. He is the most goregous male you ever seen, and you say that as an immortal. The term “devilishly handsome” is like a tailor made suit for him. 
To your surprise, you can faintly taste the refreshement’s fruity flavours. When you were human yourself you have always loved food, missing it much when all you can taste is blood. So you helped yourself to quite a few tarts and biscuits, not knowing the demon had added special ingredients just for your vampire taste buds. You were so focused on your plate that you missed Sebastian’s calculating smile. 
That esclated rather quickly, soon you found yourself promising to tailor more clothes for Earl Phantomhive, therefore being on their premise more. 
Sebastian would always treat you to a plate of mouth-watering refreshments before you depart. Soon you find yourself answering his somewhat intrusive questions, as it is only fair to give him some compensation for those delicious treats.
The questions are surfaces ones at first. What is your favorite color or your preferred weather. Then to more personal territory, such as the reason behind your spinsterhood or what in a man that attracts you the most. You would blush madly, a feeling you have not felt in years fills your empty soul, and tell him your little answers.
How endearing. Compare to werewolves who behaves like canines, vampire leans closer to the feline side. You reminds Sebastian greatly of the black cat he encountered last spring. Your nonchalant and cheerful attitude are identical to the lovely creature. Oh and how he loves petting her soft fur. He wonders how your hair would feel under his hands. He initially might just be curious of how an odd vampire you are, but now the demon had found you to be quite an entertaining presence.
It has been so long since you had any friends, so you opened up to him quickly, disregarding the risks. You even revealed your identity to the man in black after he swears on his heart to not tell a soul. 
“My entire family was slaughtered by venegeful vampires. My father used to work as a vampire hunter for the mad King, therefore he made enemies of many. Ironically I survived, only to found out I turned into this. A creature who can only hide in the shadows forever. I swore I would never be like those blood suckers, I would never kill someone just to saitate my blood lust. Thank you Sabastian, for all those delicious cakes. They made me feel human agian once more. Also thank you for listening to my rambles, it has been so many years I confided in someone.” So you where a noble lady once. That is where your fine but antiquated manners originates from.
What a calamity you had suffered, yet you remain strong and lighthearted nonetheless. Moving from place to place, afraid to be burnt for your youthful appearance.You deserve to be cherished as the treasure you cleary are. No more hiding and running, not if he can help it.
You gladly accepted Lord Phantomhive’s offer to serve as the household’s tailor, the pay is generous and working for one person greatly reduce the risk of being discovered. Plus you get to spend more time with your new friend Sebastian! It is an offer you cannot turn down.
Sebastain is in a contract right now, but Ciel could only live so long. Prior to meeting you, he never thought about the future after his contract is completed. He imagined the two of you traveling across the European contient as friends, or something more, for the rest of your infinate lives. He has always been alone whenever he was not in a contract with humans, but the idea of being with someone forever is rather appealling to the demon. 
Even though he does not let his emotions discract him from his duties, you can still feel how he smiles whenever you enter the room. You would curl up your lips jovially in return, sometimes even teases him for having a charming smile. 
For now, Sebastian would be your good friend, always lend an ear to you for anything, or offer his shoudler should you need it, as long it does not get in the way of his duties to his liege. But who knows what would happen after the contract is completed? The world is yours to explore, with infinate amount of time, with him by your side.
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mrssimply · 6 months ago
Hello! I hope you aren't getting too many Kerry x Johnny but you write them so well and their chemistry that it's impossible not to want more :D From the kissing ones: "Kissing tears from the other’s face." to make it more interesting c:
Hey anon, thank you for the prompt :D and Thank you for your kind words, I'm very happy to contribute to the fandom the way I can, and like. Writing really is a passion to me.
BUT, I'm not sure what you expected requesting that prompt but erm... I thought about taking on a silly turn for this one, but in the end, I think it cannot be anything else but angst with them.
Please, prepare your tissues, because we go into canonical major character death here (althought the death itself is not described, the game did that for us). I'm sorry in advance.
But I consider it my job to make you all cry once in a while: it's cathartic.
Si tu t’en vas, si tu t’en reviens…
If you go, if you come back…
The call came at three in the morning. Kerry jolted awake, sweat covering his body as the ringing wrenched him from yet another nightmare. Chasing the remains of the terror he had been drowning into, he took his phone with shaking hands.
He had to try twice before he could properly utter a hello in the receiver.
“Mister Eurodyne?”
“Yeah, t’s me,”
“I’m Officer Selene Fransh, from the NCPD station in Little China. You’ve been listed as Mister Silverhand next of kin.”
Kerry breath settled. This was familiar. The NCPD was better than the hospital. He probably wasn’t dead. Yet.
“Yeah. I’ll… I’ll come and get him.”
She then proceeded to give him the amount needed to bail Johnny out, and the procedure. But the musician was more than familiar with the proceedings.
When two officers brought Johnny to the front of the station, he was cursing and buckling like a bull at rodeo. His face was covered in blood, probably his own judging by the trace coming from his nose and mouth. But other than that, he seemed fine, if drunk and probably high. He stopped struggling when he saw Kerry and there was a moment of suspension before he was pushed toward his friend.
“You came.” Johnny muttered, eyes glazed.
“Always,” Kerry replied with a shaking smile. As long as I can, he thought.
They gave him back his stuff, which mostly consisted of his aviators and pack of smokes. The glasses went over his eyes before they were out of the precinct, and Johnny shakily lit a cigarette as they made their way to Johnny’s Porsche. It was two blocks away, the rocker indicated, in front of the club where he had been savagely attacked by gonks. That was his version. The police version spoke about assault from Johnny on two unsuspecting corpo, but Kerry didn’t comment. Johnny was babbling, still under the effect of the drugs he had taken. Probably Lace, if Kerry knew his friend.
The way back to Kerry’s was made in relative silence, with only disparate and weird comments from Johnny as alcohol and drugs ran their courses through his blood stream. They only had to stop once for the rocker to throw up noisily. All through that, Kerry said nothing, heart clenching painfully at seeing his friend in such state.
He had come back from his trip with the Aldecaldos four years ago. He had seemed to get better after his return, until he had been pulled under by the corpo’s war going full swing around them. For the past year, Kerry had watched him turn darker, more violent, until his face was perpetually struck in a sneer. There had been moments of grace, though, lost in time, that Kerry cherished above everything else. But these moments couldn’t save Johnny from the darkness eating at him. Kerry couldn’t save him from it.
They had reformed Samurai, or tried to but between Denny and Henry falling out, the man’s own addiction problems, and Nancy killing her abusive husband… And Johnny, of course. They were still supposed to play tomorrow night, at The Hammer, but seeing the state Johnny was in, Kerry doubted he would show up.
Back at his shitty flat, Johnny made a bee-line for the bathroom and vomited again. Kerry put water to boil with the idea of making coffee, or use one of the teas his sister had gifted him at Christmas. But when Johnny came out, he only grunted before opening the cabinet of Kerry’s little kitchen, finding a half-drunk bottle of scotch and drinking heavy gulps directly from it.
Kerry watched him do it with desperation burning in his veins. Then Johnny put the bottle on the table and heavily sat on the couch before lighting yet another smoke. Kerry sat back with him and lit one of his own. They shared the silence for a moment.
“Johnny,” Kerry breathed, and his friend jerked to his feet, pushing his aviator on his head.
“This is meaningless, Kerry! Everything is meaningless!” he exploded, kicking the low table and spilling the contents everywhere. The other man only righted the bottle with a sigh. He got up and tried to approach his friend.
“Come on, Johnny, we need to clean you up.”
But Johnny shoved him harshly off him, and Kerry stumbled and hit his head against the wall. Wincing, he cursed and Johnny rounded on him, body brimming with tension. His eyes were wild, feverish from the substance abuse and for a moment Kerry feared his companion couldn’t even recognize him anymore.
Johnny closed in on him in two big strides, taking the collar of his shirt in hands and yanking him in. Their teeth clashed painfully, making Kerry keen pitifully before he tried to shove Johnny away. But the man only pushed further until the musician’s head banged the wall again. In desperation, Kerry bit his lip, harsh and Johnny growled before retreating with a curse.
Kerry evaded him, going to the bathroom where he started pulling out supplies to clean Johnny’s face.
“I thought you loved me.” Johnny said from where he was heavily leaning in the doorway. Kerry didn’t reply, only pushed past him with the disinfectant and bandages.
“Come on, sit.”
Whatever was going on Johnny’s head, being rejected by Kerry seemed to have surprised him enough. He sat and watched his friend with suspicion, a fraction calmer.
“You never say no, usually.”
Kerry let out a hysterical chuckle. How nice it was to have his fucking infatuation thrown at his face like that.
“You’re drunk and stoned, Johnny. I won’t fuck you like this.”
Then he knelt between his friend’s knees with a cotton beforehand imbibed with disinfectant. He started on the slight cut on Johnny’s cheekbone. The man reeked of alcohol as he breathed shallowly, watching Kerry’s face intently.
“How do you do it, Ker?” he whispered after a moment, where Kerry had applied a band-aid on the cut. “How can you continue to live on normally, with all that’s happening!”
Kerry’s eyes flickered to his.
“I’m not like you, Johnny,” he explained, while softly dabbing another cotton to the corner of Johnny’s mouth. “I wish I was as brave as you, keeping up the fight always. But the truth is that most of the time I’m scared shitless…” he snorted, a self-depreciating sound. “I’m lame like that.” He concluded.
Johnny frowned, before he caught Kerry’s hand.
“You’re right, when you’re like this, you’re lame. I way prefer when you scream at me, when you break your lungs on stage next to me, when you push me away, when you bite me ‘cause you don’t want me kissing ya…”
And his friend couldn’t stop the soft smile blooming on his face. It was… nice. In a Johnny kind of way. He finished wiping the blood off the rocker’s face before getting up.
“Come on, we can yell at each other tomorrow.” He said, pulling Johnny behind him toward the bed.
Said man stayed silent, unmoving as Kerry helped him undress to his boxers. He willingly went to the bed, and turned to Kerry as he pulled the covers over themselves and shut down the light.
“Ker,” he whispered after a moment. “I’m drowning.”
The words, lost in the dark of the night, where like a punch to Kerry’s stomach.
“I know,” he still replied, because he couldn’t deny it.
“I can’t stop the rage inside. I can’t recall the last time I wasn’t fuckin angry. I thought I could live with it, but the moment I came back from the desert, it started again, like ants crawling under my skin. I can’t stop it. I feel like I’ll die if I don’t act. That my mind will explode. I feel like I’m dying, piece by piece.”
Kerry closed his eyes against the onslaught of pain Johnny’s confession caused. It was breaking his heart, ravaging his soul, tearing his mind. He couldn’t breathe.
“I feel so powerless. Every time I hear about their war, I get so… So…” he couldn’t find the words, it seemed. “I want to kill them all, Ker. I want to put my hands around their throats and squeeze until I snap their spines Until they choke on their own blood. I want to smash their heads until they bleed and their brains splatter against the pavement.”
The other man clenched his hands in the pillow to stop his shaking and took slow deep breathes, even though the air he inhaled seemed as heavy as lead.
“I’m drifting, falling apart, fading away.” Johnny breathed, voice wet. Slowly, his hand crawled toward Kerry until he caught his wrist. “You’re the last thing anchoring me here, Ker. And I hate you for it.”
Kerry bit down a wounded sound and turned the other way, or tried to because Johnny prevented him, instead moving over him.
“I hate you,” he repeated, breath warm against Kerry’s lips. Then he brushed their mouths, barely a kiss and Kerry kept his eyes closed, not sure he could bear to expose himself any more.
Johnny’s hands went to his head, framing his cheek to kiss him for real this time. That’s when Kerry felt the wetness trailing over Johnny’s cheeks. He was crying. Johnny was crying. Kerry was pretty sure it was the first time he was witnessing it. Even after Alt, he hadn’t shed a tear in public.
When the rocker pulled back, Kerry opened his eyes and could faintly see, in the low light of the city through the blinds, the traces of shimmering tears. Johnny’s eyes shone too, strangely, and his mouth trembled a bit as he caressed Kerry’s temple from the tip of his fingers.
Slowly, Kerry brough his hand to Johnny’s face and wiped the tears, but fresh ones replaced them immediately. Johnny continued to cry silently with only his breathing, deep and trembling, betraying him. Pushing up gently, Kerry kissed the tears, licking the salty water from the tip of his lips.
Then, Johnny exhaled and buried his head in Kerry’s neck.
“Whatever happens tomorrow, Ker.” Johnny mumbled against his skin. “Whatever happens tomorrow…”
And Kerry waited for him to finish his sentence, but he never did. Not aloud anyway. He wrote it over Kerry’s skin with hand and lips, with bites and scratches over his back and hips.
The call came at three in the morning. Kerry jolted awake, sweat covering his body as the ringing wrenched him from yet another nightmare. Chasing the remains of the terror he had been drowning into, he took his phone with shaking hands.
He had to try twice before he could properly utter a hello in the receiver.
“Kerry?” Said Rogue’s voice. It was soft, careful.
“Yeah,” he breathed, barely audible. She stayed silent for a long time, and he could hear her inhale and exhale deeply.
“He is dead.”
Then there was a strange sound, like a wounded animal, something guttural and not completely human. It took Rogue speaking again for Kerry to understand that the sound was coming from him. The deny had left his throat without his consent or even his awareness as his heart stopped functioning and his mind blanked.
“I wasn’t sure at first, ‘cause Smasher got him and we had intel he’s been taken away. But he died. He is dead.” The merc repeated. Her voice was slightly trembling, but her tone stayed matter of fact the whole time.
Another silence.
“I’m sorry.” She concluded, and her voice broke at last. She hung up before Kerry could reply anything, but he understood.
Kerry let the phone fall between his knees and curled up on himself, gripping his head as pain like he had never known before invaded him. He chocked on his own saliva, coughing wetly as his lungs seemed to collapse and his whole being became a torch of agony. The tears burst out of his eyes without control, and his arms and legs started shaking.
He howled, arching back as anguish expanded from his core to the tip of his fingers. He heard himself beg “No, no please no, don’t.” But he knew. He had known when Johnny had finally showed at The Hammer last night. One look at his face had been enough: he was already half-dead. But of course, even if rationally he had known, nothing could have prepared him for the reality of losing him.
He had kept tabs on the news anxiously as the events proceeded. And when the tower had exploded, Kerry had watched it numbly. Distantly hearing something akin to a mirror shattering inside of him.
But now, it was real, there was no hope of him having pulled the impossible. Rogue had confirmed it and Kerry knew she had waited until she was sure. He had heard the brutal reality in her voice.
His blood boiled inside his veins, fever taking him as he continued to cry. He must have fallen asleep like this, because the next time he woke up, the first lights of the day transpired from behind the blinds. In this strange level of consciousness between dream and reality, he felt a presence next to him, felt the bed dip and a shadow fall over his sleeping form. Lips brushing his cheek and kissing the tears away.
But when he truly opened his eyes, he was alone.
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silverdecepticon93 · a year ago
Third Wheel
Request by anon: Can I have a Bakugou x reader one shot where the reader is Best Jeanist’s daughter and they’re already dating and they both intern with Best Jeanist and Best Jeanist is like a cockblocker every time Bakugou and the reader kiss/do something more like he ties the thread’s of Bakugou’s pants together
A/N: I went a little off-prompt but I hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
     Tsunagu wouldn’t consider himself as an overprotective father, he was just looking out for you was all it was. Like how he keeps visiting you daily when students were required to stay in dorms, or when he asked Aizawa to let him help chaperone the class during field trips, and when he pulled some strings so that you could intern for him instead of the other internship you had applied for. 
     Yes, you were understandably mad at him for a while for doing the last things but on your first day of the job, you seemed to be rather excited. At first he was confused as to why but was still happy that you had now warmed up to the idea of working with him, until the second intern he picked arrived, and suddenly he knew your change of heart.
    It was because the second intern he happened to pick ironically just so happened to be your boyfriend.
    You mentioned Bakugo a couple of times but you never gave your dad a name, no matter how many times he’d ask or try to trick you, and only referred to Katsuki as your boyfriend. Not only that but how on earth was your father supposed to guess that Bakugo Katsuki out of all people was your boyfriend?
      You two were total opposites.
     Tsunague had raised you to be polite, courteous, and kind. Bakugo was crude, heedless, and a bit too narcissistic for your father’s taste but he also showed an undeniable amount of potential. That and Bakugo’s presence was the only thing that kept you from being angry with your father for switching your internship in the first place so he had no choice but to tolerate the relationship.
     To a degree, that is.
    The first time he had interrupted a tender moment between you and your boyfriend was purely out of impulse. 
    You two were going in for a kiss on the lips and Tsunagu felt like he just had to do something. That something was using his quirk to pull you away from your boyfriend and over to him.
     “Dad!” You had exclaimed in annoyance.
     “There was a hole in your costume.” He quickly fibbed as he pretended to mend said imaginary hole.
     Much to his relief, neither you or Bakugo attempted to kiss again because you two had work to do, which soon caused a plan to form in your father’s head. From then on out, your father watched you and Bakugo’s every moment to make sure nothing happened between the both of you, following you two like a shadow and constantly having a watchful eye on you two. Not to mention that he kept piling a bunch of work on both of you to keep you separated.
      When Bakugo had offered to carry your pile of papers for you in exchange for a kiss, somehow the threads of his pants were tied together and caused him to trip.
      Luckily, your father just so happened to be around the corner and helped pick up the papers and ended up carrying them for you while informing Bakugo he had his own papers to do. Both you and your boyfriend exchanged skeptical glances with each other before begrudgingly going your separate ways, him going to collect his paperwork, and you with your father.
      Or the time when you took Bakugo to a special and beautiful area outside of the agency to have lunch with each other, you playfully began to feed him since you two had originally thought that you two were alone, only for your father to appear behind a random tree and greeted you two.
      His appearance was so surprising that Bakugo nearly choked on his food and you had to pat his back as he coughed and hacked. Normally, your boyfriend would’ve snapped at the person who dared to surprise him but when he looked over and glared at your dad, there was just an intimidating aura about Tsunagu that made Bakugo swallow his pride and his food.
     And surprise, surprise, your father thought it’d be a good idea to join you two for lunch.
     “You know, Dad, three is a crowd.” You reminded him. 
     “I agree but it’d be rude to just tell Bakugo to leave.” He responded, making you facepalm and your boyfriend huff in annoyance.
      However, you knew something had to be done when he had actually decided to third wheel on your date with Bakugo OUTSIDE of work hours. Picking out the outfit you’d wear on said date, making sure that you two maintained a foot distance from each other, and even having the audacity to turn the date into a father-daughter bonding time.
      After that night, Bakugo had told you that he was sick of your father ruining everything. Actually, his exact words were: “I’m so fucking sick of your stupid fucking dad making everything so damn hard!”
     Either way, you agreed with both statements.
     Which led to this moment as you stood in front of your father’s desk with your arms crossed and your (e/c) eyes narrowed at him.
      “So, what’d you wanna talk about with me, darling?” He asked, feigning an innocent tone in his voice.
     “I think you know already, Dad.” You growled, glaring into his green eyes.
     You rarely ever spoke to him in such a tone but you wanted to cut to the chase since you were nearly at the end of your rope with him.
      Knowing he wouldn’t be able to play dumb, he sighed heavily before looking up at you, “(Y/n), you have to understand that I’m just looking out for you.”       “There’s a difference between looking out for me and being protective of me and I know you know that difference.” You responded, crossing your arms over your chest.
      Jeanist would’ve tried to argue with that statement but nothing came up, after all, when you were right, you were right. So, Jeanist stayed silent for a bit as he tried to think of what to say next, only to stand up from his desk to walk over to you.
      “It’s...complicated for me to explain,” He finally spoke up, “but I’m only doing this because I love you but you’re right, I know the difference between looking out for you and being protective of you. I guess...it’s just that, it’s hard for me to accept that you’re growing up and, when you applied for an internship with another hero, I just sorta felt...hurt.”
     You bit your lip nervously as you began to debate on your next words before finally smiling at him, “Dad, it’s not that I meant to hurt you, but I just don’t want to be living in your shadow for all my life. I’ve gotta branch out at some point.”
     “Oh…” He responded in a rather sad tone.
     Now that he thought about it, he supposed that it must’ve been hard on you to only be seen as (Y/n) Hakamata, the daughter of Japan’s No.3 Hero rather than just (Y/n) Hakamata. After all, it was a struggle that most children of hero’s had, yet it never occurred to Tsunagu that you could’ve been facing the same struggle.
      “I’m sorry, (Y/n),” He finally said, “that I didn’t notice before.”
     “I’m...sorry I didn’t tell you before.” You apologized, feeling slightly guilty yourself.
     Meanwhile, Bakugo stood outside of your dad’s office, the silence causing him to grow impatient as he looked at the clock. You had been in there for 45 minutes and while Bakugo didn’t really mind waiting for that long, the suspense was sorta killing him.
     Then the sound of a door opening alerted him, making him look up from the floor to see you walking out of your father’s office.
    “So?” He asked, his gruff voice a bit soft in concern.
   “He...sorta understands now,” You assured, “Sorry you were waiting here all by yourself.”
    He shrugged nonchalantly before sitting up and standing next to you, “It’s fine, as long as that means he’ll stop fucking hovering.”
     You chuckled at his use of colorful vocabulary before wrapping your arms around his waist and hugging him close to you, your (e/c) eyes now staring into his crimson ones with a bright smile on your face.
     “Well maybe, you should stop swearing and he might worry a little less.” You muttered, softly. Bakugo only grinned more as his face was coming closer to you, “Fuck.”
     That made you snicker again but soon your laughing died down as you were now puckering your lips and moved your head closer to Bakugo’s, whose eyes were now closed as he leaned in for the kiss.
    Your lips barely grazed each other when you suddenly felt numerous fabric strings wap around you and pulled you back from Bakugo and back to your father’s side. You blinked dumbfoundedly since it all had happened so quickly, only to look up at your dad with a deadpan expression on your face.
     “Sorry, force of habit.” He apologized.
     Although you could tell by the amused glint in his green eyes that he wasn’t that sorry.
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darling-i-read-it · 11 months ago
John Wick x platonic!reader
Word Count: 900
Warnings: talks of murder and death 
Author’s Note: I hope this was kind of what you were looking for love! 
Requested: by anon, for a John wick fic maybe reader is a fellow assassin and they used to work with John occasionally and they meet up at the continental after he's come back and its like kind of reminiscing about the past if you would be up for that? (maybe not a romantic thing but a platonic one if that's okay? I love him with Helen so much)
Summary: the request !
I don’t own these characters. They belong to author/director 
(not my gif)
Tumblr media
When John retired you understood why. You had never met Helen before but you figured she must have been the most wonderful lady and if she made John happy she was good in your book. He never really said goodbye. He was out because he made it out. You didn’t need that goodbye. You would rather he be safe.
Many, many years later you walked into the continental, hand on the strap of your bag. You walked up to the desk and Charon greeted you with a kind smile. You roughly pulled out a coin and handed it to him which he took gratefully.
“Anything I should know about before I head to my room?” you asked. Charon gave you a small smile and he waited longer to speak then you cared for. You were here enough and you saw him plenty of times. He usually gave you the inside scop before you went to your pre arraigned room to stay. That was how it went down every time.
“I believe there is someone here you would like to see,” he commented. You rose your eyebrow, half annoyed that he was drawing the suspense out for some reason. You had just gotten back from a hit and were exhausted. 
“Is it a good thing?”
“I believe so.” You rolled your eyes.
“Thanks Charon.” You turned around, dragging your bag with you. You went up to your room and took a shower before going downstairs to grab some food. 
When you got down there you noticed John right away. He was wearing a suit that seemed tattered at the edges. You hadn’t heard from him for years. Why would he be here? 
There was only one answer and you hated to admit it to yourself. Something must have happened to Helen. You wanted to ask him, you needed to say hello so you walked up to where he was sitting and leaned against the table.
“Hey stranger.” 
He looked up at you and he smiled for the first time in a long time. He hadn’t seen in a friendly face since Helen died and he had no desire to replace her but you were a friend. You had been a rather close friend before he had retired. He hadn’t heard anything about you in so long he had almost assumed you dead but he should have known better. It would be hard to take you down.
He stood up and hugged you tightly. You hugged him back, something you nor him did very often. 
“Please, sit,” he said gruffly. You did so, sitting across from him at the table.
“Do I even wanna know why you’re here?” you asked solemnly. His eyes glossed over and you lost him for a moment but he snapped back quickly. 
“She’s dead and that’s not even the end of it,” he muttered. You nodded, looking down at your hands for a moment.
“I’m sorry John. You didn’t deserve that.” He looked up at you again.
“What have you been up to?” You chuckled.
“The same thing I was before you left. Kicking ass and taking names,” you joked in an attempt to lighten the mood. “I still freelance, like everyone else I guess. I’ve missed you out there but you were living better than I would ever know.” 
“You still got the same stupid gun?” he asked. You nodded with a snarky smile.
“My favorite gun, mind you which has now officially taken out more people than you have.”
“Don’t be so sure,” he said.
“I counted.”
“There’s been more since I saw you last.” You rolled your eyes and crossed your arms. You leaned back on the chair.
“So what, you gonna be back now?” you asked. “Cause if so I would love some help with my next job.” 
“If it’s anything like the Jeffrey job then I’m going to have to pass.” You laughed. He was joking. Good to know he could still joke. You had done a job for a man named Jeffrey with him ages ago. It ended up with the two of you in a strip club and killing some chick that was dancing then you promptly got drunk afterward. Not in the same club of course.
“You loved that night.”
“And you hated the next morning.” You laughed.
“I missed you John.” He missed you too but he didn’t say it.
“You up to help me out?” he asked. You raised an eyebrow.
“Anything for you.” 
This revenge plot may be easier than he thought.
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It's the anon who asked if you could write yandere!hannibal. I LOVE IT. YOU'RE SO TALENTED IT'S LIKE ILLEGAL OR SOMETHING
If it's okay, can I request another yandere!hannibal x reader.
Recently, my favorite song is POV from Ariana Grande. And the lyrics really reminded me of like yandere or something idk
Hannibal scares reader and reader thinks that he's going to kill them and reader runs (just hides somewhere in his house). Hannibal hears reader singing pov and they're curled up in a ball and they're shaking and crying and singing or something I guess idk.
The lyrics that inspired me to request this was
"I'm getting used to receiving. Still getting good at not leaving. I'mma love you even though I'm scared."
Thank you !!! - 🖤
Thank you!! You’re too kind 😔💕
I’ll be completely honest with you, I’ve actually never heard the song before you requested this... Yeah, I live under a rock.
My favourite song right now is Think about things by Daði Freyr. But if you’d prefer a creepy vibes kind of song, I’d recommend Like or Like Like by Miniature Tigers!
Warnings: Abusive relationship, maybe a little trauma.
Late afternoons with Hannibal are nice. He always makes a spectacle of the evenings, even when it feels more than unnecessary. But he’s respectable, and understanding... and patient.
Most of the time.
Tonight was different. You think you upset him. Maybe it was from all the flinching, but you swore he looked just about done with you? Maybe you could boil it down to just being peeved, but Hannibal had always been more complex than that.
You’re now curled up in a dresser, holding on tightly to a large hanging oversized coat as you hum. Being silent is ideal when hiding, but you’ve never been able to stand the build up of quiet suspense. Humming that all too familiar tune that used to play on the radio— back when you had radio privileges- seems to keep you grounded for a time.
Sometimes the words that went along with the tune start to slip your mind. But during those times, you searched for them even harder.
How did it go again? I’m getting used to receiving?
You hear a squeak in the floorboard and go rigid. At this moment, humming no longer comes natural to you. Instead, you’re finding comfort in whispering the words with bated breath.
Still getting good at not leaving.
There are a couple steps this time and you can feel his presence on the other side of the doors. You inhale sharply, clutching to the coat and pulling it so low that it may rip.
I’m gonna love you even though I’m scared.
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deobienthusiast · a year ago
phone call savior
• pairing: lee jaehyun (the boyz) x reader
• word count: 1,078 words
• genre: suspense, fluff at the end
• warnings: mentions of stalking, being in danger, being followed
• notes: stuff like this happens very often, in fact it happens everyday. please be safe out there everyone!💚
• requested: yes | no by anon
Tumblr media
Your friends had always told you that you should just get your own car. You never listened to them because you never were put in a position that would make you believe you need one. You were convinced that your friends were just insanely overprotective. Among those overprotective friends was your best friend, Hyunjae.
You had known Hyunjae your entire life. The two of you grew up together, and you both had seen each other at your lowest points and your highest points. For Hyunjae, it was debuting as an idol in the group The Boyz. It had been Hyunjae’s dream for years to be an idol. He put in so much work, and his dream finally came true. The icing on the cake for him was being able to have you by his side for all of it.
Now for you, the highest point in your life was getting the big job promotion you had always dreamed of. After putting in years of hard work and dedication, you finally got the chance to be the big boss. Hyunjae couldn’t have been more proud of you, and with that pride came overprotectiveness.
Your big promotion meant you leaving your work late at night, by yourself. Your best friend wasn’t too thrilled about that.
“Get a car.” He would say.
“Ask me for a ride.” Was another one.
Or your personal favorite. “Ask another coworker.”
The night sky outside your office grew darker as you finished up your paperwork. When everything was finished you pulled on your coat, waving goodbye to the friendly security guard as you started your trek home. The wind pulled your hair in all sorts of directions as you checked your phone for any messages.
Of course, only one from yours truly, Lee Hyunjae.
From Jae😋: Call me when you get home! Be careful, please! The guys would kill me if something happened to you😅
You smiled at the message, going to type something back before stopping. You weren’t too far from your house, but you could feel someone watching you or better yet, following you. As you continued to walk, it was no longer a feeling. You knew someone was following you. Not knowing whether to slow down or speed up, you looked around at the stores to see if any of them might be open for long enough so that you could call Hyunjae. You started to worry before an idea popped into your head.
To Jae😋: Someone is following me so I’m going to facetime you. Please answer!
Pulling your phone out, you clicked on Hyunjae’s number and listened to the ring. Pleading silently to yourself that he’ll answer, his voice came through.
“Home already? That was quick. Did you finally get that car I’ve been begging you to get?” Hyunjae asked loudly as you continued to walk.
You shook your head dramatically so the person that was following you could see. “Obviously not! Unless my car has trees and street signs built into it.”
Hyunjae could sense your fear as he spoke. “Well don’t worry. I’m at your place, waiting for you. I forgot my key so I’ll be at the door.”
A small smile grew on your face, and Hyunjae was able to make it out due to the brightness of his background. “Thank you, Hyunjae!”
“No problem! Besides, you owe me a movie and dinner anyway. I even brought your favorite member.” Hyunjae said, panning the camera to Sunwoo as the boy waved and yelled out a hello.
You had finally gotten to your apartment building as you entered the well-lit lobby. You rushed past the receptionist, giving her a smile as you got into the elevator. When you turned back around, you looked around the building and the outside through the glass doors. You didn’t see anyone out there as the elevator doors closed, allowing you slump against the wall and let out a sigh.
“Is he gone?” Hyunjae asked softly.
You nodded. “Can you come over?”
Hyunjae nodded almost immediately. “Of course I can. I was planning on it anyway. I’m not leaving you alone after what you just texted me. I’ll be there in 10.”
You went to hang up before stopping. “Thank you Hyunjae! Truly.”
He smiled. “Don’t mention it. Besides, I already know what you can do to repay me.”
“And what’s that?” You asked.
Hyunjae heard the elevator ding as he grinned. “I’ll tell you when I get there.”
He hung up quickly, not letting you say goodbye as you chuckled.
“He’s so weird.” You said to yourself.
Still feeling a little shaken, you quickly jogged out of the elevator and entered your apartment as fast as possible. You locked the door behind you as you stripped from your work clothes and into something more comfortable. Turning on the tv, you started to heat up some soup as there was a knock at your door.
After looking through the peephole, you unlocked the door to reveal not just your best friend, but Sunwoo as well.
“Hyunjae, you brought company?” You said with a raised brow.
Sunwoo smiled. “I believe I was promised food on facetime.”
You rolled your eyes, moving to the side so they both could come in. “Well, I’m pretty sure Hyunjae was just saying that to really throw to the guy following me that he’s at my place, but I guess I’ll make you something to eat.”
He smiled as he pushed past you and Hyunjae. Hyunjae pulled you into a hug as he spoke.
“Are you okay?” He asked softly.
You nodded as you pulled away from the boy. “Just shaken up. That’s never happened to me before.”
“Just because it’s never happened, doesn’t mean it can’t happen.” Hyunjae told you as you both walked to the kitchen. “I’m just glad to let me know what was going on so I could help.”
You smiled at him. “Thank you for that. I’m not sure what I would’ve done, had you not answered.”
Hyunjae shook his head. “Don’t think like that. You’re safe now, and that’s all that matters.”
He moved aside so you could bring another can of soup to heat up from Sunwoo as you looked at him.
“You told me that I needed to pay you back for this. What is it that you want me to do?” You asked Hyunjae.
He grinned. “We’re going to go car shopping. Because you are definitely getting a car now.”
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softimaginescity · 10 months ago
could we get more soft teddy boy/ high school paul au content? i loved the first one about the first kiss so much 👉👈
(Hey, this is the post anon is referring to!)
Aw, yeah I'm glad you liked it! I feel like that one didn't do so hot, but I liked it too 😂😂
Hope you're up for a roller skate date! 😌
The last bell of the day rings, sending the whole school scampering on their way out. You fight against the flood of people, trying to keep a steady pace as you look around for your boyfriend.
He shoves his way through the crowd and makes it over to you in a jiffy. Before you can greet one another properly, he takes your hand and tows you through the hoard to a safe spot along the wall.
"There you are, I was worried you might get swept off!" you both share a laugh as he nods towards the steady stream of teenagers exiting the building. "Now, are you ready to go?"
School's been rather hard for you lately, what with mid terms coming up and all, so Paul promised you a date today to take the edge off. However... He's been rather secretive about where you're going or what you'll be doing. But, you trust him, so really it's just the suspense that's killing you.
"Ready if you are!", you beam. Paul kisses your forehead and takes your hand once more, this time following the flow of students as you make your way to the parking lot.
It's a bright and sunny day out in Liverpool, and the sun feels wonderful on your skin as you wait for Paul to fish out his keys. True to his word, he saved up and managed to get his own car, a fast and pretty like coupe.
Thankfully not too expensive, and it has the added bonus of not grinding rust and flakes of metal into your nice clothes whenever you sit on the hood. At last he finds his prize and, like a true gentleman, opens and shuts your door for you.
He comes around quickly and hops in the driver's seat. "Phew, what a day eh?", he pulls his tie loose, sheds his uniform suit jacket, and tousles his hair with a quick check to the mirror.
You sigh dramatic and slide down in your seat, "You can say that again! I've had two pop quizzes today... Two! What are the odds of that? I'll tell you, it's al-"
Paul starts up the engine and drives on, listening happily as you rant about your day. Of course, the conversation turns after a while and the two of you chat about other things: home, work, friends, and the like.
In fact, you get so caught up in conversation, you don't even realize you've arrived until Paul shuts down the engine.
"Surprise!", he motions to the big gleaming sign of the newly built roller rink.
You gasp, a small squeal if excitement escaping you. You've been wanting to come here since you first heard it was being built, but you never found the time. "Oh Paul, are we really!"
"Well it's right there isn't it? Come on!", he jumps out and comes around to get you. This time around, it would seem you're dragging him along through the double doors and up to the front desk. Everything smells of fresh carpet and wood with a touch of rubber as you take in the atmosphere.
Paul pays for two tickets and taps your shoulder to beckon you on. You trot up behind him to the skates counter and receive a pair in your respective sizes. Paul laces his up quick and tight, but your excitement has you messing up a bit.
"Here, let me help", he laughs and bends down to cinch up your laces. Once they're nice and secured, he helps you to your feet.
You wobble a little as you get your bearings, but you adjust to the skates in but a moment as you coast across the carpet and to the hard wood arena. Paul stays close behind to ensure you don't fall, but you have more experience then he gives you credit for.
Once your feet hit the planks, you launch off with speed and skill, flying around as lights and music dazzle at your passing. You look over your shoulder to see Paul hurrying quickly along to catch up.
You shriek with glee as he takes you by the waist and picks you up off the ground, doing a little spin as he does so. He lowers you gently, trying not to disturb the other skaters any more then he already has, and turns you gently to face him.
Without even waiting for a signal, you reach up and give him a long kiss in the dimmed lights. You can feel his lips curl into a smile, but he doesn't break the exchange until you're ready. After a moment, you pull back and take a gasp of air, a soft laugh following suit.
A new song comes on, much more slow and pretty then the fast paced rock n roll they've been playing. The two of you look up to notice that a few couples have taken center rink, and Paul invites you to join him.
Feeling giddy, you skate over hand in hand to a spot you can call your own. Paul puts his hands on your hips and you yours on his chest as you spin each other in a slow circle. He leans his forehead down against yours, and hums along to the tune of the music.
"...Thank you. This is wonderful"
He kisses your forehead, "You're wonderful"
A blush creeps up your cheeks, and find yourself feeling quite thankful for the cover of dark. When the song reaches a creshendo, Paul lifts you high into the air, then lowers you down for a kiss, his arms locked securely under your legs.
The other couples clap at Paul's expertice, but he ignores them. Right now it's just you, and him.
And when the song ends, albeit all too soon, you lap around together again and again until you're both tuckered out. But before you go, Paul promises you he'll bring you back.
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theyarebothgunshot · 6 months ago
Another heteronormative S4 viewer whose eyes popped right the fuck open when cas burst through the barn doors and dean promptly stabbed him in the heart lol. No lie that dean/cas had a significant impact on the shattering of my heteronormative lens forever. (And no matter how much pain the ship brought over the years I will always be grateful for that reason)
So yeah. This acey/straighty straighty had major 👀👀👀👀👀 at jenmish chemistry from their first ep. I was onboard the cockles train by their first hellatus.
Anyone who doesn't see the insane chemistry was just sticking their heads in the sand for the last 12 years imo.
amazing shfsdh i love hearing all your origin stories!!
'stage chemistry' anon came back as well but it's a bit long and has a minor buffy spoiler in it (tea anon is watching for the first time and has somehow managed to avoid a lot of big spoilers hfsdhfhsf) i'm putting it under the cut!
'stage chemistry' anon here! With years! I got here with years! For starters, i am not american and while i'm not straight i didn't know abt bisexuality until Willow in Buffy. So, i see a few epis of spn on tv, think scarecrow or hookman and i like horror and when i get my own laptop i search for the show. It's on it's fourth season at the time i start watching, i believe. Anyway, i really like the show, could've done with less bro drama but whatever. Castiel happens, so cool! I put the chemistry into the box of 'they're such great scene partners!'. Siren episode happens, i raise my eyebrows but when it comes to the brother aspect of it i want to bleach my brain. (i know people have tried to explain it away and it's a good epi for proof that dean is bi but i still can't get past of the implication that he has hots for his brother, just no) so i delete that epi from my memory. Ok, season 5 is sooo good and i'm watching as epis come in and i actually search for youtube content, see J2 goofing around and a few fan vids, but i still remain GA. Then there's the heaven epi with implications that Sam and Dean share heaven and again, just no. But overall amazing season and finale for the series. And then there's season 6. Why is there season 6? is my question. But i stick by it. There's some stupid jokes abt Castiel and Dean. I don't like them joking abt it, cause it feels like making jokes on the expense of gay people, but okay. 6x20 happens. Ooh, he, umm, loves him? But the betrayal is so awful. Cause it isn't just Cas betraying Dean, it felt like the show was betraying the audience. It was all so one-sided and unexpected. I still went to season 7, cause i wanted to see Misha as the big evil of the season. And then he dies in second episode. I stop watching live. I still binge a few epis in a row at some points but they lose me completely when Bobby dies. Then i see some comments abt how Cas has come back on the site i had been watching on and went to see and he came back! Dean keeping his coat was another eye-brow moment. But then they left him. Anyway, watched the epis i hadn't seen and was exited for s8. No Cas. By episode 2 i believe Dean had killed him or smth (cause of how cagy he was and how much it effected him). I stop watching again, but can't resist for long. Dean refuses to leave him behind and i'm like 'when did you start loving him back?' and then, oh man, that epi when he comes back. On one hand i wanted Dean to dream abt him like that, on the other, i wanted him back for real. I guess i had started 'shipping' them gradually, but i had no idea wtf shipping is at the time. Still very GA. The crypt scene comes along, i gotta watch away cause, you should know, i'm not into actual 'i-love-yous' and melodrama. I like to think abt it and create scenarios of my own, but i get bored seeing it in shows. I like it a lot more when it's shown in actions and veiled a little, creates more suspense. Anyway, they're family. I had thought season finale is gonna be Cas breaking free but i guess he's sidelined again, even though his story in season 8 was the most interesting part of it for me. (i thought the tablets and closing hell was so stupid, you had peace and all, why go around poking with a stick?) From then on, i wasn't watching live anymore. I checked in a few times a year and binged several epis in a row. Then comes season 11. I start watching live again and i go to Youtube again, watch a few crack vids, watch a few destiel vids, watch sdcc panels. Castiel says yes to Lucifer and i'm like wtf i need a new episode right now! I need more content! And then i come to Tumblr. I peak around, block a nasty bronly, curate my dash. I read a beautiful meta abt Dean being bi and everything clicks into place. They are in love! So that's the story of how i started shipping destiel. But cockles, just, I started to actually watch the panels. I saw a few gifs on my dash, I saw posts abt polyamory. I still tried to stay away from the cast opinions and stuff, i've never, never been interested in actors' lives. But they continued to lure
me in. Their panels are hilarious and you can see they really care for each other. Once you get past Jensen's grumpy man act and once you get past the performance Misha constantly puts on, you start to understand them a little bit. Most things can be explained away by them just joking around and being entertainers. It's all the tiny things put together. It's the things you know are not for audience. I slipped in casually, just observing. I still don't have a 'need' to know, i don't ship them as far as shipping goes. I just take them as they are. They are so sweet on each other. I love to see that. They are also dirty-minded as fuck. Especially with each other. And then there was 'Mish. Dee.' What else am i to think of that? I just hope they're happy and i love seeing them together because they love being together. No matter what their relationship happens to be. long story short: i blame Youtube and Tumblr and the hivemind that is fandom. and Andrew Dabb for making Cas say yes to Lucifer.
absolutely amazing thank you for sharing sfjhjsdfs
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justtuesdays · a year ago
Tumblr media
According to my ten step plan, I shouldn’t be on here at the moment. I should be working on Finals. But, you guys seriously warmed my heart. Thank you for tagging @sunshinejihyun , @kiki-the-creator and @kittidot.
@mchamster :: I know you took a break from tumblr, I’m hoping that the stars would bring ya back. I miss your humor and company.
@ravenadottir :: Cuzzo, let’s be really, family and all, I am and will always be your biggest fan (ya can argue, but I ain’t listening). You’ve been so kind to me and have been there for me throughout a lot situations.
@sunshinejihyun :: Bryn-Bryn, let’s be real. I’m beyond honored that you’d take that leap from anon to be the frickin best human in the world to grace me with your friendship. Let’s not forget that your writing is awesome.
@kittidot :: Kitti, let’s be real. I was a hermit for a period of time liking your works. Buried Love make my love for the sci-go go off the rails especially because you fricking made it. If that’s not talent. I dunno.
@mrsgaryrennell :: Karen! Bro, my fellow yodito candle maker. Even though we don’t call each other tons like the early days, I love seeing and hearing your takes on all things. Let’s be real your writing is amazing. Remember how I unknowing be-friended as I was secretly fanning over the author of what ended up being your writing.
@ariendiel :: I feel like we haven’t interacted lately and that’s my fault. But I won’t forget how awesome you are and how talented you are. You don’t think I’ve noticed but your writing I phenomenal. C’mon you converted me to a Noah stan at one point. I did his whole route.
@longbobmckenzie :: I really don’t know you much, but I know I love your posts, recommendations and writing.
@americangrunge :: broooooo, you’re writing man, keeps me up at night. Like I literally spend my nights re-reading your works. I bet you get tired of my comments too.
@lucas-koh :: now, I’m saying this from the depths of my heart, I blame you for resurrecting my love for the surgical intern that is Bryce alábela. Stitched is chefs kiss. Let’s not even begin with all your other writing.
@bellarxse :: let’s get real, hadn’t you created a post about thinking about re-writing about season 3, I doubt I would’ve come out of my cave to speak with you or anyone. Your works are amazing. Your season 3 remake leaves clutching my bed frame shaking it in suspense anxiety you name it.
@lilithlibrxa :: CJ, bro, your support and all your love has been all I ever needed. Playing Among Us with you is hilarious. I swear being an Imposter is hard with you because I’m like that’s my friend I can’t kill them. But I’m also competitive so I do it anyway.
@ajs-wife :: I don’t think thank you is enough. You message me randomly and ignore small talk and that makes me beyond happy. I love our random talks, they’re quite soothing.
@crvsh-culture :: Hands down, you’re the bestest person I’ve ever met. Your work speaks for itself (here’s to hoping I’m referring to the Nicky fic writer, if not, awkward). You’re frickin’ so supportive.
@bubblybabynailpolish :: I may not always be the best at initiating conversation, but your works always make me smile.
@kiki-the-creator :: you may say that we don’t know each other, but I’ve noticed you around. He he, didn’t mean it to sound creepy. I think you’re pretty dope and I always appreciate your support especially the times you’ve helped me get out of a writing rut or numbers headache.
@nerdferatum :: I’m just gonna go ahead and say it you’re frickin talented. Your art is wonderful. You’re fricking magnificent.
@smaiihands :: what is there to say, your art is fricking out do this world. You may think we’ve forgotten but hell yeah I’m waiting for the comic you’ve been working on. Honestly fusebox should just hire ya.
@garyrennell :: girl you were my inspiration for all of my edits. You’re the queen of moodboards and I will forever thank you for being sweet and kind to me.
@imaginelovelink :: shall I even explain this. You’ve honestly taken your free time to indulge my fantasies. Like all my lovelink materia comes from you.
@theclowneryqueen :: I love seeing your post on my dash, they’ve got the best reactions.
@therealityofthematteris :: I love your post and your writing is just chefs kiss.
@lahelakoh :: I’ve only just began interacting but that won’t stop me from thanking you for the tiers and for taking your time to indulge me on my shiznit.
@cherry-parker :: can we talk about the fact that you’ve been my companion for multiple fandoms. The fact that I can talk normal human stuff like boba with you reminds how sweet you are even when you tempt me with angels.
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