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cluster大喜利大会!クラスター1の面白いやつを探せ!ダイジェスト パートC #clustervr #オンラインイベント #お笑い #clu…

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You know you’ve been single for way too long if you watch the old The Addams Family episodes from the 60′s and everytime they ring the bell and Lurch appears and does his “I’M HEEERE”, you’re just like “omg he’s so cute!” *heart eyes*. 

But damn, he IS cute. In his own special way xDDD

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[LOOK] SciFi Coo Coo bouncey bump flap fap: don’t call the police ITS A JOKE 

we all know that democrats faked the dinosaur fossils- originally a nefarious plot subsequently exploited by those making fake dinosaur bones for the money…after people began selling dino- fossils this conspiracy took on a life of it’s own. 

The FACTS, were FACTCHECKED….twice…they never existed, and the same goes for space…also bats can not fly. They just can’t its fact, see for yourself on InStErRgReE3MMMM: instagram @ adulterated_aesthetic 

youtube is done by subscribing to ADULTERATED AMBITIONS good laughs 

We all know i have the hottest tumblr since L Ron Hubbard (the black one). The original first Scientologists lived in the city of Ur, of Sumer circa 4,000 years before christ died for our sins. Cuneiform tablets, and coded gemetria secrets and symbols from the old testament (Vulgate) and the Copper scroll (Dead sea scrolls) PROVE space never even happened, the earth is a dome- and the globalists are lying about the globe-theory so we dont leave earth. 

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as the froth subsided from his shaking lips he wiped his face with the hand that he’d been holding the anti-matter with….sure enough, that hand was A MILLION DOLLARS
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If you thought gold grills were gangsta, then you’ll NEVER believe this!! No really, like you will never believe what i did. Or what i have..rather, lol there is nooo way! you’re not gonna guess it, but lets just say i 1-uped some of those “baller” fellas with thems gold teefs, but you’re neverrrrr gonna guess what. 

[adulterated] body

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for reasons—[omitted]–looking on youtube: Adulterated Ambitions, and instergreeem- @ adulterated_aesthetics or  “ ambitions. [adulterated] everything

[adulterated] everything___. on Tumblr and only on tumblr am i uncomfortable arts, and it makes my skin want to crawl back on.

    It’s the most emo and self indulgent platform, which allows for the juxtaposition of my work alongside light purple aesthetic vaporwave tropes, or the most hack- collage with no substance and shitloads of content. 

   The posts from this page are like cracks in the dam that is tumblr: explosive…like explosives, (similie).  they expel water at enormously high pressure, harder and heavier than any firehouse..heavy water, if you will….deadly water- said buffalo Bill. Its like getting puked on while you’re social distancing. That happened today, so horny thinking about it. 

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I’m finally starting a BRAND NEW SOLO PODCAST!🔊🔊🔊 I feel like I don’t know anything so I’m gonna use my podcast to learn more about a new topic each week using the power of the internet. My first ep is on The Police and it will drop tomorrow on my YouTube channel and podcast platforms everywhere! Subscribe and Suggest topics for me to cover!

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