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When the show gets cancelled, sometimes you have to make your own. 4 of these cars belong to members of my family, one of whom is no longer with us. This was the first time me, my dad, and his 2 brothers were able to get our toys out to play together. After one of my uncles passed unexpectedly last February, it’s truly a special memory for me now.
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detailedart · 6 months ago
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The Comet Book (1587), details, “16th-century treatise on comets, created anonymously (or maybe it was a woman who endured erasure) in Flanders”. Originally named in german Kometenbuch.
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yesterdaysprint · 4 months ago
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The Ventura County Star, California, November 7, 1935
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fuckingfreud · 5 months ago
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The Trouvelot Astronomical Drawings, 1882
Étienne Léopold Trouvelot
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aahsokaatano · 2 months ago
What do you think is Clone etiquette for accidently mistaking one Vod for another?
Like, even irl people ocassionally call each other by the wrong names. My dad has called me by my uncle's name. And his secretary's name. And my mom's name. So what happens when one clone accidently mixes up two others?
Is it less frowned upon if they've just met or are still at Kamino amd not allowed to start showing individualism yet?
Or what happens when it's the galactic equivalent of 3 a.m. in the cafeteria after a long day, and a clone who's known another for their whole lives calls the wrong name by accident?
Say, Echo without even looking up from his empty cup, telling Rex "Fives, pass the caff would you"
1. Exhausted - Torrent
"Fives, pass the caff, would you?"
It takes Rex a moment to realize that Echo is talking to him, and then only because the caff pot is directly in front of Rex's tray.
They were coming off a hard mission - Torrent's three ARCs had been gone for almost a month chasing down rumors of a new type of commando droid. They had only returned to the Resolute about an hour ago - Jesse had gone to find Kix immediately, Fives had wandered off towards the barracks already looking half-asleep, and Echo's growling stomach had led him to the mess.
Rex looked at Echo and found that his eyes were closed even as he pushed his mug vaguely in Rex's direction.
He would forgive the slip; Echo clearly was two seconds from falling into dreams.
"How about instead of caff, I show you to your rack?" Rex suggested, standing up and moving around the table to help Echo to his feet.
(If Echo remembered the mistake, or the way Rex half-carried him to the barracks, he didn't mention it the next day.)
2. Just Met - Wolfpack
“You must be Wolffe’s new shiny,” Sinker smiled broadly as he held out a hand. “Comet, right?”
“Er... I’m Nebula,” the trooper said awkwardly. “The other new shiny. Comet is my batchmate.”
“Oh,” Sinker grimaced at his own mistake. “Sorry about that, vod.”
Nebula shrugged. “It’s alright. You didn’t know. For future reference, though, Comet has blue hair.” “Noted!” Sinker said. “It’s nice to meet you, Nebula.”
He smiled. “You too, ah... Boost, is it?”
He laughed. “Suppose I deserved that - I’m Sinker. Boost’s over there.” He gestured vaguely towards where Boost and Wolffe were having a quiet discussion on the other side of the hanger.
Nebula shook his head and laughed. “Well, at least now we know.”
3. Honest Mistake - Lightning
“Ponds! There you are.” Ponds turned at the call, a little confused - he prided himself on his ability to tell apart his brothers just by voice, but that wasn’t any of the Shebse, or Edee, and he couldn’t really think of any other CCs who would call out to him with that sort of exasperated fondness.
Walking up behind him was a grinning vod in freshly-painted armor. He did a little spin as he got closer, showing off the design he had chosen. “What do you think?”
“Looks good, trooper,” Ponds said, amused as he finally caught on to what was happening. “Tell me, when your squaddies told you to go show Ponds your new armor, did they specifically say to find the bald one?”
The vod furrowed his brow, confused. “What do you - oh kark, I mean - Commander! Sir!” He snapped an extremely belated salute, cheeks flushing with embarrassment. 
Ponds laughed. “At ease, vod. No harm done. Lieutenant Ponds and I are frequently sent messages meant for the other. I like the paint - you have a good eye for details.”
“T-thank you, sir,” the trooper said, standing in a perfect parade rest. 
“Go on,” Ponds waved him off with a grin. “Your squad is waiting for a dressing-down, I imagine.”
“Too right they are, sir,” the trooper groaned, spinning around and hurrying back the way he had come. 
4. Messing with Nat-borns - Wave
“Commander, you want to have a little fun?”
Caleb gave Sergeant Soot a questioning look. “Fun how?”
The trooper grinned widely at the Jedi. “Just watch.”
Caleb looked in the direction Soot indicated, and saw that a nat-born officer was approaching the desk where Captain Styles and Sergeant Harp were talking quietly.
“Captain, a word?”
Without missing a beat, Harp looked up. “Yessir?”
The officer blinked, looking between the two clones in confusion. “Er... I need to speak with Captain Styles.”
“Yessir, I’m listening,” Harp said.
Styles gave the two a nod and stepped away.
Caleb bit the inside of his cheek to keep from giggling out loud and giving the game away.
Soot moved in as Styles stopped on Caleb’s other side.
“You needed me, sir?” Soot asked politely.
The nat-born officer looked even more confused. “Ah... I just need to ask Captain Styles a question.”
“Yessir,” Soot and Harp said in perfect unison. They stood shoulder-to-shoulder in parade rest, looking for all the world like whatever the officer had to say, it was the most interesting part of their day.
Caleb covered his mouth with his hand as the officer gave up and started explaining his question to the two troopers who were most definitely not Captain Styles.
5. Stress - Nova
“Wolf, get down!”
Wolf experienced the very unique feeling of Marshal Commander Bacara bodily throwing himself onto Wolf’s person in the nanosecond between hearing the shout and comprehending the message. 
An explosion rattled their buckets, but it wasn’t as close as Wolf had thought it would be, after that panicked call.
There was some cursing and more shouting for Wolf over the comms and he didn’t really understand why, he was fine - would have been fine even if the Commander hadn’t tackled him -
“Kark,” Bacara grunted, hauling himself up and looking to the side, where smoke was rising. “Kark. That’s where Wolf and Keller were holed up - come on!”
There was a horrible swooping sensation in Wolf’s gut. Not him - the shouts were for the other Wolf, the armorer. 
The ARC scrambled to his feet and ran after Bacara, towards where hopefully, hopefully, their medic and their armorer weren’t suffering anything more severe than some busted comm units.
+1. On Purpose - Ghost  (direct lead-in to this drabble)
“Who’s got the best Cody impression?” Waxer called, leaning into the meeting room near Cody’s office that had been quickly surrendered to the Ghosts not long after all the Vode had come Home.
“Boil!” several people shouted back immediately.
“See?” Waxer said triumphantly, turning to give Boil a smug grin. “I told you you’re the best.”
Boil gave a long-suffering sigh. “But my mustache, Waxer!”
“It’ll grow back,” he assured him, before looking back at the room. “Oi, Paint! We need your skills!”
Paint leveraged himself up from the beanbag chair in the corner and sauntered over. “What’re we doing?” they asked curiously.
“We’re turning Boil into the Vod’alor,” Waxer grinned. “Because if Cody actually attends this meeting with this stupid Republic representative, he’s going to pop a blood vessel and Brix will kill us all.”
Paint grinned and eyed Boil speculatively. “So you need a fake scar to complete the picture.”
“Got it in one,” Waxer said, looking very pleased with himself.
Boil just looked resigned to his fate, but all the Ghosts knew that as soon as he looked the part, he would take to the role with gusto.
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nemfrog · a year ago
Tumblr media
Shooting star. Alienist and neurologist. 1919.
Internet Archive
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catawampuscorner · a month ago
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Tumblr media
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Plo seeks to comfort. Comet seeks an apology. Sinker and Boost seek revenge.
(Revenge for what, you ask? Revenge for this.)
I liked this quick response so much that I decided to clean it up and turn it into a real post! I really love drawing Plo holding his sons because I'm made of pure marshmallow fluff.
Baby clones in animal onesies are available as stickers, buttons, and other fun things on Redbubble!
More baby clones in animal onesies here
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wonders-of-the-cosmos · a year ago
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Comet NEOWISE over Stonehenge
Image Credit & Copyright: Declan Deval
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dame-de-pique · 4 days ago
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Halley’s Comet May 6 1910  ***
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coreydouglasphotography · 6 months ago
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Comet NEOWISE in twilight. Northeast PA
More at
Instagram | Facebook
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cokaino · 28 days ago
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