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19891999 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
everything will be alright
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randomreasonstolive · a day ago
Reason to Live #6545
 To fall asleep to thunder.  – Guest Submission
(Please don't add negative comments to these posts.)
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faegarwitchjc · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“describe the best emotion with only pictures”
i adore cottagecore cozy aesthetics, they make you feel so warm, but my favourite thing is the smells they make you nostalgic for, fresh warm vanilla sponge, sweet sickly cinnamon, melted butter, i could and would go on but i feel that’d make me sound mental a bit. now we’re in december i have the excuse to bake as many pastries and sweet treats i like, not for me to eat oh no. but to flood the house with baking smells, just imagine sitting by the log fire (burning, to clarify) a steaming plate of cinnamon rolls on the coffee table a round ceramic mug in hand with the thickest richest hot cocoa and about a hundred mini marshmallows melting into it burning your hand ouch, your toes cushioned by ridiculously thick socks and the lights from the christmas tree bouncing off the blank tv, old christmas songs are playing and everyone around you is filled with joy and warmth, evident by their rosey red cheeks from the fire and to top it off an apple pie sitting in the oven filling the entire house with the trademark bakery scent i think (speaking for hopeless romantics only) we all adore. i know i ramble and perhaps i sound mad but these tiny moments fill me with serotonin .. a rare occurrence so i like to milk every last (sweet) drop of joy dry. so i hope everyone enjoys their advent chocolate, or whatever other treat you get.. happy 1st december <3
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mrs-miko · a day ago
What I think itto would be as a boyfriend
Pairings: Itto x gender neutral!reader
Pronouns: they/them
Warnings: ahem, angst.. but also fluff ig
A/n: okay this is only MY OPINION, of what I think itto would be as a boyfriend so if your opinions are different then thats alright, share with me then ill see if i can agree
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Dont get me wrong, I think Itto would be a great s/o, its just it gets me thinking of what he would be like in an arguement. Will he be the one to say sorry first? Act like a child and doesnt even care or is he the type to walk out?
Personally I think he would be the type to change the subject when its his fault, but when its your fault he would be very mad
Disturb him while hes hanging with his gang, angry. Interact with him when he catching onikabutos, angry. Whenever you win on 1v1's with him, angry.. Hes a good sport but sometimes he gets a little too frustrated
And he wouldnt say sorry, literally after every fight you two have the next day it would be like as if nothing ever happened (except for the "if you win on 1v1's with him, nonono, he would def ask for a rematch)
There was a point where you just had enough of his childish actions it made you give him a silent treatment, that was when he knew what he was doing wrong and this time he didnt change topics
He was genuinely sorry that time and it had your heart aching when you say the tall man looking down on the floor right outside of your home apologizing to you
"Im sorry, I have also saw my actions whenever i have these fights with you. And I know its very childish of me to do such a thing to you, i hope you can forgive me and maybe teach me how to say sorry first." He said to you
At this point you were just tearing, you never wanted to give him a silent treatment but you had too, he was just too much whenever it comes to these stuff and he needs to learn when and how to apologize like the man he is.
Itto slowly glances back to you and sees you holding your mouth preventing your sobs to come out as your tears began falling, immediately Itto comes and lifts you up like a baby and begins patting you back and swaying you left and right slowly (like a baby people, not in a funny way) as if he was holding a crying child.
"No no, this is my fault I made you cry im so sorry. Please dont, I dont like to see you like this :'("
Please hug him back istfg
He would lay you down on the couch and kicking the front door close immedietly going back to your comfort after
The hugs you and puts you on his lap while he rubs and pats your back softly as you calm down
After calming down you two talk, like a couple should do.. You teach him proper ways on how to communicate with each other and not ignore the situation
He was trying his best to listen, and he was doing great, you were a great teacher.
After the big talk he ends up staying for the night and the both of you cuddle to sleep, itto likes to sleep shirtless with his underwear on, cant change my mind
Also no (warning: triggering word for some) sexual stuff going around tonight, only lots of cuddles.. the only thing you two needed were each other tonight, thats it
Lmao im so sorry if i hurt you
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glactibunii · a day ago
hii could i pls request cc!dream x reader where dream comforts a reader with insecurities (body image if ur comfortable with writing that!)
idc if it’s headcannons or an imagine hahaa whatever you would rather write<3
Dream x insecure!reader headcannons <3
Genre: Fluff/comfort
Pronouns: they/them
He would be so supportive first of all
He once walked in your shared room only to find you staring at yourself in the mirror looking upset
He walked up to you from behind putting his hands on your shoulders giving you a massage and kissing your neck
After he had you watch a movie and cuddle with him and Patches
Whether you were heavier or on the smaller side Dream would never let you feel down about the way you look. 
He showed his love for your figure by always showering you with compliments and praises and telling you how beautiful you looked in whatever you were wearing 
He would always want to make sure others knew you were his partner
Whenever you were in public he always had his hand in yours or an arm around your shoulder or waist
If it was your face you were insecure about then...
Hell no this man would constantly be giving you eyes and telling you how much he adored your pretty/handsome features
Peppering kisses all over your face whenever you felt insecure
Kisses on your lips, your jaw, your nose, your cheeks, kisses kisses kisses!!
Over all Dream wouldn’t tolerate you being insecure >:00 and why would he? You’re goddamn perfect!!!
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random-fandom-whump · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Roswell, New Mexico S03E13
Max has to undergo a painful procedure without anesthesia. When he starts to get upset, he begins to disturb the electronics around him. At first, he's in danger of destroying all the lab equipment, until Liz arrives to calm him down, talk him through the pain, and keep him grounded, quite literally.
By request
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supersambuckyomens · a day ago
sometimes, when he can’t sleep, bucky will go to sam.
he wasn’t sure what exactly he expected the first time he did that, it was super awkward (until it wasn’t)
because this is sam, come on, sam is safe and bucky? he sits down on the floor (because beds are too much, they’re too much, they’re not safe) and sam sits down next to him and bucky hates the silence but he doesn’t know what to say, doesn’t want to talk, doesn’t want to open up or anything he’s not ready for this and he thinks “maybe this wasn’t such a good idea, what was i expecting, what do i even want from sam” until sam finally speaks and
“do you ever thinking about how toothpaste is literally just soap for bones?”
and bucky is fucking stunned because what the fuck and sam’s not done 
“no, cuz think about it, it’s just made to wash bones and- and it tastes good! its soap for bones that tastes good!”
and they spend the night having a heated discussion about this because bucky thinks that, no, it is not, its some other chemical completely unrelated to soap, but sam thinks that’s stupid and doesn’t even make sense and then it’s four am when bucky yawns and sam just smiles and says “you wanna head to bed?”
and bucky thinks, yeah, he does.
and when he has a nightmare two nights after and he goes to sam, they debate whether air conditioner is just domesticated wind or not (it is)
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wiirocku · a day ago
Tumblr media
Isaiah 40:1 (NIV) - Comfort, comfort My people,    says your God.
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sititran · a day ago
Everything I wanted
Everything I wanted a Loki X Reader One Shot
Trigger warnings! Torture, Blood, Broken Bones, PTSD, Panic Attacks.
Note: Listened to Billie Eilish “Everything I Wanted” a lot while writing. totally stole the title.
Tags: Gender Neutral Reader, Torture to comfort, declaration of feelings, happy ending, angst, comfort, everyone lives AU, Loki is Avenger AU
Words: 3,200
Over the years as an Avenger you grew numb to the dangers associated with all the missions and adventures that it brought. It was all in a days work. Until it wasn’t.
It all felt routine in the beginning, but with out warning, it all went sideways. Fast. Surrounded by enemies, with more weapons than you ever could carry. The rest of the team, you could hear shouting in your comms.  They lost your tracking beacon. Shouting you told them what you could. Steve gave orders, Natasha Copied. Loki shouted something back, angry.  It all happened so fast. You tried to fight your way out, but it was of no use. But to your surprise they didn’t kill you. You felt the needle pierce your skin in your neck as you struggled against those holding you down.  As you slid into darkness and nothing you heard Loki’s voice fade in your ear, telling you to be strong, he was on his way.
The enemy moved so fast, that it was if the struggle didn’t happen and you were being transported off to another location by the time Loki reached the spot you were overtaken. You had no way of seeing the panicked look on his face, covered in sweat, tears and anger written in his eyes, green seider tearing apart the very walls and shaking the ground.  You were already klicks away by the time the rest of the team regrouped and Loki was reaming out Stark and Rogers.  You would have calmly touched his arm, looked at him and told him all would be well if you were there. But there was no way of knowing. The rest looked on in guilty fear.
You had no way of knowing how long you were in that pit of nothing. When you woke, muscles all afire and stiff, you couldn’t see much of your surroundings. You tried to move, but found that there were thick straps binding you down into a metal chair like device. You knew it was metal, since so much of it touched your now exposed skin that once was covered by your gear, left only down to a tank top and shorts. You shivered as the sweat evaporated, still struggling against the restraints. A disembodied voice, deep and masculine emanated from somewhere with dark words.  
“Fuck off.” You yelled back at the voice. You were defiant at the best of times, this was not the best of times.  The lights shone in such a way that you couldn’t see the face of the person who came and then injected you again. This was much different than the sedative they dosed you with before, this you could feel instantly. Like sharp throwing stars, but spreading out into every vein and artery, further with each blood pumping heartbeat. You screamed as the pain spread into your eyes, and head, tears, you could not hold back.
You couldn’t quite tell, but you thought you could hear joy in the voice.
Time lost all meaning. There was only the voice, the pain, then if you were lucky some water. They didn’t bother with food. For a short time they had attached a IV into your hand.  After it was removed, the voice started again. Maybe it had a point. But you still spat at the words before darkness embraced you.
In this darkness you thought you dreamed. You saw your teammates at Avengers campus, around a briefing table. Then Loki appeared, pacing like a caged animal. Worry etched on his handsome features. It hurt you more in your spirit than anything that had been done to your body. Then more nothingness.
Your eyes shot open only to have blinding light to greet you. The pain from the blade piercing your skin finally reached your conscious self, as your eyes adjusted and could just begin to see the drops of blood move down your arm. The voice assured you that your friends had truly abandoned you. That you meant nothing to them. How they couldn’t be bothered to rescue you. How much better would it be to submit. You said nothing, clenching your jaw to steel yourself against the next round of pain. Which did come.
The cycle kept repeating, the voice, the pain, and worst of all, the quiet. They left you alone, strapped up, cold, just hydrated enough to keep you alive. There was aches in your fatigued muscles, a gnawing in your stomach that would not cease. You didn’t know how long it was, but it had been some time since you even last felt the need to use the bathroom. You were covered in sweat and your own blood.  You didn’t understand the why worst of all. And this all would be yours alone in the quiet.
“Stark will pay a ransom” You tried to bargain with them.
“Stark won’t waste a penny for your life.” the voice told you in reply. More tortures. The voice was right. If any of them cared at all wouldn’t they come for you? You tried to remember every interaction with every Avenger leading up to the failed mission that led to your capture. Wanda’s cooking, Vision’s lack of humor. Loki’s glowing smile. Yes, the one that would meet all the way to his eyes when you playfully bantered in training.  Loki’s laugh when he pulled a prank on Banner.  Natasha's anger in retaliation. Even remembering the way Vision lovingly looked at Wanda.  Not that you’d ever seen that look at yourself.  But you did didn’t you.
A new form of torture was introduced, this time devised to make you feel like you’re drowning. You stoically endured, each round. Which seemed to anger the voice. Which went back to more painful methods. They unlocked the wrist restraint, the faceless ubiquitous torturer, smelling of stale sweat themselves, coldly strapped your arm into a new device.  The voice kept speaking, judging your reactions apparently, and after each request that went ignored, the new apparatus was tightened, which bent your arm further, and more unnaturally each time. Finally the voice got angry and yelled at you. You spat towards the blinding light. And then you heard the snap as much as you felt it. The pain allowed you to black out thankfully.
In your unconscious state you saw green eyes, kind, soft, playful. Eyes that said so much. You would believe anything those eyes would tell.  Maybe they even could have love in them.
The explosion brought you back into your body. Even if you wished it hadn’t.
The voice was still there, telling you that it wasn’t you they were coming for. But to protect their own secrets. Then it laughed. “But I don’t want those” it said. “I want the Asgardian witch.”
The whole thing was a ploy. They wanted Loki.
“Why” you struggled to ask through pain and gritted teeth.  
The voice was gone. Only to leave you listening to the chaos unfolding ever closer to your location. You screamed with all you had left in you. “RUN! ITS A TRAP!” Hoping to spare whomever was there to hear.  Your vision, fading at the edges saw Loki knock through the lone door. The torturer had hid behind the chair, and made to lunge at the tall figure, with some form of device. “No!” you tried to shout, but came out nearer a hoarse whisper. But it was enough and the fury on the gods face knew no equal. He grabbed the arms that outstretched in attack and you heard their own sickly snap, before Loki grabbed his neck and twisted fast and brutal. The body hid the floor in a thud.
“Loki, its a trap. They want to take you. Get out of here!” You mustered.
You saw his eyes fill with tears as he saw you and perceived the surroundings, taking in the damage you bore.
He used his green seider to carefully undo the restraints, and lifted you out of the chair as if you weighed nothing at all, mindful of your arm, still bent at an odd angle. You could feel his forehead to yours, and a deep sigh come from his chest.  It allowed you to welcome the darkness once again.
You didn’t know how he managed to regroup with the others, avoid the rest of the trap that had been set and sprung. But you did know that it was his green eyes that you saw when you did finally wake in the med center of Avengers campus. They were filled with relief more than exhaustion.
“Hey” you rasped. And you saw the real smile that reached his eyes, not just one in a hazy memory. You sloppily tried to move your left hand towards him, seeing the IV hooked into the back. He took it as you offered. And it was everything you wanted, there wasn’t the pain anymore. Just him. You closed your eyes to savor the moment, so different than all the others.
“Rest.” he commanded softly. “I’ll be right here. As long as I’m here, no can hurt you.”  
True to his word, he was still there holding your hand when you woke in earnest. Somehow you managed to smile and feel joy at this. You also began to notice the bandages and the high tech looking cast on your right arm. “You’re still here. I didn’t imagine it.”
“No. I’m here.” It was so much more than just the words. There was a desperate squeeze of your hand, a look in his eyes.
“It’s not your fault” You told him, thinking that it must be guilt that kept him there by your bedside.  But you were wrong.  After a while Banner with the help of Natasha managed to convince Loki to leave your side for some rest of his own. But neither of them met your eyes.
“Is it that bad” you asked when Rogers brought you some food when Banner thought you were ready to handle it.
“Well your color has been better. But Banner and his team are skilled physicians. You’ll be hale and hearty soon.” He wasn’t exactly chipper either.  
“Don’t do that” you told him.  “Its not your fault either!” But wasn’t it? Wasn’t it all everyone’s fault? Or was it the voice in your memory?
“I’m glad you’re home.”  Was all he said.
That evening Loki returned to your bedside, looking much more rested than he did before. Banner came by before any real conversation could take place and was encouraged by how well you were recovering, and thought that you could get off the IV and recoup in your quarters. Loki wouldn’t have it. “No you can stay in mine. I won’t have you recover alone.” And he gingerly escorted you to his, and tucked you into his big bed with the large green velvet blanket. It was soft and quiet, sleep calling, but you resisted. You had spent enough time unconscious.  
“Why?” You asked Loki as he pulled a chair from across the room to be close to the bed.  
“Why what?” He replied. “Why did you get taken? Why did you survive? Why what. Why is a terribly awful thought.”
“Why did YOU come for me? They wanted to capture YOU. I was nothing to them. I’m not even anything here.” The questions were hard to speak.
“I would always come for you. You may be nothing to them. But you are everything to me. It is my failure that you haven’t known.”  Loki had such intensity in his words.
You desperately tried to rack your memories for the basis for this. Missions and ordinary days seemingly  endless blended together.  The pause drew out too long for comfort and there must have been a look of confusion across your face. Loki spoke up again. “But, eh, you need your rest. I can go, Thor’s just next door.” He started to shuffle back towards the door.
“Stay. Please.” You said, calmly, remorseful for not being faster to respond before. You made him an offer you doubted he’d refuse.  “Read something for me.”
It had happened only once before. You both had been conspicuous about your reading habits around the compound, much to the annoyance of some of the others. Sam for one just never understood how you’d both almost always choose a book instead of joining any one for movies or TV binge fests.  You would inevitably laugh, or groan at some passage and without asking automatically share it aloud for Loki who always seemed to be near by, or even just to yourself. But then there was the time where Loki nudged you, and read to you about 2 pages of his book. It was such a bittersweet passage full of love and loss, and when he was done,  you were left stunned.
Loki went to the shelf opposite the bed.  “Anything particular?”  You shook your head. He picked a volume set of Dickens, Great Expectations. He started reading in his accented smooth timber. After a few minutes you reached your hand out to his, and he met yours with his own. Soon you were asleep, and yet still Loki read.
It wasn’t until later in the night, you started to feel the pain. Then the voice again, and your breath was stuck in your chest crushed under a great weight. You tried to fight free, but it was like you limbs were frozen and refused to move and respond. Trying to scream, no sound came out even as you tried, mouth wide. It felt like an eternity. It was then when you woke up in a pained jerking motion, the light hurting your eyes Eventually you noticed Loki kneeling next to the bed, sleep mixing with worry on his features. He softly held your arm, even though you couldn’t help but notice how you were drenched in sweat. He was saying something you didn’t hear.
“What” you managed to eek out.
“Breathe for me. Its OK. It’s not real. Hear my voice. Feel my hand. Just breath for me darling.”
Slowly your breathing steadied.
“Good job.” Loki praised. “Can you take a big one? Good.” As you followed his direction. He asked how it felt and you told him.
“Only you really did have your voice.” Loki got up and grabbed a glass of water from the bathroom to hand it to your good hand. You drank greedily.
In the midst of your apology Loki interrupted. “No. Don’t.” He kneeled next to the bed again. “Don’t be sorry for this.” Quickly new panic started building.
“Oh. What if everyone else heard?” That would be the last thing you needed. More pity, more sympathy.  Couldn’t everyone just move forward?! Loki assured you that it couldn’t be the case.
“As much as Stark is concerned in minute details, I managed to convince him to disable FRIDAYs features for my space.  And I enchanted the space, I assure you there's no way they could.” Why would he do such a thing you asked, part of you wary for the reason.
The story Loki told, almost didn’t match the god in front of you. In fact it made you feel like you might have had it easy. But you could not pity them. Only feel that twinge in your soul that matched the reverberation of Loki’s. It wasn’t difficult to discern that it clearly was something private being revealed.
“And they others don’t know this do they.”
Loki shook his head. “Stark some, My brother a bit more. But that's where I leave it. Its irrational. Hell I know I’m not the only one who’s got trauma. Fuck” he exclaimed “ I probably caused half of it.” The conversation ended up lasting half the night, until you let our a large conspicuous yawn. Loki placed  a delicate kiss on your forehead and turned out the light, in a now seemingly less surprising fatherly’ manner. And went to respectfully sleep on his couch.
Your body healed over the coming days. Loki, with a wistful look on his face, helped you settle in your own room again.  Soon the cast on your arm would come off, and besides the new scar over your right eyebrow, you might not have ever known something had happened. Even the rest of the team even returned to their same selves.  But you know you didn’t.
Loki remained closer than before, and you welcomed it. He continued to read Great Expectations to you as continued to recoup. He’d sit on the sofa, you draped across, him pulling your feet into his lap as he read, gently rubbing your feet in the process. You knew you were coming close to finishing the book today, and were feeling sad, thinking that it would be the end of this new found intimacy. One you hadn’t realized you needed before.  
That night it happened again. This time, when you tried to scream, it was as if you head was underwater, and so the more you screamed, the closer you were to drowning. You thrashed as it felt like something was pushing you further into the water, holding you there. It wasn’t until you opened your eyes, and could see Loki next you you. Immediately you burst into tears, and desperately pulled the god to your chest. A bit stunned, he carefully held you tight to him.
“Let it out. You’re so brave, but you don’t have to be. Not now. Just let it all out.” Weeping you buried your face into his neck, grasping his shirt front. In between sobs you gasped for breath and started to shudder. “I have you. Nothing can harm you. I’m not going anywhere.”  True to his word, Loki did not  let you go, until every tear had left you and your body calmed as you pushed off his chest.  He wiped a tear away from your face softly with his thumb.
You were so blind before. You didn’t see what was in front of you. It was what everyone else had somehow figured out. Even the enemy.
It felt strange trying to find your voice again to speak, coming out more like a whisper than anything, “Why do you stay?”
Loki’s countenance, in the soft bedside light, softened more with a glow and slight smile. “Do you not know?”
“I need to hear it.” You looked in to his eyes, tears still drying in your own. “Please.”
“Because you are the sun in my night, the moon in my day. The stars of my heaven. You are the beginning and the ending. There is no other. You are my everything, and I was in denial for too long, my spirit too closed. And then I almost lost you, and it was in that moment I myself cracked open and knew I couldn’t waste another moment denying this.”
It was in defiance of all the things said by the voice. That fucking lying voice.
You reached up to hold Loki’s face in both your hands and pulled his lips into yours in a ferocious kiss.    You were anything but numb now. You felt awash in flames, consuming you from your core out through your limbs and lips. He grabbed your face and his cool touch was like electricity.
When you pulled back for a gasping breath, you knew it down through your bones, that there was no more routine life ahead.  
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blamseastore · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Boeuf Gras Dining Chair
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melifiya · a day ago
All the members of the batfam reacting to a non-binary sibling
I myself am non-binary so this made me happy when it was requested :D
Here are headcanons for the members of Batam reacting to a non-binary sibling
I hope you enjoyed this, this took me a little while to think for
I genuinely was just feeling happy typing this the entire time as well so please don’t hesitate to bring more requests like these :)
Candy Choices
Pick your poison
Tumblr media
Bruce Wayne (Batman) (“I’m Batman” get the reference? Hahaha… I’ll stop now):
Honestly you were nervous for no reason at first
You knew that he wouldn’t think of you any differently like your his child
So when you were trying to prepare in order tell him
He overheard you saying
“Is dad going to think of me differently?”
And it was in a different tone rather then your usual so he decided to confront you about it right there
That’s when your nervousness appeared again
But you managed to get out a small
“I’m non-binary”
He heard you but wanted you to repeat it so you could sound more confident, he didn’t think of you any differently
When you told him again he gave you a small hug and a somewhat rare smile
And since he knows that being non-binary is different from pronouns he decided to ask you about what your knew pronouns were
“(Insert pronouns)”
“Alright I’ll keep that in mind”
Dick Grayson (Nightwing):
“I’m non-binary”
When you told him he wasn’t upset at all
He was happy since you were comfortable to tell him first rather then the other
Would correct anyone who misgendered you
Will ask for your preferred pronouns
If you feel self-conscious of your body and how it makes you look he’ll try his best to help you with it
Would go out of his way to buy you a binder if you wanted it
Literally would
He would cut your hair if you wanted and maybe even dye it for you
The type of brother to dye his hair the same in order to show appreciation
Will help you legally change your name if you wanted
No hesitation to punch a person for trying to make you uncomfortable or being rude to you for being a non-binary
You both most likely will have smiles on your faces after you come to him and he accepts and for when he accepts you
Will hug each other for a while before taking you out somewhere to get you new things and maybe mentioned before a hair cut
(very supportive sibling as you can see)
“I’m so proud of you for coming out”
Jason Todd (Redhood) :
The way you came out was a bit interesting cause it went something like this
“You look very pretty for a (any gender that isn’t non-binary)”
Said by a stranger
(I stand with that anybody can be called pretty any gender not just females but any)
“I’m actually a non-binary so I would like it if you didn’t call me that”
Just so you know you both were walking to go to the book store to get latest edition of comic books
So after the stranger left you both alone after that incident he asked you about it and his response was quite laid back
“oh, cool I have non-binary sibling now”
I know it sounds like he doesn’t care but he does, he goes out of his way to cut your hair
And teaches you some moves just in case someone’s not respecting your gender
Just so you can throw hands on behalf of you and him, if he isn’t there
Cause if it was an accident he might let them go off with a warning but if it’s done repeatedly then the person is just asking to have hands thrown on them
Will ask for pronouns
“(They) are non-binary, not (any gender but non-binary)”
Tim Drake (Red Robin):
You both were just hanging out with each other since everyone else was off doing their own things
So while you were both hanging out you wanted to tell him about it first
“Hey Tim”
“I’m non-binary”
Would look like a lost cause before he regains his composure
Is happy that you had came out to him
Thinks of the difficulties you had in order to just tell him
He understand it’s not easy to come out
He would try to comfort you the best way he possible can especially if you have body dysmorphia
Will confront anyone who decides to disrespect you
Asks for pronouns
Ready to debate a person
If he ever introduces you to anyone he’ll use whatever pronouns you told him
He won’t listen to any “But-”
Most definitely going to buy you a binder if you need it
He analyzed the way you react when you look at your self in the mirror
Takes you to the salon get you dyed hair and a haircut
No one has room for questions when he is there
“I appreciate that you decided to tell me about this”
Damian Wayne (Robin):
Looks like the least person to go to in order to come out
But here you are telling him
“I’m non-binary”
His face was blank you couldn’t even tell anything even the way he was thinking right now
Which caused you to get a little nervous
Which he noticed
“So I have 3 brothers and 1 non-binary sibling”
Which gave you a sort of relief and it made you have a small smile appear on your face
Damian always brings his dog Titus especially when your going to parks
Most of the time he brought Titus to scare anyone off but now he brings Titus to bark at anyone who is out of their minds to misgender you
On the night you told him about you being non-binary you also told him your pronouns
If you zone out when you look at yourself in the mirror he’ll bring you back to reality
Isn’t the type of person to comfort someone but he’ll try
“You got it wrong (they) are non-binary not (any gender but non-binary)”
Alfred (The best butler):
Alfred knows everything you cannot deny it
So it wasn’t a suprise when he was the one to encourage you to come out to the others
“They all will accept you no matter what, it will not change their perspective of you and you know that (y/n)”
He’s very down to earth not saying the others aren’t but Alfred is the most approachable especially when you want encouragement he is the go to person
Will ask for your pronouns
Won’t hesitate to correct someone when you get misgendered
If they keep doing it he will ask them to leave
He will remodel your outfit with you if you want to make it feel more like you and express who you really are
Will make it so it will be comfortable for you to wear
Would even correct Bruce
Comfort you on nights where you can’t help but feel a bit insecure about yourself
I personally believe he is good at cutting hair so if you want he will do it
Will also help you pick out outfits to your choice and have them get a little touch up if you want
“I will always support you for who you are”
Bat Family:
When you came out all of them had supported you
“I’m non-binary”
The first one to say anything would have been Alfred afterwards Bruce
Alfred would be telling you that you did a good job at coming out and how he was proud of you
Bruce would ask if you wanted to change your name at all
Along with your pronouns
Dick would give you a hug
Jason would be hyped for having a non-binary sibling
Tim will also tell you how he’s proud
And Damian even though he won’t say anything will use Titus to bite anyone who offends you
All of you will cook in the kitchen rather then go out it’s for a family moment
Alfred and Dick will help cut your hair while Jason would be the one dyeing it while he dyes his just in case if you want
Bruce would help redesign your suit if you want with Alfred
All of you have a good time that day honestly
And they won’t hesitate to throw hands with people if needed
“I’m quite proud of you for coming out (y/n)”
happy cheers in the background along with Alfred telling you to worry about nothing
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cuddlepilesick · 14 hours ago
No cookies for me
Fandom: Stray Kids
Sickie: Jisung
Caregivers: Chan & Felix
Felix makes cookies for everyone and considering his love language consists of cuddles and food, he wants all his friends to try. Jisung, who had woken up with an upset stomach, has to turn him down however, making the Aussie sad.
No one’s POV.:
December had barely started but being the Christmas-enthusiast he was, Felix had instantly begun to get into the Christmas spirit the morning of the first December, hanging up decoration and blasting Christmas carols as their morning alarm. Though it was slightly annoying in the mornings, the members generally adored the Aussie’s excitement and let him be. This year, Felix wanted to make cookies for all their friends and staff, planning weeks ahead already. He was most experienced when it came to making brownies and chocolate chip cookies but didn’t have much practice when it came to seasonal treats, so there was no way he’d go without having a test run first. Felix had gotten a few recipes from his mother and searched up a few more online, so he’d have a variety. When he heard they’d have a day off soon, he made sure they had all the necessary ingredients for his experiments at the dorm, so he could start as soon as he woke up on their free day. Being excited for a day in the kitchen, Felix woke up pretty early despite the rare opportunity to sleep in and got up. Slipping on a pair of fluffy socks, he made his way to the kitchen to have breakfast first. He met Seungmin there already eating as he was an early riser and the pair was soon joined by Minho too. “I’ll be baking for probably most of the day, do either of you have any plans for today? I’ll need someone to try my cookies and give me feedback later”, Felix asked, taking his empty plate to the kitchen. Seungmin wanted to visit a bookstore and to do some Christmas shopping but promised he’d be back by the late afternoon and would gladly try his friend’s baking. Minho had to do some Christmas shopping too but decided to cancel his afternoon dance session in favor of having some cookies. The three soon split with Minho and Seungmin getting ready to head out while Felix put in his earphones and started to prepare all the equipment he’d need.
The other members slowly woke up too, sleepily making their way to the kitchen to have breakfast. There wasn’t much room for them to cook anything, so most simply settled for cereal or heated up some left overs, trying to get out of the cramped space as fast as possible. The kitchen looked very chaotic with used bowls and spoons everywhere as there was a light dust of flour on most of the surface area. They knew better than to touch anything though, being aware that Felix was ruling this chaos and in total control even if it didn’t seem like it. He’d get stressed and confused where which item was if they tried to tidy up around him, so they made sure not to touch anything. When they had finished breakfast, Hyunjin took Jeongin out to an ice rink nearby, wanting to teach the maknae how to ice skate. Both of them had to promise Felix they’d be back in time to try some of his cookies. Chan and Changbin wanted to go to the studio to work on some music, hesitating though because Jisung wasn’t awake yet and they didn’t want to exclude him from anything. As it didn’t seem like the third member of 3racha would be up and ready to head out anytime soon, they just shot Jisung a text, telling him that they were at the studio and he was welcome to join them if he wanted to or just enjoy his day off however he had planned to. They didn’t make it out the front door though, without Felix threatening them with a wooden spoon. The dancer didn’t even have to say anything for Changbin to promise: “We’ll be back soon. Can’t wait to try some of your cookies, Lix.” Satisfied with that, the younger turned his attention back to his work, while his two hyungs left.
Jisung had slept in unusually late. He hadn’t even heard Jeongin slip out of the room and with the dorm being quiet, aside from some rustling in the kitchen, nothing disturbed the rapper’s sleep. Until his stomach cramped, that is. The longer he lay awake, the more certain Jisung became that he had only woken up because his stomach hurt. Rolling onto his side, he wrapped his arm around his middle and groaned into his pillow. This was so uncalled for, considering he hadn’t eaten anything out of the ordinary the previous day and feeling low on a day off was always frustrating. Feeling a chill run down his spine, the rapped pulled the blanket tighter around himself and tried to trap as much warmth as he possible. Now that he was awake and paying attention to his body, Jisung felt his head ache too. It wasn’t an intense pain, certainly not even close to how his stomach felt, but it didn’t feel nice either. Shivering slightly, he realized he wouldn’t feel warm in his bed anytime soon, so he slipped out from under the covers and sat up. His head spun a little, so he took a moment to just sit there and give his body a chance to adjust to the change in position. On top of the dizziness, his stomach wasn’t too happy about the movement either, churning nauseatingly. Jisung just had this feeling that today would not be his day, so better just take a hot shower to warm up and then go back to bed to sleep off whatever this was.
When he felt ready to move, Jisung went over to his closet and picked out thick sweatpants and a hoodie before heading to the bathroom. He glanced towards the common area of the dorm, only spotting Felix, who danced around the kitchen with his earphones in, not noticing his friend in the hallway. It would make sense to Jisung if the Aussie was the only one home with him, judging by how quiet the dorm was. He preferred it that way at the moment, not feeling like socializing with how sick he felt at the moment. Placing his clothes down on the counter, Jisung removed his sleep clothes and cringed when he noticed how sweaty they were. He probably had a fever but he didn’t want to check, freezing already and wanting to get under the warm water as fast as possible. Taking his temperature would have taken too long, especially since it didn’t chance anything to have his suspicions confirmed. Jisung suppressed a shiver and hurriedly stepped into the shower, letting the warm water wash over him. It never felt warm enough and the rapper ended up turning the temperature higher and higher till it almost burned his skin. He knew it wasn’t the smartest thing to do in case he truly did have a fever but he didn’t want to feel cold anymore. For the longest time he just stood there, pretty much asleep on his feet.
Over time, the hot water did mess with his circulation though. Feeling increasingly lightheaded, Jisung crouched down, afraid of falling, and braced his hand on the tiled wall beside him. Before he could mentally prepare himself though, his stomach lurched and sent a wave of stinging acid up the rapper’s throat. Giving a strained cough, Jisung got sick again and dazedly watched his stomach contents trickle towards the drain. He could barely comprehend what had just happened and shakily stood back up, reaching for the shower head to rinse everything down the drain. Feeling increasingly weak, he quickly washed up and got out. As soon as he was out, he felt just as cold as he had felt before and rushed to dry off quickly, so he could put on his thick clothes. Unsure of what to do next, Jisung sat down on the closed toilet lid, hugging his sore middle. Sure, he hadn’t felt well but he also hadn’t expected to throw up. Now that breakfast was out of question, the rapper considered just going back to bed to lay down but he knew he had to at least get a drink first. His head would only hurt more if he didn’t and it might even help is stomach settle.
It took some time for Jisung to find the strength to move but he eventually made his way to the kitchen, startling Felix, who hadn’t heard him approach with his earphones in. “Good morning”, the Aussie beamed after getting over his initial scare, “You really did sleep forever today.” Jisung awkwardly laughed it off and set about making himself a cup of tea and also grabbed a bottle of water, slowly sipping it as he waited for the water to boil. It didn’t seem to settle his stomach much but it felt nice on his throat, so he tried to get as much down as he could, leaning against the kitchen counter. “Oh, I just finished the first batch of cookies. Here, try some!”, Felix announced excitedly, pretty much shoving a cookie into Jisung’s face. The rapper feels his stomach flutter and shakily moves away, muttering: “I-I’ll try later, yeah? Not really ready for food this close after waking up.” It was an easy lie and his friend had been too excited to notice the way his face had paled. Now, Felix wasn’t as excited anymore but he accepted the other’s decision. Food was part of his love language, so people turning his baking down always broke his heart but Jisung hadn’t turned him down, he reminded himself. The explanation made perfect sense and he’d just have to be patient.
Not wanting to be around food more than he absolutely had to, Jisung poured the boiling water into a cup and dropped in a teabag before fleeing back to his room. With trembling hands, he placed the cup down on the nightstand and uncapped his water bottle, taking a careful sip. The water sloshed around uncomfortably, so he put the bottle aside too and pulled the trashcan up next to his bed. He just wanted to curl up under his blanket and go back to sleep but still felt only seconds away from throwing up again and didn’t dare to lay down. After a few minutes of taking deep breaths, Jisung was hopeful he wouldn’t be sick right now and carefully shifted down into a flat position, pulling the blanket over his freezing body. Reaching for his phone to turn on some music, the rapper let a few tears fall and sighed when he read the message Chan had left him. As much as he loved to make music with his hyungs, there was no way he’d join them today, not when it was a day off anyway. Jisung tried taking a nap and hoped the soft music would help him fall asleep. He was tired enough for that to happen at least but no, he couldn’t. His stomach was still cramping and he could feel the water he had consumed right at the back of his throat. Sitting back up, he drew his legs closer to his chest and rested his head on his knees. He was now regretting that he had felt grateful that the members were out, wishing there was someone to comfort him and sit with him, even if the wasn’t much that could be done to help him feel less sick at the moment.
Lunch time passed with Jisung still refusing to eat anything at all. The first members to come back were Minho and Seungmin, who tried some cookies before helping Felix clean up the kitchen. They then settled in the living room and watched a drama as they waited for the rest of the group to return. Barely able to get any rest, Jisung had heard them return but didn’t find the energy to get out of bed and join them. He had slowly sipped his tea over the course of the afternoon, listening to music and crying by himself. They’d be back to work the next day and he couldn’t help but worry about what would happen if he wasn’t feeling better by then. Hearing the front door open again, Jisung listened for the voices to figure out who was back and who wasn’t. It seemed like the next two members to return were Chan and Changbin, laughing when Felix happily pulled them to the kitchen. He heard what seemed like praises and closed his eyes. There was no doubt that Felix had done well with his baking once again. The rapper was just sad that he couldn’t stomach any of it right now. Hopefully he’d get some cookies too, when the Aussie made them for their staff. It would truly be a pity missing out on it otherwise.
Deep in his thoughts, Jisung startled when there was a knock at his door. “Yeah?”, he asked quietly, sitting up, so he wouldn’t look as miserable as he felt. Chan came in and softly closed the door behind him before sitting down on the edge of the bed. “Hey, you feeling alright? We haven’t seen you today and Felix said you didn’t eat”, the leader asked worriedly, glancing at the trashcan next to the bed. Fiddling with a loose string on his blanket, Jisung shrugged: “Felt a bit off today and didn’t have much of an appetite, so I didn’t eat.” – “Did you throw up?”, Chan asked, nodding towards the trashcan, “It’s pretty dim in here but I can see you not looking that amazing.” – “That was just a precaution”, the younger lied, clearing his throat. He still felt awful but he didn’t want to worry his friends, so considering he had only thrown up once, he decided to keep it to himself, as it was probably just a fluke. “Alright, you wanna join us for dinner? We’ll watch movies afterwards and I’m not going to let you skip the third meal of the day. Just have some plain rice or a slice of toast or something, yeah?”, Chan asked sympathetically, reaching forward to brush a strand of hair out of Jisung’s face, so he could get a better look at him. The younger felt a bit warm to Chan but to his relief, he nodded and slowly pushed the blanket off.
They slowly made their way towards the living room and got there right when Hyunjin and Jeongin returned. “Oh, good you’re back. Have some cookies!”, Felix beamed, already rushing off to put a little of everything onto a plate for his friends to try. Quickly catching the younger in a hug, Chan laughed: “Let’s have dinner first and dessert after. We can eat them while watching movies later.” Jisung sighed in relief, mentally thanking his hyung for saving him. Rice already seemed too difficult for his body to handle right now, so he was certain he wouldn’t stomach a sugary treat well at the moment. Way too soon, the table was laid and everybody took their seats. Chan wordlessly placed a small bowl of plain rice in front of Jisung, giving him a gentle smile. He knew the rapper didn’t want to be called out, so he tried to subtly take care of him while directing the attention away from him. While most members ate rather quickly, Jisung took an eternity to finish the little amount of rice in front of him, mostly just poking at it. It sat heavily in his stomach but he forced himself to finish all of it, knowing it was all he had had all day.
As soon as they had cleared the table, Jisung tried to flee back to his room. Sure, movies had sounded great earlier but he felt a lot worse now that there was something in his stomach and he knew Felix would serve dessert soon, which was something he wanted to avoid at all costs. Being feverish and out of it, he wasn’t nearly as fast as he had thought though and was soon caught by an arm on his sleeve. “Hyung, can you please try some of my cookies now? You’ve been awake for a while. Pretty please?”, Felix pouted, asking nicely in hopes of not getting brushed off. While Jisung tried to come up with a good excuse on the spot, the Aussie proceeded to give him puppy eyes. If he didn’t feel his mouth water at the though already, he would have given in now but his stomach turned dangerously. “I-I…”, the rapper stammered, breaking into a sweat. He needed to get away quick, preferably to the bathroom, but the second he turned around, Felix tightened his hold around his wrist, wanting at least an explanation as to why he was rejected. Jisung panicked and brought his other hand to his face, covering his mouth tightly as he willed his stomach to stay where it was. Luck wasn’t on his side though as his stomach lurched harshly. Turning away as far as he could with his friend still holding onto his arm, Jisung got sick all over his hand and the floor in front of him as the first tear spilled down his puffy cheek.
Felix was frozen in his spot, although he let go of his friend, watching the other in shock. Having heard the commotion, Chan was with them in an instant and quickly pulled Jisung to the bathroom, not a second too soon. Barely making it to the toilet, the rapper threw up again, his body absolutely not tolerating any of the food he had just consumed. Chan sat with him and gently patted his back, cooing: “You really weren’t feeling well, hm?” Coughing, the younger shook his head and tore off some toilet paper to clean his hand till he got the opportunity to wash them properly. Considering he hadn’t eaten much, the spell was over soon and Chan pulled him to his feet, steadying the shaky boy while he washed his hands and face. “Let’s take your temperature too. I’m pretty sure you’re running a fever”, the leader hummed, opening the bathroom cabinet. Retrieving the thermometer, he took his dongsaeng’s temperature and confirmed what they both already expected.
Jisung just wanted to go back to bed, ready for this day to be over, so he wasn’t pleased when Felix stopped them on the way there. “Sorry, Lix, but no cookies for me”, he slurred, already getting dizzy from being upright too long. The dancer pulled him into a hug and sighed: “I’m sorry, I kept pushing but why didn’t you say anything? You’ve probably felt bad all day while I was here, completely oblivious. Do you still want to watch a movie with us? I made you some tea and a hot water bottle. There’s no food around and we set up a bucket next to the couch, so you should be safe. I just don’t want you to feel lonely.” – “T-Thank you”, Jisung whimpered, overwhelmed by emotions. He had felt lonely today and didn’t want to be alone anymore. As progressively more of his weight leant onto Felix, the two Aussie’s supported him over to the couch, where Jisung had a few sips of tea before accepting the hot water bottle from Felix and curling up around it. Chan was relieved that one of his dongsaengs had already taken care of the mess, so he could sit down next to the couch and play with Jisung’s hair to help him relax. Felix went back to Jisung’s room to collect his blanket and then climbed onto the couch next to his friend. This way he could hold him tightly against the chills that still shook his frame. The Aussie couldn’t stop feeling guilty for not only letting Jisung suffer on his own all day but also making him worse by not taking no for an answer. Jisung however had long forgiven him. How could he stay upset at his friend when he took care of him so well after finding out and held him for the rest of the night, worried the rapper could feel sad or lonely on top of being sick.
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