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and so i tell you
the one person who i feel won’t overexaggerate
the one person who will just be okay and just be there
not say anything to complicate things
but only after hiding and contemplating whether to tell
i suffer in silence, my gasps piercing the air
and when i think i’m finally calm
i crawl back to your side
but you already know
you’re already stretching your hand out
and suddenly i’m crumbling into you
falling deep into your arms
as if you can protect me from everything
save me from myself
and then you’re leading me out
and i’m just sobbing embraced in you
now the silence doesn’t seem so quiet
there’s another person sat by my side
and i’m engulfed in your comfort
a permeating presence radiating throughout
i go back and forth between hysterics and calmness
and yet i feel so loved
and i feel so safe
as if nothing can harm me
as if none of that just happened
it’s just normal
and we’re just normal

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chiaki nanami + soft glitchcore icons

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My mom got me a weighted blanket like 3 days ago and I absolutely love it

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A/N:  Yeah shut up I know I haven’t been around in about a year. This was a cute little anonymous request that I thought would be nice to ease me back into writing things that aren’t my dissertation.

Words: 1075. If only my diss was this easy to write.

Warnings: None really, just some period comfort.


Originally posted by lindamarieanson

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boredom eating during quarantine is normal and its okay if u gain weight during this time (or any time, but especially now). u deserve everything and more

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Originally posted by cozyautumnspices

I always made this when i actually like physically went to school because it was always physically and emotionally exhausting for me. and now i drink it too because online school has an even bigger toll on me

so here’s the recipe for it:


  • 3 parts Green tea
  • 3 parts black tea
  • ½ part rosemary
  • ½ part mint
  • ½ part orange peel
  • ¼ part rose petals
  • Boil water then while focusing on your intent 
  • pour the water over herbs, let seep, 
  • sweeten with honey to taste for extra boost

i hope this helps you guys, especially my neurodiverse buddies

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*This is an excerpt from A Dragon’s Lullaby by Abi. Originally posted on their tumblr page the-knights-who-say-book.

Vigil can’t remember how long Peep had been her hearing aid before she discovered it sings at night. But she does know how she found out.

Peep gets lonely. She only knows from the context clues, because Peep will never admit it. When asked, the tiny dragon criticizes her rudeness and refuses to talk until she moves on.

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To be honest, Boba had the mandalorian clocked the moment he saw him, zipping over the dunes on his speeder and the few interactions he had seen before the man had left Tatooine.

He had known even before he was close enough to smell the other man or speak to him that this was an omega. It was all in the way the other behaved around the child, the way he kept him safe and yes, the creed of the mandalorians made children the most important thing.

But not everyone acted with younglings like an omega on instincts.

It was in the way the man kept scenting the child as best he could with what little skin he had exposed, in the way he cradled him close and Boba had seen others like the mandalorian before.

Omegas with pups had a certain way about them.

His own father had been the same and Jango was always fresh in Boba’s mind, even as he had lost the memory of his father’s voice and the way he smelled with the years.

But the way he behaved, the way he cradled Boba close to his chest and pressed his scent to Boba’s skin… no, that was something Boba would never forget.

It was one of the things that had made Boba hate his own alpha designation in his younger years when he finally presented, wanting to claw himself out of his skin as he wished for that connection to his father.

But he had been an unaltered clone, his designation, just like his personality, had formed on its own and sometimes he wondered if his buir would have been proud to see his son an alpha or just not really cared one way or another.

The clones had all been without secondary genders, except for the alphas and the nulls, the earliest of the clones where the Kamino’s had still been working on the DNA sequences. So maybe Boba should just be grateful he had a designation.

He had seen the issues the clones went through without having one, the way humans reacted to them, the way they seemed to be considered less. Some of them had even reacted that way to Boba when they saw his face, until they realized he wasn’t just a clone with a fake scent but a true alpha, ready to kark them up.

Boba had his designation and he had his life and he had made peace with many things in his life.

But what he couldn’t make peace with was the scent of distressed omega, the alpha in him sitting up and taking notice even as he tried to keep his distance.

He had a duty to help the man find his foundling for returning the armor, seeing how Djarin had lost everything, Boba might be the best one that could help him.

At least in the ship department and Boba was a capable man, his scar and stint in the sarlacc had done nothing to ruin his skills if they had turned rusty inside it. Training and muscle memory had fixed that however once he was out, hunting for his armor.

And Boba owed him a debt, one Djarin could trust, that Boba wouldn’t suddenly turn on him like the rest of the galaxy could.

Being in Slave 1, the scent was hard to escape and even Fennec was starting to show discomfort at it, the beta often glancing towards the hold where Djarin had holed up, manically checking, dismantling, cleaning and setting together his weapons again.

Finally, Boba let out a deep sigh and stood from the controls, giving Fennec a nod to take the controls before making his way to the doors. He could hear the woman’s relief as she switched seats.

Clearly she thought he’d deal with it and Boba intended to.

But if he was successful, that was something else.

Djarin is sitting on an ammo crate in the hold, a blaster in hand, simply cradling the weapon as if he realizes he can’t do more with it but can’t bring himself to put it down, as if he wishes he was cradling something else with how gentle his gloved hands are. Even without the scent, Boba would have been able to tell that this was a miserable man.

The bounty hunter sits slumped, his head bent down and he doesn’t even twitch when Boba steps in.

If it wasn’t for the way he was breathing, Boba could have been forgiven for thinking the man asleep.

Slowly, so not to set the other of, Boba makes his way over and sits down beside him, looking at the hands cradling the blaster. “…We’ll get him back to you,” He murmured quietly, watching the armor jerk a bit. “My debt to you isn’t over until your pup is with you.” Boba promised softly, carefully releasing some of his scent.

It could go either way, doing it but the mando slowly tilted his head towards Boba and he could hear  the other take a breath, pause then breath even deeper, twitching slightly on the crate.

If Boba was to take a guess, he’d imagine the omega wanted to press closer.

But Boba was a stranger, an unfamiliar alpha, to shift closer now was simply instincts and not caution and logical thoughts speaking.

But seeing as how his scent was helping, Boba released more of it, the distressed omega scent lessening slowly.

Sighing, Boba reached up and removed his helmet, ignoring how the mando twitched. Those who followed the Watch Creed was always a bit iffy about exposed faces. Never got it himself and Boba knew of enough mando that removed their helmets.

It was the loss of armor that was the real sanction for becoming dar’manda, not showing your face.

But to each their own and since the scent of distressed omega didn’t grow, Boba set his helmet down beside his feet, focusing on Djarin again. “…Think about your child scent.” He murmured quietly.

A quiet whine escaped the bounty hunter.

Slowly, Boba reached out and settled his hand on the others vembrace. “Think about the way you’ll hold him when you get him back,” He pushed gently. “Think about what you’ll say to him,” Djarin let out another whimper, dropping his forehead to Boba’s pauldron. “Think about what you’ll do to that demagolka that took him… and draw strength from all of it.” A small but sharp growl escaped the vocoder of the other.

Boba wasn’t sure if he had really helped the feisty, distressed omega but the scent of distressed omega had lessened, replaced by Boba’s own pheromones and the scent of angry omega.

The sharp kind of scent.

The kind of scent that made mandalorian alphas sit up and take notice as it was the kind of omega they wanted. The kind of scent that warned everyone to be on their best behavior or they would get fucked up.

Moff Gideon better have an army on his cruiser when they caught up with him and the child Boba thought with satisfaction, because he had a storm coming.

A storm in the form of a very pissed of, very protective omega. “Jate, we’ll get him back.” Boba promised, squeezing the others forearm gently.

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Pairing: BTS x female!OC (using of pronoun ‘she/her’)

Genre: Hybrid AU, Rich!Bts, Hybrid cat!OC, angst, fluff, hurt, comfort

Rating: PG-15

Word count: +18000

Warning: mention of mental and physical abuse, abusive experience, mental damage, very light regression (the oc is perturbed), brief mention of sexual abuse, invented serum  

Summery: Under the guise of charity, the Usphur Corporation presents itself as an adoption center for lost, rejected, abandoned Hybrids, just looking for a home where they could be loved and cherished. But no one suspects the terrible, dark secrets behind the staff door, Usphur Corporation being nothing more than the name of an experimental project.

A/N: A massive thank you to the lovely @pasteljoonie​ for being the beta reader of this fic ♡


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Robbie White // GN!Reader



“Play with me!” Axe Boy whined at your closed door, “Why don’t you ever wanna play with me?”

You rolled over in your bed, trying to ignore the child hunter’s increasingly loud cries for your attention. You knew in a couple of minutes that either Mary or Burke were gonna grab the little boy and place him in time out for being too loud.

To be rather honest, Robbie White scared you. The boy was formidable in matches, and you always had that feeling that he was actually not the six-year–old he presented himself as.

“Go away, Robbie!” you call out, “I’m tired,”

“But you’re always tired!” Robbie replied, almost certainly hopping on his feet at this moment.

Well… that’s true.

“Play with me! Play with me!” he began chanting. It’s only a matter of time before-

“Robbie!” Leo, of all people, called out, “I’ll play with ya! I’ll bring Emma along!”

You… haven’t actually interacted with Leo much… so him acting all amicable was shocking to you.

But Leo’s offer fell on deaf ears. Robbie continued to knock on your door. He was too short to reach the doorknob so he had to rely on- YOU FORGOT TO LOCK THE DO-


Robbie ran in at lightning fast speeds and began jumping on your bed, rhythmically chanting “play with me” as his jumps nearly crushed your chest.

Leo looked on and sighed, walking away.

“Play! Play! Play!” Robbie chanted, finally getting off of you, “Let’s play, (Y/N)!”

“I don’t wanna play, Robbie… I wanna sleep,” you said, rolling over. You didn’t think anything of it, probably Robbie trying to jump on you and get you to get up and play with him.

But you suddenly felt a warmth next to you, and something slipping between your arms.

You opened your eyes to see Robbie nestled comfortably between your arms and your chest. You couldn’t help but smile at the hunter.

“Tomorrow we’re playing!” Robbie demanded, “I’m gonna make you have the best naptime in the world, big (bro/sis/sibling), so we can play tomorrow,”

B-big… big (bro/sis/sibling)?

He called you big (bro/sis/sibling)…

You lie there awake for several minutes, not being able to comprehend what Robbie’s doing. H-he must be trying to kill yo-

“…ka-cha, ka-cha…”

You hear a soft whisper belonging to Robbie, obviously…

“ka-cha… ka-cha… ka-cha… ka-cha… chop chop… tree for (n/n)…”

Robbie continues whispering cute little semantics as the boy slumbers on.

You can feel your heart melting, but that’s part of his trick! He’s gonna kill you…!

He’s gonna…


Aww fuck it.

You wrap your arms around Robbie, burrowing him deep within your arms. The hunter was warm, and he began chirping happily as you held the boy.

“ka-ka-ka-cha! ka-cha! wawawawa! (n/n)! (n/n)!”

You drifted off to sleep with the Axe Boy, your heart warmed by the hunter’s presence.

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Good morning sweetheart 💖 I made you breakfast 🍯 #feet #warm #sunshine #fruit #healthy #comfort #kink (at Paradise)

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Originally posted by imgayandgirlsarepretty

Louisa please update us on what’s been happening? WE’RE DESPERATE

“Okay,” Louisa sighed with the phone in her hand, resting it down in her lap as she looked back up at the camera, “My hair is gray, my eyes are grey/blue, and my voice is one of the greatest in metal history… So I control the weather first of all,” Louisa giggled and tucked a piece of loose hair behind her ear.

“But honesty, I believe in the movements happening around the world. I marched for the first time at eight alongside my father. I joined the Nation when I was sixteen and soon became next in line for the throne, next to the new ‘Prophet,” Louisa gagged hard while throwing up air quotes around the word. Her soft grey eyes slowly turned to a glassy navy as she went on.

“But there are people who don’t believe that people like, me. Or wonderlani. Or anyone of black/brown descents, have the same rights or have accesses to resources that make them equate,” Louisa sniffled, running a tissue under her nose and sighing.

“So the long short of the story; I was taken, almost murdered, tormented and left for dead because I believe everyone deserves a chance. Just like my dad did,” Louisa teared up, taking the same tissue and dapping under her eyes, “And it would be the height of hubris, to allow my and my dad’s work, to go undone in nation of crisis. So I disappeared,”

Louisa’s eyes now a blush red and gemstone blue as she sniffled against her hand before sighing a breath of relief, “Just know that what I plan will help a lot of people. And I’m so sorry I caused so much pain after the protests, after the riots. I’m sorry I wasn’t there when you needed me most. But I’m here now, and I plan to keep it that way. No matter what,”

Louisa rested a fist against her heart and tapped three times, saying goodbye in one of her 20+ languages before turning the camera off. Louisa sat back on her thighs in the bed. A deep swallow irritated her throat as she let out a soft cry, her face falling head first into the pillow.

Harriet slowly crept into the room, hearing the soft whimpers of her wife. She tiptoed over and slid in the spot next to her, wrapping her arm around her waist as she continued crying into the pillow.

“We’re all in this together Louisa, we’ll be right by your side,” Harriet snuggled her head into Louisa’s neck. The crying slowed down and soon there were soft snoozes.

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