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#comfort character
michael-is-a-bug · 27 days ago
I’m always a slut for misinterpreting characters to make them nicer because I have a deep personal connection to them, even though I know they are deeply flawed and morally grey
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truebelieversworld · 7 days ago
This message is for the late night scrollers, the ones who prowl Tumblr late at night for an escape. Looking for those fics that hit just right, that take away the hurt and make you feel like your comfort character is there, beside you, holding you, loving you.
Take a deep breath for me, in and out. They're there. Can you feel them? They know you struggled today and they're so proud of you! They're so happy to see you even if it's only in the dark, when you're hurting, when you need an escape. They treasure these moments with you, breathing in your scent, feeling you. God, how they love you.
I hope you find the story you need. The one that brings you comfort and peace that follows you into your dreams. I hope tomorrow is better then today and that you remember you are loved, even if the only love you can feel is from that fictional character you adore so much.
They believe in you and so do I, the random girl on Tumblr who's scrolling late at night too.
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bucketofcowboys · 22 days ago
Tumblr media
Art made by @unnocturnal​! I meant to repost the orginal post (which is here) but I forgot tumblr doesn’t allow audio in reposts ;-; If you want me to take it down please let me know cause I absolutely will
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beels-burger-babe · 17 days ago
The Five Times Mammon Did Something For The Others
(And the one time the others did something for him.)
Tumblr media
***So the votes were mainly for # 1 and # 2 on this post. So here we are! Thank you @hangryweeb for the prompt! I've been wanting to get to this one for a while now, just didn't quite know how. Will this probably end up angstier than I intended? Most likely. But hey! If you're a regular on my blog, you know the risk your taking. -B *** Summary: Without his brothers even realizing it, Mammon has gone out of his way time and time again to make sure that they are safe, happy, and healthy, and yet no one ever seems to do the same for him. Hell, no one even thanks him for it.
1) Leviathan
The House of Lamentation was awoken by an ear-splitting wail coming directly from Leviathan's room. You and Mammon groaned as you shifted from the beanie bag chairs you had fallen asleep in that night, and glanced over to the source of your disturbance. Levi was practically sobbing over his computer as he frantically clicked the refresh button. "No, no, no, no, no!!! I can't have missed it! Come on! Please!" From around him, you could see a large red bar covering the upper quarter of his screen, reading "sold out". You rubbed your groggy eyes and pushed yourself onto your feet to approach the distressed demon. "Levi, what's wrong?" Levi growled and punched his desk, causing Mammon to jump to his feet, ready to defend if needed, and you to take a step back. "The ultra-ultra rare, limited edition, Ruri-Chan doll that was only for sale today is sold out! I've been waiting MONTHS for its release, and I set an alarm and everything!" Levi's bottom lip trembled as tears formed in his overly tired eyes, "B-But I must have slept through it due to the all-nighter we pulled watching The Seven Lords last night," he squeezed his eyes shut as his hands wove their way through his hair gripped tightly onto the purple locks. "Gah! I'm so stupid!"
You rushed over to Levi, and gently placed your hands on his to carefully pry his hands from his hair. "Hey, hey! Levi, listen to me. You aren't stupid. You had fun last night, right? You probably just forgot. It happens to the best of us. Can't you see if it's for sale somewhere else maybe?" Levi's tears poured heavier down his cheeks. You could feel your heartbreak at the exhaustion and disappointment that laid behind them. "It's not for sale anywhere else. The developers were the only ones releasing the doll, and they only made 200 of them. If I wanted to get one now, I'd have to go to some kind of underground auction, but even then it'll be disgustingly overpriced and-" he was cut off as several broken sobs tore their way through his throat and he squeezed tightly onto your hands. "I can't get it. I won't be able to get it now." You pulled Levi into your arms and glanced back at Mammon. The second-born had a strange look on his face before he caught your stare. He smiled awkwardly at you and gestured to the door. "You seem to have this under control, MC. I'm gonna let the others know that Levi isn't really dyin'-" "Yes I am! My soul has been shattered, never to be rebuilt again!" "-and that he's just havin' another nerd breakdown," he sighed and walked towards the door. "You look after him; I'll look after the others." "Wha- Mammon!" but it was too late. Mammon had already taken off. You spent the next few days comforting a "grieving" Levi and worked on trying to get the otaku back onto his feet, but nothing seemed to be working. You were running out of ideas on ways to cheer him up when his bedroom door swung open. Mammon stood in the doorway, shades on, collar popped, looking almost too casual and nonchalant for it to be genuine. "Hey. I just got back from an auction, and when I thought I was bettin' on some super cool diamond-encrusted watch, it turns out I got the numbers mixed up and betted on some lame doll," he chucked a pink box at Levi, who fumbled before catching it. "You collect toys, or whatever, right? I figured you'd get more use outta it than me." Levi's breath hitched as he looked closely at the box. There in his hands, still in the original, unopened packaging, was the ultra-ultra-rare, limited edition Ruri-Chan doll. What's more, according to the label and authorized signature on the back, this was the factory floor test model making it even more valuable! "This...This isn't some 'lame' doll, Mammon!!! This is the Ruri-Chan ultra-ultra rare, limited edition doll test model, and you just thew it like it's trash?!?!" Mammon shrugged and pushed off of the door frame. "Does that mean it's special or something? It's just a toy." "Just-Just a toy?" your eyes widen as Levi set down the doll and burst into his demon form. "JUST A TOY?!?! MAMMON!!!!" You caught a glimpse of his face breaking out into a wide, satisfied, grin before he took off fleeing from a rampaging Levi.
2) Satan and Belphegor
"I know it was one of you two! This whole trap has one of your pranks written all over it! Now admit that you had set up a prank to harm me, resulting in the shattering of an ancient, irreplaceable vase, and perhaps I will go easy on your punishment." Satan glared up at Lucifer. "How can you be so certain it was one of us?" Belphie shrugged, "I was stargazing all night and Satan was helping me with some research on astrology. We were in the planetarium all night. It couldn't have been us." Lucifer scoffed and crossed his arms. "You seriously expect me to believe that? Your only alibis are each other." Satan growled and curled his hands into fists. If the prank had gone as plan and hit Lucifer instead of that stupid vase they wouldn't even be having this discussion. Lucifer sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. "Look you can either come clean or-" "Wait, are you guys talking about my Coin Fairy trap?" Everyone whipped around to see Mammon looking uneasily between the three of them. Lucifer scowled and raised an eyebrow at him. "You're what?" Mammon glanced at Satan and Belphie. A strange shine of certainty flickered through his cyan eyes before he focused back on Lucifer. "Ya know, the Coin Fairy! Geez, I thought everyone knew about it." Lucifer looked up the ceiling murmuring under his breath in impatience. "What in the seven rings are you talking about, Mammon? Whatever it is, please get to the point. I am in the middle of something here." "Okay, okay! Since ya don't know, I guess I don't mind tellin' ya," as Mammon spoke, he slowly and casually moved himself in between Lucifer and Satan and Belphegor. "Ya see, I was readin' one of those human world books that MC has the other day, and it was goin' on about this story of a fairy that comes and just gives people money if they leave a small bone under their pillow! Pretty neat huh?" Lucifer looked at Mammon as though he had two heads. "Are you talking about the mythological creature of the Tooth Fairy?" Mammon put on a complexed expression on his face while one of his hands rested on his chin. "Nah. I'm pretty sure it was called the Coin Fairy," without Lucifer realizing, one of Mammon's hands went behind his back and began to gesture for Satan and Belphegor to leave. The two younger brothers looked at each other, and then at Mammon. He had to be wanting something in return for this. Surely he wasn't such an idiot to put himself in front of Lucifer's wrath without anything to gain. He had to be doing this for something. Regardless, the best course of action for the two of them at the moment was to take advantage of the situation and leave. As the guilty party began to make their way out of the room, Mammon continued his story. "Anyway, I figured I'd try catching it. Why would I just take one stupid coin when I could get it to give me its entire stash! Am I right? So I, and don't get mad or anythin', but I took a tooth from that skeleton you have up in your room and set up this trap to catch the fairy!" There was believable excitement in Mammon's tone, but just as Satan was leaving the room, he noted how Mammon shifted his weight on his feet, clearly ready to run, and the slight tremble in his hands. "You guys said I trap went off. That means I caught it, right?" "MAMOOOOOOON!!!" There was a yelp from Mammon before the white-haired figure took off through the House of Lamentation, leading the angry Lucifer away from Satan and Belphegor. That night he was strung up on the chandelier. If anyone noticed that he hadn't complained once the entire night, they didn't say anything.
3) Asmodeus
Asmodeus slammed the dining-room door behind him as he stormed into the room and threw himself into his chair. He began to aggressively scoop small portions of food onto his plate as silent tears rolled down his cheeks. His brothers exchanged glances with one another before Satan spoke up. "Is everything alright, Asmodeus?"
Asmo scoffed and glared at him. "Yes, Satan. Everything is perfect. It's wonderful. It's just fan-fucking-tastic!"
Everyone leaned back at the sheer amount of anger and sarcasm that radiated off of Asmo's broken voice. The fifth born growled and violently stabbed a piece of broccoli with his fork. "Why would I even want to model for Devil Style anyway?! It's not like I need them, or anyone for that matter! I'm fabulous without them! I don't need them! Or those stupid haters on DevilTube! Or anybody!" His growls turned into a shriek as his fork bent beneath his hand. Asmo let out a fury-filled scream and threw the fork across the room before storming out, cursing to himself as he did. Everyone stared at the place where the demon once sat in silence. "So...should we go after him?" Beel asked through a mouthful of food. Lucifer sighed and dismissed the thought with a wave of his hand. "No. He's too upset right now. I'll check in on him later. Just...let him get it out of his system." Satan rolled his eyes at Lucifer's words and grabbed Asmo's abused plate. "I'm going to pack this up for him so that, at the very least he'll have something to eat later." "He won't want to eat. You know that." Lucifer only got flipped off from Satan, in response, as he left towards the kitchens. You awkwardly sat in the tension-filled room and looked at a surprisingly calm Mammon. "Does this happen often?" Mammon shrugged and took out his D.D.D. "Every now and then. Mainly when Asmo hasn't been getting the amount of praise that he'd prefer from his fans or if things aren't really going his way. He doesn't take rejection well." A glance down at Mammon's device told you that he was opening up DevilTube. You frowned and looked at him. "Is there anything we can do to help?" Mammon paused and looked at you. There was a knowing smile graced his lips, though a certain kind of sadness lingered in his eyes. "Trust me, MC. Everything will work out. I promise." A couple days later, the dining room doors slammed open once more as a humming Asmo practically waltzed into the dining room. As he reached your chair, he scooped you up into his arms and brought you into an impromptu dance with him. You giggled at the demon's antics. "Asmodeus, what's got you in such a good mood?" He laughed brightly and kissed your cheek before setting you back down into your chair. "Well there has been a movement within my fans lately, of them defending me against those monstrous haters and I've been practically swimming in praise. Which, can you blame them? Look at me, I'm perfect."
Satan smiled and rolled his eyes as Asmodeus leaned onto his chair and dramatically flicked his hair. "So they've come to their senses then?" "Yes! And they're not the only ones! You are looking at the new cover model for Majolish!" Everyone congratulated and cheered for Asmodeus, Beel even got up and mentioned something about Demonous. But while everyone celebrated, you blinked at Asmo in shock and looked over at Mammon confused. Mammon stared at his plate with a sad little smile while playing with his food. You leaned over to him. "Mammon?" you whispered. He glanced up at you. "I thought you were the new cover model for Majolish? You had been talking to me about how excited you were about it all week?" Mammon dropped his gaze back to his plate. "There's other gigs. Besides, it's not that big of a deal. Asmo needed it more than I did." You opened your mouth to protest but were dragged into the party by an over-excited Asmodeus before you had the chance. Throughout the night, you kept glancing back at a notably melancholy Mammon.
4) Beelzebub
You and Beel were tearing apart the locker room frantically searching for the missing red duffle bag. "I'm sure it's here somewhere! It's gotta be!" You exclaimed as you quickly opened and closed lockers. Beel groaned and shook his head. "We've been looking for a half hour now MC. The team'll be almost done warm up now. I must've forgotten my gear bag at the House," he sighed as his shoulders dropped in defeat. "Come on. You have to get out of here before warm-up ends, and I have to tell Coach that I can't play this game." You gave him a sympathetic smile as you closed a locker door and followed Beel out of the locker rooms. As the coach caught sight of the two of you, he frowned and waved you both over. "Beelzebub, care to tell me why you're not in uniform?" Beel looked down shamefully. You gently placed a hand on his back in support. "I forgot my equipment Coach. I'm sorry." The Coach's eyes widened. "I'm sorry, you forgot your equipment?! Beelzebub, this is the quarter-finals!! What am I supposed to do without my best defenseman out there, huh?!" Beel winced and looked at his coach apologetically. "I know. I messed up. I can make it up-" "And just how do you plan on doing that?! Huh?!" The coach swore as he ran a hand through his blading hair. He shook his head before his eyes fell on you. His gaze hardened and his jaw clenched. "You know, Beel's been getting all kinds of distracted since you started showin' up to our practices and games."
Beel's head snapped up as the coach started to address you and he quickly stepped between the two of you. "Now hold on just a-" Beel never got the chance to finish his sentence. The sound of squealing tires and the scent of burning rubber filled the air. A streak of bright yellow ripped into the parking lot next to the stands and drifted to a stop. A wide-eyed Mammon popped his head out of the golden convertible's window, and he waved to the two of you. "Hey Meathead!!" He called out to Beel. He reached one hand into the car. "You forgot your stuff!" Single-handedly, Mammon grabbed a red duffle bag from inside the vehicle and biffed it over the fence into the field. The coach stared at the bag and Mammon in shock, while you grinned and waved at Mammon. "You're a lifesaver, Mams!"
Though you couldn't hear him over the roar of his car's engine, Mammon stuttered and blushed before waving off your thanks and tearing out of the parking lot. As Beel got ready for the game, he smiled softly at the handful of protein bars, shakes, and his special "pre-game" trail mix that Mammon had apparently thrown into his bag for him. That smile grew even wider once he was out on the field, and he noticed a yellow convertible watching from the parking lot.
5) Lucifer
Lucifer let out a long tired sigh and let his head fall onto his desk as he held his glasses in one hand. He had been doing nothing but paperwork for the past 48 hours and wanted nothing more than to sleep. He could barely keep his eyes open and head up, and yet he knew that he had to stay awake. It was his turn to cook supper, and if he didn't act soon, Beel would go on a rampage. He propped his head onto his arm and peered over at his phone. It was extremely tempting to just order take out from Hell's Kitchen, but after 48 hours of nothing but coffee, energy drinks, and princess poison apples, Lucifer knew he was in dire need of real food. With a groan, he pushed himself out of his chair, cracking several joints as he did. For the first time in at least five hours, he walked away from his desk and left his office. As Lucifer dragged himself towards the kitchen, the sent chili spices flooded his nostrils as a symphony of something boiling and pots clattering reached his ears. Fearing that he had been too late, and Beel had already begun to destroy the kitchen, Lucifer used what little energy he had to rush towards the scene. When he arrived, he was surprised to see Mammon cooking on the stove wearing the "kiss the chef" apron that Asmo had bought but seldom used after Lucifer banned him from wearing it in the buff. Lucifer's eyes widened as he spotted the extra-large pot of chilli that Mammon seemed to be making, and the bowl of salad that he had set out another counter. He blinked at the sight several times before clearing his throat. Mammon merely raised an eyebrow at him. "What? Ya gotta problem with what I'm makin' for dinner? Chilli ain't good enough for you, your highness?" The eldest frowned and glanced at the calendar, double-checking that it was in fact, his day to cook. "That's not the problem. The problem is that it's not your day to cook. It's mine." Mammon froze and whipped around to look at the calendar with almost comedic exaggeration. "What? No way! It's my day!" Lucifer huffed and tiredly pointed to the day's date on the calendar, which clearly had his name written on it. Mammon stared at it for a moment. "Huh. Guess I got the days mixed up," he glanced back at the pot of chilli and chuckled. "Well, supper's basically cooked already. No point of lettin' the food go to waste. I might as well finish up in here, and you can cook another day." Too tired and too relieved to argue, Lucifer grunted and left the room, missing the smirk that Mammon gave his retreating form.
+1) They take care of him
You fretted around the kitchen with a worried frown on your face, and lightly trembling hands. You quickly and carefully gathered select items; Hell-Sauce Noodles, a bottle of water, a tall mug of extra dark hot chocolate with whip cream, and a few random bags of comfort foods. With the tray loaded, you urgently began to make your way back to Mammon's room when you almost ran into Asmodeus. The Avatar of Lust quickly caught you and your tray and chuckled at your clumsiness. "Where's the fire, darling? What's got you all hot and bothered?" You huffed in impatience and glanced around to make sure nothing fell off of the tray. "Mammon's having a bad day. I'm putting together a comfort package to help make the day a little easier." Much to your surprise, your words weren't returned with a look of concern or even shock. Instead, Asmodeus began laughing loudly and nearly doubled over in effort. You frowned as you felt anger in Mammon's defence bubble up within you. "Oh sweetie," Asmo breathed as he wiped tears from his eyes. "Mammon doesn't have 'bad days'. It's just not him. He's probably just faking to get you to dote over him," he smirked and plucked one of the chocolate cover strawberries from your tray and popped it into his mouth. "Wouldn't you rather pamper me? I'll make it worth your time." You snarled and tore yourself away from Asmodeus. "Seriously? Your not even going to pretend to be concerned?" you scoffed in disgust at Asmo's shocked expression. "You seriously disgust me sometimes, you know that? He does nothing but look out for you guys and try and help you and this is the thanks he gets?" Now Asmo looked even more confused. He opened his mouth to retaliate but was interrupted by Lucifer. "What's going on in here?" Asmodeus rolled his eyes and gestured to your tray. "Apparently Mammon is having a 'bad day'."
Lucifer tensed at Asmodeus's words and looked over at you with analyzing and serious eyes. "Take me to him." You sighed heavily and nodded, leading the way towards Mammon's room as Asmo squawked in protest. As you arrived, you gave Lucifer a stern look before opening Mammon's bedroom door. Sitting in the dark, trembling, tangled in the blankets of his bed, was a teary-eyed, clearly shaken Mammon. His head snapped up at the sudden noise, as he looked at you and his brother with wide frantic eyes. Lucifer inhaled sharply at seeing Mammon so distraught, while you sighed and moved into action.
You gently placed the tray on the side table and sat down beside him, placing a delicate arm around his quivering shoulders. "I'm sorry," you whispered softly to him. "He followed me here. I can make him leave if you want?" Mammon simply whined and placed his head on your shoulder. Lucifer moving forward caught your attention. You glared at the eldest, daring him to say something bad about the demon in your arms. Lucifer's eyes pooled with pity and guilt as he knelt down by the bed. The words that came out of his mouth weren't mocking, or harsh, or judgemental. Instead, he only said one word: "Nightmare?" Mammon let out a choked sob and nodded as he clung on to you tighter. Lucifer nodded and sat down on Mammon's other side, silently pulling him in close. You watched in near awe, as Lucifer's expression shifted into one of familial protectiveness and held a softness that you had never seen him bear to anyone, let alone Mammon. As though something inside of him broke, Mammon collapsed into Lucifer's arms letting out heart-clenching wails as he clung onto his older brother's cloak. Lucifer's arms tightened around him as he curled in around him. "Your always taking care of us," Lucifer spoke gently, running a hand through Mammon's hair. "Always being strong, taking the brunt of everything, sacrificing yourself for the others," the eldest closed his eyes and just held his younger brother for a moment. "Let us take care of you for once." Your lips parted in shock at the sincere, emotion-filled scene. Mammon gave the smallest of nods as he seemed to curl into himself even more. Lucifer sighed and glanced over at you. "Will you get the others? Tell them Mammon needs their help." You frowned deeply at the instructions, "But Asmo-" "Was deflecting and jealous that you were putting your attention elsewhere. I assure you he would've had a very different reaction if he knew you were serious," Lucifer smiled gently at you. "We may not act like it sometimes, but we do love and care for each other. Just...tell them he had a bad nightmare. They all know better than to joke about that." You weren't sure if it was the desperation or sincerity in Lucifer's tone, or maybe it was the way that for the first time since you found him screaming this morning, Mammon was finally starting to calm down, but you believed Lucifer.
You reluctantly let go of Mammon and went to get the others.
Just as Lucifer had said, each of them took the news with grim seriousness. Asmo paled and looked like he was going to be sick when you told him. When you returned to Mammon's room, you found him asleep in the middle of a cuddle pile, surrounded by his brothers with a small smile on his face. You chuckled and leaned against the doorframe. You had always thought that Mammon's actions towards his brothers went unnoticed, but seeing them all like this, told you otherwise. They all knew exactly what Mammon did for them, and they were all extremely grateful for the brother that they adored. ***There ya have it! We get some fluff! We get some angst! We have some comfort! Honestly, this fic kinda has it all. 😅 I hope you guys enjoyed it! Thank you so much @hangryweeb for the great prompt! It was a treat to write once I realized what I wanted to do with it! *** Taglist: @thegrimgrinningghost @henry-and-the-seven-lords @satans-beloved-riv @cosmixbun @sufzku @simeonspebble @victoireshaven @obey-mes-treasure @kissed-by-a-dementor @yukihaie @justtiarra @mammoneybb @obeys-world @poly-bi-mf @armycandy10 @burrixino
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lonesome-lakan · 7 days ago
i didn’t wanna rb this from the op because like i don’t need drama but
Tumblr media
[IMAGE ID: a screenshot of generic black text on a white background that reads: “If you want to say “ I killed Vulpes for fun” pls do not use the Vulpes tag thank you” END ID]
he’s a fascist and i killed him for fun
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headspace-hotel · 25 days ago
thinking to myself “I’m in the mood to fuck my characters up” and realizing that my protagonist got shrapnel from a land mine dug out of her leg in the last chapter. what else is there
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xeebs · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
here’s Lira!! (a.k.a. Lovestruck) 💘💌🕊
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