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#comfort character

I was gonna make a post about kokichi but then i thought abotu him too hard and my brain turned to putty and just,,,,,,, him, my fiance, my soulmate, the love of my absolute life, i love him.

so like,,,,,,,,
i keep looking at his outfit in the 10th anniversary art and while he does absolutely, with out a doubt, look like he’d signing up for the Italian mafia or something like that, i absolutely love his suit and i wouldn’t be surprised if he wore it to me and his wedding.

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bitches be seeing the first snow and imagining spending the day with their comfort character it’s me i’m bitches

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tell me your comfort character from the maze runner series and I’ll give you an oddly specific aesthetic

[ to be continued ]


➯ minho

the very first rays of sunlight after a night of downpour and violent wind; puffs of clouds on azure morning skies; the city sleeping still, empty streets; crisp air making you dizzy; taking the empty subway together; freshly brewed coffee; no errands to run, no responsibilities; going back to bed and sleeping in till midday; gentle forehead kisses; polaroids tucked behind the mirror frame;


➯ newt

stargazing as you stroll, hand in hand; a vinyl shop, long closed and vacant as the moonrays peak through the tall windows; walking at night without an ounce of fear in your brain; flickering lights and graffiti on the walls; being frustrated as the moon is never nearly half as pretty and mesmerizing in pictures; dialing random numbers on a payphone and reciting sweet poetry to whoever picks up; late night drives with the windows down; hands intertwined and warm;


➯ thomas

driving for snacks at 3 a.m.; kissing as the sun sets; empty gas stations; tall apartment buildings that exist in the silence of night, soft neon lights spilling from every window; promises and sweet nothings at midnight; the colors of dusk and dawn; nostalgia in your eyes as you look through old pictures; cold sheets and warm breaths; the gentle ocean breeze brushing your face, making it flush; being barefoot on the beach; silhouettes in the thick fog, ephemeral and obscure;


➯ gally

the sun, bright and warm on the eyes, waking you up through the curtains; calm skies whispering freedom; dried flower petals scattered across the parquet; the moon still visible in the morning, though almost translucent and thin; checking the time, realizing it’s still early; cuddling under soft, soft blankets; old books stacked on the floor; drawings hung on the walls; breakfast in bed; half-mouthed ‘good morning’s; no sound of traffic; living in a quiet town;



living by the beach; overcast sky and subtle rain dripping down the window glass; hugs from behind; a cup of steaming tea in your hands, the porcelain barely burning on the skin; gazing through the windows as fog cascades down the cliffs; reading a book in the light of the dimmed sun; cold sand; resting your head on his shoulder; scented candles on the table; the feeling of being safe, away from the rest of the world in your own sanctuary of a home;

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Originally posted by ofallingstar

Hey all! I just saw a cool tiktok about being pen-pals with characters you like/admire. I’ve seen people selling this type of things on etsy and it got me thinking. If there is a comfort character that you would really like a letter from I would be happy to write you one. These are the show/movies I can write from

Criminal Minds


Dr. Who. 

Star Wars

Star Trek

Good Omens 

Black Butler

Attack on Titan

Yuri On Ice

Lord of the Rings

Pride and Prejudice 

I can email or physically mail a letter to you  or write to you on here, I promise confidentiality – I’m not here to scam anyone; I’m also not asking for any money for this endeavor. I really just like getting into character and writing from their POV. If you are interested feel free to message me here on Tumbr or private message me on  my Instagram @a.z.fellandco 

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does anyone else have a moment where their just like “wait when the f*ck did I say that?”

like, I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned who my comfort character is but people know it apparently, like, is it painfully obvious who it is? yes, but I was still spooped that someone knew LIKE WHO THE F*CK TOLD YOU THAT-

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My custom letter from Kylo came in the mail today so i thought i’d post a few photos of it :))

btw i bought this letter from empressrencreations on etsy

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Huh. Just realized why Remus has been my favorite Sanders Side lately. I mean, I used to like Virgil, then Janus, but now its Remus. I liked Virgil because he was the black sheep just trying to protect everyone like me, Janus because lying isnt inherently bad and saved me a lot because trauma, but now its Remus.

I like Remus the most right now because he’s abrasively himself despite what others would like him to be. He’s incomplete, but completely himself. He’s all the weird, dark, and gross stuff that most people dont really want to talk or think about. But hes there. He exists, and he does talk and think about whatever he likes.

He makes me feel better about myself. I like to think about weird things, like what if you used human skin as a canvas? How would paint/painting with blood look on it? Or writing disturbing things like people nearly drowning in cats of blood or prying open ribcages with your bare hands.

I mean, I stopped writing and drawing creepy things and I stopped hypotheticals like the ones above that were “disturbing”. But I only did because of a short story I wrote for school. I showed it to my teacher, mom, and friends. My mom and friends told me I was a psycho and suggested I should be put in a mental hospital. It really hurt. I put so much effort into the story and rewrote it 3 times to make sure it was perfect.

But what they said really crushed me. I havent been able to write enthusiastically since. Or anything dark like that since. I’ve only been able to write more fluffy stuff since then, and I dont entirely care for it. When I write it, it rushes more effort and energy because I’m writing for an imaginary audience instead of writing for me. My creativity feels like it broke.

So I guess that’s why I’m taking more comfort in Remus lately. And why I’ve had nightmares and uneasy feelings towards Patton. I didnt really begin to realise until my nightmare about Patton. But I couldn’t get it out of my head and here we are.

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If any of y'all know some good Isaac Foster x Reader or Tokoyami x Reader comfort/hurt or basic fluff oneshots or headcannons, please send them my way.

I’ve had a rough day and I just want some immersive fics with my comfort characters. ;-;

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Does anyone on tumblr do comfort character stuff? I’m feeling really low with my life.

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stupid idiot I am in luv with u

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Vanellope and turbo are dating and you can’t stop me, they hold hands, do races together and they kiss

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Also I have seven pages worth of sketches of margie and some player characters in the campaign… A a singular other npc

Quinn and lawrence belongs to @youronlydrpepper

Peyton (the other short person) belongs to @oilliepop

Scott, calvin(the toddler) and georgette(the one walking in on the cookie raid) belongs to @elementalgod-aj

Oh I can’t forget indrid too who belongs to our dm @ahjones94

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