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st4rlady · 2 days ago
Bitches will say "this is my comfort character!!!" and show you a character who doesn't experience comfort in years
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diaryoflife · 2 days ago
Y/N: Am I going too far?
Natasha: No, no, no. You went too far about seven hours ago. Now you're going to prison.
*Y/N pauses and then just shrugs*
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Imagine your f/o asking your what your favorite color is. Every once in a while, they make sure to buy you something they think you'll enjoy in that color. Soon enough, you have a collection of items scattered throughout. A reminder of their attentiveness and appreciation for you!
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clementineknowsbest · a day ago
bitches be like “he’s my comfort character” and it’s either an eldritch abomination or some white guy
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dougpls · a day ago
Good morning Dolts 🔩🌹
Tumblr media
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bimarvellover · a day ago
"I can make them better."
"I can make them worse."
Bitch stfu, I can hold them and call them mine
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natashas-girl · a day ago
Your girlfriend hit you with that electric thingy and you fell to the ground. Struggling from the shock, you got up and ran towards the cliff.
Natasha will live Natasha will live.
Natasha tackled you, sending you both tumbling off the cliff. At the last minute you grabbed on to a tree branch (idk?) jutting out from the side of the cliff. Your other hand wrapped around Natasha's wrist. 
"Natty- please," you said, tears running down your face. 
"Y/n," she whispered calmly, "let me go,"
"No! N-natasha-" you sobbed, gripping her wrist tighter. 
"I love you, y/n," she said, "but you need to let me go."
"Please." You met her eyes.
"It's okay," she whispered. 
And then she fell.
-not a time skip but not not a time skip-
You shot out of bed, your heart pounding in your chest. It slowed a little when you realized that Natasha was next to you, still asleep and breathing. 
You quietly snuck out to get a glass of water and clear your head, tiptoeing so you wouldn't wake Natasha. When you got back she was still asleep, her chest rising and falling rhythmically. You crawled into bed trying not to wake her up. 
"Y/n?" You heard her say.
"Yeah, Tasha?" 
"Why are you up?" She asked, concern spreading across her face in the dark.
"I had a nightmare," you confessed. 
"Do you wanna talk about it?"
"Well. . ." You took a deep breath, "there was a cliff and- we were there. And you- you. . ."  You buried your face in her shoulder with a sob. 
"Shh, shh. . . Its okay, y/n, it's okay." She hugged you. <3
"Tasha. . . I've had that same dream before. I could never, ever, ever . . ." You cried harder, "lose you." 
"Don't worry, y/n" she said, "I'm not going anywhere. It wasn't real." She kissed your forehead, "it was just a dream."
You pulled the covers over you and Natasha's shoulders, suddenly cold. 
"Just sleep, y/n. I'm right here, I'll protect you." 
And your fell asleep with Natasha's arms wrapped around your shoulders.
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amikkocreator · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Asume things about me based on my comfort characters
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conspicuous-clown-car · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
sumn new stuff :]
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ihavenolife346 · 23 hours ago
Helping hand
Younger Vance Hopper x Younger f!reader
Summary: When Vance was younger, he used to get bullied a lot. That’s why he got so mean once he learned how to defend himself. When Vance was 12, he met a girl Y/N Y/L/N when he was getting beat up by some older kids. Nobody fucked with Y/N, despite her only being 12, people were scared of her. Which is why Vance couldn’t understand why she had helped him.
Warning: Will contain swearing, f slurs, and bullying
Tumblr media
“Shit, shit, shit.” The young 12 year old boy mumbled to himself, practically running for his life from a group of kids a year older than him. “Hey faggot! Get over here and get what coming to you!” The main boy if the group yelled for the younger blond. “Fucker.” Vance mumbled, trying to make it to the park, only to find himself face first on the concrete. “What the hell did we tell you?! Stop running and this won’t hurt as much.” The meanest of the group stood over him, kicking the boy in the side. “Fuck you.” Vance spat, looking the same boy right in the eyes.
“Well someone’s feeling brave today aren’t you!” The boy exclaimed, kicking Vance in the side once again. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Vance tried to plead, feeling another kick from the other side. “Have at him boys, show him what he gets got running.” The main boy told his little workers, allowing them to have at it. “Please, please, I won’t do it again.” Vance cried, covering his head with his arms, feeling multiple kicks on his stomach, side, and a punch or two trying for his face. “This is what you get for running fag.” Vance heard the main boy yell at him, his voice being muffled form his cries.
“Hey dipshits!” Vance somehow heard a female voice call out. “Fuck.” One of the boys who was about to kick him again cursed, immediately stepping back from the boy along with his friends right after. “Mind telling me what the hell is going on?” Y/N glared at the four of them as she walked closer and closer, eyes staying on Vance who didn’t dare move. “We were uh… we were just messing around. Weren’t we Vance?” The main boy came up with a lie, looking to Vance who was now looking directly at the girl. “I Uh…” Vance stumbled over his words. “It sure as shot didn’t seem like you guys were just messing around. Now how about you let… Vance was it? Speak for himself.” Y/N asked, looking at the boy with sympathy. “Y-yea. It’s Vance. Um we weren’t messing around. I had accidentally bumped into him while I was walking home from the gas station, they started chasing me, and now I’m here.” Vance explained, looking at the main boy.
“Well now that’s just lovely! You did this…” Y/N started, pointing to Vance’s now busted lip, swollen eye, and bloody nose. “All because he accidentally ran into you? That’s just a dick move.” Y/N sighed, pushing two of the boys out of the way so she could get to Vance easier, stopping right in front of him. “Now how about you boys run along.” Y/N changed her mood completely, letting them off the hook. “T-thank you.” The first boy she pushed away thanked her, following his friend out of the park. “You.” Y/N placed her hand on the main boys chest, stopping him from walking passed her. “I swear to god I see of figure out you or any of your friends have been fucking with him… I will make your life actual hell.” Y/N threatened, getting a nod from the boy quickly, only to shove him forward, allowing him to leave.
“So Vance… how long has this been happening?” Y/N offered her hand to help him up. “I-uh, ever since school started.” Vance hesitantly grabbed her hand, pulling himself off the ground with her help. “Sorry I didn’t notice it sooner. They won’t fuck with you anymore.” Y/N gave an awkward smile. “Uh, yea. Thanks for that.” Vance nodded, feeling the girls grip on his hand tighten. “No problem. Now let’s get you cleaned up. My house is just down the block.” Y/N started pulling him along with her. “Why are you helping me?” Vance bursted out, tugging along with the girl. “Because Vance, I can tell when people deserve it and when they don’t. You my friend didn’t and don’t deserve it.” Y/N spoke, not even bothering to look back at him. “Friend?” Vance asked, making Y/N stop in her tracks. “I mean if you wanna be. You seem like a decent kid. And I don’t have friends, everyone’s scared of me. So only if you want to.” Y/N gave the quick explanation, facing him. “Uh… yea. I’d like that.” Vance gave a soft smile, not believing the fact that he had just befriended the one girl everyone is scared of. “Ok then. I guess we’re friends now.” Y/N nodded, continuing to drag him to her house.
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munsons-babe · a day ago
Okay. So it's time to add my piece.
What the fuck have these sainted souls who pretend to be OUR comfort characters ever done to you? A lot of people actually NEED to interact with these accounts so they don't get too depressed and end up de4d. Consider others' feelings, why dontcha?
AND THEN you don't have the balls to come off of Anonymous. Because you're selfish and don't want to get reported for the ABSOLUTE SHIT you're saying? Seriously? If that isn't an indicator that you shouldn't be saying it, I don't know what is.
I mean... so many already have taken a "leave of absence" for this shit. I've had to COMFORT my COMFORT CHARACTERS because the people behind the screen were being told to k!ll themselves.
Don't you people have anything better to do? If you're that unhappy, go see a fucking therapist. Don't take it out on strangers.
Also, I want to say a huge thank you to @nancywheeler86 @eddiemuns0n86 @mostmetalfreak @jonathan-byerss @eddie-86-munson @stevethemomharrington @dustinh3nders0n @kingharringtonsteve @robbinbbuckley @rotnblood @theharringtxn @eddiemunsons-girl (because i know you got hate too) @yourrobinbuckley @officialmunson @puppetmastereddie666 @vecnaafterhours @nancythewheeler @munsonthemisfit @mastermunson86 @master-munson @chrissyisawake-deactivated20220 @corrodedcoffinchrissy and whoever else I missed, for doing everything you do for us. I swear to god, you are all angels send from heaven. Don't listen to the haters.
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contraryclobo · 3 days ago
When the funny comfort character fancam!!
This song literally sounds like them I had to
My bby boys <33
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diaryoflife · a day ago
Natasha, driving Y/N and Tony back to the compound : So how was your sibling day?
Y/N: We almost got surprise adopted!
Natasha: What?
Tony: We almost got kidnapped.
Natasha: Oh, okay.
Natasha, slamming on the breaks: Wait what?!
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Imagine your f/o strolling through a beautiful field of flowers with you. The nice, warm sun gently beams upon you two. Stopping for a second, they bend down to pick up a delicate flower. Smiling brightly, they giggle and put it behind your ear. "Wonderful." They mumble happily, taking your hand as you two walk further together.
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valkyrie-of-the-light · 16 days ago
🕯 🕯 🕯
🕯 May you have the 🕯
🕯 absolute thirstiest 🕯
🕯 of thirst dreams of 🕯
🕯 whatever fictional 🕯
🕯 character you’re 🕯
🕯 hyper-fixating on at 🕯
🕯 the moment 🕯
🕯 🕯 🕯
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huntermybeloved · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
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idontmakeitintosundance · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
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