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stardust948 · 8 months ago
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brekker-by-brekkerr · 3 months ago
comfort things tag game
hey you. you’re lovely and i’m glad you’re a part of the world :) 
anyways sometimes it’s just nice to do things that comfort you. if you have the time. so let’s tag some people and talk about our comfort things yeah?
here’s mine:
comfort show: gilmore girls
comfort movie: any pixar movie but to be specific monster’s inc. also tangled, love rosie, the to all the boys trilogy, the twilight saga
comfort book: cress by marissa meyer. or a cute rom com like people we meet on vacation or tweet cute or anything by morgan matson
comfort article of clothing: cozy sweatshirt or this one super soft yellow babydoll dress
comfort song: don’t worry baby cover by the brook & the bluff or briggs by mike mains & the branches
comfort place: anywhere with my friends or at barnes & noble. the best day ever involves both <3
comfort food: macaroni cheese
tagging, only if you’d like: @bouquet-of-wilting-violets @fangirlforever-15 @vrakali @mel-street @lovedust4starlust @mszenik @kaztiel-angelofthetimelord @kanerallels @look-up-to-the-skies-and-see @thatonecrowguy @galwithalibrarycard @twentythreesuns @sisterofartemis and anyone else who sees this and wants in!!
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rustic-space-fiddle · 6 months ago
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Just a Jimbo sketch because drawing has been hard lately but Treasure Planet is always gentle on my brain
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ramenana · 3 months ago
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can i keep you ?
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v4mpb0t · 8 months ago
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Some photos from a movie program given out in theatres for Swiss Army Man (2016) in Japan. This is one of the most interesting things I own and I absolutely adore it. It is filled with exclusive photos, interviews, and information! My personal favorite portion comes from an interview with Dan Radcliffe, it is an impeccable way of describing his character and the experiences Manny goes through, he states
“Manny came to save Hank, he’s a weird angel. A person who embodies kindness and curiosity, he learns a lot as the film progresses, and although he was childish at first, he matures rapidly. What does he experience? I don’t know, but it’s a human tragedy that’s obvious to the eye. One of the beautiful and tragic things in this movie is that Manny’s innocence is gradually lost”
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andy-deer · 3 months ago
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whereisthebigstabbyman · 2 months ago
I just love the movie Practical magic. It's about when they saw a lady from the town asked for a love spell and pierced a bird without hesitation, then realisng love can be overwhelming and violent, Sally hoped to never get in love so she would never be hurt and thus was destined to lose a loved one, Gillian couldn't wait to get in love because she was mesmerised by the dramatic and obsessive nature of love and thus did not turn away from an aggressive and intense man.
It's about sitting in front of a fireplace in your pajamas and talk about boys. It's about meeting late night at the kitchen, talking some more about boys in a scandalous way with the help of margaritas.
It's about wanting to be as pretty as Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman in those outfits.
It's about the letters between two sisters being so vulnerable. It's about how the same letters attracted the man she cast a spell on when she was little, when she thought such a man couldn't exist.
It's about having the kitchen directly connected to the beautiful garden. There is just this tenderness about planting and caring the ingredients you need for spells. And kitchen is always about love. It makes you questions why haven't more people put these 2 spaces together.
It's about when it comes to a terrible ex boyfriend, a whole town of women, even the women who hated you, would come to your aid. It’s about enviable sisterly love so strong that breaks generational curse.
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chrisdoesanart · 8 months ago
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Woah! Can’t believe they’re on a date! :0
i decided to try a new way to color, and I really like how it came out!!!!!
i care these three SO MUCH it hurts <3
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m00n-elixir · a year ago
for some reason, i really like the small moments in KFP 3 where a character makes this face. i don’t know what to call it, but it looks oddly cute
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auraclelive · 4 months ago
hiccup is a prime example of the longbottom affect idk how they managed it with an animated character but they really really did
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q-a-a-m · 7 months ago
I fucking hate how attached I get to fictional characters n shit
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S i r ??
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ifuckinglovecamilobro and I know I'm not the only one but still.
But like seriously, if someone that looks like Camilo just...slid into my DMS; I'm fine with that really. Completely, utterly fine :))
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mangoteaart · 2 months ago
I know Princess Mononoke is literally about war and the destruction of nature but it’s the most comforting movie I know
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temporarily-exhausted · 11 months ago
Sir, please, they're my emotional support Italians
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bradshawsbaby · a month ago
Confession time.
Tonight I am seeing top gun in theaters for what is probably the 5th time. I just wanted to see it one last time before it left my local theater next Wednesday. I can't wait to own it. It has quickly become one of my comfort movies and I couldn't stand the thought of not seeing on the big screen at least one more time.
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I just bought tickets to see it again on the Fourth of July! Zero shame!
It definitely is such a comfort movie, and also such an exhilarating movie to see on the big screen. I don’t blame you at all for wanting to see it again before it leaves theaters!
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winterxisxcomingx · 2 months ago
Carmen: No one calls Carmen Elizabeth Juanita Echo Sky Brava Cortez a coward!
Juni: No one's got the time.
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go-catch-a-chickn · 2 months ago
Luca and Alberto but in arctic conditions, just imagine them competing in a husky race and it starts to snow and it's the snowflakes on Alberto's cheeks that give him away
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randommovieeditz · 13 days ago
Ray 😥
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