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brekker-by-brekkerr · 3 months ago
comfort things tag game
hey you. you’re lovely and i’m glad you’re a part of the world :) 
anyways sometimes it’s just nice to do things that comfort you. if you have the time. so let’s tag some people and talk about our comfort things yeah?
here’s mine:
comfort show: gilmore girls
comfort movie: any pixar movie but to be specific monster’s inc. also tangled, love rosie, the to all the boys trilogy, the twilight saga
comfort book: cress by marissa meyer. or a cute rom com like people we meet on vacation or tweet cute or anything by morgan matson
comfort article of clothing: cozy sweatshirt or this one super soft yellow babydoll dress
comfort song: don’t worry baby cover by the brook & the bluff or briggs by mike mains & the branches
comfort place: anywhere with my friends or at barnes & noble. the best day ever involves both <3
comfort food: macaroni cheese
tagging, only if you’d like: @bouquet-of-wilting-violets @fangirlforever-15 @vrakali @mel-street @lovedust4starlust @mszenik @kaztiel-angelofthetimelord @kanerallels @look-up-to-the-skies-and-see @thatonecrowguy @galwithalibrarycard @twentythreesuns @sisterofartemis and anyone else who sees this and wants in!!
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mindthega-p · 4 months ago
things that comfort me <3
wil yeung man's cooking channel
maangchi's cooking channel
tom odell's music, especially the piano tapes
frank watkinson's singing
otis gray's night-time stories sleeping podcast
yuzuru hanyu video compilations like this or this ♡
the yuri on ice anime
dakota warren's channel
grent perez' "sing you to sleep" series
ondo온도's chill vlogs
valerie lin's video essays and painting vlogs
zaypixel's minecraft building tutorials
Tumblr media
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shameless-notashamed · 4 months ago
✨Comfort Tag Game✨
I was tagged by the awesomely wonderful Reign @reignoerme 💖
We can all use a little comfort from time to time, so what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you see the following:
Song: Pretender by Foo Fighters
Band: Foo Fighters & Red Hot Chili Peppers
Movie: Pride & Prejudice (2005)
Actress: Sandra Bullock
Actor: Daniel Radcliffe
TV Show: The Office
Concert Video: Foo Fighters Live at Wembley Stadium
Book: Outlander by Diana Gabaldon
Author: JR Ward
Poem: The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost
Character: Ian Gallagher (Shameless)
Piece of Clothing: Sweat pants
Meal: Chicken Tortilla Soup
Snack: Popcorn
Drink: Diet Coke
Animal: Dog
Room: Bedroom
I’ll be tagging, in no particular order: @annatrow @ianandmickeygallavich @dramaticviolincrescendo @whaticameherefor @sickness-health-all-that-shit @celestialmickey @squidyyy23 @depressedstressedlemonzest @sluttymickey @squirrelfund @vintagelacerosette @gardenerian @gallavictorious @iansw0rld @tear-soaked-cheeksdonteverlast @xninetiestrendx @milkovichism @milkoviched @look-i-love-u @howlinchickhowl @deathclassic @tomorrowillmissyou @sisitrip @y0itsbri @arrowflier @suzy-queued @sleepyfacetoughguy @suchagallabitch @bravemikhailo @tellmegoodbye @gallawitchxx @surviving-maybe @rosemacclare @beebabycastiel @mishervellous @rereadanon @patrooclus @fraddit @thisdivorce @ilostmylifeonline @aeliagioia @silvanshadow @youareintroublenow. Sorry to anyone I missed, but if you see this and would like to do it, consider yourself tagged by me. 💙
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kay-tf-volution · 20 hours ago
So I'm 42 years old and @lelephantsnail is the first person to ever tag me in something like this ever. I legitimately teared up. <3 <3 <3
This is going to be in 3s because I love threes, they're the absolute best number.
Comfort Show:
This changed a lot over the past few years as the actions of Certain Creators soured me on media that hadn't aged well, but of which I still had fond memories. I don't want a ton of TV anyway, but I tend to fall into:
Star Trek: The Next Generation. This is one of the first TV shows I remember watching on purpose every week. Let me tell you that "I am Locutos of Borg" is really goddamn terrifying when you have to wait all damn summer to find out what happens. Actually, my current comfort activity is to play Sims 4 with TNG in the background. I'm doing my first official rewatch all the way through since I was little.
The X-Files. But I stop somewhere in Season 6 usually, and I do not discuss the "reboot" seasons, they're trash.
The Good Place. I picked up this show somewhere early in Season 2 and somehow had not been spoiled regarding the finale of Season 1. It was incredible, and every time I watch the show through again, I find more stuff to love.
Comfort Movie:
My taste in movies is kind of weird. Let's go with:
Captain Marvel: Carol Danvers is one of my top two favorite comic book characters (Laura Kinney, aka Wolverine, aka X-23 is the other) and I think the movie was absolutely stellar. I live for a handful of lines in it. Our hands are bloody with it. I have nothing to prove to you. God, I fucking sob.
My Cousin Vinnie: When I was small, we were very fancy and had HBO, and this was one of the first movies I ever taped on our VCR to watch whenever I wanted. I had most of it memorized at one point. It taught me a lot about comedic timing, which I really desperately needed at that time, and I loved that the lady knew the secret information at the end.
Hannah Gadsby's standup, specifically Douglas. I know, it's not a movie, but go with me on this. I like Nanette, as everyone does apparently, but I think Douglas is wildly superior. And it is, as she says in her lead up, a show about autism. She was the first major autistic figure I saw say "there is beauty in the way I think" and I cried so so hard. I got to see her perform live on her recent tour and it was SO incredible.
Comfort Book:
I virtually never reread books because I barely have the time to read books these days, but when I do reread books, it's nearly always
Wyrd Sisters
Witches Abroad
and Lords and Ladies, all of which are of course by Terry Pratchett and are part of the same series. I feel like this is super cheating, but it's the only way I can come up with three. I love Granny Weatherwax more than I can express, and she feels like safety.
Sort of related, though, when I'm overwhelmed, my boyfriend will often encourage me to talk about Carol or Laura or sometimes Jack Kirby's romance comics, and that's pretty damn great.
Comfort Clothing:
This has been really hard for me over the past few years, actually. There was about a year where I basically lived in lularoe leggings and nerdy t-shirts, but then a med I needed caused some weight gain and made me overheat all the time, so polyester leggings were a no go and all my favorite tshirts stopped fitting. I've basically lived in wide leg linen pants and tank tops and tshirts and soft bras from Tomboyx for like two years, and while it was okay, I didn't really like it. But just this week, I managed to with the underwear lottery and end up with FIVE BRAS that contain my tits without pinching or itching or poking at dysphoria type buttons or ANYTHING. They're SO GOOD and I'm so happy about them.
Also my bracelets. I talked about them before and I have them all on right now and they sound SO BEAUTIFUL. Can we say those count? Good, glad we all agree.
Comfort Song:
These vary pretty wildly depending on the day and mood and what I need emotionally, but here's a few that are pretty regular go-tos.
Johnny Cash "The Man in Black." I'm particular to the live performance he first did of the song. "Oh I'd love to wear a rainbow every day/and tell the world that everything's okay/but until we start to make a few things right/you'll never see me wear a suit of white."
Bo Burnham "All Eyes on Me." I know it was super popular to like Inside and then super popular to hate it because of "White Woman's Instagram" but I'm of the wildly unpopular opinion that I can think that "White Woman's Instagram" is a song he shouldn't have done and that "All Eyes on Me" is a goddamn masterwork. I don't know what it is about this song that rocks me to my core, but hot damn does it blow up my soul.
Bonnie Raitt's cover of "Angel from Montgomery." I know this is a John Prine song, but Bonnie Raitt's cover is incredible. When I need strength, it's there, and when I need to cry until I'm shaking, putting that song on repeat will always make it happen.
I can't do threes for the next two, and we (and by we, I mean me) are just going to have to be okay with that.
Comfort Game:
I go into and out of the Sims games, specifically Sims 3 and 4. When my life feels outside of my control, it's nice to control little paper dolls. Making their little houses is very satisfying. I hate everything EA stands for though, so I sail the mighty seas for expansion packs and I have no shame about it.
Beyond that, I don't really replay video games. I don't have enough time, and I don't generally enjoy playing through the same story more than once. I am legitimately furious, though, that it is not possible to remove my memories of Death Stranding and Horizon Zero Dawn so that I could experience their stories over again brand new. Those are probably my two favorite games EVER and frankly, I think Death Stranding is one of the most exquisitely constructed games of EVER.
Comfort Food:
This one is complicated because a food allergy just cropped up and has really messed with everything about food and how I eat. But I really like this thing that I worked up which is tater tots topped with two fried eggs and a ton of cheese and hot sauce. Smash it all up so the texture is consistent throughout. It's BEAUTIFUL and one of the simplest things for me to eat right now. I like ice cream but it hurts my stomach, and I like chocolate mousse cake a lot but I'm SUPER PICKY about what a good chocolate mousse cake is so I don't get it very much.
How about tags for @echos-of-ivy, @springeunbin, @confusedpuddle and um anyone else who might want to consider themselves tagged! Also no pressure because it turns out this part is super scary! Aaaah! <3
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the-girl-who-cried-wolf · a month ago
Tumblr media
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soulsbefore · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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lacoqui · a month ago
When you realize Multiverse of Madness is technically a dream/nightmare
Tumblr media
Some comfort kinda for people still recovering from the film I guess.
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dirtycreekwater · a year ago
you ever just hyperfixate on a comfort thing real hard and make up fictional scenarios that just make you feel more sad about your actual reality or are you emotionally okay
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snorlax-and-co · a year ago
My partner gave us such a thoughtful gift for no occasion other than she knew we’d love it and it’s just so cute I wanted to share. Winnie the Pooh is special to a lot of us and a huge source of comfort.. We haven’t started building it yet but plan to put it near our bedside so younger parts who are around a lot more in the evenings/at night will be able to see it. It’s just so cute and was a complete surprise 😊 
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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luna-xial · a year ago
Thank you for the tag @reshirement​ ! This was fun!
comfort food: Homemade pizza!
comfort clothes: Black leggings and a sweater/or a very oversized t-shirt
comfort item: A teddy bear I was given on Valentine’s day around--- 6 years ago? 
comfort character: I don’t have one I don’t think?
comfort song: Blue and Grey by BTS
comfort youtuber: 나징NAJING (Or any cooking/cafe videos where they just make stuff with no talking)
comfort video game: All Legend of Zelda games but specifically Skyward Sword or Majora’s Mask
comfort film: Howl’s Moving Castle
comfort show: I don’t have one (I don’t really watch shows often enough to consider them a comfort show)
comfort stim: Biting my fingernails or rubbing my fingers together
comfort activity: napping Cooking 
I shall tag anybody who’s interested in doing this!
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lunarthefrieschild · 5 months ago
`Its a good day to have a good day`|
- YOU -
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onceuponaweirdo · 7 months ago
Weird things that help me deal with anxiety about untidiness (dirty floors, spots of whatever on sheets, etc) and compulsory thinking:
Tight socks 🧦 (pressure helps a lot);
Wet feets (my owns of course);
Talcum Powder on tight socks (it's fresh and smells nice);
Diverting my thoughts to things I like (cellos, TV series, etc);
There's more I just can't remember now...
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onetruedreamer · 8 months ago
Me uhm has Christmas music on and being a big girl and doing all the things i need to do to make home even more cozy and den layers I can be baby ♥︎🎄✨
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biceratops7 · a year ago
Having your current comfort thing be one of your own stories/ characters hits different and not always in a good way
I keep wanting to just scroll through tumblr looking at my comfort thing like I normally do, then I’m like “oh yah”
“I h a v e t o m a k e it”
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fortes-fortuna-iogurtum · 11 months ago
name 7 comfort movies + tag 7 people
tagged by @swinging-stars-from-satellites (yes I’m still catching up on things from like 2 weeks ago, shhh 😅🙃) thank you dear!! ^-^
(these are in no particular order aside from the order they came to my mind)
1) Spider-Man: Homecoming--I know there are some IssuesTM with this movie (specifically its portrayal of Spidey as compared to the original comics’ portrayal of him), and I try to be aware of them, but I do still personally really love this film. it’s very comforting to me for some reason, I think because it’s familiar and has a fairly straight-forward plot and themes that I resonate very deeply with?
2) Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring--I mean really all of the LOTR movies are comfort movies for me, but I think FotR is especially so, probably because of all the time spent in the Shire.
3) Doctor Strange--I’ve only seen it a couple of times, but I’m still going to count it because it’s another one where I’m very comfortable with the characters and storyline and resonate deeply with the themes (I guess I just don’t rewatch movies quite to the extent that some people do, even movies I really love??) 
4) Rogue One--yes it’s tragic, yes it’s kind of heavy, but I still just love it so much. I’ve seen it so many times, I’m very comfortable with the characters and their journeys at this point, but I also never get tired of seeing their story play out, and I always manage to come away having noticed new things about them and being touched by the themes in a new way. Jyn is still my favourite Disney-era SW film heroine. <3
5) The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey--I certainly understand the complaints with all the films of this trilogy, but they’re rather nostalgic for me, because I still remember watching them when I was young with my dad and little sisters, and how re-enraptured I was by the world of Middle-earth (I’d seen the LOTR films not long before but hadn’t read any of the books yet). the colours and designs of this film are just so appealing to me, and it has fairly few discrepancies between the book and the film (compared to the other two)
6-7) all of the Star Wars Prequels + The Force Awakens--this is a bit of a cheat, but I’m going with it anyway, because doing this tag has reminded me just how rarely I actually watch movies and I’m struggling to come up with more to list 😅 I grew up watching the PT almost every weekend for several years of my early childhood, and then when my sisters discovered the Star Wars universe a while later, they were also the ones they fixated most on. I firmly believe that all my entire understanding of storytelling was heavily molded by these movies.
and then The Force Awakens was just so cool when it first came out. at first I complained a lot about how it was “too simple” and “too much like A New Hope”--and while I still think it copied the format of ANH a bit, it’s also very fun in its simplicity. I just enjoy it and it makes me feel like a kid going to the to watch spaceships without worrying about what The Important Fandom Officials thought about every detail.
tagging @audreythevaliant @as-dreamers-do @ladyzayinwonderland @ontologicalmoki @dawnflames @ladyverachtung @assorted-things (but if you guys don’t want to do it or have done it already, that’s perfectly fine! :))
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destroyingolympus · a year ago
Tumblr media
feastin w some supernatural 😋
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senadimell · a year ago
comfort tag 🍯
I was tagged by @ladyzayinwonderland to share my favorite comfort things. Thanks for the thought, lovely!
comfort food: ah, the casseroles of my childhood. Noodles prepared in various chinese varieties (haven’t had proper beef noodles or sesame noodles in ages). Or velveeta shells mac and cheese with sweet corn, go figure. 
comfort clothes: Elephant billowy pants, hiking pants, soft t-shirts, my oversized thrift-store soft leather jacket, and the oversized chunky turtleneck that is somehow never too hot but somehow warm enough to wear out as a single layer in sub-freezing temperatures
comfort item: My dangle-charm ring. I like to twist it.
comfort character: Meg Murry, Frodo Baggins, Ninth Doctor, Allegra Shapiro (from Virginia Euwer Wolff’s The Mozart Season), Max McDaniels (Henry Neff’s The Tapestry series), Severus Snape, Data (Star Trek TNG)
comfort song: Star of Eärendil, Susan Boyle’s version of Proud, Before it’s Over from Dogfight, Kingdom Dance from Tangled, and Grieg’s Wedding Day at Troldhaugen, Open the Door for Three’s version of Carrig River
comfort youtuber: Caitlin Doughty’s Ask a Mortician, Lindybeige, Jill Bearup, and How to ADHD!
comfort video game: nonono all videogames are the opposite of comforting>.<
comfort film: Little Women 2019(!), Emma 2020, Disney’s Mulan, Treasure Planet, Lilo and Stitch (which I had to wait ‘til college to finally see!)
comfort show: Doctor Who (Ninth Doctor’s run and the OG 1960s team), Star Trek Next Generation
comfort stim: heh, so unfortunately most of my stim-like stuff qualifies as BFRB (body-focused repetitive behaviors, like nail-biting and skin picking) and I’m looking for less harmful alternatives. I guess when I’m really happy I bounce on my toes!
comfort activity: writing meta, knitting+an eyes-and-ears activity, sitting outside and staring closely at plants
tagging: @brightbeautifulthings, @alwaysdramatizing, @phoenixrisesoncemore, @forever-food-and-fandoms, if you’re interested!
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