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Omg. I just want to spread the love for this wonderful, comedic genius of a comic! Yes, My Boss is so hilarious and sweet and it’s one of my favorite of all time.

So the main characters are kind of like Mai and Naru? In the way that he’s this super stoic, strict, no nonsense, but extremely capable boss who’s become notorious in their office for being difficult and mean. But he’s really not, he’s just bad at socializing. All his subordinates quit because of how stressful it is to work for him. Then starts this new lady who’s a newb at her job and everyone thinks she’s doomed from the beginning. And things go shitway in the beginning as expected. He ends up yelling at her for being so incompetent blah blah and makes her stay extra hours to complete her work.

But this is her first office job as a temp just because she needed extra money. She’s actually a popular comic artist who’s actually in need of another assistant. So she put an add on the paper and is late for the interview appointment she set up and who else shows up but her boss. Turns out he’s a complete fan of her works. However…. He’s an incompetent artist (lmfao) but he’s really good with logistics and stuff so she brings him on.

Hilarity ensues as they lead this double life where he’s her mean boss in the morning, and he’s this incompetent assistant artist at night. The the appearance of an Evangelion guy look alike creates more chaotic misunderstanding and it’s just so genius.

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Happy WIP Wednesday! Working on a combined kinktober/comictober entry featuring these two dorks (again)! Hopefully I finish it before October ends. Have the first five pages!

This is based on an old prompt on the Fallout kinkmeme. I could’ve written it, but what the hell, let’s sharpen these rusty comic making skills

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An Extraneous and Sorcery scene that takes place after the Snatcher Crashes the Party animatic.

Pacing could’ve been better but this comic was mainly to show AO-101 is an absolute tank and to show the first time Rosalind cried for him (which deeply surprised the alien robot)

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Chapter 1 - Part 1 - Honeybee

فصل اول - قسمت اول - زنبور عسل

Description(s) of plans:

توضیحات پلن‌ها:

Plan 1:

That ladder is because they can get out of the pool; Because when their wings get wet, they can’t fly properly.

اون نردبان، به خاطر اینه که بتونند از استخر، خارج بشند؛ چون وقتی بال‌هاشون خیس می‌شه، نمی‌تونند درست پرواز کنند.

Plan 2:

The scientific name of the chamomile is “Matricaria chamomilla”; But for convenience, we have used its generic name.

[این قسمت، مختص انگلیسی زبان‌ها هست.]

Plan 3:

That violet object is headphone(s), and that bee seems to be dancing!

اون چیزِ بنفش، هدفون هست، و اون زنبور مثلاً داره می‌رقصه!

Plan 5+6:

Animals that have compound eyes are myopic; That’s why they don’t see the distance well. The bee doesn’t recognize red (well).

Plan six is ​​from the perspective of humans and bees; That’s why the image doesn’t have a lens flare.

جانورانی که چشم مرکّب دارند، نزدیک‌بین هستند؛ برای همین، فاصله‌ی دوررو خوب نمی‌بینند. زنبور، رنگ قرمزرو (خوب) تشخیص نمی‌ده.

پلن شِش، از زاویه‌ی دید انسان و زنبور هست؛ برای همین، تصویر، لنز فلر نداره.

Plan 16:

Those bees that are on the beehive, are fluttering their wings to dry(=thicken) the flower(s) juices.

اون زنبورهایی که روی کندو هستند، دارند بال می‌زنند که شیره‌های گل‌رو خشک(=غلیظ) کنند.

Plan 17+20:

The right side of the beehive, which is cream in color, is beeswax to protect the honey.

سمت راستِ کندو که کِرِم رنگ هست، مومه برای محافظت از عسل‌ها.

Plan 23:

They have uprooted that bush to pitch a tent on it.

اون بوته‌رو کنده‌اند که رویش چادر بزنند.

Plan 26:

Circles related to connection usually rotate CW, but because our app is so advanced, it rotates CCW!

دایره‌های مربوط به کانکت شدن، معمولاً ساعت‌گرد می‌چرخند، ولی برنامه‌ی ما چون خیلی پیشرفته هست، پادساعت‌گرد می‌چرخه!

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