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I will be posting the 3rd part of the Cow comic next week! But for now, a lil short comic :D

I had wondered how long I’d do comics for and imagined myself as a granma still making autobio comics haha. But I imagine myself as a zen nature-loving granma. What do you think you’ll be doing in 50 years time? :3

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Jenna: And thanks for handling the local CPS agency for us.

Fury: That’s just how S.H.I.E.L.D operates. Quickly and efficently. Thanks for the work Daring Dozen. End of call.

Otto: Thank you sir.

Jenna and Otto: ((SIGH))

Otto: Should we inform the others about this in the morning?

Jenna: Yeah, first thing tomorrow….

Otto: Let’s just get some rest….we deserve it.

((Sequence of Jenna having a very, VERY troubled night. In the end, she gets up inable of going back to sleep and gets out in a robe))

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