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frostbitebakery · 2 days ago
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“Hello, there.”
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journen · a day ago
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I am a suck for sleeping morning stuff hhhfhhdhdh and this ship ruins me 🙈
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ahhrenata · 2 days ago
Request for Cody and Obi wan being extremely gross and embrassing Dads please!
Anakin’s wondering when goodnight kisses became so intimate 😂
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rondoel · a day ago
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Some doodles I did for @t4tlambert ‘s More Than Blood fic because I’m soooo in love with the concept! 🥺
(basically Cody and Obi-Wan run away together and become Mandalorian parents to Luke and Leia and awww)
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dontbelasagnax · a day ago
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Purge Trooper Cody's reunion with Obi-Wan 💗
This is my art for the codywan server exchange. Hope you enjoy @tallnegotiations 🥰
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kote-wan · a day ago
In my head your crop top clones are all in a calendar to raise funds for the war. Gotta support the troops (and by support I mean we're gonna hold up those tiddies)
i know exactly what u mean and i love it but i also had to do this lmao
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sunflowersinheaven · 20 hours ago
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212th Attack Battalion Incorrect Canon Quotes
(Cody is kissing Obi-Wan on the couch in the break room. Waxer and Boil, talking loudly walk in.)
Obi-Wan, casually Force pushes Cody onto the floor, and pretends to be reading data pad: Hello, Waxer, Boil.
Waxer: What are you doing, sir?
Obi-Wan, humming: Oh nothing much.
Boil: Eh? Commander why are you on the floor?
Cody, glaring up at Obi-Wan: That’s a real good question.
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muguathepapaya · 2 days ago
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shiny!Boil vs. food on a stick. with big bro Cody. first time trying real food.
thinking I might do shiny!Cody later too...
have I told you how much I love watching reaction videos?
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vahveroiden-kasvatti · a day ago
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I am back with the second batch for me and @eletainart ‘s sw/mdzs crossover! It’s always a blast to imagine these characters together. They all deserve much better! More to come in the near future✨ Link to the first one if you haven’t checked it out yet!
Please also check out my friend’s amazing stuff for this same crossover! ‼️
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ryleeamberrr · 22 hours ago
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Why is this book at my job lowkey modern codywan and little Luke
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soclonely · 2 days ago
The Clones as Things From The Last Week of School
Summer's coming y'all!
Rex- Those awkward last three days of school where you don't bring anything with you so you just wander around empty handed Echo- Writing in peoples yearbooks cute little messages like "omg you are so cute" and "ilysm <3", even though 98% of the time you don't mean it because you don't like or even know half of these people Fives- Writing the ultimate "My Summer Plans" somewhere and bragging about that weekend vacation to the lake your dad is taking you on in July. Jesse- Crying because you won't see your bestie for like 2 days when everyone is saying goodbye the last few minutes of the school year. You guys practically live together calm down brittany. Kix- Wearing the kickoff of your summer wardrobe to school the last week so everyone will know how HOT you will be poolside this year Tup- Some schools do an end of the year survey, and I love being able to use this opportunity to anonymously tell certain admins that they suck Dogma- Walking into empty classrooms because half of your classmates skipped but your mom wouldn't let you. Hardcase- helping the teacher take down all of the posters and playing with the little sticky tabs that you take off the back Coric- Spending an entire class period hanging out in the gym or hall because there is really nothing to do. Bly- Watching the end of the year breakups like a fireworks show, and guessing if the couple will be back together by next year or dating someone else. 99- That amazing feeling of just dumping everything in your locker and desk into the garbage/recycling when you clean everything out Cody- Actually getting to relax and talk to your teachers like a normal human being. Waxer/Boil- Field Day. Just a complete and utter waste of a sunny day pretending to do Gym stuff when in reality the only reason you are doing it is to enjoy the 5 cent Popsicle they give out at the end Wolffe- Showing up 3 hours late the entire month of May with a Starbucks in hand every morning. Boost/Sinker- Finally not giving a shit because your grades are all passing anyways and just quickly finishing all of your finals so you can shit around Hunter- Walking right into the classroom, lying your head on the desk, and putting your headphones in-every class- for the entire school day Wrecker- experiencing the "senior prank" of the year. Tech- TURNING IN THOSE HEAVY ASS OUTDATED TEXTBOOKS YOU ONLY USED TWICE THE ENTIRE YEAR, EVEN THOUGH YOUR TEACHER INSISTED YOU NEEDED THEM EVERY DAMN DAY. Crosshair- wildly hating the teacher that makes you work up until the last day of school. 9 out of 10 times this is an Algebra teacher. Omega- School selfies with friends, teachers Howzer- Enjoying the "senior walk" of your local high school as the 12th graders leave on their last day and you get to cut class early to go and wave at them Fox- LOL don't worry you will be back, you landed in summer school. Gregor- Fun field trip for certain grades for the last week of school that are a tradition for the school (amusement parks, a special picnic)
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ahhrenata · 2 days ago
For requests: what about some clones with some kiss marks? They deserve smooches
I just imagined Fives blowing a kiss when he leaves a briefing lol
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starwarslostclone · 2 days ago
Obi wan: What do you call disobeying the law?
The Squad: A hobby.
Obi wan: *crosses his arms*
The Squad: That we do not engage in.
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short-wooloo · 2 days ago
What if the first episode of Kenobi opens with a flashback/dream sequence of the clone wars, and we see Hayden and Ewan in the S1-2 outfits and Rex and Cody portrayed by Temura in their Phase I armor?
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mformarsala · a day ago
Me: Well, you see, some of the purge troopers were clones, admittedly from younger batches and specifically trained in hand to hand, but the ones we see in the trailer are wielding blasters and not staffs as in the fallen order which is a much more familiar weapon for an older clone so it is not out of the realm of possibility..
Also me:
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pinkiemme · 4 hours ago
Dropping on May 25th! Here
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212thincorrectcanonquotes · 23 hours ago
Random Stewjoni Obi-Wan Kenobi thought I had: Obi-Wan Kenobi has the most angelic singing voice in the Star Wars universe and no one knows it. Stewjoni are basically the Star Wars equivalent of sirens but no one save for maybe Master Yoda knows about Obi-Wan and his singing-related abilities. And of course when the whole of the 212th and 501st find out because of some mission-related incident they all lose their damn minds. Just, imagine if this—
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Could sing??? Like so well he basically hypnotizes friend and foe alike???
Thoughts? Ideas? Comment below or reblog!
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obeskenobesandcodes · 2 days ago
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Episode 2: Cheers, Beers and Uncovering A Conspiracy While Hungover[episode 1: that wrinkly old bastard]
Tumblr media Tumblr media
[the next day]
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
saw a chance to reuse some of my old shit and i took it
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ahsoka-in-a-hood · a day ago
Although considering the common tropes that a) Rex is Cody’s favorite and b) he doesn’t like Anakin, imagine:
Obi Wan, worring about Anakin starting his first command: Cody I need your very best man. Who would you reccomend?
Cody, without hesitation: CT Rex sir.
Obi Wan: Excellent. Assign him to Anakin.
Cody: ............................ aw shit.
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