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cobaltbeam · a month ago
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It's a whole Trooper rainbow!!!
Happy pride!!🏳️‍🌈
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keldabekush · 8 months ago
Good evening, irrelevant headcanon time:
Rex is one of those people that sneezes like 6 or more times in a row rapidly and is completely incapacitated for the entire duration. Kix started counting them outloud once during one of Rex's sneezing fits and now its just a thing - they count how many times he sneezes and cheer at the end of his sneezing fit and no matter how many times Rex tells them to just fuck off its a tradition now and they wont.
Cody can suppress a sneeze because he has strength of a fucking god but he pulls the worst faces while he does it. Boil does an incredibly accurate recreation of this expression that he pulls out as a party trick.
Commander Wolffe sneezes like a weapon of mass destruction and pretends he isnt embarassed about it
No one has ever heard Doom sneeze since he was a cadet. Has he sneezed since then? If commander doom sneezes in a forest and theres no one around to hear it did he really sneeze at all? (He has mastered sneezing quietly. He can disguise it as clearing his throat. Why? Just seemed polite)
Fox sneezes and swears immediately afterwards, every single time. Usually under his breath. Sometimes very loudly.
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jekyllnahyena · 4 months ago
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remember how i love 2003 grievous? and how i said you’d only need to put the monnk-doom-fox-wolffe-ponds batch together and they’d succeed in everything?
yeah, me neither
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yourcousinjay · 6 months ago
The clones getting asked how they got their names
Fives: My number is CT-5555 so, Fives.
Rex: I'm the apex of what a clone is meant to be.
Wolffe: Well to my troops, we're a pack, and I get to lead it.
Doom: I think it's self explanatory.
Cody: Because I didn't name myself when I was like, 4.
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crowbafett · 9 months ago
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The full set in their rainbow glory. This started as something silly from my family star wars group chat, and then "Now do Fox", "We need Wolffe too" "IT NEEDS TO BE A RAINBOW", and here we are lol. They make me really happy and I hope they make you happy too. hi-res downloads are available for Ko-Fi supporters I realize asking people not to repost is unrealistic so, just link back to me somewhere <3
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suja-janee · a year ago
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practicing some clones cause its been a while since I last drew them
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kotorkludd · 11 months ago
Unnecessary and trivial Star Wars Headcanons:
• The people in the Star Wars galaxy watch loth cat and tooka videos on the space equivalent of YouTube.
• Commander Doom listens to heavy metal. And he loves reading comic books. (Kudos if you get the references)
• The Coruscant Guard love gossip. They have ALL the tea.
• Mace Windu has a potty mouth. A VERY big potty mouth. Most don’t know it because he has to look professional, and he’s on the Jedi council. But if you listen closely, you will hear him cussing in almost every language out there.
• Commander Fox’s favorite song is “I want it that way.” His least favorite is “What Does the Fox Say.” He liked it at first. Then everything changed when the Coruscant Guard attacked. They played it SO much, he eventually had a mental breakdown.
• Even though Hunter is only one inch shorter than the average clone, he is the unfortunate victim to short jokes. He tries to remain calm, but in his head he is screaming things like “WHO ARE YOU CALLING SO SMALL THAT CROSSHAIR NEEDS A MICROSCOPE TO SEE ME!?” Think of Edward Elric. One day Hunter snapped, and now the batch no longer make short jokes after an unfortunate shiny got stabbed. He is so pissed that Echo got one inch taller with his new legs. Echo likes it. He is now taller than the majority of the Clone Army. Even if it is by one inch.
• Appo is the brunt of a LOT of jokes. People always ask him “for a lift”. People also like to say “Appo! Yip! Yip!” It gets worse when he has to use a jet pack.
• Dogma was drunk when he got his tattoo. He woke up one day and it was there. He says it was his biggest mistake.
• R2-D2 does not really like Kix that much. Kix tries to avoid the droid as much as possible after he was electrocuted.
• Hunter is ABSOLUTELY certain that Rex and Anakin are in some sort of relationship.
• Quinlan Vos has been arrested more than any other jedi.
• Kix occasionally regrets getting his tattoo. This first happened after he was electrocuted by R2-D2.
• Jesse was with Kix when he got that tattoo. He told Kix to rephrase the words, but Kix sticked to “A good droid is a dead one”. Now whenever a random droid gets offended by Kix’s tattoo, Jesse looks at him with a smug grin that practically translates to “I told you so”.
• Kix and R2-D2’s reunion after 50 years was quite a memorable one. If only Jesse were there…
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clonememesfrikyeah · 10 months ago
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I-I-I-I-I-iiiii-ZZZZZOOOOOM,,,,,, dontaskmewtfisgoingonidkdoyouknow?¡$
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a-mediocre-succulent · a year ago
fuck it here we go
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kkrazy256 · 10 months ago
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Doom and Shoran have dates exploring wildlife and collecting wood/flora
They like to include Fox and Nemodi afterwards for foodie double dates. 
Shoran is @billielurked ‘s OC and Nemodi is @keldabekush ‘s  (Doom’s design is also Kush’s) 
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djarrex · 4 months ago
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please show some love if you plan on using
-> other icons
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jaigeye · 10 months ago
ive created the perfect boyfriend for commander doom. he's 6'8" and he's a carpenter. he makes little sculptures in his free time. his name is Shoran. he's a Wookie. they meet when Doom is on assignment with Tiplee on Kashyyyk and meets this guy in the market who makes him a little wooden necklace, just for him, bc he said he had "kind eyes," and doom, who is oft described as stoic and cold by others, couldn't help but ask for his commlink
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keldabekush · 10 months ago
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skate or DIE Happy Fox Day!
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jekyllnahyena · 2 months ago
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what are you?
(welcome to my accidental avatar of unspeakable cosmic power idea. still the biggest sweetheart you’ll ever meet though)
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tattycoram · 5 months ago
Wolffe: I don't like you
Doom: You're just mad because I just came from a My Chemical Romance concert
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crowbafett · 7 months ago
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BEHOLD hi-res downloads are available for Ko-Fi supporters
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aayla-securas · a year ago
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Underrated clone troopers: Commander Doom
6.01 | The Unknown
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