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chocmarss · a day ago
Fox: When the Chancellor uses my troops to kill the people he thinks is a threat, he’s a ‘saviour’ and a ‘protector’. But when I, Marshal Commander Fox, uses my troops on him—
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jazaesis · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Raze, CT-21-0019
Coruscant Guard, Jedi Temple Guard Consultant
During the Clone Wars, Jedi Knights aided in the war efforts through supporting the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) through the Orders partnership with the Senate. Jedi Knights, often acting a Generals or leadership roles, accompanied Troopers into battle and lead operations. However, this meant the Jedi were limited in their abilities to oversee certain operations by the powers of Senate.
The Jedi Temple Guards were crucial in the protection of Jedi temples across the galaxy and investigating force-related matters. However, since the Temple Guards solely operated under the jurisdiction of the Jedi Order, not the Senate, they were often unable to complete investigations, especially in matters involving the war or Separatists.
So, the Jedi Head of Security, Din Drallig, made a special request to the Jedi Council and Senate to have a trooper placed with the Temple Guards. This trooper would allow the Temple Guards to operate in war related matters. The trooper, ultimately selected by Commander Fox himself, was Coruscant Guard Special Ops Raze.
Raze, later nicknamed the Golden Guard for his gold detailed armor, accompanied the Temple Guards in investigations, battles, and galactic conflicts. While Raze may don the golden symbols of the Temple Guards, he himself was not a Jedi, nor force sensitive, and such, was not permitted in restricted zones of the Jedi Temple. Raze further is not privy to the secrets of the Temple Guards.
[Raze uses he/him pronouns]
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meerlichts · a day ago
gooooood morning for the promt thingy: "i’m not leaving you here" but don't stress yourself!!!! hope youll have a great day ((:
content warning for minor descriptions of injuries!
“Fox,” Thire whispers, kneeling down to the awfully still body lying in the hallway.
Fox is cold. But when he presses his fingers against the small patch of skin below his helmet he can feel his steady pulse, though too fast. He sends Patches a comm telling him to prepare a bed.
“Hey, Commander,” Thire tries again, nudging him. Fox groans this time.
“Fuck off.”
“You’re lying in the middle of the hallway,” Thire notes. “Come on, let’s get you up. Nova is waiting.”
“No,” Fox says.
“Hurts. Moving—It hurts. Just leave me here for a bit. I’ll—I’ll be up later.”
Thire frowns. “I’m not leaving you here, Fox. Where does it hurt?”
“Head. Back. Everywhere.”
“Okay. How about this? I pick you up and get you to medical without you having to do a thing, and once you’re there Nova can help you.”
“It’ll hurt.”
“You’re very strong and brave.”
“Stop talking to me like I’m shiny,” Fox bites. Then sighs. “Okay. You can carry me.”
Thire carefully lifts his brother into his arms. Fox is quiet. If Thire had to guess he’d say that he’s biting back any noises that’d indicate he’d be in pain.
There’s blood sipping through the armor.
“Fox, how badly are you hurt,” Thire croaks as he arranges Fox to be as comfortable as possible and then quickly starts walking.
“I’ll live.”
“Fuck. What did he do to you?”
“Nothing out of the ordinary.”
“You’re shaking.”
“Probably from—the shocks.”
“You’re in shock?”
“No, dumbass. Electrical shocks.”
“Fucking hell, Fox.”
Fox doesn’t respond. He leans against Thire’s chestplate and Thire hears him breathe heavily through the helmet.
“Almost there, Commander,” he tries. Fox doesn’t respond.
As soon as he enters medbay Nova is in front of him, taking Fox’s still form out of his arms and wordlessly moving him to one of the beds. “Help him get that off,” they instruct. Thire moves to remove Fox’s individual armor pieces, and once those are gone Nova helps sit Fox up so they can get him out of his undersuit. Thire has to stop himself from wincing as he sees the bruises covering his body.
“I’ll kill him one day,” Thire says. Nova injects something in Fox’s arm and Fox takes the treatment silently, not quite looking at them. He does squeeze Thire’s hand back when Thire moves to hold his. “You know you can’t,” he breathes.
“Why were you in the hallway in the first place?”
“Wanted to go to my room after. Didn’t get further.”
“Idiot,” Thire says.
“I outrank you. Have—fuck, that hurts.”
Nova works quietly. Fox tightens his hold on Thire’s hand, and Thire imagines what it’d be like to put a bullet through the Chancellor’s skull.
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calamity-aims · 20 hours ago
Fox and Pumpkin spice please 💖💕
Tumblr media
pumpkin spicy Fox!
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obeskenobesandcodes · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[cue laugh track]
(i still haven't decided if I'll do it in this format or through epistolary style snippets of social media)
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ehzgzuoest · 2 days ago
Figured why lack of Jedi for Coruscant Guard sucks so much.
Not because they miss a cool guy with a saber around, but because Jedi General is a key part of the GAR management system.
Look. Clones don’t have civilian rights, they are not equals with Senators or whoever. Only Jedis see them as equals and carry for them. Clones have no authority in the eyes of Senate, unlike Jedis.
And when 212th or 104th or whichever battalion with Jedi General have issues, problems, needs - a Jedi comes/send a request. And if there are doubts - Jedi General comes and kick everybody asses to get necessary stuff for their battalion. Because a Jedi can do that.
And there is Coruscant Guard, who deals with most arrogant people in the whole republic. And everybody thinks they have the easiest duties. And they don’t have Jedi General. There is only Fox who is fighting tooth and nails with Senate which is like “or a request from clone…who is clone?” or “what may you need if you just walk around Coruscant and enjoy the life?”.
Or if somebody abuses their power over the clones because they are just clones (not to mentions Palps), they literally can’t do a thing, because there is no one who would listen to them.
This makes it an actual slaverylike shit in the heart of the Republic.
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kkrazy256 · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
Commander ‘forever going through it’ Fox
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trixree · 2 days ago
shhh. brain SHHHH. i am THINKING. About Khonshu and the Coruscant Guard because I am mentally ILL because I am DERANGED because I am UNHINGED
what if Commander Fox was Khonshu's avatar?
Like shhhhh what if. shhhhhh just WHAT IF. Thire or one of the other CGs that gets to travel off-world comes back with the smallest, oldest little statue. So old that most of the features have been worn away by time and the elements until all that remains on this palm-sized thing is a distinct beak, sunken eyes, and something that looks just vaguely crescent-moon shaped. It's given to him by a local of some planet that barely anyone knows about - some layover on a Senate diplomatic trip. A local presses the figure into Thire's hands and says, "For justice. For vengence. To protect the travelers of the night." And he keeps it, because clones own so little anyways, and brings it home to the barren CG barracks. Brings it home to his vod'e who are hurt every day by the very people they were created to protect. His vod'e who mourn those that have been disappeared into the Coruscant lowers never to be seen again. His vod'e who are not on the frontlines but are no less Travelers, no less warriors.
And the little figure comes to live in the Commander's office. First as a joke, because who needs vengence more than Fox? "For justice. For vengence. To protect us," the guardsmen say when they pass by to deliver reports, mission briefs, messages. It's the shinies that are the first to leave the little figure offerings because Fox is always kinder with the younger brothers, in his own way. They bring loose seeds, for the weathered old beak. They arrange Fox's moldy caf-cups around it like a shrine. They bring belongings from the vod'e who don't come home after shift - hand-made bracelets and paper crafts and hair ties.
And with each gift, the Commander's office transforms. It's subtely warmer. Warm like it never has been before. Warm like standing in a patch of sun on a desert planet. The air is always clean and clear even when the rest of the Guard HQ smells like mildew and burnt caf, blaster discharge and GAR standard soaps. The bags under the Commander's eyes steadily improve, although they never disappear. And Coruscant's four moons burn brighter than they have in centuries, even despite the light pollution. More brothers come back from their shifts, for the moons have begun to walk the guardsmen home.
And the old, once-forgotten but now remembered god begins to speak with its priest, the one who keeps the shrine. Fox. Fox who has been exposed to the Dark for a while, now. Fox who has been scared by it. Fox who doesn't balk that the little stone bird is speaking to him, now. The walls on Coruscant have eyes, afterall. Fox has learned to listen to the warnings they bring him. What's one more voice, aged beyond all age? Weathered but not worn? Brusque but not cruel? Caring but not kind?
Maybe there's an inciting event. A riot that sees many CGs dead by natborn hands. A senate bill that starves their supplies so dramatically that vod'e begin to fall to once treatable injuries. Or maybe there's not one at all, but rather the steady accumulation of power through belief. Either way (or perhaps both), one night, when Fox is drunk and wounded from something he can't quite remember, staring at the little bird-headed figure and it's shrine, the once-forgotten-now-remembered god introduces itself.
The Commander's armor gains a new marking - a crescent moon in white, wreathed in red. And the Coruscant vod'e no longer walk alone. The Moons walk them home. And the God dines in luxury every night on the hearts of the wicked.
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masterjedilenawrites · 2 days ago
What the Bois and the BAtch's favorite colors?
Cody: 212th orange, obviously
Rex: 501st blue, obviously
Wolffe: A nice, deep burgundy
Fox: Black like his weary soul his coffee
Fives: Any warm, sunny tones
Echo: Blue, but in a nice, calming shade
Jesse: Gold
Kix: Hates most colors, they often mean something's wrong (bruises, blood, gangrene...)
Tup: He's a tie-dye guy
Dogma: Black and white
Hardcase: Finds iridescent color captivating
Hunter: Anything in a dark shade
Wrecker: Blood red. Or gunmetal grey. Or Mantell Mix purple...
Tech: Doesn't have a favorite color, what's the point of that?
Crosshair: Does have a favorite, but will never confess (it's green)
Clone Tag List: @damerondala, @marvel-starwars-nerd, @dangerousstrawberrypie, @pandora-the-halfling, @misogirl828, @darkangel4121, @sobstea, @rintheemolion, @dionysuskid21, @jesseeka, @hanbedumbaf, @fallingforthem, @harleyevanstan, @imabeautifulbutterfly, @justanothersadperson93, @thatmultifandomdumbass, @sarahtanmarvel, @itsagrimm, @call-me-a-fool, @lackofhonor, @error6gendernotfound
+Bad Batch Tag: @bowtiesandsandshoes
(Join my tag list here)
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hearts-are-pure-blog · 2 days ago
I have this weird headcanon that Thorn was named by Fox in a “Why are you a Thorn in my side?” And Thorn just ran with it kind of way… well, here’s the rest of the commanders as they are accidentally named by Fox.
Stone (who accidentally ate something he wasn’t supposed to and Fox is coming to replace him in patrol)
Senator: “Are you high?”
Fox, panicking: “No, he’s stoned. I mean his name is Stone and he’s in training.”
Thire (who was talking about Thorn with Fox)
Thire: *yawns*
Fox, also tired and stopping mid-sentence: “You’re Thired. Go to bed. We’ll continue this in the morning.”
I feel like its a running joke in the Guard that vode are taking Fox’s insults and misspeaks and are like “yup. You will never live this down. This is my name now.”
“Move, Caff. I need away.” (Move away. I need caff)
“Unless the Chancellor is dying, I don’t want to hear it, Shehn'eta (was trying to say shiny or vod’ika and his brain mixed them ended up with 80 in Mando’a) (now the shiny is called 80 despite not having those numbers in his designation. He loves telling the story though )
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bloom-domino-akrum · 2 days ago
I had this random codywan/order 66 was foiled thought pop in my head last night and now I just wanna read a fic about it now! ( I can't write stories to save my life lol) I saw the clip for the lego skywalker saga where palps accidentally tells the clones to execute order 67 and they all start dancing, now I imagined what if that was a commanders only order and it for some reason ended up being "seduce your jedi" because reasons (maybe it was just put in at random or something) so palps first call is to cody who gets right excited, because he was just given permission and an order to have his way with his lover and doesn't even want to question it, grabs obi wan and just takes off somewhere private because he has orders to do so and the war is basically over so they make it like a celebration. Meanwhile the next call is to a commander like Wolffe whose response is krif no, he's like a father I'm not seducing him, Plo over hears this and while palps is confused and stunned at the response the jedi get into action and end up stopping him. Obi Wan and Cody finally come back, ( I think while they are alone obi is very hesitant at first because they are still working the battle field but cody is determined to follow through his order and slowly gets obi wan to relax and they have the best time ever) while walking back he tells obi wan about the call and by then all the droids are shut down and everyone is saved!
I also thought what if they put Anakin in a holding cell under fox's supervision until they could reach obi wan and he finally gets through and just tired as hell tells obi wan to come get his former padawan now and deal with him because he's driving fox nuts 😅
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halzore · 8 hours ago
Clones and their Coffee Orders
I'm a barista, I'm also a judgy bitch. my opinion is well qualified
Flat White.
I know this is an Australian only coffee but let me tell you. its boring.
Yes, Rex is fabulous in everything he does. But the man is so in the lines, two coffee shots and steamed milk (no foam) is about as in the lines as it gets.
Long Mac
He needs an extra kick of coffee in the morning, but likes that little bit of foam to take the edge off the espresso
because he is just sassy like that
He sips it as Obi-wan sips his own tea over a morning briefing.
Caramel Latte
Do you really think that Fives was going to have a drink that tasted like coffee, no, he was going to get something so jam-packed with flavouring he doesn't know whether he is bouncing off the walls because of the caffeine or the sugar.
He is also a man that drinks his coffee right before bed. Because he's just built different
He is sensible, he is reliable, he has a little bit of flare (only a little)
Much like a latte.
He is also just kind of superior
Long black
Double Espresso and hot water is the only thing that can get Kix through a terrible overnight shift.
He is not picky in what his coffee tastes like, and kind of prefers it resembling jet fuel, as the rancid taste also helps to keep his eyes open
Jesse is definitely a Cappuccino.
With 3 Sugars and extra chocolate on top
He does his best in life to look smart and in charge, sensible like his authority figures.
and to a degree he is. But he is also a bit of a goof, a goof who enjoys a very sweet coffee and what he likes to call "extra sprinkle"
Mocha's are like the training wheels of coffee.
Hardcase cannot stand coffee on it's own, he needs the barrier of something undeniably tasty.
Fives gives him shit for it (even though Fives cannot talk with that travesty of an order)
I also think he gets Lactose Free milk, because something about Hardcase gives me lactose intolerant energy, but also a severe aversion to alternative milks.
He is a man of taste
he likes his slow release Caffeine
He enjoys his hot beverages as an experience, as a way to enjoy his life, and less as a stimulant. Just being near Hardcase is enough of a stimulant.
Tup enjoys the more earthy flavours of matcha.
Hot Chocolate
But no one in the Wolfpack knows this. Wolffe has a reputation to uphold.
While yes, he is one of the more grumpy GAR commanders going around, Plo's love for kindness and all things warm hugs finally got to Wolffe.
Wolffe enjoys his Hot Chocolates either alone, late at night, when not another soul is around or in Plo's quarters during their General-Commander briefings, that usually turn into therapy sessions for Wolffe
Double Espresso (triple espresso when Jar Jar is nearby)
Mans is just doing Dbl Espresso shot lined up on the counter.
One time he had a quadruple espresso, he only felt it a little bit though.
Tried to convince the Corrie Guard medic to hook him up to an IV with espresso in.
The medic declined, but suggested caffeine patches.
Fox gladly took them, and makes sure one is plastered on before he takes his morning espresso
*Disclaimer, Hardcase could also be the entire menu of Starbucks. I have never stepped foot in a Starbucks and my only encounter with it is something called a Unicorn Frappe??? And that was a concerning vibe check in and of itself.
**Disclaimer 2: there may be a part 2
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countessofbiscuit · a day ago
Tumblr media
they’ve been busy and they’re keeping busy … 🫣 foxiyo work in progress … literally 💝
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meerlichts · 3 hours ago
the last reason - missing scene: all words wasted
read on ao3 (and, if you liked this, leave a comment and kudos!)
“Oh, kid,” Patches murmurs.
Hound has Fox wrapped up in his arms, pressed against his chest tightly. Fox is fast asleep, body rising and dropping with each even breath and only occasionally shivering.
Fox really is asleep, which is why Patches doesn’t have to guess which of the two people lying in that bed is the one crying. They carefully step closer to the cot and lean down to Hound’s head, carefully nudging his shoulder. Hound flinches.
“Shh,” Patches says, and Hound relaxes a little again as his eyes find theirs. “I’m just here to check up on you two, as promised.”
Hound swallows, then nods as if his face isn’t stained with tears, visible even in the dark room. “Thanks. Thanks for coming. He’s—Better now, I think? Still cold. I dunno’ what happened, Patch. Is he gonna be okay?”
“Quiet,” Patches says softly as they take Fox’s temperature. The bastard whines in his sleep.
“It’s okay, Ori’vod, is’ just Patches,” Hound mutters. “You can sleep. M’here. You’re safe.”
“Mhm,” Patches confirms. “Just me.”
Patches studies the way Fox’s face loses some of its tension, then does the same to the results. Hound watches him.
“Alright, he’s not in immediate danger,” Patches concludes, frowning. “I’m guessing he just wore himself out until his body was too exhausted to function and he broke down. You did everything right, vod, all he really needs is warmth and someone to make sure he’s not getting worse. Good job.”
“Don’t feel like I’ve done a very good job,” Hound murmurs. He’s hiding half of his face in Fox’s neck.
“Why’s that?”
He goes quiet, sniffs. Patches sighs again.
“Don’t beat yourself up over this,” they say. Hound sounds like he’s choking back tears and his left hand strokes through Fox’s curls as he rearranges the both of them slightly to lie more comfortably. Patches wishes they knew how to offer some comfort.
“I just don’t know how to help him,” Hound whispers. “I’m trying. But—It was so bad today. You should’ve seen him. And he couldn’t tell me what happened, and he thought he was dying and I don’t know what to do.”
“You can’t help him if he won’t let you. That’s not on you, Hound.”
Hound’s head twitches in a tiny headshake, careful not to disturb the sleeping Commander.
“I shouldn’t have left him all alone. I should’ve just commed you.”
“Fox can take care of himself, usually, and you had no way of knowing he was this sick.”
“He was crying,” Hound says. “I’ve never seen him cry before.”
“He’s human. Even if he likes to pretend he’s not,” Patches says.
Hound lets out a long breath. He sniffs.
“I’m just worried, Patches. He’s not well at all. And he has new scars. And he—he told me—he thought we’d be angry at him. For what, I’m not sure. And fucking Cody ,” he spits out the name, deliberately not using his millitary rank and title, “his fucking batchmate apparently hates him. Because he’s Guard. I just don’t know what to do, except find Cody and beat him up, maybe.”
“Hound, don’t try to beat up Marshal Commander Cody. He’s going to beat you into a pulp.”
“I don’t care.”
“Fox would,” Patches notes. Hound huffs. “Maybe. But Cody really does deserve it.”
He goes quiet. Carefully, his eyes meet Patches’.
“Thanks for coming by,” he mumbles. “I’m glad he’s better now.”
“Of course,” Patches says. “If you notice anything irregular that isn’t just him having a nightmare, comm me. I’ll come. Goodnight, Hound.”
“Sleep well,” Hound says. He slings himself around Fox again. Fox snores.
Patches shuts the door quietly.
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cc-2020 · 10 months ago
sw would have been so much shorter if one clone decided to murder palpatine in his office because. who are they gonna arrest. sadly the suspect looks like 1000+ other men and all of them forgot what they did last friday night
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obeskenobesandcodes · a day ago
Tumblr media
no idk what they're doing or what happened to fox. probably just taking a nap. rex thinks its funny. chad's there.
[the right two background pics and Aran belong to @ermakeys ]
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keldabekush · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
"I hate it when you visit me. Why are you so weird. Go back to space." "I'm telling Cody you're bullying me." "It's a public service. Somebody has to do it."
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kkrazy256 · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
“...Any luck?”
“No, he hasn’t moved and won’t let anyone touch him since he snapped out of it. Even getting the shockblanket on was a feat.”
“...think we should call Fox?” 
Tumblr media
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welcome-to-the-holonet · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
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jessicas-pi · a month ago
Interviewer: So, how would you describe your relationship with your Jedi?
Rex: *long, long, long, long sigh* Idiot siblings.
Cody: don't get me started
Rex: to clarify, I'm not the idiot.
Colt: *wordlessly pulls up sleeve to reveal "I-heart-Mom" tattoo on his bicep*
Cody: I have sympathy for Rex because Skywalker just DOES things but Kenobi, he, he thinks things through, and then he STILL does those things even if they're HORRIBLE IDEAS—
Fox: *chugs coffee, slams cup down so hard it breaks* bold of you to assume I have a Jedi
Gree: Not family, but definitely close friends.
Cody: —reckless, ridiculously self-sacrificing, no regard for his own safety—
Grey, dead serious, no hesitation: caleb is my son
Whatever clones are in Master Tapal's battalion: *chanting, one of them holds Cal up like Simba* BABY BOY BABY BOY BABY BOY
Cody: —can't even leave him alone for two minutes because he goes and loses his lightsaber in the middle of a battle—
Ponds: I'd like to say we're blood-brothers bound through the heat of battle because that sounds neat, but honestly, Master Windu and I, we're—we're fire-forged coworkers.
Wolffe: I can neither confirm nor deny that I bought Master Plo a Galaxy's Best Dad mug
Cody, staring vacantly into space: I'm so underpaid
Bly: no comment
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