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i just realized that the letter i’ve been tagging the posts in my queue with, nowadays, has additional meaning within the context of the united states. i think i’m going to start tagging posts “queue” instead of just the letter haha. 

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Okay, y’all remember those episodes of ATLA where there were comments from the creators in them? I wanna be able to see those on demand. Is there a way to get them on Netflix or something?

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You are now Caliborn.

The narrative introduces our young villain formally without any humanizing elements. No hobbies, no interests. Caliborn cares about nothing, and wants nothing, except for power.

More after the break.

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Opinion: What’s worth streaming in March 2021: It’s time to watch some dumb but fun stuff

Opinion: What’s worth streaming in March 2021: It’s time to watch some dumb but fun stuff

It’s time to blow off some steam and watch something stupid.
March marks a full year since we’ve all been cooped up due to the pandemic, leaving many of us tethered to our TVs to an unhealthy degree. So after such a stressful year, consumers deserve to splurge a bit, and treat themselves to some brain sorbets.

March is bringing a lot of programming that may not be thought-provoking or even…

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Dying Light: The Following - All Bobblehead Locations

Dying Light: The Following – All Bobblehead Locations

Dying Light: The Following – All Bobblehead Locations HD
1. Ray McCall Bobblehead: 0:15
2. Tahir Bobblehead: 0:44
3. Jasir Bobblehead: 1:09
4. Ezgi Bobblehead: 1:45
5. Zombie Bobblehead: 2:21
6. Bilal Bobblehead: 2:56
Twitch Stream:
Intro Music:

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just a note: while many of my posts are posted from my queue, i try to be on tumblr everyday to maintain that queue. 😌 i love curating this lil’ blog <3

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Turns out Guy Fieri has a meme account and merch shop. Today, we’re going to Flavortown baby (and you can come along too just click the link)

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Let’s Talk Bookish #5 – Reading as a Book Blogger – #LetsDiscuss2021 #4.

Let’s Talk Bookish #5 – Reading as a Book Blogger – #LetsDiscuss2021 #4. This week - has blogging affected my reading? @_literarylion #Rukky@EternityBooks @bookandcorner @BookBloggersHub

This article was inspired by the Let’s Talk Bookish topic hosted by Rukky @ Eternity Books and Dani @ Literary Lion and this week February 26-March 4, 2021, suggested by Mini @ Book and Corner:
How has blogging affected your reading?
Examples of questions you can answer: “Has blogging affected your reading in a positive or negative way? If so, how? Do you think the pressures to produce content…


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Photo: #NowPlaying cover photo for our One Hit Wonders #Spotify #playlist

Ep. 28 - One Hit Wonders is up! Available now on our website and everywhere you listen to podcasts! Link in bio!

This episode, we dig into One Hit Wonders. We discuss what defines them, what artists have been described as such, and see whether we agree or disagree with it. Plus, we talk, what is at the bottom of your beer can/bottle!? Slime? Is that a slug? A loogie? An oyster? Or all of the above?
And, of course, we chat all these things hile drinking and rating some more craft beers for you.

Spotify playlist for Episode 28:

#CraftBeer #beer #podcast #rock #metal #alternative #90s #80s #commentary #discussion #musician #lists #MusicPodcast #BeerPodcast #BeerEnthusiast #NonAlcoholic #ratings #reviews #NowPlaying #covers #ApplePodcasts #GooglePodcast #Spotify #OneHitWonder #OneHitWonders #BeerSlime #BeerSlugs #Untappd

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Genesis 3:20-21–The Living Ones

Genesis 3:20-21–The Living Ones

In Chapter two, the man named his wife “woman.” Here, he gives his wife a proper name, “Eve.” He names her Eve because she is the mother of the living. Her proper name distinguishes her from the serpent, whose offspring are forever cursed. Keep in mind that the lineages in view are spiritual, not biological—though they will be typified by biological lineages through the Old Testament.

In verse…

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i just saw a post about someone going by a new name after 9 years of using their old one and i just. it was really encouraging yknow? wholesome. it goes to show that finding yourself is a constant journey, it’s never too late to change, and you’re not an inconvenience to the people who really care. I needed that reminder today.

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wandavision is now on the list of things that will get an immediate block from me (right after anime)

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In all seriousness, I saw this success happening when the season started, lol. So let me give myself some credit! The NBA G League’s newest team, the Ignite, was always given its due by me because I knew those young men could HOOP. Please make no mistake about it. Their time in getting ready for the next level was meant to be spent in this kind of situation, not on a college campus. Especially during a pandemic!


Ranging between the top-notch play of likely lottery picks Jalen Green and Jonathan Kuminga and respected veterans such as Jarrett Jack revitalizing his career, this year’s Ignite team provides the blueprint for how the NBA should handle this in the future. 

I honestly don’t see how the G-League couldn’t create another three or four of these teams across the country. Think New York, Chicago, and Atlanta Ignite teams to join its original team in California.

Regardless of how their season concludes in terms of wins, the Ignite’s debut season will be successful if the young players improved and matured before joining the NBA. I think it’s safe to say that various people no longer believe in college basketball as the best option for these ultra-talented players who’ve been NBA bound for a long time. And I’m hopeful that’s the case!


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