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are commentary channels that use footage of them playing minecraft while talking considered as minecraft youtubers?

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imma rant a little bit bc.. well. (tw for child abuse mention)

youtube content creators recent obsession with child exploitation, abuse, pedophilia disgust me to the core. It really feels like a bunch of late teens or young adult trying to exerce their journalism, analysis, academic skills using actual, serious subject and milking it down bc… Well child abuse bring views tbh. Its either really performative and useless actions to “take down” people with live streams or some bs like that (and having petty fights about who is doing the most for the childrenTM), giving exposure to actual dangerous websites, talking about some stories found on the internet in a really voyeuristic way for no fucking reasons (for exemple, why the fuck cre*pshow art started talking about some weird playboy allegation out of nowhere ??? Like really NOWHERE), talking about alll the twitter fandom drama with the same seriousness of cases of CSA (not saying for of them arent important, just that everything doesn’t need this level of coverage). I KNOW its all performative, because its a TREND, they all started heavily focusing on this at the same time and using all the tricks in the books to not get demonetized by youtube (and really, most of the time, they dont do anything, they just tell stories, say “yikes” and move on). I’m really siiiick of this. 

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There’s this culture on youtube now I find very disturbing. Commentary and drama channels have somehow gotten psychology degrees and are off diagnosing other youtubers and labeling them sexual or child predators. I’d like to see where they got those degrees. The times I do see actual professionals talking about these people (when asked, they don’t volunteer) they are way more careful in using these words and they never diagnose. Starting to nurture an extreme dislike for most drama/commentary people. Not Phil tho - Phil is responsible - at least what I see of him has looked that way.

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Me: *wants to watch YouTube videos*

Me: *can only watch YouTube videos on my laptop so that I can pretend I’m a youtuber doing a reaction video and I can get that dramatic click on the spacebar ever 5 seconds*

Me: *turning to the side* “alright guys, so this dude clearly has nooo idea what he’s talking about. So here’s what I think ‘aight…”

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Peices i done for two Youtubers whos videos i love to watch, yes i found them through the Commentary Community and i think their content is amazing along with many others i watch.

Doodletones -

Iilluminaughtii -

Sugar, Violet and Elizabeth © Doodletones

Iilluminaughtii © Blair

Art © Nightmaretheif

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appreciation post for mr alex elmslie bc watching him (and the rest of the eboys) has got me thru so much for so long and hes a sweetie so

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Pierre XO on Youtube is such a disenchanted yet absolutely compelling infp. What an interesting guy.

Also, his editing is pretty sweet.

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TW flashing lights!!!


Anyway, Pyrocynical fanart anyone? I tried this weird ass watercolor brush and I’m not sure if I like it yet

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I was supposed to make a list of some of my favorite things. And I obviously failed to do so even with the mindset that it’s not a big deal if I say this is my favorite and end up changing it tomorrow. But I still managed to be overwhelmed and couldn’t make up my mind, plus I ended up procrastinating. So here is a list of 11 things that I am enjoying currently to stop my procrastination.

Commentary Channels

  1. I’ve always enjoyed commentary channels on YouTube, but I’m finding that I’m watching a lot more over the past few weeks. Some channels that I have been watching are: tiffanyferg, luke alexander, and amandabb.
Other YouTube Channels

  1. Rowena Tsai: I recently found her channel and I relate so much to what she went through. I’m going through very similar things (think and learn about how I want to live my life but not doing anything to make it a reality)
  2. Jo Franco and Damon Dominique: Damon and Jo are YouTubers that talk manly about travel and their experiences during their travels. After posting various individual videos they decided to create their own channels, a decision that I support. But they haven’t posted a video on their Shut Up and Go channel since then… It’s interesting the different types of content they’re producing. I see Jo’s content to be more motivational and Damon’s to be more informative/commentary. I think I’m enjoying Damon’s channel a little more; maybe because of my current interest in commentary videos on YouTube.
Life Kit podcast 

  1. Love this podcast. It has been on my long list of podcasts to check out. I finally checked this one out and I’ve been enjoying the knowledge that I learn on different topics, as well as how they make it simple for us to incorporate the lessons into about 4 to 5 takeaways.

  1. I started journaling in high school and I was in and out of it until this year. I decided on sort of a whim to open my journal and start writing. I’m not journaling every day but since I picked it up in January, I’m gradually journaling more. It really is therapeutic and I find that I always have a lot to write about even on days when I didn’t do much but watch Netflix.
Being more productive and continuing to clean and organize my room

  1. On top of procrastinating with this blog, I’ve been procrastinating cleaning and organizing my room. I started trying to reorganize and declutter my room for a while and progress has been progressing very slowly. I’ve been more productive lately and actually finishing certain parts of my room and I’m really proud of myself for that.
Writing for my blog

  1. I’m starting another blog that I mentioned on my first post and I’ve been spending some time trying to write content. I’m still writing and creating the website, but I’m excited about the whole process and can’t wait till I publish.

  1. So one of my hobbies is genealogy. I’ve been researching and working on my family tree for years and I am really making progress. But it takes a lot of work and patience. I get frustrated sometimes, but I push towards my goal to trace my ancestors back to Africa.
Rewatching Hyori’s bed and breakfast

  1. I’m really inspired by Lee Hyori and her husband’s lifestyle. She’s fit, frequently does yoga, goes to the beach, walks through nature, they have a beautiful house (it’s similar to my dream house), and they make music. All the things that I love and want to have or do. So, I’ve been watching the show for motivation and inspiration to have a similar life.

  1. Now I don’t know what has been going on with me lately but I’ve been loving having some chocolate either in the evening or before I go to bed. I’m more of a fan of savory foods and snacks (chips over ice cream), but I’ve been craving chocolate every night. I hope I don’t have a problem?

  1. As I’m watching Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast I decided to re-listen to some of IU’s music and ended up listening to most if not all of her catalog. There’s something that I find interesting about her music and I don’t know if it’s the fact that she an equal mix of upbeat pop songs and ballads, or how she incorporates different styles into her music. Both of which you can see in many artists in Korea. But I think she has a distinct style that is her own and I can’t pinpoint what it is. But I could be wrong. Anyway, I really like her music.
Classical Music explained by Bernstein

  1. I really appreciate this playlist and got a little excited when I saw it because I find Lenard Bernstein’s lectures to be very helpful in improving my listening skills. I majored in music in college, so I know a lot of music terminology and I am familiar with listening and thinking about music in an academic sense but I don’t think that my listening skills are as good as I want them to be. I can only get better with practice and listening to this playlist and other things like it (score: the podcast/discovering classical music/dissect/etc.) really help a lot.
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Anyway just though you’d like to know I saw this part in Will’s new video and said aloud “that’s hot” think I have issues

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If people keep freaking hurting Alex I swear I will buy the frickin King of Rohan Theoden’s sword If I can find it on amazon and….



( Not actually….just please leave Alex alone and be a nice human I’m begging you. He’s so young and fragile for goodness sake. Remember he’s human, and so are you. Leave it be. )

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