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toukamak a day ago
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馃嵃 strawberry cake 馃嵃
猸愶笍 commissions are open! 猸愶笍
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vee-zitro 2 days ago
Commission to Clover on twitter! Camilin~
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darthvaders-wife 2 days ago
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My commissions are open to you馃挏
I still don't have a permanent job and I don't have a stable income, so you will help me a lot if you order art馃檹 You can also help with the distribution of this post. All the necessary information about commissions is now at this link. Thank you all very much!馃挅鉁
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akutouart 2 days ago
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I鈥檓 surprising happy with this :0
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natash-shhh a day ago
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a tail?
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dariakonnova 2 days ago
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Character Design.猸愶笍 Thank you for commissioning me!
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narf-so a day ago
Silver being a cinnamon roll! (Commissions open!)
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This a commission art, I'm so very proud of it and I love how it looks honestly 鈾ワ笍 I'm kinda busy with others commission but still- if you want to commission me I'm all open! :D
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doodle-booty a day ago
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Finished guinea pig pet portrait commission finished!
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thekingvillain 11 hours ago
Commission Stella X Moxxie
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Vivian Nixon (Millie) must hate me for all the Moxxie x every other female character drawing I did.馃槀馃槀馃槀
this commission is for @thecrazygamingzombie鈥
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do-not-careissa 22 hours ago
I鈥檝e come into a bit of free time, so I鈥檝e decided to open up commissions like I鈥檝e wanted to do for a while now.
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I will be opening 5 slots to be filled. If all slots are taken you can ask to be put on a wait list.
If you are interested please send me a DM here on Tumblr with your email address and a description of the type of commission you鈥檇 like, or you can email me at Do_not_Careissa@outlook.com . From there I will email you the Terms of Service to look over and we can confirm what your commission will be, the price, etc.
Please be aware that I may deny a commission if it is outside my comfort level or ability. If that鈥檚 the case, we can discuss alternatives if you are still interested in a commission.
Prices are in USD. At the moment PayPal is the only method of pay I can accept.
Breakdown/description of the commissions and prices under the read more.
Categories available:
Lines: This is the basic lineart/linework of the image. This does not include shading. Lines can be in either black and white, or one color.
Bust $20
Full Body $40
Flat Color: This includes your lines and the basic colors. This does not include shading or lighting.
Bust $30
Full Body $50
Shading: Includes everything including shading, lighting, and any additional effects.
Bust $35
Full Body $60
Simple Jokes: These are more humorous, simple, and not necessarily anatomically correct. If done in color, the color is limited, like the flat color category.
Lines $15
Color $20
Additional characters are an additional 50% of the base price. ex: a full body shading piece($60) with 2 characters(+$30) will be $90. This includes animals, aliens, and other creatures.
Detailed backgrounds are an additional $20. Depending on how complex it is, the cost may be higher.
If you would like a commission that doesn鈥檛 fit any of the above categories you can contact me and I鈥檇 be more than happy to figure something out for you.
You can contact me via Tumblr or email (Do_not_Careissa@outlook.com) for any inquiries or questions.
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cheriekisa 4 months ago
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andromedakrow a month ago
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(WIP) mr sandman bring me a dream
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abinitioart 2 months ago
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commission for @sharkbviii ! I was so happy to get the opportunity to draw these cuties
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saturnisaturnip 5 months ago
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Puffy! 馃悘馃寠
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okgirl a month ago
Mutual Aid Request: Emergency Lawyer Money Needed
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date of request: Dec. 9, 2021
We need to hire a lawyer to protect my sibling鈥檚 child from their abusive dad and dad鈥檚 family, and the local pro bono ones have dropped the case last minute and keep referring us to an unavailable number. So we need to pay 5k to properly hire one. We are doing everything on our part to budget the money, but we simply don鈥檛 have that type of pocket change lying around & this is a time sensitive situation.
Any type of contribution would be appreciated, including legal tips. Even 3 dollars would help ease the burden a lot. It is both a very financially and mentally draining situation. Prayers would help too.
I am a digital artist, if you鈥檇 like, after this whole situation is over, I could make you something in return for your help. Here鈥檚 some examples of what I can create:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
No donation is too small, so if you give like 1 to 5 dollars, I鈥檒l still draw you something, just less time consuming. Just DM me proof and a request, and I鈥檒l queue it.
pleased boost!! ty!
Currently: $0 / $5,000
K-ofi: /doodleyy
P*y pal: UPDATE!!: @tydoodles
C4sh4pp: /$doodlesetc
鈥-change of pp.me username because of account troubles! thank you for baring with me!!
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eve-eleidan a month ago
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I really adore their friendship during season two!! I guess they don鈥檛 need Geralt 馃ゲ馃馃徏
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dariakonnova a month ago
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DnD Character - Fray Thank you for commissioning me!
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ssuzu 9 days ago
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too beautiful scene!! stuck in my head and wouldn't let me rest until I redrew it ;袨; btw! my comms are OPEN now OwO all info is here ;''蟹
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natash-shhh 5 months ago
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golden house routine ;)
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catgirl-kaiju 4 days ago
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SO I have no job once again, and our household is urgently in need of more income to get our rent/bills paid, pay for my transportation, and buy necessities for the household! Therefore, I am opening up commissions with updated pricing. Down below are my prices and examples of my work!
You can also help by signing up for my Patreon or donating at Ko-Fi, Venmo or CashApp
Venmo: @Sarahpillbug
CashApp: $ScoutForester
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I am also doing NSFW commissions with some restrictions, DM me for details.
UPDATE: I now have a PayPal again, if sending donations and/or payment through there would be more convenient for you!
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