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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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hey i just wanna make a bit of extra money and i havent really gotten any new commissions lately so im making a new commission post 


full body with colors/simple shading is $40. No color is $20


colored headshot with simple shading is $20. No color is $10


i also do tattoo commissions as well. price depends on what you want.

if there’s something else you want that isnt listed feel free to dm me and we can talk abt it :^)

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“L E P U S”

Did a drawing for the constellation Leous the rabbit constellation 😊 I think she turned out supppper cute and I love her design tbh 😂

Folow me on

Instagram: brittani_art

Tiktok: brittani.griffiths

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Thank you Tais (@/taissgouvea on IG) for commissioning me :) If you like what you see, consider asking for a commission too! Just send a DM (I might take a while to respond, so please be patient >_<) 💜

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Ok so here’s the deal

I would prefer if you dm’d me on Instagram at purplelamaart but here’s fine too!!

Pay through PayPal

I’m extremely ok with gore, ships, NSFW and furries.

I’ll tell you if I’m not ok with something :)

My prices may very slightly depending on the peice and pls be respectful.

Please specify if you want traditional art!!!

Ok bye 🤡🤡🤡

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Hi! This is my first post, and I am mainly writing it to sort of “get the word out”. I am willing to write any short story (by any, I mean any genre and with as little or as much personalisation as you would like, although if I do not feel comfortable writing it I may still refuse) completely free of charge. These stories will be written and given to you for your own personal use. You may send in any prompt or idea that you find or come up with and I will get back to you with a story as soon as possible. Length may vary between around 1-15 pages. I believe Literature should be enjoyed by all, and hope that by doing this, I can help all access the wonder that comes with it.

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Also got these indoor knee-high feetpaws based out for maid_darla on Instagram!

Loving the nubby claws from DVC! This is my first time using them (bought a premade bag of them about a month ago!) :o

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