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I know I suck at drawing properly, but would anyone be interested in me doing commissions?

My friend is in desperate need of financial support, so I thought I might try this route in helping her

I have many fandoms I haven’t fessed up to on this blog, just ask and you shall recieve

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New charms Available on my etsy!

My Etsy

Halloween Mimikyu will only be available for a few more days!

Also custom orders are open!  So if your interested in a sculpted charm like these, Please check my etsy for more info!

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Cloning Software Uses Hidden Loophole To Generate Massive Free Traffic
And Affiliate Commissions- In 3 Minutes Or Less.

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Benefit from other people’s hard work
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$100 if you don’t see results

Commission Clone review

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⚫️half body/portrait 10$/person


⚫️full body illustration 20$/person

(+5& for each animal)


⚫️line art 8$/person

send me your order to 📩 and i’ll give you a paypal link :)
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If you’re interested please contact me here via DM or through my email: “” ! If you want another type of commision feel free to ask for the prices or the original com sheet.

+£6 per extra character.

Things I can do:

- Canon characters (with references)

- OCs (with references or description)

- Both human and anthro characters

- Mild blood/gore

- NS//FW (only if you’re an adult and you have your age somewhere visble)

Things I won’t do:

- Extreme blood/gore

- Mecha characters/robots (sorry, I don’t want to disappoint)

- NS//FW involving pairs or characters I find gross

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