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#commission info

My new updated commission sheets! This time with backgrounds and concept sheets included! 

 Please feel free to DM me to order one

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Oh hey what’s this Mike is never satisfied with their commission sheet so they keep remaking it? You got it folks!

Feel free to message me with questions for faster responses!

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Fairy’s commissions ‧₊˚✩彡

This is a pretty big deal for me since I’ve never done anything like this before but for the first time I’m opening commissions!!

There’s 3 slots at the moment.

Since I haven’t taken any before I’m not sure if anyone will even be interested but I’m opening them because I really want to do all I can to get my mental health sorted out (some of you might know that my living situation is far from ideal so I really want to work towards getting out of it ♡)

If you do want to commission me for a piece, you can find all the info on
my carrd | or if you’d like to support me in other ways, i do have a ko-fi

But in general, I just want to thank you all again for all the love and support you’ve given me. Every comment, reblog, message or ask, I’m thankful for it all. It really means the world to me and I feel really blessed to have a platform full of such wonderful people.

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opening paypal commissions soon!

here’s the link to the form if you want to commission me!

here are the starting rates:

upper-body - 10.00

full body - 15.00

& you can add either a simple bg or a complex bg for just 5 to 10 dollars more!

there are 8 slots in total

note: i don’t do nsfw or fetish art nor do i do mecha or anything super complex

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I am re-opening commissions with 6 slots available!

If you are interested, please write me an email at:!

Do keep in mind that the batch will be started past March 8th since I have a medical appointment + treatment before then. Please help out by sharing!

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Saving up for a new laptop so I can actually use my art tablet shares appreciated dm me if you’re interested 💜

-I won’t draw nsfw, mechs, or animals/animalistic features

-extra characters are 50% of the base price

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!!Commissions open!!
paypal only<—

dm me to order or for more info!

will draw: ocs, fanart, furries, gore
wont draw: nsfw, transphobic homophobic or racist content,

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Commissions don’t really close but I decided to update the layout. I’m going to be getting my own place in the next year or so I need to save up incase something happens n Commissions are needed more than ever same with Patreon Support


Payment upfront.
I’ll send

Will Draw:

Nsfw (5$+)

Wont Draw:

Outside the styles shown

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  • I’ll have 5 slots available at the same time, first come first serve!
  • I start working only commission ONLY after receiving the payment. I had bad experience before, so rather not to repeat it.
  • Commissions will be open till I’ll reach my goal. Might be that I’ll have two goals, since I can only approximately count how much it’ll cost. You can check my ko-fi page for goal updates!
  • You can also support me and my by donating to my ko-fi page if you don’t want a commission: katosplay 
    I can’t include the link since tumblr will turn off hashtags if I’ll do so

For now my plans are:

  • Do a research and provide reference analysis

  • Buy and re-style a wig, buy full wire and led\el wire set. Make RK800 sign also glow.

  • Make jacket patterns and sew it myself. Sew pants and short - questionable

  • Recreate tie and triangle patterns and all signs. Most likely requires to order a custom fabric print.

  • Acquire an exact coin Connor owns.

  • Do a neon-style photoshoot.

Please feel free to message me!
You can find my other cosplays here  or on my instagram: katosplay

Thank you very much and I hope this project will have a chance

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Commissions are open! I’ll be glad if you find something you like.

Reblogs are very appreciated!

More information below.

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Feel free to email or DM me if you have any questions. If all slots are taken, you can still contact me so I can put you on queue for next time! :)

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Freshly out of college and currently job hunting.

In the meantime, I’m officially open for Commissions once again!


All prices that are displayed are in USD

Accepting payment through Paypal or Venmo
(Full price upfront or will accept half-price upfront and the rest once the piece is finished completely)

Accepting characters from any fandoms as well as OCs. (Sending references is deeply encouraged!)

I will NOT draw anything that is considered hateful or offensive.

You can contact me on here or by this email:

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Finally a info sheet for commissions! Dm me if interested and signal boosting is hella appreciated!

Thank you guys!

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For those new to my blog here’s some info~

Welcome to my corner of the universe. I kinda draw a lot of things so this blog isn’t fandom specific. Feel free to send me asks or ideas, but do play nice.

I do have a Patreon where you can see extra goodies and see behind the scenes on my art or work. Which you can find here >>> PATREON
I also have a Twitter which you can follow me here >>> TWITTER

Also If you wanna commission me at any point or may be thinking about it here’s my sheet vvv

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