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wheatu a day ago
Tumblr media
Hello hello hello!
I'm happy to inform y'all that my commissions are oficially open again (yes, I am broke. Yes), with a very fresh, very new sheet.
If you have any questions about something that wasn't included on the picture, feel free to message me on Tumblr or Discord (r00mba#1987). For the actual commission message me either on Discord or via email:
and include the following informations in the message:
Type of commission
Reference for the character (the more the merrier)
Description of the expression and pose (pictures are also fine)
We'll discuss the details via email / Discord. I'll make some free sketches before the payment so we're both sure you're getting exactly what you want. :) May do some free additional drawings if I find your character loveable (which I usually do).
Simple backgrounds cost 10 USD.
NSFW/NSFL cost additional 5-10 USD depending on the complexity.
The prices are the same for both digital and traditional art.
If you need to cancel a commission, I need to know as soon as possible. Sketch commissions can鈥檛 be refunded.
To see what I have to offer check out my artblog:
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laurasauras 2 days ago
Commission info
Hi everyone! Please see my prices for commission:
$10 = 1 request. This one's just to get a prompt out there. I'll write at least 300 words, but I often get carried away. Kinda like a lucky dip!
$15 per 1000 words = official commission. This will guarantee you the amount you pay for and you can get more specific.
Although that's word count based, I like to negotiate length. I can usually get a vibe for how long a story should be. I also might quote a length range and then charge based on how much I end up writing.
All official commissions require a proper conversation so that I can get a feel for what you'd like, and I promise I'm very friendly! I prefer Discord, but DM me here and we'll organise all that 馃槉
Beta reading:
$10 per 1,000 words.
I have a Bachelor of Creative Writing and Literature, a Cert IV in Professional Writing and Editing, was editor of my uni's magazine and like 30% of my full-time work is editing, so I'm pretty good 馃槈
I can edit to America, Canadian, British and Australian English, and can do line editing (grammar, punctuation) and content suggestion, depending on what suits you.
The fine print:
I mostly work on Homestuck, but I can do other fandoms too.
I have the right to refuse based on personal preference (though I never judge). I work full time, so turn-around is unlikely to be instant. There's always a possibility I can't take on a project if I have too much on my plate.
If you鈥檙e interested, please get in contact with me. If you think someone you know might be interested, please share this post!
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gemkimart 25 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Last updated on January 3, 2022
Commission slots are full.
- Work Period: 3~8 Weeks - Paypal Only / All payments upfront / USD - Once I start working, there is no refund. - If I don鈥檛 finish commissions within 8 weeks, you will have a full refund. - I will send you 1~3 wips. - There鈥檚 no extra charge for Ghosts(Destiny) and armor. - Personal, non-commercial use only. - If you require any further information for commercial work, please let me know.
- I will draw ocs, fandoms, ships. - I won鈥檛 draw nsfw, gore.
If you鈥檙e interested in my art commissions, please feel free to contact me. Thank you!
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beebeedibapbeediboop 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
First batch of commissions! DO NOT USE
All ocs belong to: First for a friend, Second is for @kittykichi , Third is for @cant-sleep-im-an-owl , fourth for @the-emerald-guard
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birdantlers 2 months ago
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Edit: Commissions are closed at this time
Oop. Took me long enough
(Bear in mind that I'm slammed with school right now, so it'll probably take me a while to finish more involved projects)
Also, I forgot to add this in the "Will do" portion, but I'm fine with gore
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wolfssketches 4 months ago
wolfssketches commissions
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Message me here @wolfssketches or email wolfsteeth.art@gmail.com for additional information or to reserve a slot.
Like my work but not ready for a commission yet? You can still support me by reblogging this post or donating to my Ko-fi or PayPal
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arimesi 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Illustration and sketch commissions open!馃専
More comm info on arimesi.carrd.co! Please read it thoroughly before contacting!
lmk if you have any questions!!
CONTACT: arimmesi@gmail.com
Reblogs appreciated!!
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karda 8 months ago
Update on Commissions!! ^^
hey!! i updated my commissions :] all the info can be found on a google doc here !! i figured this is easier than messaging me for info (will be linked in my pinned post !!)
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cutetanuki-chan 3 months ago
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*updating聽my commission sheet but all prices for people in queue stays as they were, and yeah I have some聽queue so commissions open if you鈥檙e willing to wait c:
鈽 Commissions open 鈽
payment by PayPal
I can鈥檛 draw nsfw and don鈥檛 draw furry and mecha
text me if you have some questions or if you interested in commissions 聽
any OCs, any fandoms, any ships聽聽
unlimited number of slots
email: CuteTanuki-chan@yandex.ru
discord: Cutetanuki-chan#3069
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twiddletaffy 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
OKAY HERE WE GO! I鈥檓 offering character sheet commissions in two styles. Each comes with a set of additional options. For the time being I will have 3 slots open for Style #1 and 5 open for Style #2. More may open over time. I've created a google doc form for each style. If there鈥檚 any problems with the forms pls let me know! Also if you鈥檙e not wanting any props we can work that out lol
馃尰 Payment is through PayPal ONLY!! Payment will be either upfront or after the sketch is approved. Once the payment is agreed upon I will send a Paypal Invoice. Any Big/Major changes requested in later stages of the commission can be subject to an additional fee. More complicated designs or props like: heavy armor, complicated weapons, or patterns may also be subject to an additional fee ($5 is the minimum additional price). If you have any questions regarding this please don鈥檛 hesitate to ask!!
馃尰 Prices are USD
馃尰 Visual references!! Any and all types of references are appreciated!!!! Anything from: pinterest boards, other commissions, your art, or irl refs (such as selfies or face claims) are great. Things like personality descriptions are also good, as long as you also provide visual references!! (and if you have any questions about what qualifies as a good ref just ask!!!) If you don鈥檛 have an idea for a pose that鈥檚 totally fine! I found that this reference sheet is a good example: LINK聽however, a google doc (or any other document form) is not necessary.聽
馃尰 I cannot and/or won鈥檛 do anything: heavy nsfw (ex: genitals. boobs are okay), furry art, heavy mecha stuff, or heavy gore. Also if anything about what you want me to draw makes me uncomfortable/upset I have the right to turn you down obviously. IN REGARDS TO聽PROPS: no animals sorry!
馃尰 The commission can take anywhere 1-4 weeks to finish depending on how far down the line you are and the complexity of your commission (i.e a flat colored bust could take a week, while a fully shaded, full body could take 2). More complicated commissions can take longer.
馃尰 If interested please DM or Email me!!! please do not send an Ask unless you just have a question!! bc they often get lost / idk if my reply actually sent lol. If you prefer email, my email is twiddletaffy@gmail.com -- ADDITONAL CONTENT INFO STYLE #1 -聽LINK聽 STYLE #2 -聽LINK It will automatically prompt you to make a copy. Say yes. Underneath the 鈥淎dd-ons鈥 section there will be various options. Check which boxes, if any, that apply to your commission. And for the options that ask, fill out how many additional props, outfits, etc. you are wanting.聽 聽Just fill out the form and shoot me a pdf version through email or dm. If none of the extra options apply then no need to send the form! Just let me know if you鈥檙e only wanting the base commission!
馃挅 If you would like to support me without commissioning me please consider donating to my ko-fi or reblogging this post!!!!
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solsticeill0 2 months ago
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鉁 Hello, Traveller! 鉁
I am currently offering the services above on a rolling basis! If you are interested I ask that you send me a DM here with the following information!
Your email address
A description of the type of commission you鈥檇 like, as well as any reference materials for you/your OC (I also accept written descriptions with inspiration photos/moodboards)
I take payments up front through PayPal or Venmo, and will begin work once the payment has gone through. I will send you your finished commission in a high resolution .PNG to your email provided!
I will draw fanart/original characters/partial nudity
I will NOT draw any explicit violence, sexual situations, or hateful ideology and I reserve the right to refuse a commission.
馃尶 Reblogging is Greatly Appreciated! 馃尶
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duessa 2 months ago
Art Commissions
Hello! I鈥檓 Duessa / Sheena!
I am 36, disabled, and unable to work a 鈥渞eal鈥 job due to multiple chronic conditions, so I make up for it by doing personal commissions. Currently, my husband and I are in dire straits and having trouble keeping the lights on as well as buying food and medicine.
The winter holiday season is quickly approaching and what could make a better gift than a personalized illustration?!
Personal use only. My prices are negotiable. More complicated requests may require an additional charge. All prices listed are in USD.
More info here.
Handy Request Form HERE.
Portrait / Icon / PDF
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Half-body / Bust
Tumblr media
Full Body
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tips and donations can be made at paypal.me/duessa or @duessa on cashapp.
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forystr 6 months ago
Tumblr media
@forystr's commissions hi! im opening up commissions :') reblogs are appreciated! the prices are transcribed below if you can't read my handwriting! headshot: 拢20 (+拢10 P/Person) waist up: 拢35 (+拢15 P/Person) full body: 拢50 (+拢15 P/Person)
payment through paypal, dm for more info!
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nika-draws 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Commissions are finally open!
Payment is through paypal only.
Prices are in British Pound.
拢40 per character (chibi)
拢80 per character (bust)
拢130 per character (waist up)
These are just the main options but if you would like to commission something different then please don鈥檛 be afraid to ask.
Slots are limited at the moment.
If you have a question or you would like to get a slot then please message me to my email: nikadraws4@gmail.com
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beebeedibapbeediboop 16 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
A few commissions from last month!
First belongs to @prinxcipe and bug commission to @psychspark聽
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bornspellcaster 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
So as I鈥檝e posted earlier, my bunny has gotten injured and needs urgent care and funds for that care. We don鈥檛 have a rabbit savvy vet in my town so I鈥檝e had to use our more鈥xpensive vet and the simple x-ray and referral send off today was 220$. I鈥檓 a disabled women on assistance and I can鈥檛 work, that was already the last of my funds and she has more appointments coming up and the likelihood of surgery is鈥uite possible. Even if I could afford it all, I鈥檇 still be left broke for essentials like bills. She鈥檚 my entire world and I can鈥檛 afford to lose her.
So I need to start taking some emergency commissions to try and get some money for the expensive care I know she鈥檚 going to need! So I really need some funds ASAP so here is my commission info!
Icon commissions can be anything you want, provided it鈥檚 within 50x50,100x100 pixels, or the larger ones at 200x200. They can be OCs of any kind. They can even be canon characters! If I have to design the character, it will fall under the character design category!
The price varies based on the size and what鈥檚 meant to be in the icon. If they鈥檙e simple expression memes meant for rp they鈥檙e a simple 5$, or you can purchase multiple for cheaper.
Icons are flat colored unless specified. Details like shading and complex backgrounds would have to be discussed because it could effect pricing. Backgrounds are white unless also specified, but can be any color you want.
NSFW icons can be made on request but only if the customer is 18+
I also make emoticons with a transparent bg for platforms such as Discord! DM me for a price quote!
For specific questions such as quotes and everything I do and the range of styles and medium, dm me! I look forward to hopefully working with you all!
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officialspec 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
that time of year again!!! commissions open babey
how to order:
email me at officialspeccommissions@gmail.com
send me your paypal email, commission details, references and any other specifics you want me to add (pose/expression, lighting conditions, etc). the more information the better!
invoices are paid in 2 parts, half before starting the drawing and half after its finished
im only opening a few slots at a time so get in quick !!
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winsbuckart 21 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Hi! My commissions are open with new shiny commission info for a new year! Many slots are available!
My email: winsbuck@outlook.com
Click to find email form and read TOS聽
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joshua-beeking 5 months ago
Tumblr media
And voil脿! Commission completed for Raph who requested " A cute Wangxian scene, like maybe their first night sleeping together post-confession ?" and I very happily delivered. You know that particular excitement of post-confession intimacy sharing? My jam. They both can't sleep.
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pourrii a month ago
Commissions open!
If you鈥檙e interested,please contact me via DMs for more information.
I don鈥檛 draw: furry,something that makes me uncomfortable
Portrait - 43 usd
Half body - 55 usd
Full body - 75 usd
+70% for additional character
Prepayment via Paypal
Rb鈥檚 are highly appreciated. Thank you 馃
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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