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FOR HIRE / OPEN | 10 USD Icon Commisions! | More info on comments

♡• ♡• ♡• ♡• ♡

More art samples!

- OCs, Canon, Fanon, Real People / Characters accepted!

- Characters: Female, Male, Non-Binary, anyone and any sexuality ACCEPTED!

- Can do Humans/Humanoids, Anthro/Furry, Animals, Monsters

- PayPal ONLY. Payment first then I’ll proceed to draw~

Send me chat if interested!

(Promo valid until Jan. 1, 2021 // 9:00 a.m PH Timezone)

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I write and I need money so then I decided, why not take commisions¿

I’m no professional, writing is just a hobby for me but I like to consider myself good enough to be paid for doing it

So without further ado, my commission info¡


  • Stories/Fanfiction: $5 for a 100 words (Overall price +$5 with a close deadline)
  • Poetry: $3 per stanza (Overall price +$3 with a close deadline)
  • Essays: $10 for a 100 words (Overall price +$5 with a close deadline)
  • Letters: $2 for 25 words (Overall price +$5 with a close deadline)
  • Scripts: $3 per page (Overall price +$5 with a close deadline)

This list probably doesn’t contain everything and will most likely grow with time, I’m just starting off simple y'know

Anyway, on to the next thing


  • Song lyrics

Anything containing:

  • Furries
  • Smut
  • Disorders
  • Excessive violence (because I’m not very good at that right now but I’m trying to improve)

Again, this list is probably not everything and will grow as I (hopefully) get more and more commissions

Now let’s wrap this up


  • As of now, I only accept payments through my Paypal
  • For enquiries, you can send me an email at (this isn’t the same email for my PayPal) or you can message me here, any is good. My response will probably come in about 24 hours
  • My delivery time differs depending on how busy I am or state I’m in but it’ll most likely be within a week or so
  • I’ll post a few of my other works as examples of what I’m capable of and encourage you to give me your money- I mean commission me, hehe

So that’s about everything, thank you for reading this far and I hope to hear from you soon¡

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Hi guys, here is my updated list of commission sheet. Please do check it out and consider commissioning me since I’m a student with no allowance, and this is a way for me to earn. Please do message me if you’re interested. I’m achieving to do commissions this month so I can earn since it’s going to be my birthday next month. This is a gift for myself. 

Please do check and support me on kofi also. The rates are here.

Please support and buy me coffee, please? Thank you. I have a goal to buy myself an ipad so that I can use it for my digital notes and enhance my digital arts.

Thank you so much!

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Pet Portriats!!

I’m opening slots now for pet portrait commissions! If you have designs on spoiling your favorite animal lover for the holidays, now is the time to get rolling. You can refer to my master commissions post for more information if pets aren’t your thing!

Prices are dependent on media choice, size, number of animals and complexity. Let’s chat! I’d love to paint your loved one’s puppy, kitty, horse, bird or anything else in between!

All commissioners must agree to my TOS.

Digital portraits start at $75 for a single animal bust shot. Framing, full body posing, printing/shipping and additional animals can be added for a few fees.


Traditional mixed media portraits start at $60 for a 9 x 12 inch canvas.

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Hey so it’s been a while! I’m super sorry for not posting I had all this art I did but forgot to post here on top of that I just felt like posting here didn’t make much of a difference in my art getting noticed. Reason I want it to be noticed is because I’m trying to become a free lancer artist so I need people to commission me… But so far no one has done that. but anyway he’s an art dump gonna probably be a few of these and posts just catching y'all up on things.


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