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Repost from my twitter, but I’m taking comms to raise money for donations! I’m seeing that the Minnesota Freedom Fund has told people to donate elsewhere bc of the huge influx of donations, so donations will be sent to Reclaim the Block instead! DM here on tumblr if interested

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“bio freezer coloured” accessed at deviantArt here

[Commissioned by @coldbloodassassin. Again, the struggle of finding Guyver material on the English-speaking internet–the best picture I could find was a scan a fan uploaded to their dA account more than a decade ago. At least I could find more information about this character’s backstory and personality than “they showed up once, the Guyver killed them, they never appeared again”.]

Zoanoid, Biofreezer
CR 13 CG Aberration

This humanoid is a tan color with greenish highlights, its body seemingly composed of a suit of exoskeleton-like armor. A small array of fins and crests grow from its head.

Biofreezers number among the Lost Numbers of the zoanoids, but their origins are unusual. Rather than being a creation of either zoalords or their zern originators, the first biofreezer was created by a human cleric who turned fleshwarping technology on himself in a last-ditch effort to save his life from a zoalord-engineered plague. Although the discovery was reverse engineered by the zoalords, even their biofreezers have a distressing tendency to go rogue, and as such their creation is rarely overseen.

Biofreezers are typically by their nature benevolent and self-sacrificing, fighting against evil in flashy and dramatic fashion. Their body is filled with chambers of super-cooled liquid that circulates around like a second bloodstream, and they can vent this liquid in icy beams or bursts. They often trap enemies in layers of ice, and rarely stop to intentionally finish off a neutralized enemy. Creatures that strike them are sprayed with this liquid as well, and some biofreezers possess a martyr complex, intentionally allowing themselves to be injured in order to weaken their foes.

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new laptop came in, which means official commissions are now reopened!

trying to earn up money for my dental work

Basic backgrounds: $5

complex backgrounds seen above: $20

extra characters: $10 (busts) $15 (full body)

Will do:

  • Mild nsfw
  • Gore
  • OCs (references required)
  • complex backgrounds
  • tattoos (references required)

Wont do:

  • noncon
  • complex armor
  • explicit nsfw
  • Furry
  • Mecha

contact me via DM if interested

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Commission are open!! Here’s the type of art that I do would cost

1.drawing fanart of your character/animal:20$-wanting more characters in the pic will cost you an extra 3$ designs for a character:20$ -i will draw you a average of 4 outfits but if you want more than 4 outfits for more than 1 character then that will cost you a extra 8$

3.character design/animal design:20$-wanting more than one character made will cost an extra 2$ you pay through this :at You can find my other stuff here: 2.


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Now that my hours are being cut at work, I have so much more time for art! yay for capitalism

i do take writing and art commissions too.


My writing commission prices have changed a bit from my last post like this
$2 per 500 words till 5000
$4 per 500 till 10,000
$8 per 500 upwards

Art prices are 
$3 for lineart per character, $5 for flat colors. 
$5 for character with simple background, +2 for every character
$10 for character with complicated background, +2 for extra character.

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Posting these here too!

I’m taking just 2 more slots for icon commissions, $25 each.

Payment only through paypal, to get in contact please dm me!

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It’s been a crazy time, especially with losing my job, so I’ve decided to open up some emergency commissions! This is my first time doing commissions so please be gentle >~<

I can also make you an icon like this for $15!


Please dm me and share this if you can!! Much appreciated! <3

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Commission info

I am now offering written commissions! I will do canon x canon (and poly) as well as reader x canon. I will not be accepting OCs.

I will write for all kinks except for those relating to body fluid.

  • 500 words = 1$
  • 1000 words = 2$
  • 1500 words = 3$

And so forth (1$ is equal to 500 words)

I hope this is a lot more affordable to people than usual rates and PayPal payment only please!

If you want an example, check my commission example tag :)

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