#commissions are still open teehee
dipplie · 6 months ago
It's a game that everyone can participate, that lasts for 1 month. Players "attack" people of the opposing team by making art of OCs you choose belonging to members of the other team. The artist that receives the attack can then counter that attack by drawing the character belonging to the person who attacked them, or pay it forward by attacking a different person on the other team.
It's like a game of team tennis basically!!
Cute and cools but I’m pretty bad at tennis
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tamarindoto · a year ago
Tumblr media
another oc charity commission for @kattsnin9lives​!! it mirrors the other one ;) i had a ton of fun!
(interested in a charity commission for yourself? get one here!)
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j0succ · 10 months ago
So that video is just "look how rich I am", huh? Have you considered that lots of your followers are unemployed and working class during a global pandemic? Some people are just so fucking insensitive and delusional lmao
hi anon! i am going to address this ONCE and ONLY ONCE. i posted the video bc i thought some people might like to see it. people ask me about my collection a lot. i am also unemployed and working class - i am a full time carer for my fiancee and the government pays me a pittance for that because they KNOW that people who are carers for loved ones won’t just stop doing it. i am entirely reliant on government benefits!
 i am very aware of the pandemic lmao, my fiancee is clinically extremely vulnerable and the uk government asked her to shield so aside from moving house to get out of a place that was LITERALLY UNLIVABLE (no shower, stairs when she couldn’t climb them most days), we have not left the house in over a year for anything except the doctors and hospital appointments - with a brief stint in the middle because haz’s grandmother who lived across the country was in hospital needed someone to look after her, when the uk was briefly allowed out of lockdown!
(if you didn’t know the uk’s lockdown has been a lot stricter than the usa’s, hairdressers/restaurants/movie theatres/gyms still aren’t open here and the only shops that are allowed to be open are ones deemed to be selling ‘essential’ goods).
i am VERY MUCH not rich. i HAVE been collecting jojo merch for over five years at this point. i am in the privileged position to have a small amount of disposable income because, as earlier mentioned, i Literally Don’t Go Out. i started collecting part five merch before part five aired and it was MUCH MUCH cheaper then (my bruno SAS was under 20 dollars). i also was lucky to make a small amount of extra income by selling jewelry on etsy and taking writing commissions. i like good deals and am always happy to talk to people about how to get cheaper deals on figures and merch, there’s LOTS in my archive talking about shopping services and the like! 
anyway you do NOT know people’s circumstances. there is a difference between me posting, say, a 20 grand diamond necklace as a ‘teehee’, and me posting some hunks of plastic i got for about five dollars each because people occasionally want to see them. i’m a big fan of other people’s collections personally!!! 
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saltedsour · 9 months ago
wahhhhh how are you literally so good with colors?? /lh If you ever open commissions/do commissions I would absolutely love to know your rates and will totally buy something form you omg
I don't plan to do commissions (in the near future), but ahhhh thanks!
A new thing I'm having fun playing with is slapping the JS&B Pink with a Cyan overlay!
Tumblr media
Play around with the opacity of the overlay, slap on a dark-ish purple multiply, and it's literally done.
Tumblr media
My favourite thing to do is just keep the colour palettes not too crazy, and go all out on the filters.
(Tree really has only two colours in the most simplified form, white and rlly light blue. Chronos goes with a White > Black > Pink vibe. I didn't really add any pink to his clothes, at least for what you can see here. He also kinda got this nice "Light colour, middle colour (pink), dark colour" without having to make a desaturated grey grrr bark bark.)
GRADIENTS! GRADIENTS R ALSO FUN !! It helps while I'm fucking around with colours but I don't wanna make too drastic of a change.
Tumblr media
(chronos' most simplified design has just 3 colours, everything else was just overlays and multiplies.)
Whatcha gotta do is just kinda,,, play around with the colours (and the saturation/blending mode!! the bottom red part of the comic was used with a blending mode that I never used before (and probably used incorrectly) but it looked cool so it stays) until it gets something you like.
The lamps in the two bgs of the comic originally gonna be more multicoloured, but it ended up looking out of place, so I made it stick to warm colours, to still give an Aesthetic.
Another thing to add is the transparent colour in the text bubbles, it all depends on the bg for that. If it's white on a dark background it stands out, and vice versa.
Another thing that makes the colours work, the pink on Blixer's clothes is slightly more blue than the one for his body colour. It sets things apart and makes it look sooooooooo much better imo.
Anyways thanks bestie u unlocked a part of my artist skills.
might make a comic after this teehee /lh /hj
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babycracker · 10 months ago
❤️ teehee
look at you, BEGGIN for it after pretending you don't like affection all this time 🙄
idek where to start. you're hilarious, i can't even remember how many times youve had me losing it to the point i can't see my phone anymore and need a break just to calm myself tf down.
you're also really, idk the word but like not judgemental at all. like i know i can tell you literally anything and you'll be cool with it. and i probably have told you close to everything lol
we're like, same brain so's it's almost scary sometimes, ie: both of us typing at once for the first time that day. and i know whatever i ramble to you, you're almost always gonna be down to join in and either laugh with me or make me feel better.
you're really. thoughtful?? like when ive had shit going on, you're there for me without like being in my face abt it if that makes sense? and like you always seem to know what to say to make me feel better. and yes im aware this is starting to sound like a bogan love letter but just ignore that.
you're SO encouraging and supportive, and, like. idk if im ever hesitant abt something (which happens often, let's be honest) you're not so much blindly like DEW IT but you talk through stuff with me until i feel myself like i can do it, you know? and then you're like DO IT NOW lmao
you're such an amazing writer, like i could never. you give me serious writers envy whenever i read smth you've written and then I have to talk myself out of my feelings of inadequacy coz like. you're amazing, seriously. you have such a beautiful way with words and i just could never.
OMG AND YOUR IDEAS. you big brain bitch, you have THE BEST FIC IDEAS. like idk how you do it over and over again but everything you come up with is so original and creative and well thought out and has very real potential to destroy me and i love it.
you're an incredible artist too!! like i know you say you're still learning and all but like dude, you're already so good and i better be the first one on your waiting list when you open commissions. yes, i said 'when', deal with it.
ok. you're probably throwing up by now so imma stop, but if you want more lemme know coz i got SO MUCH LOVE FOR YOU 💛🤍
send me a ❤ and lemme compliment you!
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cumfuyu · a month ago
♧ if ur still doin the moot game thing teehee <33
You’re my: ….. i literally dont even know ur literally my guardian angel im so in love with you
How I met you: ??? GOOD QUESTION I DONT REMEMBER BUT I LOVE YOU ++ remember our chat abt how loud akinori is and keiji and kou omfg i was eatingthat up
Why I follow you: because i love you and your acct is so cute and ur works are sooooo good
Your URL is: bunbby + its cute
Your icon is: cute like u i love u
A random fact I know about you: UR AN AMAZING ARTIST SMH IM IN LOVE WITH U
General opinion: did u know that i love u? and that i think ur the most precious baby ever? and i literally will worship the ground u walk on?
A random thought I have: u should open commissions 😍 NO IM JOKING I SAY THAT EVERY TIME BUT I JUST MISS U HELLO
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momon-adoptables-yey-blog · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Unicorn prince owned by eli-skytail from adopts amino Remember when i posted a thing where you pay me 10$ and give a color palette... well this is the result. Teehee. Still open for that kind of commission.. 💕💕💕
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deth-of-a-king · a year ago
what kinda art do you guys wanna see from me i’m not a very funny comic artist     and when i have nothing to draw i usually draw ship art i like to paint but that takes time and it would also be cool to be paid to do that (commissions are still open teehee)
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gloomy-socks · a year ago
teehee consider for help !!
i’ve opened unlimited testing style commissions for 150 points on deviantart to pay for two things that i need to catch up on!! please share/consider since  i know its a small style rather than my sizelimb style but still funn!! :)
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caiabresebun · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
OC Chester for @pobuko / @sprklqst
thank you <3
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