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You have to remember that communication is not a science. There are no clear guidelines or rules to it. Meaning that it is not a good way to judge whether you’re worshiping correctly or not. 

Communication is different for everyone. How it happens, when it happens, if it happens. So perhaps you also need to change how you view communication. Are you so focused on certain expectations that you could be ignoring the more subtle signs?? And do you have a realistic view of what communication actually is and looks like? 

The only thing I can say from experience is that it seems that those who focus too much on it tend to struggle the most with it. You can’t put so much emphasis on it because even when you do experience it, there’s no guarantee you’re gonna experience it again any time soon. So it’s too much of a fickle thing to base your entire worship on. If you do so then you’re just setting yourself up for disaster. 

You ultimately have to find other more reliable areas of worship that you connect with so it’s not all dependent on whether you’re feeling the gods or not. 

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Johannes Müller, Elements of Physiology
Sensation … consists in the communication to the sensorium, not of the quality or the state of the external body, but of the condition of the nerves themselves, excited by the external cause. We do not feel the knife, which gives us pain, but the painful state of our nerves produced by it. … We communicate … with the external world merely by virtue of the states which external influences excite in our nerves.
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When someone dismisses nearly everything you have to say so frequently that you stop saying anything at all. And then that same someone gets irritated with you for not communicating.

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I’m doing sth for uni about intercultural general, how different communication is in every culture. I’m trying to collect as many examples as I can. I don’t have much time, and i’d appreciate your help..if you want to help, just tell me sth about your culture. And if you have sth to compare it to, a culture very different from yours, that would be good too!!

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Advance Care Planning

If you were to end up in a coma, would your loved ones know what to do?

For how long would you want to be kept alive? What would you call ‘quality of life’? What would your funeral look like?

A lot of people don’t talk about their possible death with loved ones and in which way they would like to receive care. Due to the stigma around dying, a lot of people don’t die in a way they think acceptable.

The fact that you CAN receive treatment to prolong your life does not mean you HAVE to receive it.

Be sure to talk to each other about your vision on a meaningfull life and the way you want to receive care when you are not able yourself to make your wishes known at a particular moment.

Read about Advance Care Planning (ACP) and make sure your loved ones won’t have to make choices in the future about your life while asking themselves if you would agree.

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My love language is foremost, Words of Affirmation. With some Acts of Service sprinkled in.  That being said, it’s important to me to understand your care by letting me know.  I don’t vibe well with people who say things like “I shouldn’t have to tell you a million times” or “ you should just know”. These types of phrases will start to break my heart. Understanding my love language was difficult. It was hard for me to understand why I couldn’t hear something once and just be ok with it. It made me feel stupid that I needed constant reassurance. While trying to understand this more, I was with someone who’s love language was acts of service. I started to accept these acts as my love language, but only if they had a phrase attached to them. If someone was to bring me my favourite treat I would only truly appreciate it with an “I love you” attached to it. If someone was to do something for me like dishes or laundry, I would only understand it as an act of love if there was an “ I did it because I know you didn’t want to and I care”. After a while, I began to not need the words after and I believe my love language shifted a bit while I suppressed what I really needed. Once out of a relationship with someone who’s love language was acts of service, I was stuck in a weird place of trying to understand what I needed in regards to love. I moved into a dark place thinking that my constant reassurance was annoying and overwhelming for someone and I thought I didn’t deserve it. With this mindset, I went into a relationship lying to myself about the love I needed. Since acts of service worked so well I went with it, but very soon after this new relationship started and I thought I found someone who was going to love and cherish me forever my need for words of affirmation came to the foreground.  Trying to tell someone who has a very different love language than you and is reserved about their feelings and ties them to the emotion that they are feeling in the moment is hard.  As with most relationships, communication can be very hard, even more so, when you need words of affirmation to feel loved.

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