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#community issue
fictionkinfessions · 5 days ago
Gentle PSA: If you have actual physical echoes of pain from kin lives or other symptoms of illness, get that checked out by a doctor if you can, especially if it hits when you're not actively thinking about those lives - it may be more than just an echo. Whether it's spiritual weirdness affecting your physical body or just a coincidence, finding out that there's a spiritual explanation for your symptoms doesn't necessarily mean there isn't a physical one too, and if there is, you deserve treatment for it just as much as anyone with no spiritual explanation does.
Sincerely, a chronically ill guy who can tie a LOT of his symptoms to kin lives.
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introjectfessions · 10 months ago
I love being Héctor Rivera, and the rest of my system loves me too. I just wish I could... Not? Have a visceral reaction to certain things the fandom does. Like shipping myself with Ernesto. I KNOW that it is petty, but I cannot take it. Such is life, I suppose.
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"you're allowed to have fun with being kin" and "being kin is a spiritual belief that should be taken seriously" are not mutually exclusive ideas. being kin can be great and you can have fun with it, but "kinning for fun" is not a thing.
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love it when two characters are arguing and end up peacefully and respectfully resolving the issue at hand, but bc emotions are still heated they end up shouting their apologies. love that trope.
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headpainmigraine · 5 months ago
This article is harrowing. This is the experience of a doctor with a chronic illness, how, how the HELL are we supposed to, how the hell are we supposed to get treatment and be treated seriously when this is what actual members of the medical community come up against?
This is how they think of us.
Some highlights:
I told him I couldn't do schoolwork, feel the cold, or understand a book. He suggested I go on walks if I was stressed.
This breakdown in communication, in which patient and doctor seem to live in different worlds, is well-documented by disabled people. Many feel they have to translate their experience, because disability and medical structures seem incompatible.
"I remember, even as a med student, having the vocabulary to explain what I was going through but feeling like I had hit a brick wall," she says. "I actually didn't know how to describe it."
"If I said the word 'pain' [colleagues] took it as coded language for 'I'm lazy' and 'I can't do my work'.
"They would challenge my reality," she says, something which led her to conceal her symptoms. "I felt like everything I shared was going to be weaponized against me. They would say 'you walked two days ago so why can't you walk today?' Almost like they caught me in a lie.
"The baseline understanding of what it means to be disabled is not there."
Disabled people make up about 20% of the population in the UK and US but only 2% of British and American doctors.
”It's completely baffling to me how we can expect patients to respect us when we won't even believe what they're telling us.”
..medical experts often perceive disabled patients as incapable, unreliable, and emotionally unstable, leading clinicians to "downgrade the credibility" of what disabled patients say.
"I wish medical students were taught to be open to information disabled patients provide," she says. "It's okay for a medical student or doctor to admit that they don't have the answer. That's so much more helpful than gaslighting the patient."
As a disability activist who's proud of being disabled, there's a vocabulary of identity that I can't use with doctors,
With a disabled doctor I wouldn't have to explain so much because we're speaking the same language," they say. "My care outcomes would be so much better because I would be understood."
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fictionkinfessions · a month ago
i wish there was a bigger fictionkin community on tiktok. it's the social media i'm active on the most and it's just so alienating. all the kin content we get is from people kinning for funsies or talking about that "dragonkin who ate gemstones" post and the "godkin who didn't remember making someone" for the thousandth time. it's just not safe over there man. all you get told is that you're disrespecting systems or stealing from psychotics or somehow disrespecting "actual" spiritual beliefs. everyone is just so mean.
even with the dragonkin who ate gemstones, it rubs me the wrong way how people drag this post through the mud. like, that was someone's safe space, that was a kin confession blog. it makes me wonder how prone any of us are to being made a laughingstock of on tiktok someday.
-#🎐🍀🧧(if that's even my tag lol I can barely remember. hopefully u all know who I am)
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introjectfessions · 10 months ago
buhhhh man it kind of uhhh kinda sucks how im like... kinda nervous about bein seen as a lil cringefail baby man for bein me outside of like... certain servers n shit idk. or other people acting cringefail to me for like... just bein me. already havin to use a dif name to assert that im like... a person rather than just a funny little ai guy. shrugz. just little being a benrey things ig
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can people stop saying it's not valid to be traumatized by kin memories? not everyone has happy go lucky kin mems and some of us see our deaths in our kins, are tortured, abused, or have to see extremely dark and traumatic things in our kins memories. it's not like we can choose what we do and don't remember and when you see something traumatic it's only normal to be traumatized from it. so can people please stop saying it isn't valid to be traumatized by a kin memory?? please??
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gunpowdermilfshake · 3 days ago
20-year-old white kids who have never done any kind of actual community organizing or activism in real life calling aoc a milquetoast centrist for caring about tax legislation and not like. singlehandedly physically burning down the capitol building herself……… okay.
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whoviandoodler · 8 days ago
Can we all please stop 'testing' our partners? If you don't trust them, either break up with them, find the source of your trust issues and try to deal with them healthily, or talk to your partner about how you feel. Just stop playing 5D chess that will do nothing but cause misunderstandings and pain.
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lampiscas · 4 months ago
How do you expect my parents to accept me being queer when the idea of romance is something that is not discussed in an average middle-class indian household.
I see americans talking about coming out or having the freedom to write about their queer history in college essays or about gay marriage being legal or simply attending pride parades ... and it hurts. It fucking hurts because I know I can't do any of that. Because my country thinks queer marriage does not uphold the "values" and "morals" of a "normal" marriage a.k.a straight marriage. It just sucks to think about it.
I don't want to whisper our identities with my friends. I don't want to draw rainbows in my notebook freely only because my mom will assume I like them aesthetically or whatever. I don't want others to assume I'm straight. I don't want them to assume I'm cis. I don't want to be careful with what I reveal about myself every time I speak. I don't want to hide.
I want to scream. I want them to know. I want them to know I'm gay, to know I'm a raging lesbian, to know that bisexuals exist, to know that I'm non-binary, to acknowledge the fact that I'm trans and fucking queer. That I'm here. That I exist. I want to feel alive. I WANT TO BE FREE.
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