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An Open heart reveals all truth. We are sovereign, we are love, we are all. May we surrender to the truth, eat for the truth, live for the truth, reflect the truth. Suffering comes from holding on to the lies we’ve been told. We are beautiful, we are pure, we are releasing the programming and returning to our cosmic truth. Every moment is a moment to align, to love, to create. This is FREE, this is free energy. Organic Life is Abundant. A healthy body, A healthy Mind.

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sit comfortable and breathe in through your nose

feeling your cool breath tickle your insides as it makes its way down your throat, 

you are breathing in the frequency of all that is

feeling your heart and lungs swell 

breathing out 

all negative or stagnant energies held in your upper chakras and replacing it with the energies of love, compassion, and gratitude

trusting yourself that whatever comes up is being released through your breath, your connection to all that is

this is the power we have, of self healing

taking another deep breath in through your nose,

this time filling your stomach, sexual organs and root chakra

breathing out 

and feeling your kegels and arse release (googled anus synonyms lol for your enjoyment and pleasure)

like you are kissing the surface beneath you 

breathing in 

and filtering the breath through your heart,

the frequency of all that is

holding and feeling the magic tingles of release and healing bless your lower chakras 

breathing out 

all discarnate, stale and stagnant energy that is no longer serving your purpose here on earth

replacing these energies with the energy of love, compassion for your experiences and gratitude for the self healing you are performing right now

great job etheric being

you are connected to the frequency of all that is 

keep breathing deeply,

full body breaths

deep and intentional breaths through your entire body, cleansing any energy that does not serve you, knowing that through your breath with awareness of what comes up for you

we are aware of what we need to release and through awareness we have free will to command all discarnate energies leave our body.

now breathe in again 

while holding your breath in your heart chakra and release your energy from this center

all energy, all expectations good and bad, to be released back to the universe to be transmuted into limitless possibilities

open your mind to the frequency of infinite love, unconditional love

seeing yourself as who you are, 

the perfect being of light which is you

releasing all judgment while breathing out 

breathe in again, 

a full body, healing and cleansing breath

feeling your body head to toe, i usually feel like there is light emanating from every single pore of my body

and breathing out 

all of our expectations, good and bad

to be able to connect with the infinite energy of the universe

opening our minds to the endless possibilities we are blessed with in this moment, and in every moment 

when we are connected to all that is

breathe in

and welcome in compassion, love, and gratitude for this moment of bliss

breathing out 

and starting to feel our bodies physical being again.

keeping with the frequency of love and all that is

you are a clean slate, a blank canvas to create with now.

go and create with love, compassion and gratitude knowing that you have released huge weights, limits, and energies that are no longer hindering you from your souls purpose

i love you <3

thank you thank you thank you, 

it is done it is done it is done


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No one wants to suffer, yet out of ignorance living beings create suffering by performing non-virtuous actions.

We should therefore feel equal compassion for all living beings without exception; there is no single living being who is not a suitable object of our compassion.

All living beings suffer because they take contaminated rebirths.

Human beings have no choice but to experience immense human sufferings because they have taken human rebirth, which is contaminated by the inner poison of delusions.

Similarly, animals have to experience animal suffering, and hungry ghosts and hell beings have to experience all the sufferings of their respective realms.

If living beings were to experience all this suffering for just one single life, it would not be so bad, but the cycle of suffering continues life after life, endlessly.

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Last night, a passenger & I were talking. I won’t go into detail but he called a customer service rep to see if there was any $ on his gift card. The balance was zero. Right before he got out, he said, ‘I don’t have cash to tip you, but here’s an apple fritter. I made them myself, they’re fresh and nobody touched them, I promise.’ I love seeing compassionate ppl in everyday life♥️ it gives me hope for the world. I had never been so delighted for an apple fritter in my life lol I haven’t eaten it yet. I think I’m still debating whether I should or not bc of covid. I might eat it bc it was a gift. He was thoughtful and gahgh, the ‘rules’ bend a bit for me with ppl’s attitude. It’s like, how could I not eat it. It’s almost as if I have to. It’s like a… idk. I don’t have the words for it. It will seal the balance, if you will. Yes, I’m very strange bc that may not make sense to most but to me it does.

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Hello to anyone who’ll read this ( maybe )

I’m Sunidhi, 20 years old, experienced yet not so experienced young adult trying to figure out life. I believe that sharing one’s stories help us and people around us. I strongly believe in empathy; being an empath, my life has given me numerous of experiences to become the person that I’m. As life is continuous, so is growth thus I want to keep growing and keep experiencing.

I have a strong belief that world can be a better place if we’re kinder to each other. So here I’m trying to help people.

I’m a Psychology major, Aspiring Therapist, INFJ, and Trauma and Depression survivor.

I hope to get to know you. Let’s heal together ♡




Originally posted by m3u-ego

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Sadness shares the floor with guilt
for those of us too afraid to dance
would not our time be better spent
on those who never had the chance

While it seems I’ve little to offer
I yet have my simple words to share
maybe to tell a soul they’re loved
and not alone because I still care

Though filled by a river of sorrow
perhaps I can find my voice to say
dear friend I have a smile for you
a gift to remind you you’ll be okay

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Fuel your super powers!
Hey! Hey! What are your goals for December?
What seeds are you planting before the end of 2020?
We got
More Love
And compassion
for oneself in the list
Let’s do it!
Movement Is Life!
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