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aspenluvsbirds · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
Everyone is obsessed with the idea that Dolores could hear Bruno’s rat telenovelas in the walls, but what about Luisa using her relaxation time to have a good cry over the drama when he comes back to the family??
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one-pissed-off-child · a month ago
Camilo is a prankster, right? He loves pulling tricks on his family and everyone in town. He's even tried to prank the Casita once or twice (never really works though). Camilo will prank anyone and everyone...except his mother.
It's no secret that Pepa has some pretty severe anxiety which is exceedingly concerning for someone who's gift is emotion based. Everyone tries to keep things as stress-free as possible around her, not really out of concern for Pepa herself but mostly because they don't want her powers to blow up. Camilo is one of the few that genuinely cares about her emotional state beyond how it affects her powers (not to say her family doesn't care about her).
He is notably softer with his mami than any other member of his family, even Mirabel. He refuses to do anything to raise her stress levels and that includes pranks. Instead he redirects his comedic energy towards trying to make her laugh whenever she's upset (which is often) and sometimes even teams up with his dad to put on overly dramatic performances that have the whole family laughing by the end. The point is, Camilo loves his mother.
All that said, he did play a prank on her once when he was like seven. He accidently made her cry and felt horrible for days afterwards.
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extrasentientrat · a month ago
Tumblr media
tfw you've got a seven foot frame and rats across your back
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callamyosotis · 6 days ago
To me, the most interesting dynamic in Encanto is the relationship between Isabella and Mirabel. There is so much envy and lsck of understanding on both sides.
On one side, we have Mirabel who thinks Isabella has it all: The powers, the looks, the picture-perfect future and on top of that everyone likes her and is obviously proud of her. Mirabel very obviously envies Isabella and lets her feel that: She reiterates how perfect Isabella’s life is to her face several times and subtly antogonizes her or is constantly annoyed with her “perfection”. More than anything, she is jealous of how proud everyone seems to be of her while Mirabel feels unseen and unloved.
Isabella, on the other hand, has seen the other side and is mad with Mirbal for wanting everything Isabella has when, in Isabella’s eyes, she already has it all: No expectations. The freedom to live her life however she wants. Isabella knows what kind of responsibility comes with having powers and how heavy the expectations weight on you. But Mirabel doesn’t and Isabella is jealous of her freedom and mad at her for being jealous.
I love this kind of misunderstating where, basically, both of them just want what the other has, failing to see in how far the other suffers from it. The only difference between them is that Isabella knows that Mirabel is jealos of her and just can’t understand why while Mirabel would never have guessed that Isabella’s life isn’t actually perfect and that she could ever be jealous of Mirabel herself.
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aa-loria · 28 days ago
The “fandom” response to Encanto is so incredibly disappointing. Let’s talk about why.
Encanto is a beautiful movie about a family dealing with intergenerational trauma. It deals with a spectrum of different kinds of pressure; we see Isabela as the oldest, with the golden child complex, who always has to be perfect and fulfill every expectation of her family which includes marrying a man she doesn’t love. Luisa, the middle child, who holds every family burden on her shoulders both literally and metaphorically; she overworks herself physically in order to meet the expectations set on her, and never stops to take care of herself. And finally we have Mirabel, the youngest, who doesn’t have a power and therefore is passed over, treated as a nuisance, and constantly blamed for things going on. We see a complex family relationship where they all love each other very much, but they’re all falling apart, with the root of the problem being Abuela Alma’s trauma causing her to put these pressures on her family.
Encanto is ultimately a story about self worth, which we see through Mirabel and how she deals with her two sisters. It’s also a story about vulnerability, which we see with Abuela Alma, who has to see how the walls she built up as a result of her trauma have harmed her family. Abuela Alma is legitimately one of the most complex characters I’ve seen in a children’s film- while her trauma does not excuse her actions, seeing her backstory is what allows the audience to see why she acts the way she does. Not to mention how her immediate response to seeing how she’s hurt her family, who she very clearly loves, is to apologize for what she’s done and work to help. 
It’s all about love, and love in yourself, and a complicated family trying to heal from the traumas of their past and present.
And yet the majority of the fan content is about shipping and sexuality head canons. 
I find it plain infuriating that the majority of white LGBT people can’t consume a piece of media without making it about being LGBT. Because that’s the problem with how I’ve seen a lot of white LGBT people consume Encanto; they completely ignore the actual themes of the movie, and instead start projecting sexualities and gender identities onto the characters and making that the entire point of their content. The Encanto tag has been overrun by white LGBT people posting non-stop about how different characters are queer-coded, shipping frankly disturbing ships with everything from massive age gaps to literal incest, and making x reader and x OC content, mainly with Camilo, who is 15 years old. The themes and messages of the movie have been completely shoved aside so that terminally online fandom LGBT white people can make everything about us. And it’s disappointing, it’s infuriating, and it’s just another example of a trend I wish to see die out.
Contrary to popular opinion on this site: a story doesn’t need to be queer to be good. And making every single piece of media you consume revolve around shipping isn’t revolutionary; it’s annoying. And I’ll say it- people calling you out on your shit, especially with Encanto, isn’t homophobic. People are allowed to want to consume content that isn’t romance. They’re allowed to be annoyed that you’re taking a story about a family healing and coming together and twisting it to be all about you. I’ve seen the people I’m talking about whining about others gatekeeping Encanto and honestly, if all you can do is make sexuality head canons and obsess over finding ways to ship these characters, you deserve it! You deserve to be kept away from the movie, because it’s obvious you didn’t care about what it was really saying, you just wanted a new batch of characters to project yourself onto. 
I’m saying all of this as a white LGBT person myself. I find the trend of white LGBT people making everything about shipping and queerness genuinely infuriating. It’s annoying enough when it’s with every tv show, but seeing it in a story driven by POC and entirely about family, just goes to show how just plain ignorant a lot of these people are. There is no difference in what you are doing than when het people make everything about het romances. There is no difference in what you are doing than when white people make POC stories about ourselves. If people are getting mad at you because you took a movie that had nothing to do with you, and made it all about you and your projections, you fully deserve it. Not every story has to be queer to be good, and acting like the only content worth consuming is queer content is ignorant at best. 
Mirabel is not bi-coded because she has the colours pink, purple and blue on her. Isabela is not lesbian-coded because she wears shades of pink, or because she didn’t want to marry Mariano. Luisa is not lesbian-coded because she’s a strong woman. Camilo isn’t gender fluid or trans or enby-coded because he shape shifts. You’re allowed your head canons, but for the love of god stop making everything out to be like it’s canon or coded into the characters. The movie isn’t about being queer and no amount of projecting will make it that way. 
Also- you weren’t baited by Felix and Agustín in the opening song. If you thought Disney was going to toss a blatant gay couple in in the opening number, that’s completely on you. 
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bakulova · a month ago
That One Girl 1:
Pairing: Camilo Madrigal x reader
Type: Fluffy-Angst
A/N: Day 4 since I didn't post yesterday :( of my craving for watching Encanto. I hope you enjoyyyy! NOT proofread
Part 2
Tumblr media
- You and Camilo have been together for a while. Typical puppy love. You both cling to each other at any given chance and everyone thinks it's adorable and destined to be, except for a certain girl, Mira. She wanted to be associated with the Madrigal family. She wanted the happy life you have. The love that Camilo gives you. She wanted it all. She wanted Pepa and Felix to call her their daughter, not you who they called (Whatever you prefer). She wanted Dolores to tell her all the drama.
- But it seems that the drama Dolores tells you is about Mira. How obsessive she is over Camilo and the family. You understand to stay away from her but that doesn't mean to totally back off. This is your family. They loved you like you were one of them. Camilo knows of her too. He practically jumps into your arms when she's around. Camilo is typically a light-hearted, jokester but when SHE'S around it makes it difficult. He feels the hair on the back of their neck stand up.
- She's bold enough that sometimes she'll come up when you two are on a cute little date and start flirting with Camilo and trying to take him away to which her plan never truly works out because someone is always there to pull her away.
- Most people in the town ship the two of you and even joke about 'when's the wedding?'. The ones who truly dislike it are her family, who tried to push the two into an arranged marriage when the two were simply 12. Pepa and Felix and Abuela refused saying that he, 1) is tooooooo young and 2) He should find their true love on their own. Thus the family is always trying to get Camilo away from you.
- You aren't that threatened by her. It's kinda sad but also funny seeing her glare at you and imagine a life she'll never have. When you two are on a date you make sure to put space in between the both of them because if she gets her hands on him... she's never ever letting go. When she starts trying to shame you for anything or just trying to intimidate you in general you kind of just wait until she's done and do something she can't ever do with him.
- Camilo also defends you. He makes sure that she doesn't put her hands on you because she's definitely has tried more than once. When she shames you for being yourself he makes sure she knows that he's yours, not hers. He totally clings to you when she weird's him out. He does feel bad for you considering you were put in between this.
- In the beginning, you two had a couple of deep conversations that almost ended in her getting her way which is breaking the two of you apart. You doubting that you're worth it or him apologizing over and over almost breaking down completely for putting you through this. But ultimately you both power through and become happier in the end. It's like instead of breaking you guys up Mira helped strengthen your relationship. She made you guys trust each other so much.
- The one time where everyone and I'm talking the Madrigals and pretty much everyone else in town, was totally worried was...
- "Camilo, Y/N's here!" Felix hollered into la casita while inviting you in with a wide grin. Camilo hurried out of their room with Pepa pulling him back and smoothing out his shirt, she looks at him fondly and gives him a little kiss on the forehead thinking about how much her baby boy has grown. He smiles and quickly runs down the stairs towards you.
- "Mi Vida! Y-You look beautiful" Their eyes trailed down your body. Admiration written all over their face. You laugh
- "Thank you mi Amor" You softly grip his chin, making him look directly at you, face red and a weak smile on his face. You move closer and give him a soft, sweet kiss on the lips.
- "You look handsome" You whisper. He gulps then their eyes widen remembering their parents are watching. He turns their head towards them and they are comically weeping watching you two be so lovey-dovey like they were when they were younger. He whispers to you
- "Mi Vida we should probably run while we are still free" You smile and nod grabbing their hand, both of you shouting your goodbyes. After a little while, you both stop and look around. You are both at your special spot which is a tree on top of a hill a little ways away from the town. You both get settled and get close starting to watch the sunset. You both just talk about each other day and wonder what the future will look like for the both of you. Everything was perfect until...
- Mira. She showed up somehow finding this spot. She slides right in between the two of you. Pushing up against Camilo. You deadpan and look at him. He looks at you worried. Mira starts blabbing about her day and how tired she is and how much her parents miss seeing him around and that he should go over for dinner tonight since she and him are conveniently dressed up. You getting annoyed
- "Mira can't you see we're in the middle of a date," you say frustrated.
- "Oh are you? are you sure? you don't really look properly dressed." She makes a hmph sound and turns back to talking to your lover. He continues to push her away but she always comes back. Like a rubber band. You thought everything between you and Camilo were fine but I guess not because of the feeling of jealously and hurt burning throughout your chest. You get up and look at the two of them, hurt. More specifically at Camilo. He looks at you worried because he knows that look on your face. It reminded him of all the time you two would argue over situations exactly like this.
- You look to the side for a second contemplating on what to do but ultimately decide that today is just to much and grab your things and leave. Normally you would laugh and try to make a joke about this but something about today was not right. You leave without looking back, ignoring Camilos shout for their love. But he didn't have to worry considering Mira answered right back
- "Mi Amor I'm right here?" she says innocently. He pushes her off and quickly runs after you leaving that screeching bird behind and running to his true love. He looks in all of your little hiding spaces but finds them empty. He sighs looking defeated and trudges back to la casita. He enters the home depressed and face similar to a kicked puppy.
- There is where he finds you. Their face lights up and he quickly walks toward you.
- "A-ah Mi Vida! I found you! oh, you worried me..." He carefully walks in front of you crouching down to see your cute face but only for you to abruptly get up when he hears someone come down the stairs.
- "Y/n? Camilo? so early what are you two doing back?" says Pepa who is with her mother. You take a deep breath and shout
- "I think it's best that I step back from Camilo and let you guys continue with the marriage between them and Mira." with that you hurried out of there leaving everyone to come out of their rooms shocked. Camilo sinks to the floor staring at the ground, he starts to feel a sting in his chest.
- "camilo? what happened?" asked Abuela. Abuela loved you. She wanted you and Camilo to have a life together. She saw the way you made them so happy. She saw her in Camilo when he is with you and the same goes for you. She finds this odd.
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lunairk · 5 days ago
Hello! Good morning/afternoon/night!
Its okay to request something from encanto where the 3 rd generation have their S/o and when their So was going to meet with them they see someone else kissing them because they were confessing but didnt know the madrigal was in a relationship
What do you think they would do if they after they pushed the person away they Saw their S/o stading there crying and then running off??
Update: There is a part2 for the second generation
A/N: I finished writing it! (●ˇ∀ˇ●) I know you said 3rd generation but I didn't write for Antonio. He's five anyway
Fandom: Encanto
Paring: youngest generation of Madrigal x gender neutral reader
Word count: 1.7k
Tumblr media
You know Isabela is very popular but she promised you she only has eyes for you so you aren’t particularly worry about it
Isabela isn’t very open about your relationship and she is pretty subtle about it, so here’s some guy who mistaken Isa’s politeness as mutual affection, and he kissed her while confessing
The only reason Isabela is willing to stand outside under the burning sun that day is because she has a deal with you to hang out. She dressed up for you, but that guy took advantage of her
When you arrived, excited to see your beautiful girlfriend, you found out she is kissing someone else. The dude she told you to not worry about. What can you think about this situation? You just stared at them in disbelief
“Y/N wait!” Isa pushed that man off and tried to explain to you but you already ran away
Isabela instantly wanted to go after you, but her arms were caught by that guy and all the rage just busted out of her graceful disguise
She is going to grow vines all over that guy, trapping him in it and grow some big flowers to slap him and keep him this way until she’s back (or she’s not going to be back at all)
She will find you at a little private place that is filled with your favourite flowers she grew just for you
“Y/N I feel nothing about that dipshit. He forced it on me you have to believe me” She kneed in front of you
You believe her because she came to you really shortly after you left. So it proves she cares about you, but you played along a little longer just to see her comforting and promise things to you
After this if you are still in doubt, she will take you back to see the guy still trapped in vines and get slapped
This will bring a laugh out of you and the laugh eased Isabela too. Then you will carry on your date and have a nice time, completely forget that guy
Tumblr media
Luisa is a very busy person since she always needs to help around the town. So to spend time with her you just follow her around. Luisa doesn’t mind if people know about her relationship so she didn’t pay attention to hide it, but she is just too busy that she doesn’t look like she is in a relationship
Some fan-girl or fan-goy admires her and is obsessed with her. Someday Luisa has a plan with you to hang out on top of a mountain to watch sunset after she’s finish with the jobs around the town
While she’s carry the last sacks of cereals of the day, someone came to her. They took advantage of her hand-full status to confess and try to stand on their toes to kiss her
Luisa will be like leaning all the way back with terror, trying to not get their lips touch hers, but you still saw it
Part of your sight were blocked by the sack she is carrying so you thought they actually kissed. You cried and left the area
Luisa heard you and she knew it’s messed up, so she just throw the sacks down, trying to stop you
Then she got a little complains from the person she’s helping, so she just throw the sacks all the way across the sky to its destination. Completely ignoring that person
You were heading to the hill you were supposed to be at, and Luisa caught up with you at half way
“But you kissed them!”You argued, looking sad
“No I didn’t!” Luisa is actually a little offended you would accuse her like that. She actually dodged at all her might
She even demonstrated how she was dodging. Her sincerity made you believe her
“Actually come with me” She carried you all the way back down to the town and shouted to announce to everyone, “Listen to me everyone, this is my s/o! I’m taken and so is them!”
This pleased you a lot and Luisa carried you straight back up to the hill and you just got there in time for sunset
Tumblr media
Mirabel runs along with you all around everyday. She is really happy with you and people thought you are just a close friend
One day you and her are supposed to meet up in the morning. You and her are going to help her mother around
Mirabel is just singing and telling story with the children before you arrive and one of their brother or sister is listening as well. In the middle of the story they just came up to her and hold her hands, confessing a lot of things
Mirabel is just standing there froze, startled and confused. It’s a very touching confession really, but she just feel awkward
Before she knows how to react, that person just pulled her in and kissed her. You arrived just at that moment to witness all this
“Mirabel?” She heard you call her, your voice is filled with disbelief
Then she saw tears fall off your face, running away too. Mirabel pushed that person away with random arm movements, trying to get to you, but then she got surrounded by the kids again
Mirabel has to pick her dress up and step outside the surrounding circle of the children to get to you.
“I don’t like them, not even a tiny bit.”She explained frantically, tears also running down her cheek, “I’m sorry all I want is to make you happy. I don’t want to make you sad or cry. I’m so sorry. It’s all my fault”
You had to take off her glasses and wipe off her tears to comfort her. In the end you talk everything through and get all back together happily
Tumblr media
Dolores is holding a plate of snacks when some random dude come to her (Imagine how Camilo was holding a disk in Dolores’form in the film)
He is literally startling Dolores by the way he is talking. Like, he is so touched and moved by himself, not even noticing the look on Dolores’ face
He’s like “I love you Dolores” and pressing his arms onto the table to support himself to lean forward, pouting his lips out to her
Dolores can hear your foot steps coming this way and she’s like, “Yeah……no”
Pushing that dude away then walking to you to meet you half way
“What’s wrong?” You will notice her little nervousness
“Nothing” Dolores is not a perfect liar
“I love you Dolores!”That dude is back again behind her and this time he’s shouting really loud, “And we were about to kiss!”
“What?” You stared at her, “Is he telling the truth?”
Dolores was really nervous that she didn’t blurt out a ‘no’ quickly enough. Just as you are heartbroken and trying to get away, Dolores grabbed your arm, pulling you in front of her
“Listen!” She accidently called out too loud that hurt her own ears, but she needed to be determined, “I’m taken by them! I don’t care if you love me. I love them! So get away!”
She didn’t even bother to hear their response. She just pulled you away
“He was not telling the truth”Dolores said to you, “I wasn’t even planning on letting him touch me”
“Really? You meant every words you said?”
Dolores holds your face and peppers kisses down
“Every” kiss “Single” kiss “Goddamn” kiss “Word” kiss
And of course you believed her. Dolores shared with you the snacks she took and everything is right as rain between you again
Tumblr media
Nobody took Camilo too seriously other than his family, because he is always goofing around in town. So since he always joked about you, nobody actually believed you are his s/o
So in my imagine you are probably playing hide and seek with Camilo around town that day. You are hiding because he always win is he is hiding
When Camilo is out there seeking for you, some girl just comes up to him. She likes him and feel like she is just the right person for him
Camilo just keep backing up and tell her he is taken by you, but she didn’t believe him. Then she just straight up kissed him
Camilo was startled so bad his shapeshifting gift lost control and he turned into everyone around him. You were out there looking for him because he took so long and that’s what you saw. You ran away
He saw you and finally came to sense that what he should do, pushing that girl off, no caring if she is a lady or not.
You went to hiding because you need some alone time to straighten your thoughts, but Camilo isn’t just good at hiding. He’s the master of games so he is good at seeking you too
He found you eventually. “What do you want” You turned your head to not look at him
“She just threw herself at me. I should have pushed her off the instant. I’m sorry” Camilo said to you very seriously, and he is rarely serious
After you are willing to listen to him, he talked about a lot more, but it’s gonna take more than that to get you forgive him
He sighed, “How about this” Camilo dragged you up and hide you somewhere in town and he found the girl
He takes your form in front of her, “Look at them. They are the most amazing and gorgeous human being I know and I love them. So go off at someone else”
She got really awkward and left. “Happy now?” Camilo turned back to you try to play it off like he didn’t say anything really sweet and against his personality
You love me?” You are just teasing him now.
“Oh shut up” Camilo blushes, “Let’s just go back to Casito and eat”
“Isn’t that what you always like to do” You giggled and walked with him while holding his hands
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dollmoth-productions · 23 days ago
Yan encanto family with villain (cuz why not? Or normal if dont write villain reader) reader whos a power like naagin (a person who can shape shifting into a snake)
I could not find any good GIF so I hope this is good
Tumblr media
The darling is more mischievous than evil
💙 Isabella is very showy for you she especially loves it whenever you do turn into a snake she purposely likes to put you in the sun on one of her many plants so you will heat up she thinks it's absolutely adorable when you are completely healed up you normally try to leave her room and she usually just try to stop you by putting a Vine around your leg sometimes even with thorns
💙 Maribel does get tired of your shenanigans because of your constant pranks or lack thereof which means you're planning but she truly does love you even though sometimes it becomes too much when her jealousy does show
💙Julieta and agustín are more of the sickly sweet pipeline she will make you food and maybe when you're even in your steak from catching mice for you even though you don't really eat sometimes the food is even poison so you are too sick to take care of yourself. Agustín is accident-prone as you see but that doesn't change the fact that he cares about you he's a lot like his wife in some ways maybe less obsessive so he commonly just plays the piano for you even if you're crying after a punishment or chained up by Casita
💙Luisa very strong but very dangerous it's coming for you even if you try to leave the 
Casita tries to force you to stay here but if you ever follow the rules and play nice 
she's an absolute sweetheart a darling even but it doesn't help because she's the strongest she's often the one that has to bring you home even if you try to Slither away she holds you down by the neck or where she believes your neck is
❤ Abuela it's probably the most tame but also the most dangerous to make angry she is a lot more less stressful on you than the others but that comes with more helicopter parenting if you ever are close to window she's always three feet away if you ever try to get out of the Casita she's always two inches away she's the most dangerous to make angry because she will make sure you get punished
💛Pepa  and Felix the helicopter parenting was Abuela then they are complete watch dogs always watching you always checking up on you always making sure you're okay and that would be nice but wasn't every 5 minutes it comes to the point where you sometimes even hide but they normally know where you are they think it's absolutely adorable that you can transform into this think even more when he tried to bite them normally that leads to Pepa thundering through even though Felix is more laid-back here does have his limits his limits come whenever you try to escape and he doesn't the Show punishment but he does give you a firm talking to where he threatens to break your legs
💛 Dolores the person who can hear everything is possibly the only chance that you'll ever be to normalcy you were never able to truly Escape her she can hear you slithering away she can hear you whenever you stub your toe and you swear and beneath your breath and you expect the girl who knows everything about everyone to actually help you because they might understand you but nope you have to stay here it's scary.
💛 Camilo the light-hearted jokester you have lost all hope of anyone ever letting you escape which also lead you to be kind of depressed and sad so Camilla was there to always cheer you up which was usually than my mocking the victims that they've usually got done rid of he loves it whenever you turn to snake whenever you're scared because it really depends on your mood what type of breed you are she does miss your shenanigans with him whenever you would prank people with him but it's safer for you to stay here and not do anything too dangerous
💛 Antonio he's the less of your worries he doesn't even understand his feelings on the matter he understands you whenever you turn into a snake so that's good or he even lets you pet his pet Jaguar so you would feel better watch me yet again he doesn't really allow you to escape but you can easily overpower him because of how young he is but you would never hurt him if you were given the chance he's the lesser of two evils
💚 Bruno is definitely more of a danger for you he will start doing his Visions again especially when he's accepted back in the family so he can see if you would ever escape so he can plan it out normally the family gives you to him whenever they have to do their normal chores so it's definitely an uphill battle with you and him his hugs are so crushing and tight that you commonly can't even escape and you even fall asleep in them they're not even comforting anymore they're more dangerous especially after you tried to escape multiple times he hate it whenever you turn into a snake he's scared that you might hurt his rats so he often punishes you so you won't really turn into a snake as much otherwise he's completely calm
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totallyawr1t3r · 16 days ago
Can I please have some Pepa specific yandere where Fem!Reader is a new maid helping out around Casita and Pepa becomes unhealthily obsessed with her and treating her like some security/comfort object that helps to soothe her wild mood swings?
Yandere Pepa with Maid Reader
Like that Woman's fish, Félix died.
That fucking destroyed Pepa, and while the rest of her Family was deeply hurt by it, she was the worst.
Mostly because of how her emotions affect the weather and etc. But still-
Once the family has kinda moved on from his death while Pepa really hasn't, they would try their best to help her but just couldn't until you finally came along.
Alma had hired you to act as some sort of Maid, and help around Casita. She even let you stay there as Casita made a room just for you so it wasn’t that bad. 
At first Pepa didn’t really care or notice you, her emotions and moods still out of whack.
It wasn’t until it was just you two alone in Casita and you heard someone crying. You noticed it was coming from Pepa’s room, and hesitated a bit. You weren’t scared of her but you were still fairly new and walking into someone’s room without knocking was rude. So you gave a gentle knock on her door, “Señora Pepa? Are you okay?” You mentaly slapped yourself at the stupid question. It was clear she wasn’t.
You didn’t get an answer back but a louder sob, causing you to slowly open the door. You bit your lip in pain as the door handle burnt your hand, you quickly let go once the door was open.
You fanned your burning hand behind your back as you took a step inside of the room. Pepa didn't seem to notice you until you sat down right next to her. You didn't say anything, only rubbing circles on her back. You two sat in silence as you tried your best to do small acts to comfort her. You've never been the best with crying people.
After she had finally calmed down, she apologized to you about it, to which you quickly told her that she didn't need to and her feelings were completely fine.
You two ended up talking, as she vented and talked about how she was trying her best to control her emotions. 
She felt much better afterwards and you two began to talk much more after it.
You became her new source of comfort and her feelings suddenly became unhealthy and obsessive towards you, whether Platonic or Romantic.
Whenever Pepa was feeling out of it, you were always there to help, completely native to her true feelings. 
The family quickly noticed, and were extremely happy that Pepa was getting better because of you. They didn't even care about how unhealthy her feelings were. As long as she was happy and not causing a hurricane, they'll make sure you stay for as long as Pepa needs. 
So there really isn't a way you could leave Casita or Encanto, and you'll be stuck whether you noticed her feelings or not.
Pepa would start to keep you by her side, not really wanting you out of her sight. She needed you at all times, she couldn't handle you being gone for a few seconds. What if something happened to you and you died as well?
She didn't like that thought, so Pepa would always be somewhere close by or right next to you. Keeping people away.
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Because I'm currently obsessed with Encanto and the papa Bruno au
I want Bruno to be pissed because after Mirabel's door ceremony goes off, Pepa takes her cues from Abuela and avoids Mirabel even though the two were super close. I want her to tell Camilo to leave Mirabel alone, like not having a gift is something contagious, and I want Camilo to agree and then completely ignore Pepa's command there. For years Mirabel is almost completely isolated; no one but her Papa and Camilo will seek her out even though they will be sweet to her if Mirabel goes to them first, Abuela and Pepa both just flat out ignore her.
And then Pepa gets pregnant with Antonio. Mirabel is shockingly the most excited because that means she'll have a friend in the nursery with her, and a few months into the tumultuous pregnancy (she controls the weather with her emotions and the hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy make people crazy emotional, she'd probably always be fighting off a cold or worse. And at her age, it would have been a high-risk pregnancy even without her magic) Pepa goes to her brother and asks for a vision. At this point Bruno doesn't really do visions, especially not for Pepa or Alma, so he straight out tells her where to shove it, and when she insists I want him to say something like "I said no! Wanna hear it in English? No!"
(Of course, Bruno's worried about his new niece or nephew too, so he's ALREADY looked, and he saw a healthy baby boy, so there's really no trouble there, but he isn't going to tell Pepa that)
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aspenluvsbirds · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
Mirabel making little rat costumes………..🐀🤧
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hopepunk-fanfics · 23 days ago
Autistic Character Headcanons
Tumblr media
(Amphibia) Marcy Wu
My precious long-suffering baby who I project everything onto. I honestly don’t understand how you could look at Marcy and not think she’s on the spectrum. She’s naive, super smart, has an obsession with games and is canonically stated to get “in the zone” a lot where she forgets things going on around her. She has Autism.
Tumblr media
(Encanto) Bruno Madrigal
It’s stated by one of the creators that Bruno was always more introverted and outcast, even before he went into hiding. That’s how Camilo knew about the rats, because Bruno had always hung out with rats because he’s a lonely guy with misunderstood abilities. Plus, he’s a theatre kid. I don’t see how people can deny that this guy has Autism, because whenever I see him on screen it’s like looking in a mirror. Autistic people are more prone to anxiety and he’s very superstitious which, in my opinion, is a lot like stimming. He knocks on wood like 50x a day, I’m convinced this guy is autistic.
Tumblr media
(Encanto) Mirabel Madrigal
I can totally see Autism running in the Madrigal family because she gives me strong autistic vibes. But unlike Bruno’s anxious autistic brain, she has more of the quirky hyperactive autistic brain. She’s still weird by the standards of her town, and when she compares herself to her family and says she just wanted to make them proud? I felt that. Plus, she’s the only one who actually talks to and understands Casita, which really stuck out to me for some reason. Maybe it’s just wish fulfillment, but I’d definitely like to think she’s Autistic.
Tumblr media
(She-ra) Entrapta
Entrapta is canonically autistic, the creator of she-ra confirmed it, but I love her so much that I still wanted to include her. When I first saw this character I literally sat my parents down and showed them a compilation video of her, because I was so happy to finally see a character like me on TV. Too often, when an autistic character is portrayed on screen, they’re depicted like a robot. But Entrapta is brimming with energy! She’s completely hyperactive, which I’ve never seen depicted in an autistic character before and it made me so happy to see! Entrapta even has flirty moments, which is completely unheard of in Autistic representation so I’m very glad we got to see it! Plus, I would totally wear her overalls and her characterization is so refreshing.
Tumblr media
(LOZ Majora’s Mask) Skull Kid
Skull Kid highkey gives me lonely autistic kid vibes. Like when you’re a little kid with Autism who hasn’t quite figured out socializing and how to act “normal” yet, so you’re always alone at lunch or recess. That scene of Skull Kid sitting in the rain with the two fairies, his only friends, really struck a memory for me. At that point, who could even blame him for taking Majora and becoming the host to an eldritch mask god? I would too, dammit, being Autistic is rough sometimes.
Tumblr media
(Looney Tunes) Marvin the Martian
If there was a canonically autistic Looney Tunes character, it would be Marvin. No doubt in my mind. I, an autistic person, share a lot of my symptoms with him. We both pace back and forth, for instance. And whenever I’m experiencing strong emotions, I need to voice them out loud, like saying “I’m nervous” all the time. So seeing Marvin go “You have made me very angry” is really relatable to me! Plus, he’s the mascot for one of Nasa’s mars rovers and that’s just iconic.
Tumblr media
(Pixar) Wall-e
Wall-e was the first character I ever related to specifically because of my autism. He collects things. His only friend is a cockroach. He tries to flirt with a pretty girl by making her art. Highly relatable. And when he’s watching Hello Dolly and quietly holds his own hand and looks down solemnly? I felt that. I hold my own hands and hug myself a lot too. I get he’s a robot but Wall-e’s personality is so personal to my autistic ass that I can’t help but believe he has it too. Besides, his entire personality is technically a glitch, which is exactly what it feels like to have Autism tbh.
Tumblr media
(Nintendo) Kirby
I’ve related to Kirby since I was little. He’s my main in Smash Bros and my favourite Nintendo character overall. He doesn’t talk much aside from simple words. I just see him in his little hats, making friends and killing gods and I’m just like “good going you funky pink orb” and then I go on with my day. He reminds me of myself and I’m autistic so I’d say it counts. No, I will not accept criticism.
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wendy again no problem (18 jan. 2022)
“I should make this a regular thing!” she said and failed and also died
ANYWAY, first blog-shaped post of the new year, hopefully I will be able to do this about once a week but I ain’t promising a particular day just yet
READING: I have not done as much reading lately as I would like :/  I am still chipping away at Star Wars: Ronin and enjoying it so far.  I also acquired MDZS vol. 1 and physical copies of Gideon and Harrow the Ninth (I read the latter two late last year), as well as the complete storyboards for Hayao Miyazaki’s Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro (1979).  Someday my will to sit down and read will return long enough for me to make some gosh dang progress.
EDIT: Ah, I almost forgot!  At work this week I read some of The Secret History of the Mongols, an epic 13th century Mongolian text on Genghis Khan.  You can read it in English for free here.  This reading choice was inspired by the listening section below.
WATCHING: @stardustalix and I are still slowly streaming The Untamed together; I believe we just finished Episode 15.  I think we both lost it a little at the Homoerotic Cave Scenes (TM) a few episodes ago.  Unfortunately I don’t think I have anything constructive to say about the show at this point, but I’m at least having fun!
I watched some more of Lupin III: Part 6 despite my better judgement previous lack of investment.  I watched the second Mamoru Oshii episode (ep. 10) just for funsies: it was weird, but nowhere near as weird as I’d expected it to be, and it was a surprisingly good Fujiko-centric ep.  After that, I skipped right past eps. 11-12 because I really could not give less of a shit about the Sherlock Holmes arc and reading the Wikipedia episode summaries was enough for me.  Episodes 13 and 14, however, were rather shockingly decent; it’s the first time ANYTHING this season has felt like Lupin to me, and they did so with a good helping of domestic LupGang (esp. JigLup) content to boot!  We got to learn another piece of Lupin’s backstory, and so far, it seems competently written and I actually don’t hate it!  We shall see how the rest of this arc plays out.  I quite liked Mercedes, Lupin’s one-off, pink-haired rival here, and I really liked seeing a darker side of Lupin at the end of episode 14 even if he ultimately pulled his punch, so to speak.  Now that’s something I’d love to see explored more, especially if they’re going to restrain themselves and do the gd character work instead of just pure, unexplored edge.  (Unrelated to whatever Lupin’s up to, man, this must be a rough season for Zenigata stans.  The man’s barely showed up at all and he’s always accompanied and restrained by other characters instead of getting to be his true, unhinged, Lupin-obsessed self.)
I need to watch more of the new Lupin III: Part 1 dub, which thankfully seems to be getting better after the disastrous first episode (though to be fair that’s a rough episode all around).  I LOVED the episode 7 dub, especially the iconic ending scene with Lupin and Goemon, but the whole thing was honestly great.  Lang and Ruff in particular never disappoint.
Since I haven’t made one of these since last year, here are all the movies I’ve watched so far in 2022: The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947), Lupin III: Dragon of Doom (1994), Encanto (2021), Raya and the Last Dragon (2021), Nightmare Alley (1947), Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (2021), and about half of Vertigo (1958) before I got too sleepy and had to stop for the night.
LISTENING: This past week or so’s albums of choice (for my morning and evening commute) were:
The Gereg - The Hu (recommended tracks: “Yuve Yuve Yu”, “Wolf Totem”, “The Great Chinggis Khaan” - Xiran Jay Zhao mentioned Mongolian rock in one of their videos, blessedly reminding me of how much this band slaps)
Sketches of Spain - Miles Davis (recommended track: “Concierto de Aranjuez” - Lupin fans, if you like Jigen’s “Tornado” theme, this is the piece it took inspiration from)
Blue in Green - Miles Davis (secretly Jigen at it again, because the title track was mentioned in this fantastic fic which everyone should read)
Encanto - soundtrack (all the sung tracks are bangers but “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” has gone particularly viral for a reason)
I did take a history of jazz course in college which left me with latent semi-informed Jazz Enjoyer Tendencies, so while it was weeb reasons that brought me back to it this week, I was glad to be reminded that hey, I like this music, I should listen to it more often.
PLAYING: A rare category!!  This week I finally, finally started playing Disco Elysium after @sybilius, @jacopo-belbo, and @venhediss all enthusiastically recommended it to me over the last year or so.  Stat-wise, I went with 2 Intellect, 3 Psyche, 4 Physique, and 3 Motorics, with Visual Calculus as my Signature Skill.  Gameplay-wise, I haven’t even gone to look at the body in the courtyard yet because 1) I’m being thorough and 2) this game ate my laptop battery for some reason (will try turning down the graphics more next session), but I have at least talked to Kim (!!) and Garte the Cafeteria Manager.  So far the vibes and the soundtrack are impeccable.  I also discovered that I’ve been mentally mispronouncing Revachol for over a year (while I’d had the stress right, I’d assumed the ch was more of a k, like in cholera or alcohol, certainly not sh).
I’ve also been kicking relative ass in Duolingo Japanese, so, there’s that.  I made it all the way to the Amethyst League but I’m not sure if I’ll bother keeping up with the leaderboard as much at this level; we shall see.  Material-wise, I’ve mostly got the hiragana down and am beginning to learn the katakana, and I have learned a few conversational basics (poorly explained as Duolingo is wont to do, but a lengthy Discord call with my brother helped clear some things up and give me a preview of some grammatical stuff that might appear soon).
OTHER: It snowed here!!! :D  I also made very tasty ramen for everyone on Thursday or Friday night and then a big batch of beef stew on Saturday.
Goodnight mes amis, sleep well, I’ll most likely subject you to more of the usual nonsense in the morning.
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scarletmoon95 · 21 days ago
I rewatched Inside Out and realized the following:
Joy and Alma Madrigal are achingly similar. Empathy is not their strong suit. They're overly protective and love intensely, but it comes out as strangling and suffocating for those that get in the way of their way of loving. They're obsessed with perfection and aren't against pretending to be happy to keep their loved ones (Riley and the Madrigals) and the entire family stable and happy themselves.
Joy and Alma keep Sadness and Mirabel aside because they're the greatest threats to their strict world of safety and happiness, and they find no purpose in either of these outcasts for the good of Riley and the miracle.
The only difference is that Joy works for a single host, an eleven-year-old girl. She represses Riley's grief by oppressing against Sadness, and controls Riley's feelings of homesickness, loneliness, fear, confusion, frustration, even disgust at this new context that Riley has to live with.
Meanwhile, Alma is actively protecting an entire family, and not just herself or something connected to herself only. She is not repressing an emotion, she is not forcing herself to pretend to be happy, she is not a metaphor for extreme self-control (even though she is wound tighter than a bowstring). She is a matriarch. And though Riley's mother asked her to be happy for her father, and though Riley's father couldn't empathize with her until she asked for help, Alma's trauma was the inspiration and motivation to do everything she did. It's far harder to comprehend when she does all the things described above (over-protection, outcasting, perfectionism, etc.) towards her loved ones, people outside of herself.
But. Joy loves Riley. Joy loves her so much she's scared of her being hurt by Sadness and other negative emotions. Joy doesn't understand that being true, even if it hurts, will let Riley feel alive and heal instead of making her shut down in numbness and isolate her from her family.
Technically, I see Inside Out and Encanto as similar stories for different cultures/perspectives. The former is an individualistic story, focused on identity, self-discovery, the very real but individual feelings of grief and loneliness.
The latter is a story of community and family, which mirrors Latino cultures perfectly. The self-discovery is interconnected with the growth of the family, the identity is not completely individual but kept in a last name (Madrigal), and what it means for all of them. The experience of loneliness is because even while inside of a very large family, you aren't true, and you're repressing your deepest form of identity with them: your emotions. Instead of exact grief, this explores how intergenerational trauma works, and how that can destroy a home.
This theme does not appear in Inside Out because Riley's family is very financially stable, never had an exact horrifying threat to their safety, and are very emotionally healthy. The new challenges made it difficult for her parents to pay attention to her emotional needs, but they certainly didn't neglect them the moment Riley communicated them.
Encanto is far more nuanced because there's so much emotional neglect going on, you don't see anyone bring up their needs, ever. There's no communication, except for Julieta and Agustín and Félix (notice that the members that married into the family are amazing supporters who modeled a healthy communication and empathy for both Julieta and Pepa, because Alma does not model any of this). But you can still see the love, the care. It's just that perfectionism and fear leads to this toxic expression of obsessive love, and this is what's strangling and suffocating the family.
Edit: Finally, (I forgot to mention), Joy is the protagonist. We understand her motives very well and see her perspective, from the very beginning. In fact, she makes it difficult to understand Sadness. We see after all, that Riley is happy, and that she can be happy if she tries (or more accurately, suppresses anything that isn't happiness). And Alma is not the protagonist. Mirabel is. It's like we're seeing the movie from Sadness' perspective instead of Joy's. Because of Mirabel's amazing empathy (like Sadness), we're easily able to understand and empathize with every other character (Luisa, Bruno, Isabela, Antonio), even the most complicated character of all: Alma. But because Alma is a supporting character, we can't truly appreciate her worth the way we would Mirabel. She simply doesn't have enough screen-time, and we aren't shown enough of all her sides, to see her as a true, complicated person in her own right.
I mean. People justify, sometimes even admire, or at the very least, empathize while not forgiving or approving, the behaviors of very toxic characters. The difference between characters like Bojack Horseman, Wendy Byrde, Rick Sanchez, Vanya Hargreeves, Tommy Shelby, Elena Richardson, Walter White, Joe Goldberg, and Alma Madrigal, are that every single one of them is a protagonist while Alma isn't.
I love both movies so much. But I'm truly glad they showed a loving family willing to begin the long process of healing, even in such complex, difficult circumstances.
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Encanto is having success similar to frozen imo
I mean, frozen was a complete worldwide obsession in 2013/2014 and encanto hasn’t and will not reached frozen level of hype,
But I think it only comes second to frozen compared to the rest of the revival movies
It’s insane cause when it came out in cinemas no one cared but now when it came on Disney+ it became so popular. Obviously cause of covid but still. I wonder what numbers it would have made at the box office in a normal time
The era of tiktok is also helping it a lot
But if disney needs to take anything away from encanto’s success is:
- big and diverse cast of characters sells! People are used to streaming series nowadays and series allow for a big cast of characters. The more characters, the more chance for people to find a character to relate to and stan/kin (?). And they have to be diverse in color, gender, shape and personality for this to happen. Encanto has this aspect locked down. Even characters with limited screentime like Dolores and Camilo are mega popular rn, even more than the main cast I think, cause the designs and personalities are so entertaining. Encanto also has a ton of female characters. If they had only 2 or 3 I don’t think it would have become so popular. Thank god for mirabel, Luisa, isabela, Dolores, Julieta, pepa and alma.
- magic powers. In the era of marvel and anime having become mainstream, magic powers helps a lot in getting the people’s interest. Encanto isn’t an action movie and the characters don’t use their powers to fight but it’s still an important aspect that helped the movie become so popular imo. If instead of magical powers the characters had just cool jobs/talents/hobbies, it wouldn’t have been so interesting
I don’t mind disney going for the "main character with no love interest" route, but they can’t ignore lgbtq+ people forever. It will have to happen eventually. A lot of disney staff is queer, we know they are dying to tell a story they can relate to on this level. Idk who sits on top but get your head out of your ass in the 2020 decade. People won’t wait till 2030 I think.
Basically, Disney needs to make movies with at least 3 main female characters but the overall cast needs to be big and diverse and they need to bring on the magic and powers. I think that’s the recipe for success in this day and age
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neptuneisgay · 27 days ago
Tumblr media
Me being completely obsessed with Encanto and spending the entire New Year’s Eve drawing this? It’s more likely than you think!
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destinywritessometimes · 14 days ago
Upcoming Projects
Making this bc I haven’t posted anything I’ve written in a while but I didnt want to seem like I wasn’t doing anything lol
🌸 - almost finished
🌺 - in progress
🌹 - starting soon
💐 - posted
First off I’m gonna make a series based on the one post I made about what each of the amazing madrigals smell like of one shots x readers that go with the things I gave each other them. Ofc I’m not doing all of them but I’ll list the ones I have planned
🌸 Green Tea - Mirabel Madrigal x Gn Reader, Mirabel is caught dancing by just about the prettiest person, and they end up making tea :)
🌺 Coffee - Young Agustín Madrigal (technically not madrigal but idk his old surname 😭) x Gn Reader, All of Agustín’s friends have noticed his obsession with this one coffee house, and they just found out why
🌹 Peppermint - Young Antonio Madrigal x Gn Reader (platonic, older sibling type relationship) After someone scared Antonio into hating peppermints, he needs someone to help him love them again :D
🌹 Freshly Baked Cookies - Camilo Madrigal x Gn Reader, Camilo was supposed to bake something for an event but it seems he waited to long to complete the task, so he enlists one of his especially cute friends to help him
🌺 Old Books - Young Bruno Madrigal x Gn Reader, Since it was usually quiet and empty there, the library was Bruno’s favorite place to be, and it just so happens it was someone else’s favorite place to be too
Might add more but as of rn those are the ones I’m definitely writing
Frozen Lakes
🌹 Agustín finds a frozen lake and convinces Bruno to go ice skating with him, what could go wrong ?
Snowmen Aren’t Sentient
💐 Camilo and his s/o get stuck babysitting Antonio on a winter night while the other Madrigals are away, once again, what could go wrong ?
Triplets of Encanto Book 1 Ch. 2
💐 Everyone’s worried Pepa can’t keep her emotions in check, including her, but what happens when her cloud acts out of turn, and their concern turn into fear?
Surrounded by the Exceptional
🌹 Similar the vent story I wrote about Camilo but about Agustin because I have an obsession at this point
That’s all for now ! Status will change ofc as I work on and eventually upload some of this stuff and I’ll repost it every now and again after major changes :) also I will be adding things based on ideas I get
also just had a crisis trying to find what the male equivalent of maiden name is but I couldn’t ejfniddjodkf anyways
Have a nice day and night !! 💐
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dollmoth-productions · 20 days ago
Omg I loved your yandere pepa's side of the family so much
Part 2? Like let's say reader went to sneak out to meet a boy and got caught, what would happen?
(I love your stories so much, you're such a great writer I fall in love with every headcanon you do!! ❤❤)
Tumblr media
Yes I hate how the ending turned out so I'm sorry if it's crappy I am very tired and thank you so much that means a lot
"Oh nuestro sol it's time for bed if you be good tomorrow you'll even get to go outside for a few hours" Pepa said picking you up to be fair you were her favorite and to be fair you were everyone in the family's favorite you were tired of being babied but you had to play into their strange family dynamic so you'll be able to get off pretty good once you start your plan. You shared a room with Camilo for the moment it was more of a sleepover and you were lucky it's kind of like a theater but there was a giant window you can easily crawl out of you continued acting in a sentence wheat especially when Camilo since he was the most dangerous one "Mi querida you need your rest you're still young" he said semi sickly-sweet tone holding you close to him his hugs were so suffocating you couldn't wait until you see him again Anton he had stolen your heart completely even though you were still pretty young you two knew you were meant to be together.
Sometime did pass as everyone was asleep. You quickly got loose from Camilo's tight grip and put a stuffed animal that was the size and weight of you in between his arms you flinched as he moved and hugged it closer to him almost like it was your plan. your plan will work. You quickly started crawling up the large curtains on the large stage of Camilo's room opening up the window as you got up there and slowly started descending even though Casita was trying to stop you " Casita stop!" You whispered finally when you descended you smiled and started running to Anton and your secret space. You met the man that stole your heart. He was slightly tall for his age and had vitiligo "y/n you made it!" You two quickly embraced, you almost wish it could last forever but you two how to act fast with your quick cute picnic date before your family realized you're gone especially Camilo.
You two were smiling and laughing as you're eating. It was delicious food, baked goods and some juice "I love you Anton" "as do I y/n" it was so cute but it wouldn't last long. Camilo slowly woke up and realized you weren't there but there was some trailer paint leading up to the window he got angry realizing where you were " god dammit it's that damn boy that influenced you I'll have to get the family" he was almost debating just going there alone but he knew that it would not be wise. Camilo sinking fast woke up the rest of his family. Pepa was  thundering so much it could wake up the whole Encanto " they are with Anton!?! Oh I know that boy was such a bad influence" Félix was so angry even he couldn't calm down his wife" Dolores do me a favor and get you know what" she nodded and started walking into the kitchen to grab some weird herb, " Camilo go look for your sibling with Dolores after she brings back you know what me and Pepa we'll deal with the nuisance we will all meet back here when everything is done". 
You and Anton for smiling and you were just laying in his lap before he heard a noise" you stay here I'll go look for what made that noise ok" wishing you could come with him you stood up and started dusting off your nightgown before you knew it you felt something strange smelling covering up your nose you looked down and saw familiar hands but they were holding some weird herb will do you know this herb had the same effect as chloroform you soon began to pass out before you look up and saw the faces of your siblings smiling sweetly at you. " you're not in trouble my dear" Dolores said gently brushing your hair out of your face" far from it you were just under some bad influence from him obviously that just means you can't go with outside anymore which is for the better" Camilo said gently picking you up putting his poncho on you so you wouldn't go cold or get a cold. You began wishing you could just run away Escape or even get out of the grasp of your older brother but you couldn't you knew Antonio wouldn't help you he's too young and he obviously is influenced by his family Behavior you love your family but you wish you had more freedom there's nothing you can do you just hope Anton will be okay.
Pepa and Félix made quick work of that young boy; they made it look like an accident even though they wished they could get their hands more dirty for influencing their perfect angels well at least they couldn't. They started catching up with their other children and saw you passed out and fast asleep which made them happy. You would still stay in Camilo's room so he would have a better watch on you and if you need to go out and stay out for a while they would have a clear eye on you. You would lose a lot of your freedoms but it will be okay. You only have mama papa, your sister and your brothers and that's all you need.
💛 Everything will be okay you just need is yor family 💛
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totallyawr1t3r · 9 days ago
Hey could you do yandere camilo headcanons. That he fell madly in love with the reader, that was visiting the village, and his family found out. That they wanted to meet the reader, but they fell in loved with the reader ( not in love, love. Love like a sister, daughter like love they also want camilo to start a family with the reader too) so much that their helping camilo to win the readers heart.
Yandere Camilo Headcanons:
Camilo only really meant you because of a prank he decided to pull on you, only to get pranked back by you way worse.
That got his interest, and started talking to you. Soon becoming friends, and pulling pranks together.
His feelings probably bloomed into obsession pretty early on once he learned you were only visiting family, and weren't gonna stay forever. 
He acted like he was perfectly fine with it, and said that when you did leave that he'll miss you but in reality he was just trying to form a plan to make ya stay. 
Camilo tried his best to hide you from his family, but once Dolores found out he had feelings for you, she immediately told them.
They all thought it was cute, and wanted him to invite you over for dinner. 
The dinner was very successful, and Pepa thought you were absolutely perfect for her son. Félix wholeheartedly agreed.
After a few more dinners with you, they all kinda grew obsessed with you. 
And they all started to help you fall in love with Camilo. 
It kinda works, as you felt your heartbreak when you had to tell him you were leaving Encanto.
Dolores obviously heard, and immediately told the family as Camilo tried to keep you from leaving just yet.
"Let's pull off one more prank then!"
"I wish I could, but Ma wants to leave right now."
It went like that for a bit until you caved in and asked your mom to stay for a bit longer. 
Camilo felt his heart burst with joy as you took his hand and picked out a victim. 
The prank wasn't anything serious but it gave the Madrigals enough time to carry out the plan. 
So by the time you ran back to where your mother should have been, she was suddenly gone and you were beyond confused. 
Where was she?
Camilo comforted you as he started to convince you that your mother had just abandoned you, but you could always stay with the Madrigals!
Wiping away your tears, you agreed. 
You ended up staying in Camilo's room, and were completely native to everyone's actions towards you.
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anime-fan93 · 13 days ago
Hey! Im asking for a encanto matchup if that's okay! I'm a minor so I might get Mirabel or Camilo but I love them both so. I am a 15 yearr old, and cis girl passing although I'm demigirl (she/he/him). I'm Pansexual with purple hair. I pierce my ears and cut my hair when Im anxious. I love to read fantasy romance books and I love to draw and paint. I listen to all genres of music and I love it. I paint my nails black. I'm insecure in my skin. I'm a vegetarian. I know hard these are, thank you!!
Thank you for requesting!
I match you with...
Tumblr media
I think you and Mira be really cute! When she first saw you, she would be completely and totally obsessed with your hair, running up to you to talk about it.
She would get so anxious if you pierced your ears, sometimes getting to not to cause she would be too worried, but would help you with calming down, hugging you while running her hands though your hair and whispering in your ear.
She wouldn't be used to fantasy romance, and would most likely be flustered by some of it, but would end up loving it and reading it in her free time.
She wouldn't be the greatest at drawing or painting, but would be so proud of herself when she did, eager to show it to you, and to see the paintings you made.
She would always play your music favorites, and you would try new ones often. She would kiss you all over, telling you how beautiful your skin is and how much she loves you, while having your favorite song playing in the back.
She would always make sure you know that she loves you. Thank you for requesting!
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