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Fuck you. I fucking hate you. I hate you so much. I hate that I imagine being with you one second in love then I see you with another option and I hate you. Am I a second option? Am I fucking backup plan? I’m not a fucking back up plan. You can’t copy and paste me into another bitch. I’m #1 always. Fuck you. I fucking hate you.

@ Your sorry ass,

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Synopsis: Kimberly Janae is a 20 year old former singer who was tricked out of a contract and left with nothing. She starts working at a Walmart while stripping on the side. She meets Chadwick Boseman, an up and coming actor from South Carolina. They start a relationship and things get crazy as they get more involved. Get ready for a decade’s worth of tears, lies, love and drama.


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Hey hey hey! Im back and ready to write again! I didnt like the way some stories turned out and I didnt like the fact I discontinued so many. Some of my work sounds the same and I felt I had no real creativity within them soooo….introducing the revised versions of these works. 


Synopsis: Alana works at a radio station at night and a diner in the morning. She gives callers love and advice lessons but Alana doesn’t even have a boyfriend of her own and hasn’t had one in years. One night a man only calling himself “Spook’ calls, not asking for advice, but wanting to know Alana as a person. The caller calls every night until Alana agrees to get to know him but it seems they both need to heal in order to meet face to face. 


Synopsis: Porsha is a spoiled 25 year old who lives off of her father’s estate from a big oil company. One day he gets arrested for bad taxes and fraud and everything is stripped from them. Porsha is brought to her knees in despair as she struggles to make ends meet for the very first time in her entire life. She develops a plan: trick wealthy men, drug them, and rob them. Her tricks go well until she comes across Erik. A man with a bad attitude and a shit ton of money. He starts opening up to her unaware of her scheme while she starts developing feelings for him, unsure if shes doing the right thing. 


Synopsis: Sisters Amy, Ashlee, and Amber cant seem to stay in one room for more than 20 minutes. They argue and bicker over the pettiest of things and constantly throw unflattering words. They all live in different states and haven’t been in the family home together for 10 years. When their dying grandmother realizes she doesn’t have much time left, she asks them to come home for what would be her last Christmas alive. The reunion isn’t sweet as secrets and bad memories come out. Will they move past their issues for family or continue to despise one another for the rest of their lives?


Synopsis: The sisters are back with more issues than the last. While things are going good for them as siblings, their personal life is what needs the most work.. 


(originally titled “Letters to Y/N”)

Synopsis: Asha is a goody two shoes who rarely gets into trouble and is close with her college professors. One night she meets Chad. A guy known for causing havoc and getting arrested. She avoids him but he becomes smitten with her and eventually wins her over. She realizes over time he’s not the monster everyone painted him out to be and she falls for him. A jealous ex frames Chadwick and gets him sent to prison. Asha is lost and hurt but he keeps her hope alive as he sends her letters every other week. After 3 years of waiting Asha moves on and Chadwick gets out. Now Asha must choose to go back to her old life or continue with the new one. 


Synopsis: Kimberly Janae is a 20 year old former singer who was tricked out of a contract and left with nothing. She starts working at a Walmart while stripping on the side. She meets Chadwick Boseman, an up and coming actor from South Carolina. They start a relationship and things get crazy as they get more involved. Get ready for a decade’s worth of tears, lies, love and drama. 


Synopsis: Its been 10 years and Chadwick and Kimberly are still add it. Except there is more drama and lies. Kimberly finds a new love interest in Chris Evans as Chadwick sky rockets to fame. Now with Chris (and Chadwick’s new ego) in the way, it makes Kimberly wonder if its still worth it all, Is HE still worth it. 



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Originally posted by sincerelycalum


Originally posted by jake-plaidralta

spencer reid x reader x jake peralta

part 1   part 2   part 3   part 4   complicated masterlist   read on ao3  masterlist

word count: 1,385

reading time: ~5 minutes

WARNINGS: torture (so typical criminal minds stuff…)

a/n: this is the last part to complicated, this is a really bittersweet moment for me since this is the very first fic i posted on this account. I’d like to thank all of you guys for reading. this is also probably not that good bc i wrote it at like 3am and its super unedited, but i wanted to get it out for you guys. also spencer won the polls!

forever tags: @steve-thotgers @simonsbluee @coalsmind @danfodddil

rest of the tags at the end since there is a lot


It had been two sleepless days, but you had found the unsubs, Mina Lampart and her husband, Ashton Lampart. You liked to call them the Murder Duo, but Hotch didn’t appreciate it, Jake did. You had worked with Garcia to confirm at least four more deaths in Manhattan. 

Spencer walked into the room quickly, “Their stressor is that their kids just died in a gang-related shooting. All the victims, including the Manhattan ones, match the age group. They probably owed the gang protection money that they didn’t have, that’s why I think they are also robbing some of the crime scenes." 

Hotch nodded before looking to you, ”(Y/n), I want you to head out the SWAT team to the docks, you’re going to be the best bet we have. We only have two more nights, but at the rate they’re going, we might only have tonight.“ 

You moved towards the door before Jake stopped you, "If you think I’m going to let you go, you’re wrong.” You ducked under him and kept walking towards the elevator. 

“Who are you to tell me that Jake? This is my job, and I don’t need you to ‘protect’ me from it,” you snapped at him. You felt bad, but you knew it was the sleep deprivation talking. You thought after so long with the BAU you would be used to it. 

You finally got to the elevator and pushed the button for the SWAT’s floor. It was time to take out the Murder Duo.

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She grew tired of constantly fighting a losing battle. So when she finally had the chance to walk away, she ran. She ran without even looking back. But, liitle does he know, she didn’t want that. She didn’t want to run away from someone whom she loves - but could never keep - because she knows, even from the start, that their love could not be and will never be the way they wanted it to be.

The price for their love is high that there’s no way they could afford it. It left her no choice.

She knew better than to say goodbye. She left without a word, quite off-handed. Because a goodbye, if not bid early, it could turn again and again into moments that aren’t supposed to be made, acts that must always stay behind the curtain, and games that should not be played.

So, now look how her footmarks fade for it does not want to be followed. Listen to the sound of her footsteps running away for they whisper the love she couldn’t fight for, the love she had to yield….

….the love that wasn’t meant to be there in the first place.

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I know this is not right hence the reason for always defending myself and not allowing you in as much. Not providing you with incredibly tender love as under normal circumstance I would have. They say, live in the moment and give it your best, but the circumstances and the past and present won’t let me. I am being held back by them and also due to the fact that there is a man who has hurt me greatly and not only once. This man has hurt me to the point of almost losing myself. But I know he still loves me and I do not think he deserves to be hurt, especially not this way. Cariño, you should know that if circumstances were different, I would have given you all the love in the world because you deserve nothing less.

But I will not break anything more than what has already been broken. I will not hurt anyone else just because I was betrayed, hurt and broken down. I am just worried for you because I see and feel that you are in love with me. Like I am the most delicate flower you want to cherish forever. This scares me because this will end and I do not want you to be sad, hurt. Because you deserve the world and above all, the greatest love one can give you. 

All surrounding circumstances are the most complicated. It is to that level no one can imagine. And that is why this so wrong on many levels. But to anyone, who are you to judge me for my actions when not knowing my whole life story?

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how do you prepare for the pain that’s about to come? //somedayisntthatfaraway
Why am I doing this? I know there’s only one way for this to end… and it’ll be me crying alone on my bedroom floor with my heart torn into pieces.
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