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Today’s life goes by very quickly and we must stop a bit from the routine, appreciate what we have, see beyond the world around us, look beyond the horizon … This is the thought of my New Album entitled “Heaven’s Horizons” and it will be released on June 28, 2020 and it will be free download. I hope you like it and thank you for your support. With much love: Lex

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Life of one

We kinda got lifted together

Now, it’s meant to be brothers

Like two hearts melted as one

We kinda got reflecting our thoughts

Now, it’s meant to have coughs and cokes

Like two hearts melted as one

If I die, you’ll die, too

If I cry, you won’t

Just cause we are one

Doesn’t mean we feel the same

We are just a life of one

A person with two distinctive moods

I’m with you, but every time we walk together it’s like I could die and you wouldn’t help because you would be trying to escape death instead of helping me through everything

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When we ask “is that a ‘thing’?” or declare “that is not a thing,” what we are saying is, “this is not a regularity in the world, at least not one worth giving thing status to; it is not common or not regular or not important enough.” Typically we give ThingStatus to compositions that have tight or internally coherent or generally scalable patterns, which we perceive as meaningful.. This is to say that A rock is a very meaningful pattern; it is a thing in the same sense a stonewall is a meaningful pattern and thing. (And the same sense that a couple scattered rocks is “not a thing.”) 

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This semester is officially over. Classes ended today and our exam schedule came out one week before they actually start. I managed to finish a good portion of our building on Revit after restarting it. We went to get our elevations checked. It’s going surprisingly well (pls don’t jinx it Sun) and we still have a few things to discuss. I took the rest of the day off and managed to start putting down a piece of art concerning the blm movement which has been on my mind quite a lot recently. I continued my Dutch on duolingo (if anyone of you who will see this is Dutch I can’t really understand where you use het and where de for now, negative forms are a whole different thing I need to look up) and I started an Italian one as well which has proven to be much easier since I already know French and some Italian too. Hoping to sleep well tonight and take some time off tomorrow too before I begin revising for my first test.

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