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#composition notebook

Goals and thoughts for new entries:

- Poetry

- Mixing art and text (a comic strip? a cartoon?)

- Reflections on identity and ideology

- Reflections on class material/pedagogy

- Reflections on reaching the end of senior year/future plans

- Fan doodles

- Plans for AMI Capstone film (production design, storyboarding, etc)

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8.23.17 Day 2: Things I’m excited for
(30 day back to school challenge)

Going to Israel over winter break (and reading all about it and Palestine until then), all my classes, fall pledge at work, having study breaks with the roommate crew, and fall coziness in my new room 🍂🍂🍂

Today I didn’t have work, so I took a practice LSAT, and now I’m just eating cherries and listening to this sweet album -Swing Slow by Miharu Koshi and Haruomi Hosono. It’s dreamy.

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I went to Staples to buy three class sets of composition notebooks. The bin said .50, so I was pumped and started loading up my cart.

I get to the checkout and the cashier rings me up and the total is upwards of $225. Now, I’m not good at math, but 90 notebooks at .50 a piece is not $225. I inform the cashier of this and they reply that if you buy more than 30 notebooks, the price becomes 2.50 or something a piece because they “don’t want people buying in bulk, they want everyone to be able to share the notebooks.”

The cashier takes pity though and asks, “Are you a teacher?” Um, yes. Obviously. Who else is buying 90 composition notebooks in one go? The cashier calls over their manager and the manager goes, “Oh, don’t worry, for teachers we make an exception.” So I get 90 notebooks for $45.

My question is… who are these mysterious non-teachers buying composition notebooks in bulk? Is there a composition notebook black market and, if so, where can I find it? 

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taken from my studygram

31 july, 2017:

For this one, there’s really not a lot to say. I don’t know what the price of the composition notebook was, but the ruler was $1 without tax. Also, the ruler is foldable (accordian style)! Ofc, the notebook has 100 sheets. The colors on both are beautiful & pastel (what’s the difference? lol). That’s really it haha.

Maybe I should have combined the last two? They are both pretty short + I think pictures look weird when you just put one if it’s not a selfie lol. But this one is pastel and the others weren’t, so I didn’t. 🙃 Oh well. Have a nice day, everyone! 💕

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