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Being in this quarantine period does not mean you have to go jump into the pool of productivity. Can everyone please understand that just because you are at home does not mean it is easier. Being at home brings problems of its own. So please take your time and do the stuff you do all the time. It’s okay.


But anyway here’s a pretty picture of food.

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It’s the final week of semester for me right now and of course assignments are looming. There’s this one group project due Sunday midnight that I’m really hoping the rest of my group doesn’t think means we should hand it in at 11:30pm lol. 
But as per usual around end of semester I’m once again contemplating if this is what I want to do in life. Is programming every day at a desk the lifestyle I want? If it’s in the stereotypical way where you stay long hours, relying on caffeine to keep you going, I know that isn’t for me for many reasons. But another reason that’s kept me from visualising myself in that career is my self-doubt.

I’ve talked before about how I didn’t struggle with anything reminiscent of imposters syndrome before university. But something that I’ve only just fully realised is my self-doubt of my coding abilities. 

Because I’m not bad at programming?

Maybe I don’t enjoy it to the extent I see others, who live and breathe it to lengths I never will (or hope not lol), but I’m fairly alright at it. I’m looking over this assessment, which is a big Java project, and while my use of OOP is surely incorrect, my sections work and well… I did that! I read the specifications, made a plan and slowly built this application. It’s not perfect but how could I expect it to be when I’ve crafted this Thing while learning how to use Java simultaneously. 

There’s more to be said as to why I don’t feel comfortable stating that I’m good at it. But that’s for next time folks.

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thursday, may 14th || quarantine day 62

Okay, so, I’m currently doing my compsci class of the week. And I don’t understand a single line of code my professor sent us as an example?????

I have absolutely no idea what he’s talking about. None.


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i am SO CLOSE to being done with undergrad assignments forever but i’m having SO MUCH TROUBLE with this intro compsci final projectttttt

i don’t think i can look at a game of othello after this project for AT LEAST 3 months

why did i choose to take intro compsci of all classes in my final semester of college?? i wonder what goes on in my past self’s dumbass mind

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also, i’ve been thinking about creating my portfolio, but i have no idea what direction to go in, what kind of projects to do, etc

i’ve been watching youtube videos of developers but they give the same generic advice which doesnt give me much to go off on :/

if anyone is creating theirs or already has one, please advise😅

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April 28th, 2020 // Notetaking

My motivation is slowly dissipating and I’m nervous. I didn’t exactly start out the semester on the right foot , but I didn’t start out on the wrong foot either. I now have 3 group projects, and a separate project for my Human Computer Interactions class as well as the regular homework assigned. I also have to study for finals which is coming up soon.

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I’ve spent most of the day doing mechanics and work on capacitors for physics. I’m writing a report for computer science now, and it seems like its gunna take a while.

Is anyone else watching the 3blue1brown lecture later today?

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When I say I was not in the mood to do work today, boy do I mean it. Had to make a bubble sort algorithm for today’s exercise, I found it a bit strange because hackerrank provided most of the code, I just needed to edit a few things and change the output statements. Had it been another day, I probably would have tried writing it out myself but considering I spent a large portion of this afternoon studying, the last thing I felt like doing is coding. Unfortunately, even though my coursework is completed, I feel like the code can be changed a bit to make it more efficient? Might do that for the next hour, or maybe just rest. I feel very burned out and I can’t wait for thursday (my last exam) :(

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