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#concept art

I hate this dragon design so much. It has, a lotta wrong in the face. It looks like Elsa’s face, stretched out and put onto a long serpentine body. Like, why does this thing look like Elsa? Why does it have “same face syndrome” but stretched??

I’ll give it one thing: I like the seaweed-esque pink “spines” and tail. Reminds me of a sea dragon.

But I cannot stand the face at all

Maybe I’m just spoiled by the variety How to Train Your Dragon’s amazing creature design (excluding the light fury). But I hate how designs have to make female creatures “look” feminine. Like adding long hair, eye liner or other traditionally “feminine” traits. Give me a badass dragon that doesn’t feel the need to “feminize” her with vaguely human/mammalian traits. I can live with the mane, cause Eastern dragon designs tend to have manes and that’s cool. But the face is just… bleh

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