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#concept art

SkekSa was not in a good mental state the last time we saw her in Flames of The Dark Crystal. Here’s a concept for how I think she’s look if she’d survive to the movie! After countless trine in the swamps of sog having been imprisoned in an enchanted apeknot tree, SkekSa has finally escaped! Although much worse for wear than her original state. Her clotes have rotted away and she even has vines and roots growing on her flesh. Her feathers are matted and unkempt having grown significantly and she harbors many burn scars. The only thing left on her mind is revenge. And it’s been so long too… there’s only one more person she can exact her vegance upon, and he is located just inside the castle of the crystal at the dying emperor’s left hand. She’s on her way to take back everything that was taken from her… and the three sons soon draw to their great conjunction.

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