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even though i’ve been super busy with uni, i still am finding some time for myself to sketch occasionally and keep practicing

although in high school i was in a mostly traditional studio arts program, I am loving the convenience and limitless possibilities of digital art, especially with procreate on the ipad

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genuinely don’t know if i can call myself good at math. on the one hand, i nearly failed ap calculus and like, i struggle to follow higher level statistics. but i have an extremely strong foundational understanding of math concepts and statistical analysis (i like to think, at least), i just hit a huge brick wall when i run into application

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A new botw fic will be posted soon for a fusion au that’s been living in me rent free for a while, and Calling Out/feral!Link AU will get a shortchapter update this week as well! The next linktober I’m doing will be up on the 23rd.

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BakuRambles #3

(This will talk about Kirishima and Bakugou’s relationship in canon, and imply how the fandom sees them in fanon, so if you wish to proceed, please keep an open mind, thank you!)

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Mazda RX-500, 1970. October 30 will be the 50th anniversary of the presentation of Mazda’s experimental, rotary-engined supercar at the 17th Tokyo Motor show. Features included a mid-mounted twin rotor engine capable of 15,000rpm producing 247hp. At the rear multi-coloured lights indicated whether the car was accelerating, braking or running at a constant speed.

studio photographs by Isao Yatsui

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