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“I know everyone’s always like "UwU Greta bois are so soft and sweet!” And I’m sure they’re genuinely nice guys! But I bet if someone made them mad enough, they could kick their ass. Especially Josh, cuz he has a tough guy voice.“

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Confession 930

Jennifer confirmed in Caramel Digestives that there is a song on her next album about Leo, so I think anyone still shipping her with Capricorn is going to be disappointed.

Her thanking Capricorn in the Ella credits doesn’t mean much when in the same week, she openly said on Jennifer Dates that she thinks he’s a bad person for how he treated her.

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Sent by anonymous

‘I have zero interest in rising tides, I come to things like choices to escape the never ending dread of the world we live in, not be reminded of it. I understand that these conversations are important to have, but let’s not pretend choices will be saying anything of substance- it’s gonna be “recycle and turn off your lights!!!!” rather than “dismantle the oppressive capitalist system that caused this problem in the first place”.


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“Instagram is just so fucking weird, Twitter too. I admit that Tumblr can also be wild but I prefer it, there’s no platform like it and I feel like the Greta fandom is really tight knit here (at least the extroverted people, but anyone is welcome!) Like who is gonna go looking for a Tumblr post in a sorta niche fandom with like 15 notes?? It’s safe here, if that makes sense”

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