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People you think dissappoint you
actually dissappoint herself.

And if until now you’ll keep asking the question
why I had to leave you,

that’s because I don’t want to change you

so I choose to change myself (and my mind)
even if I had been taking the pain indeed.


But I need to keep walking
because that’s also what you do.

Realizing me that I must forgiving all of my mistakes
and letting you go as you heal in your path of happiness

so I can reach my own blissfulness wholeheartedly.


Bon Voyage, thank you for everything :’)

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Det finnes en dronning i hver kvinne.

Leah, the 15 year old daughter of Princess Märtha Louise of Norway celebrated her confirmation in Aug 2020.

It’s an event which was a welcome bright spot in a troubled year when her Norwegian father, the author Ari Behn, took his own life on Christmas Day in 2019 (Märtha Louise‘s parents had divorced in 2017).

The Norwegian confirmation marks the transition from childhood to adulthood and is often one of the most important days in a Norwegians life.

In Norway a Christian confirmation was required by law between 1736 and up until 1912 in order to gain the rights of adulthood.

You could not enter the military service, get married, be a godparent or testify in court without a confirmation certificate.

And if you had not signed up for confirmation by the age of 19 years, you could be punished with prison.

It is now voluntary and takes place the  year teenagers turn 15-years-old.  

The ritual, which is an official confirmation of baptismal grace, is conducted by a vicar who will say a prayer for the candidate and give their blessing.

Preparations starts at least a year in advance and include registering the confirmation with a church, the booking of a venue, deciding on catering and  buying a ‘bunad’ the Norwegian traditional costume.

The bunad is traditionally a gift for the confirmation and is usually worn at the event.  

It can take between 1-2 years to make by professional bunad seamstresses.

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Brushing up on this jazz standard that I haven’t played in a while. People don’t realize the amount of practicing we as musicians need to be doing to keep up and improve. Our work ethic is above and beyond what most people wouldn’t imagine, but i wouldn’t change if for anything else 😊

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