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solarzilla · 17 minutes ago
So I've been thinking, when we finally get the South American in the future there probably be a chance for Quetzalcoatl & Jaguar Man to appear (maybe even Douman if you wanna count them since one of their Spirit Components is Itzpapalotl), and I was wondering if there would be a chance for Tezcatlipoca to show up since Type Mercury is actually sleeping in a South American village & both have Spider-like aspects. Maybe they're related in some way?
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solaeria · 28 minutes ago
             .     ❛   closed starter    ━━━━  @sensshi​​​​​​​​​  .  for shikamaru
𝚆𝙸𝚃𝙷  𝙷𝙸𝚂  𝙱𝙰𝙲𝙺  𝙰𝙶𝙰𝙸𝙽𝚂𝚃  𝚃𝙷𝙴  𝚂𝚄𝙽-𝙷𝙴𝙰𝚃𝙴𝙳  grass,  they  were  where  they  had  always  been    ;    eyes  on  the  skies  ━━━━━━  watching  the  clouds,  not  a  care  in  the  world  though  that  afternoon,  the  bag  of  chips  by  his  side  remained  unopened  ━━━━  something  that  to  most,  wouldn't  mean  anything,  but  to  them  had  a  more  serious  implication.  The  argument  he  had  had  with  his  father  still  echoed  loudly  in  Chouji's  head  ━━━━  his  father's  words  cutting  deep  gashes  into  his  already  damaged  heart.  He  wondered  if  everyone  truly  thought  him  to  be  so  useless    ;    a  walking  joke,  too  soft,  too  gentle  ━━━━  to  weak.
Once  he  had  been  certain  that  Ino  and  Shikamaru  did  not  think  that  of  him,  that  Asuma  did  not  think  him  to  be  a  weakling    ;      but  now,  after  his  own  father  had  called  him  that,  Chouji  was  no  longer  sure  of  it.  With  Shikamaru  by  his  side,  Chouji  tried  to  work  through  all  the  feelings  roaring  in  his  head    ━━━━━━  all  of  that  doubt  and  self-hatred  he  had  started  to  shed  after  their  attempt  to  rescue  Sasuke  coming  back  as  strong  as  ever    ;  tearing  him  apart.  The  typically  comfortable  silence  became  awkward,  too  empty  without  the  gentle  crunch  of  potato  chips  and  the  occasional  yawn.
A  beautiful  blue  butterfly  flew  by  them,  only  to  return  and  land  softly  on  the  finger  Chouji  held  up  for  it  ━━━━━━  so  frail,  so  stunning,  so  overlooked,  perhaps  that  was  why  he  had  always  felt  a  connection  to  the  animal  he  had  been  named  after.  ❛        Hey,  Shikamaru...      ❜    he  whispered,  perhaps  hoping  what  he'd  ask  next  would  remain  unheard.  Worrying  his  soft  lips  with  his  teeth,  he  hesitated,  should  he  really  let  Shikamaru  know  what  went  through  his  head?  In  the  end,  years  of  friendship    ;    a  bond  so  strong  it  got  them  through  countless  life  and  death  situations,  had  the  auburn  haired  boy  speak.
❛        Do  you  think  I'm  weak?      ❜
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potatoesandsunshine · 37 minutes ago
me, fully knowing beau is having such a clear mental image of this because marisha rolled a thirty-two: woah... the city wants beau to know about it... What Does It All Mean
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monotonous-minutia · 58 minutes ago
*in S5E9 after Mordred rescues Arthur and Merlin from the ravine*
Arthur: It's a good thing you showed up when you did Mordred. I thought I was going to have to 127 hours this sitch.
Mordred: You were going to cut off your own arm?
Arthur: Is that how it ends?!? Oh man, I got busy and my rental period expired. I thought he just wiggled out.
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lisadrewwellness · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Mother Earth gave us what we need. It is our responsibility to take care of her. 🌎 • • • #earthday #everyday #life #earth #motherearth #climate #people #animals #wildlife #mind #body #spirit #nature #connection #wellbeing #consultant #lifecoach #healthcoach #personalchef #wellfitfusion #LisaDrewWellness
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thecorcoranconnection · an hour ago
Carmelo Oquendo Real Estate Agent Bio Video For The Corcoran Connection | Saint Cloud Florida
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ayarambles · an hour ago
maybe i need to rewatch the office
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The reason that Julian/Leeta's sex life was so much worse than either Rom/Leeta or Julian/Bashir is Rom/Leeta have really good technique for vanilla sex and while Garak is actually pretty good in bed the main thing that Bashir has going for him is he's willing to try anything once and he's got an active imagination and Garak can work with that way more than Leeta could + Garak has fantasized about Bashir for like years before they hook up so that gives him rose tinted glasses that Leeta lacked.
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cleargasm · 2 hours ago
I headcanon Mizuki as Japanese and Ecuadorian because in Ecuadorian masculinity, you display it through drinking with your friends and it’s something he usually does every night with Aoba and Koujaku!! And maybe the reason he opened up a bar with his tattoo parlor was to drink in it with his friends and Dry Juice members!!
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thevillagerp · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
[ROWAN FOLEY] (our Bethany Joy Lenz) is in search for their [EX]. They are [36-40] years old and look like [CHARLES MICHAEL DAVIS, PAGET BREWSTER, CHRIS HEMSWORTH, HENRY GOLDING, JAMIE CHUNG, KARLA SOUZA, UTP]. You [DO] have the message the mun at @rowanfoley before applying.
CONNECTION DETAILS: Rowan and her ex share a seven year old daughter named Juniper, but all other details are up for discussion!
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w-e-b-k-i-n-z · 2 hours ago
Have you considered seeing if you can create another account? Do you have any friends that you trust who might be able to log in for you?
well, its not the account thats the issue, its the site )-: and yeah, I could ask a friend, but i dont wanna be bothering them like that, yknow?
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bulletinwave · 3 hours ago
'You Destroyed My Family': Mother's family, daughter killed in mourning car accident
‘You Destroyed My Family’: Mother’s family, daughter killed in mourning car accident
A mother, husband and family are devastated following the deaths of two loved ones, 31-year-old Raish-Nia Wright and her daughter, 11-year-old Dezerra Wright, both killed along LA 18 in Avondale. This following a road accident between two other drivers. Lynette Thomas, Raish-Nia Wright’s mother, said “People don’t understand that when they have anger on the street, they ruin the lives of others.…
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asteria-rp · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
[ APRIL ] is looking for a [ HIGH SCHOOL SWEETHEART ]!
Character Name: Seth Reynolds 
Connection Name: UTP
Connection Age: 36+ (Seth is 38)
Suggested FCs: Elizabeth Olsen, Logan Browning, Imogen Poots, Demet Ozdemir,  idk come talk to me but I would love Elizabeth tbh
Description:  Seth is a Chris Evans fc. He grew up in Asteria and lived in NYC for a couple of years (including college). The connection if for his high school sweetheart. He dated someone else after college for a bit, but your char would have been his first love. We can talk about the reason they broke up and plot out more details! Her background is open and totally UTP!
Would you like to be contacted before someone applies? Yes
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