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#conner kent x reader
wonderfrost · 2 days ago
Conner/Kon: hey Y/n, I made ya a sandwich
Y/n: you made a sandwich, for me?
Conner/Kon: yeah! Come see
Y/n goes to see it and about to cry, cause she always has to do all the cooking: can I have it?
Conner: go ahead babe
Y/n crying and eating: I love you so much
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wonderfrost · 2 days ago
Villain!Y/n: I’m gonna take you out!
Conner/Kon flying away waving: really? Ok! I’ll pick you up at 8:00!
Villain!Y/n embarrassed and blushing: make it 9:00, I gotta see auntie Harley
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wonderfrost · 2 days ago
Y/n: pansexuality isn’t a choice
Y/n grabbing Tim and Conner/Kong’s hands: it’s a mother fucking game and I’m winning bitches
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sheimagineddragons · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You sighed loudly, finally letting your emotions out.
The Titans Tower was empty since everyone decided to go to pride, but you wanted to stay back, not feeling comfortable with the crowds.
You had desperately wanted to go, but decided it was best to celebrate alone. So, you ran to your room and got out all the pride flags you drew over the years, and pinned them up around the tower.
You then put on a Pride Playlist you created once figuring out your sexuality, and smiled once Girls Like Girls by Hayley Kiyoko started blaring through the speakers.
As you jumped around and spun, the only thing you heard was your leaping heart, overjoyed that you got to sing without your teammates hearing.
Suddenly as the song ended, you felt many sets of eyes on you, then turned around slowly.
Once you saw your teammates smiling at you and the decorations, you yelped, falling backwards.
Jason was the one who dashed to your side, catching his best friend in the process, "I like what you've done with the place." He commented with a smirk before helping you find your balance again.
You blush nervously, "Uh, thanks, Jay." You nodded, before he stepped back.
Donna smiled before walking over to you and putting her arms around your waist, "This is great, babe. Happy pride." She whispered before pecking your lips, causing a blush to form on your cheeks.
You nodded your head while burying your nose in the crook of her neck, still embarassed that everyone saw you dancing and singing your heart out, "T-Thanks, love." You whispered back.
Before Donna could whisk you off to the room you both shared, Jason put a gentle hand on your shoulder, "Happy pride month." He whispered, not wanting to startle you again.
You lifted your head with a small smile, still in Donna's arms, "Happy pride month, Jay." You whispered back before giving him a hug after your girlfriend let you go.
Suddenly, you saw him twirling around a familair looking pride flag, the lesbian pride flag, and you grinned, "Is that for me?" You asked softly, tears of joy springing to your eyes.
Jason nodded while smiling softly before handing it over to you, "Yeah, we all got pride flags." He then lifted his own, a bisexual flag, from behind his back, his face bright and cheery.
A small breathless laugh left your lips, "Really? T-Thank you." You then turned to your team, "Thank you all. I'm so grateful to have you as my friends." You grinned, a blush creeping up your cheeks as Donna squeezed your hand.
A second later, everyone held up their own flags. Your girlfriend, Dick, Jason, and Tim held up bisexual pride flags. Kory, Dawn, and Rose held up pansexual pride flags. Rachel help up a queer flag as Conner held up a gay pride flag, waving it around with a grin to match your own, and Gar held up a trans flag with a pansexual pin in the top left corner.
You had tears in your eyes, "This is amazing. Thank you." You sobbed out before everyone gave you a group hug.
You felt great, like nothing could break your spirit.
Happy Pride Month from your friendly neighborhood lesbian 🏳️‍🌈
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citrinesparkles · 17 days ago
576 words of tim drake x gender neutral reader x kon el domestic fluff.
notes: i don't know what dc's doing with kon and at this point i'm afraid to ask, but this is written with his 90s personality in mind. (but when he's capable of aging, so, maybe an au? unsure.)
warnings: food, lack of sleep, and one throwaway line about injury.
tim sighed, resting his head against the door of your shared apartment. c'mon, just a little bit more, he thought. then you can curl up with them and sleep for a few years.
exhausted didn't cover it. eight in the morning, just getting home after a late night meeting with bruce that ran extra, extra late, followed by a very active patrol, which was then followed by mission reports- a long enough night that damian had taken his gear from him at the end of the night (morning?) and nodded to the door.
"i'm more than capable of cleaning your supplies, drake," he'd said when tim tried to protest. "i don't want you passing out on the road and causing a mess for father. go while you can still see straight."
it was the closest to caring damian had ever been towards tim, and all it took was being awake for over 24 hours.
and maybe some minor flesh wounds, but he was trying not to think about those.
tim took a deep breath and unlocked the door, moving inside quietly so he didn't wake his partners up.
"tim!" you shrieked happily as soon as he closed the door behind him, making him jump. so much for them being asleep. "get your boyfriend out of my kitchen!"
"i'm not doing anything!" kon called, a mischievous note in his voice that told tim he was absolutely doing something. probably multiple somethings.
tim unceremoniously dropped his laptop bag and jacket on the table and kicked his shoes into the corner, following the sound of your favorite playlist into the kitchen.
"why aren't you in bed?" he all but whined, squinting at the mess of ingredients and dishes that littered the counter.
"well, i wanted to have breakfast ready for when you got home." you said, gently sliding your arms around his waist and pulling him into a hug, which he gladly melted into. "but someone here decided to get up and make my life difficult."
tim peaked over your head to see kon licking what he suspected was pancake batter off of his finger with a grin.
"i did nothing," kon insisted smugly, leaning back against the counter.
tim chuckled, and something warm and soft cracked open in his chest and spread through his body. the scene was so normal, so human and domestic, it almost hurt. he squeezed you and locked eyes with kon.
"i love you both," tim said warmly, "so, so much."
"if that's the case," you stepped back, the picture of innocenceas you trailed you hands down his arms, "you won't mind taking our darling menace away from here. he's gone through half a bag of chocolate chips, timothy. half a bag."
before tim could really process anything beyond the loss of your warmth, kon was already sighing dramatically.
"fine, i can tell when i'm not wanted." he brushed past you with a swift kiss to your cheek before grinning mischievously at tim and scooping him into his arms. "c'mon, gorgeous, let's get you into somethin' comfy."
tim, thrilled to no longer be supporting his own weight, smiled contentedly. "i'm stealing your green hoodie."
"anything for you, pretty bird."
you came up behind kon, leaning around him and kissing tim's forehead. the small gesture, combined with kon's warm hold, made his heart swell powerfully.
and then you pushed them out of the kitchen, laughter in your voice as you sent them on their way.
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battle-nix · 23 days ago
― 𝐤𝐨𝐧 𝐤𝐞𝐧𝐭
❝𝗿𝗮𝗶𝗻𝘆 𝗰𝗼𝗹𝗱❞ kon may have lost the love of his life...
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morgansunflower · 29 days ago
You Don't Have To Be Alone 2/2
Words: 1498
Warnings: slight angst
Requested by- @emmaleilani96
Arthur's notes-Thank you for the request! I really enjoyed writing it! Hope you enjoy reading it!
Part 2 of You Don't Have To Be Alone
Tumblr media
Kal's P. O. V
In Smallville inside my parents living room holding my sister-in-law's phone.
"Kal what are you doing on my phone?!" M'gann exclaimed
"oh just lookin' for someone's contact" I casually said
"who's?!" she asked she then gasp with a smile "is this the girl Conner told me about! I know her! Who is it?"
I ignored M'gann knowing endless jokes and questions would follow suit if I answered.
"Kal c'mon man give my girl her phone back" Conner demanded in humorous tone
"not yet" I answered
I see Y/N's contact and swiftly read it. I swiftly swipe off what I was doing and give it back to my very annoyed sister-in-law.
Y/N's P. O. V
I sit on my couch in my apartment. Mid afternoon. I contemplate calling Kal.. Or my family.. I don't know what to do. I feel so shaken. I recall feeling like this when Jason died. I can only hope somehow he'll come back. Thankfully Kal has been here for me. He checks on me a lot. We occasionally hang out together. He's truly helped me from falling down. I hear my door bell ring followed by several repeated knocks. Either my sister Stephanie or my older brother Grayson. I stand and walk to my door. I open the door seeing both my little sister's.
"Steph, Cass" I heavily said
They both nearly tackle me in a hug. I hug them tightly. I hear crying from both of them. I feel my eyes shaking.
"you were gone for too long!" Steph exclaimed
"I know" I heavily said
Afterwards tears were dried "missed you" Cass quavered with a genuine smile
I softly smile "so.." it's been so long since I've been with my sister's, I honestly am speechless
"so.. we came to bring you to the Manor for the 'welcome back Damian party'"
My heart leaps but I'm kinda not surprised. I don't if it was resurrection thing or a fake death. I honestly don't care right now. He's back. That's what matters. The three of us journey to Wayne Manor. It's been so long since I have been home. The girls and I lock arm's. Steph on my right Cass on my left. We step in sync into the Manor. I hear lots of celebration, and laughs outside by the pool. I need to take a moment to process everything.
"can you two give me a sec"
The two girls affectionately squeeze my arms and depart stepping outside. I take a deep breath before I step out. I hear slight shaking from glass clinking. I look a platter with food and drinks. Alfred eyes shaking. I use my ring and take the platter safely placing it on the table. I step to my grandfather. His shaking hands touch my cheeks. My heart physically heavies. I missed him so much. I remember when I was little. After patrol Alfred would bandage my wounds and take me to bed. I softly laugh with a stutter. His face in a broken smile. I hug Alfred he wraps his arms around me.
"you have been away from your family for too long my dear" Alfred heavily said
I didn't respond as I began to cry, I'm really in my grandfather's kind embrace. He truly isn't angry with me. After a few more tears we part he smiles to me. He holds the platter firmly. We both step outside. I see my brother's Dick, Jason and Tim in the pool with Cassandra and Stephanie. Barbara casually sitting on the lounge chair. I see Damian beside Grayson. I look seeing Bruce. His eyes went wide he then genuinely smiled. I softly smile my eyes desire to shake yet again. I whistle each head turns to my direction. Each of them ran to me, granted over half of them were about to get me soaking wet.. I don't give a damn. It's been too long. Barbara was the first to nearly tackle me into a hug. As we part she drys her tears and wipes her falling mascara away. Grayson laughed with tears and pulled me into a big hug. I feel my brother's rapid Heartbeat. He kisses my forehead.
"you're never leaving again sis" he quavered "k-k? No one is allowed to leave!" he exclaimed
I softly chuckle with tears falling down my face. He kisses my head. We part Jason gives me a bear hug with my feet off the ground.
"fuck I missed you" Jason mumbled in my ear
"you two little brother" I mumbled with a soft smile
He lowered me to the ground parting from me. I smile to Tim's crying face. He sighs likely embarrassed he's emotional. I hug my little brother. He buries his face into my shoulder. I kiss his head. As we part I smile to him. I look at Damian's saddened face his eyes locked on the ground.
"don't tell me your status is too high to hug your big sister"
He grunted in response. I touch his shoulders. He hugs me tightly. I run my fingers through his hair. I began to sob. He's really OK. My family is OK. I feel my heart is finally mending back together. I hold him tightly. After I part from Damian before telling him I love him. I step to my dad. He takes a deep breath. I hug his, neck. He tightly wraps his arms around me. Moment's later I sit with my sister's in the family room.
"I can't believe you were alone out there" Stephanie sadly said
I clear my throat remembering Kal's embrace "umm well not really"
"not really.." Barbara smirked as Cassandra smiled to me
"oh no! No! You got your heart on someone!" Stephanie exclaims clapping
"no I don't" I lied
"yes you do! You're blushing! Wow never thought a guy could meet up to your standards" Stephanie smiled
"what's that suppose to mean!" I defend
"Y/N you deserve more than you get. Any guy who's got you blushing redder than my hair.. He must be absolutely amazing to you. I hope" Barbara said with a genuine smile
That night Kal and I sit in my couch. I just told him my baby brother is alive. His wheels seem to be turning in his head. It was quite entertaining to see, him speechless.
"actually no your family kinda has a reputation" he laughed
I raise my eyebrows "your brother"
"oh please you have four and each one of them has plus your sis" he defended
I shake my head "mm hmm two fake deaths doesn't count"
"please please I beg of you let me win at least one argument against you" he playfully begged making me laugh
"not a chance" I chuckled
He squint his face at me "you truly are Batman's daughter. All you bat-fam have been out to outsmart my family since the beginning of time"
"well Lois doesn't count because, well your Ma is my favorite out of all of you" I chuckled picking on him, it was a lie
"that was savage Y/N" he smiled
I playfully shove his shoulder. The room became silent though oddly enough it was peaceful. Though with the peace settled the deep desire for more.
"you know I never told you how much it meant to me.. That you were there for me... The night I told you about what happened to my little brother"
He scratches his neck uncomfortably, did I say too much? "yeah, I get what it's like to feel like you're not strong enough to save those you care about" his sighed resting his head on the couch
"but you are" I said softly, he turns his head to me and softly smiled
"thanks that means a lot coming from you" Kal said with a soft smile
I take a step further and touch his cheek, he softly smiled.
"it's the truth Kal you are not only physically strong and muscular. You are in many other ways to" I sincerely said
"I better go" he stands my heart sinks, I pushed too far.
He grabbed his jacket that was on the coffee table. He puts over his shoulder. He steps to the door. I swiftly follow him.
"Kal.. I-I-I didn't mean to" my words refused to further explain
He turns away from the door looking at my face. I feel my rapid Heartbeat. He takes a deep breath.
"Y/N you don't want.... Me. You deserve so much more" he heavily said
"don't say that!" I cried "I don't want you to go" he stares at me his face truly broken, in disbelief "please stay"
Please don't leave. I did not smile because I am scared, scared of rejection from someone.. I really love. I am completely out of my comfort zone. Just as I feel my eyes shake. Kal rushes cupping my cheeks into a deep loving kiss
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ruddyswojtyla · a month ago
Hey can I request a kon Kent (reign of the supermen) where the reader is like a super powerful demigod( daughter of hades and persephone) and was train by the gods(twelve olympians Luke they all taught her a little somethin) and they are just like protective of her and want to make sure Jon won’t hurt her. also can they be headcanons. Srry it’s pretty long. Have a great night!💕
Mount Olympic finding out you're dating Superboy.
Ever since y/n was born she has a beauty that catches the eyes of all men. 
But being raised by the God of the Underworld and trained by the gods of Mount Olympic didn’t allow her time to find love.
One day she was fighting with the YJ team when suddenly the clone of Superman (Kon Kent) caught her eyes.
Ever since then Kon and y/n have been inseparable. 
She fell in love with his 90s outfit, his blue eyes, and mostly his flirting. 
He fell in love with her beauty and the way she protects him from danger and harm.
After a couple of dates Kon asked her in a field of Sunflowers by the Kent farm to be his girlfriend and y/n said yes.
They had to keep their relationship a secret because her family might not like Kon because of his bad boy persona.
Little did they know that the God of Love Cupid found out that y/n was dating Superman clone and told Hermes the God of Message to tell evet god that y/n she was dating someone.
When Hades found out that his little girl was dating someone he got so angry that he caused many people to die. But y/n mother Persephone, who was a mortal, was glad that her little girl was growing up.
While Kon and y/n were chilling out in Kon’s room suddenly she heard a noise of lighting, ground opening, flying carriages she knew that her family found out.
She and Kon head outside to see that indeed all of Mount Olympic was standing right infront of them.
She was sad because they found out she was dating someone but Kon didn’t like seeing her sad so he stood up for their relationship.
Hades was raging with anger because they knew that Kon was the son of Lex Luthor though he was dangerous for his daughter. 
But Kon told all the gods and goddess that he may be the son of a villain but he would always protect y/n no matter what. 
He has shown to all gods and goddesses, even Hades that he would be the one to protect their little girl.
So they agree on their relationship but they would kill him if he breaks y/n heart.
In the end, Y/n and Kon got marry and had beautiful kids in which all the god and goddess adored.
HI. Hope you like it. If you want me change stuff Dm me. 
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morgansunflower · a month ago
You Don't Have To Be Alone 1/2
90s Superboy/Kal X Reader
Batsis! Reader
Warnings:temporary character death, and heavy angst
Words: 1368
Y/N is the only Green Lantern in her family. She was chosen by the ring now she is with her team of hero's. Though her world comes crashing down after one devastating phone call. Can her frenemy help her through her heartache?
Arthur's notes! Hope you all enjoy the read! Just so you know Kal/90s Superboy is Clark Kent's blood son and Conner's(Young Justice) brother. Thanks for reading!
Tumblr media
A million miles away from home. In a ship for, 3 years now. I'm the only green lantern on the team. I lay in my bed. The palm of my hand covered my mouth to muffle the sounds of my sobs. I feel my tears falling onto my hand. I wouldn't, couldn't let the team hear me. How could I of left? How could I have been so selfish? I could have saved him. This is my fault. He didn't deserve such cruelty. He died in pain. I can't stop myself from falling deeper. I have to get out of here before I wake someone up. I step out of the corridor. I walk through the hallway. My arm's crossed. I step into the lounge just as my hands began to shake. My knees weaken by each passing second. I drop down onto the couch. My heart beating swiftly. I let my sobs be heard to myself. I didn't hug him goodbye when I left. I hear footsteps. In defense, and unaware if it's someone intending me harm. I swiftly put on my uniform with my ring and stood stepping back. I stutter under my breath forcing my tears back. It was not a intruder but the last person I want to deal with. Superman's son, and Conner's twin brother Kal Kent. He stood behind the couch. I dry my tears with my hands consumed with humiliation. I take my ring off changing into my pajamas. Why'd it have to be him? I hated being so vulnerable in front of Kal. We never saw eye to eye, constantly getting on each other's every nerves. He was reckless, and irresponsible. I was responsible, and thought through thing's before jumping into them. We were polar opposites. He wore his sweatpants and no shirt, his biceps completely on display. Why did he have to be so damn hot? Why do I think he is?
"is there a meeting?" I bitterly asked. Why is he here? Damn I hope he didn't hear, me crying.
"uh.. No.." he scratches his neck nervously "w..why are you upset?" he awkwardly said
"I'm not, I'm fine" I lied with a bitter tone
"uh no you're not" he said with a annoyed look
I folded my arms enraged "don't use you're damn powers to read me you hot jerk!"
"you're cheeks are stained from your tears, I heard you crying and plus I saw you leave the corridor" he defended, then he smirked "you think I'm hot"
I scoff rolling my eyes "if you're here just to ridicule me I--" his face appalled as he cut me off
"whoa ohh slow down there beautiful. Don't judge me for being a decent person. My Ma, would kill me if I left a girl cryin' all by her lonesome. I may be a jerk but I'm a gentleman to" he finally admitted he's a bit of a jerk
I sigh "I won't tell your Ma Kal. You can just leave me alone" I shrug my shoulder "besides don't you kinda hate me"
He sadly smiled "I never hated you, Y/N. Just cause I tend to intentionally make you irritated or piss you off, never meant I had any hatred towards you. You're honestly kinda cute when you're mad or annoyed with me"
I don't like he's making me feel more comfortable around him. I want to tell him my troubles, and rely on him. Why? I have no damn clue.
"I don't hate you either" I softly said that was true and I needed him to know that
The silence begins to linger between us. I really hate this. I could break the air and tell him. I hate crying more than anything. He steps in front of the couch within inches of me.
He sympathetically says "so you want to talk to me about, what's wrong? I may not ever keep my mouth shut, but I can if you need me to"
He's being so kind. I sigh deeply if I keep this bottled I'm gonna blow. Maybe this can be the beginning of a friendship? Will he tell me to stop sulking. Either way it'll get it off my chest.
"my little brother died" I blurted out as I choke sobs back.
I hug his chest wrapping my arm's around him, wanting, needing a since of comfort. I didn't care from who.. Maybe a little. It took a second but he wraps his strong arm's around me. For the first time since my heart sank to my gut, feeling like I failed my baby brother. I feel safe. He feels so.. Comforting.
"there is nothing you could have done, Y/N"
I stutter looking him in the eye "H-how did you know?"
His face saddened "I lost my grandma... believe me when I say not a damn day go's by that I don't regret not being able to save her"
"I'm sorry" I genuinely said not just for what happened to his grandma but for everything hateful thing I ever said to him.
I close my eyes holding him a little tighter and rest my head within the crook of his neck.
"me too" he sincerely said as he lays his cheek on my head
2 weeks later time to go back to earth. I don't know how I'm going to face my family. We stood in the entrance and exit of the ship, a boom-tube that lead to the hub on earth. I hold my favorite color duffle bag. My teammates with me. I glance to, Kal who was holding his duffle bag. He softly smiled to me, dammit I really want to kiss him. I smile back staring back to the boom tube. I'm so nervous. My heart would not stop racing. I step through entering the hub with my fellow team mates. As the boom tube closes I see my team with their loved ones. We've been in space for 3 years. I see Kal's brother Conner.
"hey, bro ya miss me?!" Kal asked his brother
Conner shakes his head and pulls Kal into a hug. As they both hugged each other. I feel a sense of deep sorrow with my sinking feeling in my gut. Damian, never was affectionate but I would hug him so tightly if he was here. I miss him. I wish I could hug my baby brother. To tell him I love him. I honestly can't remember the last time I hugged Damian. I step to leave. I need some time alone. I honestly am not surprised any of my family is not here.
"Y/N, wait!" I hear Kal yell
I turn he stops within inches of me. My heart races more but for a different reason. I don't want to kiss him. I need to kiss him. But I won't allow my heart to sink further if he were to reject me.
"yeah" I take a breath, please don't make this anymore harder
"listen... I know things are different now between us.. I guess what I'm trying to say is. Call me if you need me or want to hang out" he smiled
"thanks, Kal you really are a great guy"
"I try" he smirks and then softly smiled, I feel my breath hitch "take care of yourself beautiful"
I gently nod. I leave the desire for more was too much. Maybe one day? I went to my apartment in Gotham. I unlock the door with my key and step inside. I shut the door behind me. I turn the lights on and step to my bedroom. I am so not falling asleep tonight. I sit on my bed. Should I call home? Maybe they forgot? Honestly I can't blame them, it hurts, but I don't blame them for forgetting. There's a few things that I wish I could forget. Like how comforting Kal's strong, arm's felt around me. His gentle thick voice that somehow melts me. Yeah definitely not falling in love with that, selfless jerk.
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butwhyduh · a month ago
hello can you do some hcs of kon kent where he is head over heels for the reader?
Kon is a sweetheart but also sooo clueless sometimes.
He thinks he’s not being obvious but everyone in the tower knows he likes you.
“Yeah dude, when you threatened Nightwing for throwing her on the ground when sparring, pretty big clue,” Wally said rolling his eyes.
Goes to Tim and Bart for advice but let’s be real, they don’t know anything either.
“Buy her lunch. And snacks. And dessert.😋” “Bart, not everyone thinks with their stomach.” “Maybe I’m just hungry.” “You’re always hungry.🙄”
“If she hits you in the face with a brick 🧱, it’s real.” “Tim, bro, you need every therapy ever created.”
You think Kon is adorable and are basically just waiting until he asks you out.
You end up asking him out. “Kon wanna get coffee?” “Yes! I mean- let’s go on a date.”
Cute boyfriend. Will give you his jacket to wear any time.
Forgets that cool powers are sometimes scary to people without powers!
“Kon, love ya but if you don’t put me on the ground and quit flying...”
He likes to listen to your heartbeat. He loves when you are kissing and it speeds up.
You tell him to not listen to your heartbeat when he isn’t around because it’s kinda stalkery.
He still listens but doesn’t bother you if it speeds up sometimes like he would before.
Cuddle monster. Forgets he’s big and heavy and will try to lay on you like those giant dogs that act like lap dogs.
Like to pick you up when you’re kissing because he likes the little gasp you make and he’d never admit it but he likes showing off for you.
Will tell anyone that he’s so into his girlfriend. “That’s my girlfriend!” All John mulany like and they’re like “yeah... so did you want whip cream on your coffee?”
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emmaleilani96 · a month ago
If I were to post headcanons what type of head canons would you like to see???? If you want I can send reques. I also only write for dc characters
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littleredwing89 · a month ago
Tumblr media
Conner Kent x Reader x Tim Drake
Summary: “Not today Drake”, Conner gripped Tim’s hair and dragged him up to his feet, “I want you to clean up my mess on your girl”.
Warnings – Language. NSFW Smut. Degradation. Humiliation. Voyeurism. Praise Kink. Three some. 
Word Count: 2,212
A/N: I was told by many of you this was needed for science following a little blurb I did a few weekends ago. So, here’s my input for the Scientist of the Year award 2021 - enjoy.
This certainly wasn’t how you pictured this happening. Not here. Not in his office. Your hot, flushed skin was pressed into the cold wood of Tim’s office desk. You cried out loudly, when a large palm connected with your ass, skin tingling from the sting of the hit.
“Bet she doesn’t moan for you like this, does she Drake?”.
Your pussy clenched around Conner’s cock as he angled his thrusts to drag against your g spot. Tim squirmed in his office chair, hands bound behind his back. Completely naked. His hard shaft throbbed against his abs. You bit your bottom lip, sucking it between your teeth. Your eyes met his across the room. The lust had blown his eyes black.
“Look at you Drake”, Conner taunted, slapping your other ass cheek, “Your practically cumming all over yourself whilst I fuck your girl on your desk”. Tim’s cheeks tinted pink as his cock leaked, his precum oozing down his length.
Conner grabbed a fistful of your hair and pulled you back, driving deeper into your soaked core, “Tim won’t ever fuck you like this princess, never. He hasn’t got the balls to fuck you how you need it”.
You sobbed Conner’s name as he plunged deeper into your pussy with brutal force, knocking the air out of your lungs.
“You need a real man to fuck you, a real man who knows how to handle a little slut like you”.
Tim groaned against the gag in his mouth. He was aching to touch himself. The sight of you been fucked over his desk was torture.
“Tell me what you want princess”, Conner stopped and you gasped, desperate for him to continue.
“Please!”, you begged.
Conner kissed up the curve of your neck and sucked a mark behind your ear. A permanent reminder for Tim. He smirked catching his eye before whispering in your ear, “That isn’t telling me what you want”.
You rolled your hips against Conner, whining when you felt his cock drag against your walls.
“I want to cum all over your cock whilst Tim watches, please”.
His tongue flicked over your earlobe sending sparks of desire shooting down your spine to your core.
“It’d be my pleasure”.
“Don’t take your eyes off him”, Conner growled before shoving your face back into the wood of the desk, picking up his punishing pace, driving into your pussy hard.
You cried his name whilst looking at Tim, struggling to keep your eyes open with the immense pleasure.
He smirked, grabbing one of your wrists, holding it to your lower back before snatching the other and doing the same thing.
“You’re so fucking wet princess”, he grunted and squeezed your wrists, keeping him firmly in place. Your elbows started to ache a little at the angle as he continued to thrust into you feverishly.
“I bet Drake hasn’t gotten you this wet before. He doesn’t know how to handle your tight little pussy”.
You chanted his name, crying in euphoria as you felt your orgasm brimming again. Your body burned with lust as he drove deeper into your core.
“Fuck”, Conner moaned deeply, the girth of his shaft stretching you perfectly, “You feel so fucking good”.
“Can I cum? Please Conner!”, you begged, your velvet walls contracting around his cock, “Please!”.
Conner chuckled breathlessly, using his free hand to palm your ass cheeks so he could see his cock sliding into your wet folds, “So well trained for me aren’t you?”, his husky groan made your spine shiver, “Begging to cum. I bet you don’t beg Drake do you? You’re my perfect little slut”.
Your mind began to buzz with overwhelming pleasure, “Please Conner! I need to cum”, your voice was hoarse, “Please let me cum all over your thick cock”.
Tim watched helplessly as you pleaded with Conner. Desperation pouring from you. His cock was throbbing painfully with need. He shuffled on his seat, unable to remove his eyes from the way Conner’s cock split your pussy as he fucked into you deeply. 
“What do you say Drake?”, Conner hummed, slapping your ass, “Do you want to see your girl cum from a proper fucking?”.
Your eyes were beginning to roll back into your head, clinging onto your orgasm until Conner allowed you it. Tim nodded and groaned against the gag. His cock pulsates against his stomach, precum smearing over his skin. It glistened under the soft lighting in his office.
“Go on”, Conner spanked you again, harder, driving his shaft faster into your wet heat, “Cum for me, drench my cock and I’ll fill that pretty pussy for you”. 
His fingertips dug into your wrists as you screamed his name. Your climax exploding inside you, setting everything ablaze. You sobbed, mascara streaking down your cheeks as you basked in the glow. Your skin prickled, sensitive to touch. Conner released your hands and gripped your hips brutally fucking you against the desk. The wooden legs scraped against the flooring as you felt the second wave ready to crash over you.
“That’s it”, he choked out, “Cum all over my cock again, you filthy little slut”, Conner pounded deeper, grunting as your walls clenched, clinging to his length.
You felt Conner’s hot seed fill your pussy as your second orgasm ripped through your overheated body. He shouted your name and stuttered in pace, slowly coming down from his own peak.
Your face was flush with colour as you sucked in greedy gulps of air. You focused your eyes on Tim and gave him a wavering smile, still deliriously high from your climax.
You looked down his well muscled body and took in the sight of his cock, bobbing against his stomach. Swollen with desire and leaking profusely.
“I think Drake enjoyed the show, don’t you princess?”, Conner muttered in your ear, smug smirk tugging at the corners of his lips, “But I think he should clean up our mess”.
Twisting your head to the side, you saw the cheeky glint in Conner’s eyes. You nodded briefly before he pulled you up and spun you around.
“Such a good girl”, he murmured before kissing you deeply, tongue dipping into your mouth to tangle with yours. You whined appreciatively into his mouth as he edged you back onto the desk, lifting you up easily to sit on it. You shuffled your ass backwards onto the wood and tried to angle your hips, feeling Conner’s cum dripping onto the surface, smudging your inner thighs.
He nipped your bottom lip, tugging playfully before pulling away completely, “Stay there, I’m going to get Drake. He’s going to make sure you’re cleaned up then I’ll take you home”.
Conner strutted his way across to Tim, smirking confidently at him. He saw the drop of Tim’s eyes, looking over his cock. Tim’s shaft twitched again and he shifted on his seat.
“Looks like you’re not the only cock slut in the room”, Conner chuckled and rounded Tim, untying him slowly, stroking over the red marks along his wrists. He made his way to the front of Tim and winked, taking out the gag from his mouth, watching the spit drip down onto his bare chest.
“Not today Drake”, Conner gripped Tim’s hair and dragged him up to his feet, “I want you to clean up my mess on your girl”.
Tim grunted as the sharp stings shot across his scalp. The sensations travelling straight down to his throbbing cock.
Conner directed him across to you, shoving Tim down onto his knees between your open thighs.
“I want her pretty pussy tidy”, Conner commanded, “Ready for me to ruin it again when I get her back to your apartment”.
Tim flexed his hands, twirling his wrists to encourage the blood flow back before stroking his palms up your quivering thighs. 
You tossed your hair back and moaned softly at the feel of his rough skin. Tim leaned his head forward and laid delicate kisses up the inside of your leg, alternating sides as he went.
“Mmmmm”, you hummed, one of your hands weaving into his dark hair, stroking his silken locks.
His thumbs pressed into the junction of your hips, holding you tight, before his tongue licked a long stripe up your thigh, tasting the mixture of releases staining you.
“Conner”, you purred and closed your eyes, enjoying the warm feeling of bliss taking over you. The humiliation tore through Tim and made his cock pulse painfully. Hearing you whine another man's name as he pleasured you, a cocktail of heat and jealousy boiled in his stomach.
Conner barked out a laugh and stood next to you, tilting your face to his, “You really are so well trained”, he leaned down and kissed you slowly, enjoying the way you opened up immediately.
Tim traced his tongue over your salty skin, sucking tiny marks into your thighs, groaning against your flesh. The flavour of your arousal thick with Conner’s. He looked up and watched you lip locked with Conner, your hips circling desperately wanting Tim’s mouth higher.
Kneeling closer, Tim ran his tongue through your sopping folds. You jolted and cried into Conner’s mouth, the grip on Tim’s hair tightened, holding him in place.
The taste was tangy and bitter in Tim’s mouth as your usual honeyed desire was streaked with Conner’s seed. He continued to flick his tongue over your core, spearing into your pussy.
“Fuck!”, you moaned louder, pulling back from Conner’s kiss swollen lips, “Oh! Conner…fuck!”.
Tim growled against your folds, one of his hands splayed across your lower stomach controlling your sporadic jerks of pleasure.
Conner grinned, “You need to cum again princess?”.
You nodded weakly and purred when you felt Tim’s lips finally close over your sensitive clit, sucking hard.
“Oh!! Please Conner”, you sucked your bottom lip between your teeth, clamping down hard as the bliss flooded your senses, “Please let me cum…”, you eyed his hardening cock as you ran your nails over his firm abs. He sucked in a sharp breath, his stomach tensing as you traced the defined lines of his muscles.
Tim watched intently, his tongue lashing over your clit wildly daring you fall over the edge without Conner’s permission. Maybe you’d be punished too then. You let out a strangled sob at Tim’s new found pace and wrapped your palm around Conner’s shaft, stroking gently, “Please Con…I need -ah! I need to cum so badly”.
“You look so beautiful when you’re about to cum”, Conner mused and inched closer, his hips rutting into your hand as the delicious waves of pleasure.
“Conner!”, you gasped loudly when you felt Tim’s fingers thrust into your pussy, scissoring and stretching you whilst his tongue continued at his frenzied pace. Tim’s cock throbbed with need at the way you cried the other man's name. Your voice raw with passion.
“Cum for me princess”, Conner growled in your ear before biting down on the flesh of your shoulder, enjoying the way your palm stroked his shaft, sticky with yours and his cum.
You screamed out as you fell into your climax, overwhelmed from the desire coiled in the pit of your stomach. Your vision blurred and you saw stars, your chest heaved from the deep breaths. You went to drop back onto the desk but Conner caught you, holding you upright. His fingers brushed some of your hair behind your ear, the rest plastered to your forehead with sweat. Your body was covered in a thin sheen, glowing in the lights of Tim’s office and radiating with post orgasmic bliss.
Tim pressed kisses over your folds and along your inner thighs, easing you down from your powerful high, humming as he breathed in your scent. His cock still ached between his legs, prodding against his stomach.
Conner grinned and winked at Tim, “Told you we had a surprise for you”, he kissed your shoulder, licking a soothing stripe over where he had bitten moments earlier.
Tim kissed your inner legs, down to your right knee, “Well I was certainly surprised”. You felt him smiling against your skin subtly.
“Did you enjoy it?”, you shivered as his soft lips connected with the back of your knee.
He hummed before nodding, “Yes, but I'm getting payback”.
You quirked an eyebrow, “I’d like to see you try”.
Tim looked up at you from between your legs, his usual blue eyes were practically black, “We both know I can”, he nibbled on the skin of your leg before a beep on his watch sounded. He growled irritated as he stood up grabbing his clothes from his office sofa, “Sadly sweetheart, I have a meeting in 15 minutes…but I'm sure Conner can keep you occupied”.
“Don’t worry about that Drake”, Conner slapped Tim’s shoulder, “She’ll see you back at the apartment”.
Special Thanks: @offendedfishnoises​​ @internalsealpanic​​ @batarella​​ - thank you for proof reading xoxo
Tag List: @offendedfishnoises @internalsealpanic @batarella @batarella-mini @lucy-roo @illzarr @pricetagofficial @jadedhillon @vvipgot7be @clementinesandstars @thedeadlythoughts @fantasticwizardnerd @power-of-words23 @vintagexparker  @borntobewondering @l-inkage @fourteengemstones @ficrecsideblog @insane-without-delirium @so-now-what-huh @imjeralee @geekonaleash @dairydragon84 @dragonchildyuki @ediwdac @fxrchxldws @hyperfixationsandhecticness @chelinn @maniacproffesor @8ether @the-abyss-of-fandoms @babymango-writes @indigowcrds @catxsnow @lostoctaviaaugusta @empower-bi-women @jd-loves-everyone @xatanna-troy @phoenixhalliwell @angelz-dust​ @tigerlily00 @justanerd1 - Drop me a message if you want to be added to my tag list. xoxo
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atomicsoph · a month ago
Fic Rec part2
Tumblr media
Spencer Reid
Doodles by @reidsnose 💜
Play Dates by @imagining-in-the-margins 💜
Aaron Hotchner
The Ties That Bind by uncpanda ~spencer’s sister series~ 💜
Tumblr media
Jason Todd x Reader x Roy Harper
Strobe Lights by @robynundertheredhood 🔥
Stealth by @avengersandlovers 🔥
Middle by avengersandlovers 🔥
Roy Harper
Papa Bear by @catxsnow 💜
Jason Todd
Safe House by robynundertheredhood 💜
Cravings by @jaybirdxarsenal 💜
When You Know by @bvckysmanbun 💜
Cuddle Buddy’s (ft. roy) by @jasonslildemon 💜
Stalker From Another Universe | completed by @addicted-to-dc 💜
The Kid and The Bum | part2 by @dccomicsimagines ~dad!jason~ 💜/🤪
Ice Cream (Fixes Everything) by WynterRobin (Ao3) 💜
Tim Drake
Bubbles by @waroncheer ~yandere!tim~ 🔥
Vigilante Rest Stop Series by robynundertheredhood 💜/💔
Honeysuckle by B_Uthoughtwrong (Ao3) ~vampire reader~ 💔/😎
House Party by @uncpanda 🤪
Conner Kent
Free Falling by catxsnow 💜
Clark Kent
The Other Lane by @babylooneytoonz 💔/💜
That Southern Hospitality by @221bshrlocked 🔥
Tumblr media
Geralt of Rivia
Working In A Brothel by @underratedcharactersimagines 🔥
Heart of Geralt by @cas-kingdom 💜
Need You by @thatfanficstuff 💔/💜
To Worship A Flower by @playing—koi 🔥
His World by @merakiaes ~soulmate~ 💜
Soft and Steamed by @ffangirlingsince2001 💜
Henry Cavill
Kal’s Best Friend by @angrythingstarlight 💜
Tumblr media
Puppy Sitting by @bonniebird 💜
The Puppy AU by bonniebird 💜
Tumblr media
Billy Hargrove
Emotions by @addictofsupernatural 💜/💔
Not So Bad After All by @theonewiththefanfics 💜/😎
Bad Guy by @fanficmarvelchick 💜
Tell Me No Secrets by @inyourwildestdreamslove ~steve x reader x billy~ 💔/😎
Caught In The Middle by @kohanayaki ~steve x reader x billy~ 💜/💔
Tumblr media
Peter Parker
Petrichor by @waitimcomingtoo 💜
Tumblr media
John Wick
Dangerous Man by @im-an-octopus 💜
Tumblr media
Damon Salvatore
Bottle of Whiskey by Totallynotashieldagent (Ao3) 💜/💔
I Know Places We Can Hide by Rippahwrites (Ao3) 💜
Lovely by vanghoegh (Ao3) ~mikaelson brothers x reader~ ~soulmate au~ 💜
Down the Spiral by WordsCrusader (Ao3) ~klaus x reader x elijah~ 💜
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battlenix · a month ago
❝rainy cold❞
Tumblr media
request: Hello can you do a imagine of kon Kent (reign of the supermen) where he cheats on reader but the girl he kissed forced him too or sum like that? Have a great Sunda!!💕 you decide if they get back togethe.
a/n: okayy!! i aren’t feeling very good about this one tbh,,, but i needed to write something, like it's been more than a week irjsunf, so i hope you like it?
warning: reader uses she/her pronouns, unedited
word count: 410 words
head canon | one-shot | imagine
angst | fluff
pairing: kon kent x reader
Tumblr media
For you and Kon, the rain always marked important events in your relationship. It rained during your first date and even when the two of you kissed for the first time.
Today the rain drenches the —his— hoodie, but that is the least of your worries.
Your hands grip the hoodie with such force, your knuckles turn white but you couldn’t seem to let go as though it was keeping you steady at this moment.
“You kissed her?” your voice is hoarse, probably from all the crying, your tears merge with the rain as you try to process the betrayal of the one person who had your heart, as he crushed it.
“Babe, I—”
“Don’t,” he hates the way you distance yourself from him, looking at him with hurt and betrayal, and this time, he was the one that caused it. That was another stab to his heart. He hurt the love of his life.
“Babe, just let me explain, please,” Kon pleads.
You stay quiet, contemplating your choices at this point. He had hurt you, but there were time’s he’d helped you as well, held you when the world seemed against you… You decide it was fair to let him explain, after all he wouldn’t have just come up and told you unless there was an explanation.
“Five minutes,” you manage to say. You wish your voice wasn’t so small as you spoke but it came out as whimper.
“I was frozen, I couldn’t move babe. She was strong, she trapped me and kissed me, I was under a spell, please.”
He seemed genuine, but could you really trust him now?
“I’m sorry Kon,” you turn away from him, “I need some time.”
You walk away in the rain, your hands finally letting go of the hoodie you wore as you open the door of the car. You turn to look at him one last time, finding him at the same place the two of you were seconds ago.
It takes you all of your strength to not run back to him, instead you get inside the car, gripping the wheels as you drive away, leaving the person who broke your heart— and who you still love— behind.
Kon on the other hand feels stuck, he feels as though he can’t move. The rain doesn’t trouble him anymore as he stares at your car, watching the light zoom away.
He may have just lost the most important person in his life.
Tumblr media
tag list: @pleasestophoney @pricetagofficial @wonderlandifulcat @le-green-lion @emmaleilani96
navigation | masterIist | tagIist
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battlenix · a month ago
hello!! i'm phoenix and requests are officially open!! here are a few guidelines on requesting!
things to keep in mind:
im a minor, so please, please, keep things sfw, nothing nsfw at all because i'm not comfortable with it at all.
i write ships as well [eg timkon, babsdick, timsteph, birdflash, jayroy]
i don't write romantic relationships for damian or jon, because both of them are very much still babies in my eyes, but i can write platonic relationships for them!
specify the pronouns you'd like me to use, this is very important
i may take some time to write your request, but please remember, i have a life outside tumblr [very surprisingly] so have some patience
mention if you want a headcanon, one-shot or stuff like that!!
if i feel uncomfortable writing your request, i can deny it, i have the right to so please be respectful
specify which version you want me to write for, be it reign of supermen, injustice, young justice, specify
be specific in terms of what you want me to write as well, i'm still learning a lot
be respectful in general, we're all here for a good time, not an accurate one
characters i write for:
[keep in mind this will be updated frequently]
tim drake
jason todd
dick grayson
damian wayne [platonic only!!]
bruce wayne [platonic preferred but i may end up writing romantic as well]
cassandra cain
barbara gordon
stephanie brown
duke thomas
bart allen
nora allen-west
wally west
kon kent
jon kent [platonic only!!]
rachel roth
garfield logan
donna troy
roy harper
artemis crock
miss martain
wally west
virgil hawkins
traci thirteen
jaime reyes
terry mcginis
there are more characters i probably write for but i haven't added them here, so feel free to ask, i may just be comfortable writing!!
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Conner Kent x witch!Reader HCs
Pairing :: Conner Kent(RoS) x witch!Reader
Headcanon :: Connor dating a witch
Word Count :: 378
A/N :: Another request, I hope you enjoy it
Tumblr media
Conner LOVES the fact that you’re a witch but is sometimes annoying about it.
“Hey babe, can you teleport us to LA?” “Do you have a magic cat?” “Where’s your pointy hat and broomstick?”
You had a normal broom. You broke it because of him.
Because you can fly thanks to magic, sometimes you two go out on late-night flights(ya know, like late-night walks)
You two raced one time, and immediately you knew you made a mistake. He won by a long shot.
When you’re bored, you turn random items he’s holding into flowers.
“Hey (Y/N), look at this-”*poof* “HEY!”
Conner often has to help you catch your familiar (it’s a little white mouse).
“He’s in the walls.” “How did he get in the walls?” “How do you keep losing him?” “Shut up.”
When you two fight together, if the bad guys try making fun of you, Conner steps back and lets you handle it.
“Oh, what’s a little witch gonna do? Turn me into a toad?”
*Conner puts his hands up and backs away*
*Your eyes start glowing* “Yes.”
You two go to a lot of ‘magic’ shows and Conner makes fun of how in awe you are when you leave.
There have been multiple occasions when you’re cleaning your house with magic and Conner scares you, creating a mess.
It’s like, wizard mickey mouse cleaning, everything is cleaning itself peacefully and then a loud KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK, making you jump and lose focus.
Conner always helps you clean up the mess right after.
Conner bugs you when you’re trying to learn a new spell.
“(Y/N)... pst… (Y/N), hey… You’ve been staring at that book for hours now.” “Conner, it’s very important I stay focused-” “No.”
Conner thinks it’s adorable how excited you get whenever you see Zatana.
“Oh my gosh, Conner, look! Zatanna’s here!” You always get super happy and giddy.
When he’s stressed, you calm him down by creating an illusion of a scenic forest just for the two of you.
It’ll feel like hours there together when it’s just been a few minutes.
It’s your little secret for you two to just be happy together.
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