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do it for her (steven universe) is literally a trans song, at least a ftm song which refers to a person who uses he/him pronouns. or perhaps genderfluid or bigender too. it uses both he/him and she/her pronouns, so it could pretty much be any of you lot. anyway, yeah. listen to the goddamn lyrics. but then again, everything i listen to somehow turns into a trans song in my head. weird

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question for my inbox: i, a known connie stan, obscenely fixated on connie, am slowly getting asks focused entirely on steven and connie comforting steven.

so, like… am i just the only person still taking requests at this point so you’re coming to me? or am i just that much of a cutie that u wanna see my sexy writing of known sad boy steven universe?

i just assume that, like, all the steven writers have closed up shop so you have to dejectedly walk down the road to my cardboard box. you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel for content and my grimy ass is on your scoop.

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thank you for the hugs! hugs for you too! my prompts are basically always open!


Scars are a new one for him. He typically heals without a mark, so it’s odd to have one now. It’s big too, taking up most of his back. Maybe a tattoo would cover it. A lot of tattoos. He studies it in the mirror, trying to imagine body art there, but no solution comes to mind.

“Hey,” Connie says, standing his doorway. “I’m here for game night. Um, I can go if you need a minute.”

He laughs, snagging his shirt from the bed and tries to ignore the discomforting feeling in his gut. “I don’t think a minute it going to fix anything.”

As his head ops out of his shirt, she gently takes his hand. “I don’t care about that, you know? They don’t mean anything to me - to anyone who cares about you.”

“It’s…” He frowned, squeezing her hand. “I don’t like have a reminder. It’s not that it’s ugly I just… I hate remembering that.”

Her arms wrapped around him, voice gentle in his ear. “I’m sorry.”

All he could do was hug her back.

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Originally posted by penguintruth

Pairing: Steven Universe x OC!Roxie Miller

Summary: While driving home one evening, Steven sees a stage set up on the beach. He assumes it’s another concert by Sadie Killer and the Suspects, but quickly finds out it’s a new band from Empire City, Roxie Rejects. The series goes on with adventures of Steven Universe and his new friend, Roxie.

Warnings: Anxiety, Yelling/Fighting, Fluff, Angst, Depression

A/N: Chapter 8 is here! This is the episode Growing Pains from the epilogue series, but now with Roxie (LONG CHAPTER ALERT). Many of the chapters from here on out will be episodes from the series. No hate on any Steven Universe characters please! Feedback is greatly appreciated! Enjoy!

Song Used: La Vie En Rose (English)


*Let Me Know If You’d Like To Be Tagged*

Roxie’s Universe Masterlist

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They went to a place with extremely high cliffs, the clouds were unmoving in the sky.

“The first training ground?” Asked Garnet, though the question seemed to be rhetorical.

As they hiked, Pearl provided context to where they were to Connie and Amethyst (who never seemed to have the same knowledge of Gem kind that Pearl and Garnet have for some reason).

“The first training ground is one of the first places the Crystal Gems annexed during the war. We used it to train some of the first members of the Crystal Gems. It was during that time me and Rubicelle-” Pearl’s voice seemed to catch in her throat “-when we built the Secret Armory.”

Pearl stopped at the bottom of a cliff. She jumped up, and Connie was given a sudden reminder that the sword fighter wasn’t anything human as she rocketed up to the half way point of the cliff. Garnet’s form joined not a second later.

Connie was wondering how SHE was supposed to get up there when she heard a musical sound from behind her. Amethyst had shapeshifted a pair of wings out of her back, she gestured for Connie to come over.

Wrapping her hands tightly around her, they both flew into the air. The ground looked sickeningly far away as they ascended. Connie wasn’t afraid of heights, but she was afraid of falling, and she was keenly aware of how little she was supported right now.

They arrived at the mouth of the cave.

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“How do you even celebrate starting therapy?” 

The two of them sat on the porch, at the small table with the umbrella up. There were few things nicer than sharing lunch with a friend on a lazy day, but it hardly felt like much of a celebration. He bit into his sandwich, enjoying the crunch of chips.

“It’s not really the kind of thing people celebrate. People don’t usually celebrate a diagnosis or starting medications, or starting medication, or big breakthroughs….” She trailed off thoughtfully, then shrugged. “Can’t go wrong with cake, right?”

He sighed, propping his chin up on a hand. “I wish that was true. After the whole proposal thing, cake has some bad memories.” He grumbled, “Nothing like being told cake won’t make you feel better at your lowest.”

Connie groaned. “Mom used to say that about sulking. Now whenever I feel bad I feel like I’m not allowed to lay down and feel gross. I end up running around cleaning my room or something. I mean, my room’s clean, but I don’t feel any better at the end.” She crossed her arms and leaned back in her chair. “We’re too young for drinks. Ice cre-”

“Nope, and I don’t wanna talk about why.”

“The bake shop is…” A miserable sigh. “Not at its best since Lars left.”

He raised an eyebrow. “Popcorn and roasting bad movies?”

“And we can bring Peridot and Pearl! They’re always good at that,” she said with an eager grin.

He paused. “Wasn’t this supposed to be celebrating therapy?”

“It’s your victory.” She shrugged. “Celebrate the way that makes you happy. Bad movies and popcorn it is.”

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