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Feral play

Steven couldn’t believe his eyes as he looked upon his lady. Sitting on the floor in the middle of her workshop with paper scattered and clawed walls, looking lost and enchantingly beastly was one Connie Maheswaran.

Her usually brown skin was a few shades darker, her black eyes now replaced with purple slit irises on a black background. Her hair usually in a neat bun now moved as if it was alive. On her cheeks were now the tell-tale circles of a demon. 

Not that the horns, floating eye and reptilian tail helped.

Steven took a cautious step as towards the crouching human turned demon, gulping and trying to hide his concern. 

“Connie? Do you remember me?”

The demoness looked at him quizzically as she hung her head to the left, blinking.

“It’s Steven…Your familiar. Do you remember, My lady?” He gave her a slight strain smile as he held out his hand towards her.


Steven felt a bolt hit his spine at her voice. It was a bit more raspy and slurred with an almost silky tone, but undoubtedly hers. His face blushed purple as she took his hand and stood. Her figure was more curvaceous and defined. Her shirt rode up a bit as she stretched giving him a view of her stomach now with a glyph around the navel.

“What did you do? ” Steven pressed his hand on her stomach causing her to tremble.

“Cold.” She moaned to his touch.

“Hold on, My Lady.” Steven encouraged. Looking at it closely he saw that it ran lower than her pants line. He stood to his full length, eye to eye with her and sighed. “Guess this is something you can do now, but it shouldn’t last long…What were you trying to do?" 


Steven was caught off guard at her sniffing below his chin, like an animal. He grabbed her shoulders and pushed her back gently.  He looked at her completely flustered. “My lady, that’s inappropriate during this time.”

She took his left hand and sniffed  it..before humming in familiarity. “Yes..Yes.I know you. ”

Steven nodded, “that you do. We live in this house together.”

Connie took his words into consideration, before taking in his appearance. Images of their time together playing in her mind as she did. “We’re contracted to each other, yes?" 

Steven nodded slowly as he caught a lingering scent of attraction, coming from her.

"We’re close to each other.” She purred as she pressed her palm on his chest and pushed him on to the nearby chair.

Steven gulped as he saw the feral and a bit lustful look in her eyes.

“My lady, you’re not in your right mind. "  Steven suggested as Connie climbed on his lap

"The transformation has affected your modesty.”

He added as he held her now clawed hands. 

“I know what I’m doing…” She argued with a smile, before moving towards his neck. “I just wish to even things out a bit and feel as powerful and inhibited as you do?”

“My lady, I..You.”

“Hehe. My, is my dapper demon speechless.” She removed closer to his face. “Do I make you uncomfortable like this?” She looked at him expectantly.

Steven looked into those eyes of her and despite the ferocious appearance of them, still felt his heart thumped against his chest, due to the raw emotion they held. 

“It’s different My Lady, as temporary as it is.” Steven admitted.

“A bad difference?” The disappointment was evident in her voice as she looked down. The floating eye between her horns seemed to close a bit, looking ashamed. Her tail even dropped low.

“I didn’t say that."  Steven assured as he took his lady chin and held her face in place. "I said it’s different, cause you never did anything like this.” He smirked before giving the sad demoness, a small kiss on her forehead. “Never said it was bad.” Steven chuckled as she covered the spot he kissed. 

“So this is ok. You still find me..Desirable?” She blush the color of deep violet, looking hopeful.

“Of course, my fiery lady. There’s not a moment in time, I do not wish for your companionship.”

Connie grinned at her familiar, pride rising in her heart. “Good."  She clenched her fist in victory.

 "So..What happened?” Steven examined the damage of her workshop stone walls, they appeared to be carved and melted.

Connie shrugged. “I guess having all that demonic energy hit me at once caused me to be a bit erratic.. Feral.”

“Very feral, you didn’t recognize me at first.” He chuckled at her pout.

“Don’t tease me.." 

"Or what you gonna bite me.”

Connie didn’t say anything as Steven continued to chuckle, smirking before making her move.

“Ah!” Steven yelped as her fanged mouth met with his chin in a nip. He rubbed the spot where she bit as she smirked arms crossed.

“Feral girl.”

Connie nodded with pursed lips before nipping his neck, his throat and various places above his shoulder. Making her giggle each time he yelped or growled In slight annoyance.

“Ok..That’s how you wanna play it, My feral lady.” Steven announced before nipping her ear.

“Ey!” Connie barked at the feeling, before nipping him back behind his ear. 

“Hm!"  Steven snarled as he prepared to strike again.

What started out as a playful, gentle biting game, slowly but surely evolved to a wrestling match as they interlocked their hands and dodged each other’s attempts to bite. Their movements rocking the chair they shared as they bobbed, weaved and struck out each other.

One particular dodge had them spilling out of the chair and onto the floor, with the witch turned demon under the natural demon in a very suggestive position..His knees were outside of her hips, he hands above her head still interlocked with hers.  Their faces, just a few centimetres apart…

"You ok Connie?”

She nodded. “Yeah, I’m alright. Two feet to a stone floor is not gonna hurt me.”

“I’m glad to hear that.”


Steven started to blush as he looked at his lady spread out and messy hair, the glow of the evening giving her a sinfully attractive appearance as she smiled at him with a fang peeking out. 

“Think I can ‘make a contract’ in this form?” She teased. 

“I think you just want to bite me.” he retorted, getting a chortle from his roomie. 

“Just a bit, but it’s mostly for research.” She sniffed him, smelling a certain  emotion. “You’re not really against the idea, I see.”

“Guess, I can’t really hide it with you temporary prowess."  Steven lowered his face towards her. "What do we do now?”

“Let’s conduct a test, shall we?” She stated as she reached up licking her lips, her mouth ready to sink in..When she felt a wave of fatigue hit her..

“Steven… Catch me. Please.”

Steven caught her head as he fell back. Crawling over to her side he lifted and cradled her as he watched as her skin slowly turned back to it’s normal shade. 

The last thing she saw was his concern yet reassuring face as he carried her.

Connie woke up with a stretch, rubbing her eyes as she gathered her senses. Feeling more refreshed and energetic than usual. She looked around realizing she was in her room, in her bed. Climbing out, she walked into the bathroom, turning on the light and heading to the bath to run the shower. As she stripped out of her clothes she took a look in the mirror, seeing the faded glyph along her lower torso. Memories of her time as a demoness flashed in her head. 

A small smile appeared on her face. “Yes, It worked…A one time use it seems, though.” She looked at the slight change in her stomach as well feeling how tight her skin felt. “I’m a little toner than usual..a side effect, maybe.”

As she continued to look at herself in the mirror, she blushed marooned as she saw little bites along her neck and behind her ear.

Steven nearly dropped his watering can when he heard her shrieked out his name. 

“It seems my feral and firey lady is up.” He chuckled as he rubbed his own bites. Smiling an anticipation of the day of teasing he was about to put her through.

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Polydiamond Family AU

Chapter One

Summary: The diamonds wish to expand their family.

           The happy shrieks of human children rang in the ears of everyone in attendance of what Steven had called a “backyard birthday party.” The small gaggle of adolescence chased each other through the grass, past the two large trees with the colorful balloons tied to the trunk, and the large banner that hung between them that read “Happy Birthday Lisa!”

           White watched everything unfold from the comfort of the otherwise empty party table. Yellow had shrunken them down so they could attend the party, but she felt so out of place that she might as well have stayed her natural size. Blue and Yellow had gotten swept into a conversation with a pair of humans she didn’t recognize, and Spinel was having the time of her life with the children, leaving White to feel even more isolated in the sea of humans and Crystal Gems.

           A small but sudden tug on her skirt brough White out of her thoughts. She looked down just in time to see the light green toddler climb onto her lap. Before she could ask what she was up to, Mint grabbed a handful of the nuts that were set out on the table, shoved them into her mouth, and ran off without ever uttering a word.

           White chuckled as she watched her daughter run back over to the human children. Seeing her next to Steven’s two children, it amazed her how quickly humans aged compared to gems. Lisa and Dominic were only eleven and nine, but despite Mint’s older age of twenty-five, she was physically and developmentally at the stage they were at the age of three.

           While she watched Mint play, White saw out of the corner of her eye that someone had sat down at the table with her. She turned, expecting to see Yellow or Blue, but was surprised and delighted to see the half-diamond man who invited her to this party.

           “Oh, Steven!” White grinned.

           Steven smiled, politely, back at her.

           “You know you don’t have to sit here all day. You could join the party.”

           Of course she knew that. Of course she knew she knew she could, but the thought of leaving her little corner filled her with a sense of dread.

           “Oh, I’m perfectly fine right here,” White said, masking her anxiety with a smile, “I enjoy watching the children have their fun.”

           She looked back over at the group of kids, noticing that Mint and Dominic were no longer with the group. While the older kids playfully hit each other with balloon swords, Dominic had taken Mint aside to sit in the shade and blow bubbles.

           “Your Dominic is such a kind child,” White grinned, “He reminds me so much of you when you were younger.”

           Steven smiled. “I think he’s still shy around Lisa’s friends. She’s a bit caught up in her birthday right now, but she usually tries to help him feel better.”

           White nodded and grinned. She loved hearing him talk about his children, and she especially loved the bond the two of them shared. Ever since Dominic was born, Lisa had been very protective of him. Steven had loved to tell the story of how when he’d brought Lisa to see Connie and baby Dominic in the hospital, she had the most starry-eyed look upon seeing her baby brother for the first time. The way he told it was so precious, and White hoped to see something like that for herself one day.

           The day went on, and the party began to wind down. The diamonds gathered Mint and Spinel, said their goodbyes to Steven, Connie, and the children, and boarded their ship, where Yellow restored them to their natural size. From the monitor, they could see the humans that were still at the party staring up as the ship began to take off. Blue and Yellow put their hands together to make their ships form a heart shape, and then they quickly took off, much to the amazement of the small crowd.

           White breathed a sign of relief as they began to leave the stratosphere. As much as she loved seeing Steven and his children, she was elated to finally be heading home.

           “Mommyyyyyy,” a tiny voice came from behind.

           White turned around to see Mint staring up at her.

           “When can we go back to Earth?” Mint asked.

           “As soon as Steven invites us next.”

           “When will that be?”

           “Mint, come here for a moment,” Blue gently urged, knowing that Mint would just keep spouting off the same questions she always did if she wasn’t distracted.

           Mint turned and ran over to Blue. Blue picked her up and took her to sit by the controls. White watched as Blue explained what all the controls did, and every now and then having to stop the toddler from pressing buttons.

           A few hours later, they were finally back on Homeworld. White looked at the view of the world from the screen as the ship landed. The sun had almost completely set, but many gems were still walking the streets. A certain gem caught her eye; a howlite that she recognized as once belonging to her court, happily pushing a pram down the street. White couldn’t help but smile to herself. Just a couple decades ago, seeing a juvenile gem was considered to be a once in a lifetime experience. Now, you could hardly turn a corner without seeing a gem with an infant in her arms or holding hands with a toddler. Seeing the old-fashioned method of gem production becoming popular again was wonderful, both because it meant their population growth wouldn’t fall too much now that they weren’t using kindergartens anymore, and because it meant Mint wouldn’t be short on playmates.

           As the diamonds and Spinel exited the ship and entered the palace through White’s bubble, Mint let out an audible yawn. Looking down at her, her mothers took note of her droopy eyes and sluggish movements.

           “It looks like someone’s ready for bed,” Blue said, gently patting Mint’s head.

           The little diamond’s eyes snapped fully open as she looked to her mothers with the most hurt and betrayed look on her face.

           “Nooo!” Mint whined, “I’m not tired!”

           “It’s already past your bedtime, Mint,” Yellow pointed out, “And you look very tired to me.”

           “Noooo! I’m not tired!”

           “How about this, Minty,” White offered, crouching down to her level, “If you just get dressed for bed, you can stay up a little longer while I tell you a story.”

           Mint nodded, excitedly agreeing to the deal. Blue and Yellow glanced at each other as White scooped her up in her arms.

           “We’ll meet you in the common room after she falls asleep,” Yellow told her. White nodded before carrying Mint up to her room.

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