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sanriosratz · a month ago
Toby headcanons
@eldritch-hall-asylum / @ellie-insertsurnamehere cuz you like Toby! (I think, at least)
Connie (Toby's mum (or mom if ur weird >_>)) had Tourette's when she was younger. She grew out of it before having kids, though.
Loves axe-throwing! He's pretty good at it, too!
Gets along quite well with EJ! They're both quite artistically talented and love sharing tips together.
Also just likes EJ's being in his presence. He feels safe.
He wants a pet raccoon. (so do I :()
Has a tic of "Guess who made waffles!" from Invader Zim
Definitely likes vintage things.
His most common motor tics are throwing his head back, hitting his chest, and cracking his neck. These can be quite dangerous and he definitely hurts himself without knowing.
His most common vocal tics are coprolalia (the vulgar/swearing tic), the waffles tic and just general shouting/loudness.
Can't taste but loves sour/savoury things over sweet things.
Collector. Of what you might be asking? Anything he can get his grubby little mitts on.
Has freckles. Like, tons. They're mostly on his shoulders and back, though.
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lallorona04 · 10 months ago
Consider - Mama's boy Toby respecting and loving his mother. We all know that he would.
Also, consider - Toby's Mom bisexual. This is the hill that I shall die on.
Tumblr media
Okay but CONSIDER THIS!!!! They go to pride together UWU
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eldritch-hall-asylum · a month ago
Connie: you guys have never been apart. Not ever.
Toby: Except for those ten minutes before Cody was born.
Toby: those were the days...
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b-boricua · 4 months ago
Toby : are we there yet? Are we there yet?
Connie : settle down Kid’s.
Lyra : Just lay down.
Toby : no.
Lyra : on me?
Toby : fine if you insist *does so*
Connie : *shaking her head*
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demonicus-familia · a year ago
Levi had that familiar, almost sickness inducing feeling at the back of her throat the entire night. It welled away within  her as she tried to swallow her plate of pasta puttanesca. She looked up to the woman before her and smiled nervously. 
Connie looked gorgeous in her dress. She was all in white with her hair curled. Her makeup was light and sweet, she was like an angel walking on the ground beside her. 
She loved Connie. She wanted to spend the rest of her life with her. They were soulmates, bonded by their closeness. She wanted to make everything official, even if just for the sake of Connie's parents.
Her stomach seemed to flip inside of her. She was so nervous, she didn't know what to do. 
How would she manage to bring it up? How would they get on topic? 
God, proposing was so hard! 
Finally, after stating into Connie's beautiful meadow green eyes, she came up with an idea. This would get the ball rolling. 
"Darling, have you ever heard the story surrounding my family?" Levi asked cautiously. She wanted to test the waters before leaping in too deeply.
Connie thought for a second. "Not really, I don't think so. No."
Levi nodded and gulped. "Well there is a tradition in my family," she recited as the box in her pocket weighed her down. "That whenever a new member of the family is brought in, be it through marriage or adoption, we add them to the tree in a colour separate to the rest."
Connie paused in thought for a second before nodding, urging the demon to continue. She sipped some wine from. Her glass and kept her gaze focused entirely upon Levi.
"Anyway, in cases of birth, the colour of the name on the tapestry stays the same, while adoption changes the colour entirely. And I was just wondering…"
"What?" Connie asked, taking a sip from her glass. 
"If you would consider letting me adopt Toby and Lyra into the family."
"Adopting the kids?" Connie asked. "Levi, I love you, but don't you have some kind of pure demon bloodline to maintain or something? I mean, I'm not against you adopting Toby and Lyra, but…" 
"Connie, darling, I want you to know that the Demonica bloodline ended with Amorose Demonica roughly seventeen thousand years ago," Levi put a hand over Connie's. "Amorose adopted her daughters. As did Larenzo, and as did Saphiq. My own great grandmother even adopted her child. Connie, my lineage means nothing to me. Even if I had the Demonica bloodline for several million centuries, I would want to adopt them."
She slid down onto one knee and pulled out the box. "What matters most to me is my family; you, Toby, Stolas, Lyra and Tim. All I want is for you to be my family. So, what do you say?" 
Connie's hand slid up to her mouth, and little tears began to jewel within her eyes as the single greatest syllable escaped her lips.
She said it in a voice no louder than a whisper, but it was the perfect response that Levi had hoped for for months. 
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lynnarty · 3 years ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Happy Birthday little bud..im late again but i have been thinking about your happy moment, your birthday. Somehow i felt sad and sorry for him while i was drawing..make your best wishes...
Thank you for Kastoway
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Tumblr media
The Mutilator (1984)
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ladamarossa · 3 years ago
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The Mutilator (1984)
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limeysocks · 4 years ago
Creepypasta Headcanon #5 (a sad concept - Ticci Toby #3)
- Toby once saw his mother while finishing up an assignment. He, of course, didn't recognize her, but he felt very drawn to her. He couldn't find the courage to speak or even move. He even started tearing up. She didn't notice him, thankfully. But Toby didn't speak for days after this, all he thought about was this woman. And the word that came to mind when he saw her. "Mom".
Tumblr media
Photo credit - @junk97 on deviantart ❤️
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whencartoonsruletheworld · a year ago
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Autism Acceptance Month 2k21: Autistic Headcanons
↳ Roger Rabbit (Who Framed Roger Rabbit?)
“A laugh can be a very powerful thing. Why, sometimes in life, it’s the only weapon we have.”
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Tumblr media
Some girls hugs the sibling, friend and love interest.
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Tumblr media
Garnet in Christopher John Rogers AW 2020 💜✨
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angels-and-demons · 14 days ago
Aight! Headcanons for Toby's family (Connie's side bc I've been making a whole thing for this).
Under the cut for length.
Toby's grandparents are called Arianna and Tomas. Arianna has a sister called Ida, while Tomas was an only child.
Connie is the middle child and has two sisters. Her older sister Judy has three kids, while her younger sister Laila has a single son.
Judy works as a Baker, while Laila is a trophy wife/stay at home mother. Connie is an architect.
Judy lives in a rural Minnesota town just outside of St Paul. Laila lives in New York. Connie stayed in Colorado, while their parents retired to Florida with Ida.
Toby is both the youngest and shortest of his cousins - at six foot tall, and one year younger than his youngest older cousin.
The oldest cousin is called Marshall, and he is also the tallest at six foot ten. Then comes Erik, Jolene, and finally cousin Aaron (Laila's only child).
Toby is the one that looks the most like his grandfather, which he gets from his mother. He also gets his love of the piano from this side of the family.
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eldritch-hall-asylum · 8 months ago
To the people that tic; has any of them ticced/said something offensive?
Toby once called his mother a "twitchy bitch" when he ticced. He then apologised profusely to his mama. Connie understood and said it was alrighr; her baby boy can't help it. However, the fact that her husband said it so much was shocking.
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demonicus-familia · 2 years ago
Toby hcs because it's his birthday!
He was born 2 months early.
Levi is mama, and Connie is mom.
His first word, however, was Asmo.
Levi absolutely hated this, but was happy he said his first word.
Levi legally adopted him after Toby's father gave up his parental rights (about two weeks after Toby was born), so legally, Toby has 2 mothers.
Toby was diagnosed as autistic at age six when his teacher sort of noticed certain symptoms in him.
He also met his future boyfriend at this age.
On his birthday, he usually gets a chicken burger, fries and a drink for dinner.
When he turned twelve, he got braces removed.
When he was fifteen, his best friend became a father.
They dated for a few weeks, but decided that they were better as friends and they're still close.
Him and his BFF both deal with bipolar disorder.
They actually have similar medications, but different quantities, etc.
Connie and Levi took his friend and his son in for a bit.
Toby's boyfriend came out to him as trans when they started dating. Toby was chill about it bc "Bae, ily. Ur amazing."
Toby has a dog called Hatchet, she has three legs and loves chicken. She also acts as a service dog.
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pasta-quotes-headcanons · 4 years ago
Connie: hey kiddo, how was your day? Toby: fine, I heard a new voice inside my head Connie: Toby, you were just kidding about the voice right? Toby: Relax...we don't have to answer that
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Tumblr media
The Mutilator (1984)
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druukkari · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
i do not write smut or anything depicting mental illness.
i only feel comfortable writing for fictional characters, not real people.
i will do platonic character x reader fics too!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
who do i write for?
if the character you want is not on this list but is in one of these universes, don’t be afraid to request! these are mostly just the characters i feel most comfortable writing about. specifically if there is a cillian murphy or tom hardy character you want me to write for that’s not on this list, just ask!
carol danvers
steve rogers
bucky barnes
natasha romanoff
yelena belova
kate bishop
the eternals (will only write platonic sprite x reader)
frank castle
peter parker (specify which one you want! my fav is tasm!peter <3)
the hunger games
finnick odair
the walking dead
daryl dixon
maggie rhee
dean winchester
dean is the only supernatural character i will write romantic fics for. i will do platonic fics for other characters.
tommy conlon/riordan (warrior) [side note i really want to write for tommy please send me a request]
eames (inception)
bane (nolanverse)
alfie solomons (peaky blinders)
thomas shelby (peaky blinders)
robert fischer (inception)
jonathan crane/scarecrow (nolanverse)
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the-annotated-screencaps · 9 months ago
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festering-bacteria · 8 months ago
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They are a friend group I don’t make the rules
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