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#connie springer
jarmeen · 13 minutes ago
random connie headcanons
☾ warnings: mentions of food
Tumblr media
• has a huge collections of hats and beanies. he likes keeping his hair short but does not like his head getting cold
• he has his ears pierced. usually wears plain studs but every now and then he’ll put in some cool safety pin earrings
• does not have a bed in his room. he sleeps on a giant bean bag. a little weird, but he finds it comfy so we’ll let him do his thing
• makes playlists specifically curated for each of his friends. puts them on whenever they hang out or are driving together
• the only reason connie got his license is because jean and sasha threatened to stop driving him everywhere. to be fair, he did stop paying them for gas 
• his first meal of the day is always breakfast. it doesn’t matter if he woke up at three in the afternoon, he’s sitting down to have pancakes
• he playfully kisses all the guys on the cheek before he leaves from hanging out with them. jean and eren try to avoid him but armin just lets it happen
• started posting videos on tiktok of him just being him and he blew up. people love how weird he is
• every week he has a different song stuck in his head. you will know about it, because he will sing it whenever there is a break in conversation
• he can goes days at a time without leaving his house. if it’s been over two days since anyone has seen him, they call him to make sure he’s alive
• actually a good dancer, but he rarely dances seriously so it would be hard to tell
• obsessed with marvel comics and movies. has spent years collecting the comics and watches the movies when he doesn’t have anything else to watch
• his room is so messy. but messy in a way where he knows where everything is. has the infamous pile of clothes, but he can’t tell whether they’re clean or not
• gets bored easily and calls people without knowing what they’re doing. sasha told him she was eating dinner with her family and he literally said, “oh, my bad” and continued the conversation
• always wears sunglasses. doesn’t matter if it’s not sunny or if he’s inside, he will wear them regardless
• sometimes he dyes his buzzcut. only does fun colors. so far he’s done hot pink and lime green
• keeps all his shoes is the box they came in. the bottom of his closet is just a bunch of stacked boxes
• he’s lowkey afraid of cats. one hissed at him when he tried to pet it and that experience scarred him
• never on time. people tell him to show up an hour before the event actually starts and he’s still late
• zones out really easily. jean and sasha have videos of him just staring into space. looks absolutely clueless in every one
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warm-starlight · 7 hours ago
I'm kind of fed up with the fandom thinking the characters have to constantly parrot "we're against genocide and war" to make it clear that they're against it as if forming the alliance, doing everything within their power to kill Eren and becoming peace ambassadors isn't enough to show that.
I think what they wanted was the characters condemning and hating Eren to prove that point.
Thing is, even when they went against Eren not a single one of them ever stopped caring for him.
Resorting to kill Eren was the most difficult thing for them. I think Isayama just portrayed what a strong bond and love for each other this group of friends had.
Nothing about it justifies Eren's actions.
I mean it's so unrealistic for them to just stop caring for him all of a sudden when they fought together for Years. They always believed Eren is ready to go to great lengths for them. They still put their lives on the line to stop him and that portrays their stance on the whole thing.
Isn't it the same with Eren and Co and RBA?
Mikasa couldn't finnish off Reiner and Bert, Sasha, Connie and Jean all cried after they defeated Reiner.
They both were enemies of humanity inside the walls yet still friends to their comrades...
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sonofthesaiyans · 8 hours ago
Like I said, it ended with the Ocean.
That crappy fucking ending didn’t even attempt to wrap anything up. It ended way too cleanly to the point of comedy and way too many questions were left unanswered and too many plot points made completely pointless and irrelevant. And so much potential destroyed getting there. I’d have expected a lot more from this eleven-year old piece of toilet paper. And that’s all that last act was from Marley onward. 
The Ocean felt like a far more complete ending than whatever the hell that was so I think it’s best to just forget everything after that point. I don’t think I liked one thing about the story after they finally reached the ocean. And I hated the new characters even more. Really fucking pathetic, even as someone who hates Titan I expected better. I am dead serious. 
Hopefully this at least makes it easier to forget the entire final act and to ignore it. Eren is responsible for his own mother’s death? He sent the Smiling Titan after her? Fuck you, man. Fuck you. 
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erwinsvow · 11 hours ago
𝐚𝐨𝐭 𝐜𝐨𝐥𝐥𝐞𝐠𝐞 𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐜𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐧𝐬 𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝐭𝐰𝐨
note: part two to the college headcanons! i had a lot of fun writing these and i hope everyone enjoys them :) teacher/student dynamic warning for zeke and hange's, and i guess bullying for annie's :/
𝐩𝐨𝐫𝐜𝐨 𝐠𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐢𝐚𝐫𝐝
the very definition of kind-hearted frat boy who doesn’t fit the stereotype he’s been assigned at all
starts off with accounting before realizing he hates math, moves into business management and marketing
the linkedin profile is absolutely popping, 500+ connections and details about every club and organization he’s ever been a part of
the friend that helps everyone find internships and fixes their resumes while offering helpful advice and not being condescending… anyways so that’s how you meet porco
he works at the career center 100% and does various coaching/prep help, and you, pieck’s friend, are in desperate need of an internship
so you’re complaining to your friend as usual, when she tells you to stop by the building and ask for a “pock”
so you do just that, walking in and asking for “pock” and porco is a little stunned by this pretty stranger calling him by a nickname reserved for his close friends, and even then he just barely tolerates it
but he doesn’t want to correct you, especially since you’re being so sweet and he can tell you need some help
so a meeting at the career center slowly turns into facetime calls to review applications and last-minute edits, stopping by your dorm to help you fill out paperwork and walking together to mail it out
i have a feeling porco doesn’t wanna be too forward, and he thinks he’s being very aloof and casual, when he really just seems oblivious
and you cannot tell for the life of you if he likes you or he’s just being friendly since you’re close with pieck
finally after you land the internship and won't have your normal excuse to spend time with him, you get the guts you've been searching for
you tell him about the position later in the day, stopping by the center for hopefully the last time
"by the way, my number's on my resume if you're ever gonna ask me out."
leaves pocky-boy flustered and red and scrambling to ask you out, and you have been happily dating since
𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐧𝐢𝐞 𝐬𝐩𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐫
oh boy
conny is a very typical college kid in the sense that he will sleep through every 8 am class he has, blow off class to go wait in line for the nacho bar, and has adopted the mantra ‘c’s get degrees’
but he is an extremely lovable education major with a focus in history
rarely seen without his shadow sasha, but now that she started dating niccolo, she thinks that conny could use a relationship too, and that it might do him some good to be with a funny, down-to-earth person
thus begins the most grueling two weeks for every girl on campus, as sasha hunts down girls that she thinks would be a good match for her best friend
this includes airdropping a photo of conny to the lecture hall with the caption “would you date this man? serious inquiries only”
creates a fake tinder complete with a google form to narrow down the options
however, none of this is necessary because sasha bumps into you in the smoothie line and causes your triple berry blend to go flying
she helps you clean up and idle conversation leads to you talking about dates and so forth
“well, i’d love to set you up with my best friend? how do you feel about a blind date?”
yes, conny met you, the love of his life, on a blind date set up by sasha with a stranger
it’s one of those funny stories that people don’t believe when you tell them, because how ridiculous is that, but you both think it’s perfect since you get along so well and it made all the waiting worth it
bonus: double dates with sasha and niccolo! fondue night at their apartment, going to the arcade and having to lug up sasha and her food baby while niccolo parks the car, just overall a grand time :)
𝐳𝐞𝐤𝐞 𝐲𝐞𝐚𝐠𝐞𝐫
zeke yeager, ph.d. started his new job at university with one rule in mind: absolutely no illicit affairs
he also coaches the club baseball team, because why not get involved on your campus
he really believes that he’s gonna stick with it too, despite the overwhelming number of students who come to his office hours with questions that his less handsome teaching assistants could answer
but no, he doesn’t want to earn a reputation as that professor, and so he heads into the new semester with absolutely no lingering thoughts of an exciting little dalliance to get him through the monotonous days
he knows his huge lecture classes would always come with a few pretty students, but it’s the smaller, upper-level psych class he’s teaching when he meets you for the first time
zeke has you all figured out, or so he thinks. sitting in the front row, raising your hand for questions he wasn’t expecting anyone to actually have an answer to, neatly handwritten notes in a color-coded notebook. he wouldn’t peg you for the type to jump and take the risk by starting a relationship with a professor.
but he soon realizes that he didn’t have you as figured out as he thought he did.
you avoid the gaggle of freshmen during office hours by scheduling meetings instead, sometimes right before class, coming to him with two cups of coffee and a wide smile that actually had him fooled into thinking you were here for academic reasons
this facade quickly fades though, because after a semester of interactions with you and getting more and more comfortable with each other, to the point where coffee orders are memorized and it’s zeke rather than professor yeager, you’ve had just about enough
he knows he’s fucked when you come visit him at practice for the baseball team, bringing him a drink and engaging in conversation while the players watch their coach flirt with you
he’s especially fucked when he realizes he’s looking forward to practice just because there’s a chance you’ll stop by on your way to your next class
you submit your final paper early, nearly a week before it’s due and of course the first in the class to do so, and waltz into his office the next day with another steaming cup of his favorite drink
“you submitted your paper pretty early, you know.”
“i know. i also know that it means i’m not your student anymore, so if you were going to make a move, now’s the time.”
no, he definitely had underestimated how much he knew about you.
𝐦𝐢𝐤𝐚𝐬𝐚 𝐚𝐜𝐤𝐞𝐫𝐦𝐚𝐧
mikasa is a forensic sciences major and is still debating on the minor- she’s torn between criminal justice or history like armin.
she loves her major classes, but she just wants something else interesting to look forward to as well, so armin suggests sitting in on a couple classes early in the semester and getting a taste for it.
so you don’t really think twice when she claims the empty seat next to you on the first day of classes, smiling politely and paying attention to the professor. you do notice, however, that she’s not writing anything down or looking at the syllabus, leading you to strike a conversation on why that is.
she explains herself and then before you even know it, the lecture ends and you spent the last forty minutes talking to mikasa about anything and everything.
she’s sitting in on another class tomorrow, and absent mindedly invites you to come along, to which you agree all too quickly, because why wouldn’t you
numbers are exchanged, times are fixed, and mikasa leaves wondering why she’s so excited at the idea of sitting with you in class again.
you two hate the history class she had chosen, with the professor droning on and on and you being focused entirely on the conversation you’re having with mikasa
until the professor kicks the two of you out for not shutting up, that is
you’re both laughing hysterically once you reach the hallway
“i’m gonna have to discourage you from doing that history minor if that’s what all the classes are like.”
“well, i have to do criminal justice so we can have that class together, anyways.”
𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐢𝐞 𝐥𝐞𝐨𝐧𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐭
true to form, annie goes into one of the most difficult majors: cheg. definitely flies through intro courses with straight As and minimal effort, but that’s also mostly because all she and bertholdt do is study
reiner tries his hardest to get her to go to a party every once in a while, but usually to no avail because she always has an exam to study for
you’re a tutor, and honestly, you’d say you were pretty good at your job. you can answer questions and explain reasonings fairly well to confused students. but when annie comes to your office hours with some complicated problems and she’s asking for explanations that you just don’t have, you literally feel your face burn with heat for the entirety of the time she’s there
long story short, your first encounter is embarrassing, to say the least. you’re stumbling over words as you try to look through your old notes and piece together an answer for annie, who you cannot even look in the eyes.
anyways, she leaves eventually and you want a hole to open in the ground and swallow you up, but at least she won’t be back next week, right?
miss leonhart doesn’t know how to express her feelings any better than you, so her way of flirting is spending time with you in the tutor center as you fail to answer her questions time and time again
you want to scream at her to stop coming because she and you both know you’re not helping either of you with this
but also you really don’t want her to stop coming because you don’t have any other ways to see her outside of class
both of you reach your wit’s end on the same day, her coming to you with the absolute easiest problems she could find in the textbook, and you with every intention of asking her out to dinner
she opens her book, and you reach and close it quickly
“unless this is the only way you know how to flirt, something has to change now.”
𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐞 𝐳𝐨𝐞
dr. zoë teaches, just, way too many classes
we’re talking multiple chemistry labs and upper-level research courses as well
you’re just a ph.d. student doing rotations as per usual, and you’ve heard the comments from students senior to you about dr. zoë, who makes every student in rotation say hange instead of the formal way you’re used to
you’ve heard everything from crazy to genius and everything in between
what you weren’t expecting was… so good looking, and young? and comforting? and talking about all the things that you didn’t have the guts to bring up with other people, like how you always feel a little left out in the field and that you think no one cares about your research interests that much—a lot of stuff that you find yourself pouring out to hange on your very first day in the lab
you’re wondering why it’s so easy to talk to them, and why none of the other rotations ever felt this comfortable
and then you realize you’re spilling your guts to someone who probably doesn’t even care, and has way more to deal with on their plate than a ph.d. student with imposter syndrome
so you’re apologizing right after you’ve finished, when you’re met with the warmest look and a reassuring hand on your shoulder
it’s so easy to fall after that, with weekly meetings and regular check-ins, and you know it’s wrong to have this strange crush on your superior, but hange really feels like the one person you can count on here
you hide the crush in favor of getting the mentorship you desperately think you need, but it’s not long until you’re onto the next rotation and the next lab’s work is even closer to the stuff you love
you hate the way you feel, that you’re not gonna have any reason to keep in touch and you never even got to explain how you feel about them—and that you didn’t even get to experience hange’s energy because she was always listening and helping you out
it’s not until you get a text the night before your first day in the new lab from hange, filled with reassuring words and asking for a coffee date later in the week to talk about how it goes, that you realize just how well hange understood you
𝐩𝐢𝐞𝐜𝐤 𝐟𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐫
last but not least, miss pieck is double majoring in french and public health
absolutely obsessed with her majors and loves the subjects, but works herself to death to keep up with it all
you don’t even realize that the pretty, studious girl you’re seeing in the library all the time is the same girl you spot with some of your friends from class
pieck is as oblivious as they come. you invite her on study dates after you two are introduced by reiner, invite her to get coffee after a particularly late night of studying, pretty much start spending most of your days together
you can’t help but be disappointed that pieck doesn’t see you in that way, because you’ve slowly been falling head over heels, but you accept that maybe it just wasn’t meant to be, and you still love the friendship you two have
it takes a while for things to click for pieck, but they do right as the semester eases up
once exams are over, you two decide to go to these famous parties porco and reiner never stop talking about
it’s not the usual scene you’re comfortable with, but what’s wrong with letting loose a little, especially after midterms? no harm in having fun, right?
wrong again! you definitely get plastered way too quickly, and eventually pieck takes you to a room to settle down
drunk confessions of love aren’t usually the way to go, but you can’t help but reveal everything you’ve been feeling for the last few months when pieck is taking care of you in your current state
you definitely wake up hungover and ignorant to last night’s shenanigans, but you’re in your dorm, with a bottle of water and ibuprofen on the nightstand, phone plugged in and shoes off
pieck comes back with breakfast, coffee and your favorite pastries, and checks up on you
“so.. about last night..”
“i’m so sorry, did i throw up on you?”
“no, but you did say you were in love with me. was that just a drunk thing, or is it a sober thing too? because i think i’m in love with you too.”
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erenpapi · 13 hours ago
Codicia — Connie Springer
Tumblr media
Genres: smut, college!au, nsfw/18+ | Wc: 1k+
Tw: f!reader, latino!connie, cockwarming, exhibitionist, unprotected sex + creampie, impact play, (Spanish) dirty talk, degradation, orgasm denial, mentions of tears.
Tumblr media
Connie just couldn't take it anymore, every time the Jeep moves a little too much or you just move on him because Jean next to you makes you laugh so much that you have to wipe the corners of your eyes, your ass crashes against his erect cock and it's too fucking much. He feels that if you keep moving like that he's gonna cum on his shorts and you feel it too, you feel it throbbing under you and you feel it pressing hard against your cheeks and you try to ignore it as much as you can listening his friends jokes.
Pre-cum has his shaft soaked and he is afraid that soon the liquid will begin to show through the shorts. His balls as well as his reddish head begin to hurt, he needs to come so bad, he needs to be sink in that warm nice pussy. His hands squeeze your waist tightly, your innocent giggle makes his cock twitch, it's not until you feel his fingers push your panties to the side that you realize what the brunette is doing.
You tried to look at him after muttering his name under your breath but he just asks you to keep talking to them. You feel the wet tip separate your folds and dig into your entrance and your walls instinctively contract.
"Connie, you're really quiet." That's Eren, you think, you're not sure. Jean agrees with a chuckle glancing sideways at both of you.
With another abrupt movement of the Jeep you fall completely on his dick which makes you both gasp, your fists squeeze the hem of your dress and you swear that Jean can see your hard nipples through the fabric which for some reason makes you more excited, Connie can feel your walls sucking on his shaft.
"You alright?" Jean's palm rests still on your knee and his thumb caresses your skin from side to side. You manage to look at his face begging he doesn't notice how flustered you are, you nod with the best smile you can fake before looking away at the window.
Being inside you, Connie finally feels some release, your pussy is so tight against him that it is so difficult not to move his hips and fuck you right there in front of everyone. Your walls clench against him every time you stir on his lap or every time you laugh at one of the jokes of his friend next to you.
Connie's hands hold you by the waist and as subtly as he can help you move just a little, enough so that you feel his cock throb with need inside of you, he was concentrating all of his energy on not to fill you up right there.
Out of the corner of his eye he glanced at Sasha's house and realized that they had finally reached their destination. The one with the bun stopped near a few cars on the edge of the yellow house and when you saw that everyone began to get out of the car you started to be alarmed.
"Stay still." He whispered behind your ear. "Can you guys go ahead? We'll be with y'all in a sec."
Jean knew. He had to know. The boy took one last look at both of you and smiled at the brunet, "Yeah, sure." It was the last thing he said before closing the door.
When everyone left the only thing you could hear was your heavy breaths. Your open pussy was starting to ache with pleasure from the stretch, Connie wasn't huge, but it was big, fuck, it was definitely big, your legs were starting to tingle and your fluids were running down your thighs towards his girth, both of you were a mess.
Your hands held the seat in front of you and you got up just a little so that Connie could move better from below, the hem of the dress was just above your cute butt giving him the perfect view that the brunette needed.
"Coño. That's such a tight good pussy." His hand collided with your ass making you stir on top of him. His hands tightened on your waist to move better under you.
In this new position his cock reach even deeper inside of you, reaching all the spots that made you feel so good. Connie positioned himself better underneath you starting to pounding you without any warning, your ass was crashing with his pelvis every time he lowered you against him and the sounds of skin against skin soon filled the small space, the crystals were fogged due to your breaths and you couldn't do anything else but call his name, hold the seat and take it. Connie was pounding you so hard, his gasps and heavy breathing only managed to bring you more and more to the edge.
"Fuck, babe, 'm gonna cum. ¿Vas a tomar hasta la última gota?" You felt his hand hit your skin again, this time much harder than before.
Connie loved your reactions, the way your body reacted every time you heard him speak Spanish, every time he spanked you. He was so hard. He just wanted to sink over and over into you, "such a good fuckin' cunt." It was the last thing you heard before feeling the hot ropes fill you to the last drop.
Connie came out of you and put your panties back on, two of his fingers put his cum inside you again. "No quiero que desperdicies ni una sola gota."
But your pussy was still throbbing, your clit and your swollen hole were still not satiated. "Connie, p-please—."
"Ow, my baby didn't cum, uh?" The mocking tone only made you ashamed, your whole face burned and your pussy throbbed out of necessity closing desperately against nothing, you only needed two of his fingers inside, you were sure that even one of them would be enough. "Que puta tan insaciable, I already make you cum, didn't I? Just minutes ago when my fingers were fuckin' you, so be nice and keep my cum inside you the whole party. If you are good enough I'll fuck you again before we leave."
The boy spanked you again and despite the fact that his words had made your eyes fill with water with despair, your greedy pussy needed him more than ever.
Tumblr media
You may also like after class [ connie x f!reader ]
Reblogs and feedbacks are appreciated it♡
Tumblr media
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tamakigf · 14 hours ago
JEAN >:(
pairing: streamer!armin x streamer!gn reader
warnings: cursing, caps
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
series masterlist
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fun facts!!
armin made the mistake of telling eren that he got your private account & that’s how eren actually found out
that lead to eren stealing armin’s phone when he wasn’t paying attention
y/n had to delete tweets of them talking about armin
@hugemommymilkers @simpeon101 @megumisenpai @starlightsemi @keiganie @etherealiwa @idontevenknow129 @erensslut @httpglxssy @saintreneschapel @rrroadkill @clean-soap @milfslvr @sugarpieck @lazalee @mika-kc @chwlogy @ascybous @tanakaslastbraincell @3rens-r3t @chemeinpain @stardusthyuck @erenismyhobo @lagrimasdeglitter @stupidbitch28 @inusdoll @snowyseungs @oikawasflat4ss
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taglist is open!
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bertoldtburrito · 15 hours ago
Aot incorrect quotes-pt 20
Jean:*holding a python*Guys,I impulsively bought a snake, what do I name him?
Armin: You did WHAT–
Connie: William Snakepeare
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ackerbabezzz · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Gabi Braun, what an amazing warrior. She is strong, determined and confident. Quality’s that make a warrior. When I first met her I immediately loved her spirit. Sure she was arrogant but she always back up her claims and didn’t let anybody take her down. She is extremely under appreciated as a character and deserves the hype. People hate her because they know she never misses everytime. Gabi has grown as a person since she first appeared, yes she made mistakes and yes she did kill Sasha but she did what she had to do to protect her family and friends. I loved watching her learn that both sides aren’t different she became mature and set aside her beliefs to come together with the people she used to hate to most and to help stop the rumbling. And I’m glad that she made it and survived. She came out like the Warrior Queen she is and she sure does have many stories to tell in the future along with Falco. Happy Birthday best girl Gabi 💕
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maivyno · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Ghibli Style Attack on Titan
My favourite trio 😭 | Ponyo x Sasha, Connie and Jean
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ackerbabezzz · 19 hours ago
I’ll be taking a long break from this page until the second cour of the last season comes out so if any mutuals still wanna keep in touch just message me!
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nootnootbitch · 19 hours ago
𝘼𝙩𝙩𝙖𝙘𝙠 𝙊𝙣 𝙏𝙞𝙩𝙖𝙣 𝘿𝙖𝙩𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙃𝙚𝙖𝙙𝙘𝙖𝙣𝙤𝙣𝙨
today I’ve got Armin, Eren, Jean, and Connie!!
Tumblr media
Sweet Sweet Armin (best boy)
He’s unbelievably kind to you. Everything he does for/to you, he wants to make sure you’re comfortable. Definitely the type to ask for a kiss often before he gives one.
He likes to read to you. Any kind of book. If you buy it he’ll read it to you. Before bed, in the middle of the day, while you’re cooking. He never gets tired of it.
“What’s this? Another book? Sure I’ll read it to you now if you want! This never gets old.”
He LOVES beach dates also. So often you guys have dates where you chill out by the ocean. While you build sandcastles or rest or do whatever, Armin’s out looking for the most beautiful seashells to be found at the beach.
“You having fun over there? Cool! Look what I found! Aren’t these seashells pretty? The way that the glow under the sun reminds me of you.”
He’a pretty protective. More protective than jealous. He’s not Mr.Macho Man so he has to find different ways to keep people away from you.
He likes it a lot when you cup your hands over his cheeks. It makes him blush softly. And a smile spread across his face. And nuzzles his face more into your hands and just likes to sit there like that. Its the cutest thing ever.
“I love when you do this! It always feels so nice in your hands. You’re amazing. I love you so much.”
Tumblr media
tsk tsk Eren
He isn’t very verbal about his love. But it’s okay because his physical touch makes up for it. His hands are always on you. ALWAYS. When you’re walking his hand is on your hip. If you’re sitting down somewhere, he’s holding one of your hands.
He lets you do his hair. He’s got a lot of it and doesn’t care much at all for styling it. So sometimes he lets you braid it or curl it etc.
“Fine, you can do my hair. Braids? Again? Fine. But don’t do a bunch like last time.”
He likes to do anything you like to do. Or at least that’s what he tells you. He just doesn’t care much and he’s down for anything. You plan the dates. Sometimes you guys just stay home and have dinner.
He doesn’t like seeing you around other people. If you’re around another guy and he feels like the guy is interested in you, he’ll pull you away. He’s done it before. You had to explain to him that he can’t do it every time he gets jealous. So he stopped doing it... as often.
“Oh hey! Who’s this? Doesn’t matter. Come here let’s go to talk to that wall or something...”
He would wrap his scarf/sweater/jacket around you. Cliche I know but he does it.
“You look cold. Here just take my jacket. Are you cold?”
He loves more than anything when you’re hugging and you lay his head on your shoulder. It remind him of how he used to do it with his mom when he was a lot younger. He finds something really comforting about it. And even though he never says anything, you can always feel him smiling into your shoulder.
Tumblr media
Good ole Jean
He’s so sweet. He cares about you so much. He wants to stay tough though. Maintain that tough guy persona and all that. He kisses you A LOT. Just soft kissed on your forehead or on your cheek. Or he’ll hug you.
Don’t tell him because it’ll make him blush but he has the warmest hugs. You could and you have fallen asleep in his arms before. He thinks it’s adorable seeing that you feel comfortable enough to fall asleep in his arms. He mutters and says things that he doesn’t like to say often out loud to you while you’re sleeping. After he’s done admiring you he falls asleep too.
“I appreciate your trust. You’re adorable all wrapped up in my arms. I wish we could stay like thief forever.”
Don’t call him Jean-boy. He hates when anybody calls him the name except his mother. And even when she call him that he pretends not to like it.
You guys go on dates to festivals. Fairs. Parties. You dance. And you drink and eat. Simplistic. It may seem like there’s thousands of people around but trust in this, Jean only sees you.
“I didn’t even realize how many people were here. Never mind them. Want to dance with me? I’ll even spin you a couple times...”
He loves when you put your hands over his ears. Often Jean puts his hands over his ears during stressful situations. But when you do it, no matter the situation it calms him down. A lot.
Tumblr media
Wow Connie. Does this man joke or what? He is constantly cracking jokes with you. ALWAYS. If there’s an opening for a joke, he will take it. They’re never extremely funny but sometimes they’re just stupid enough that you laugh so hard you fall out of your seat. Or you laugh at him laughing at his own bad joke.
“Oh come on! That one was funny. Look at you’re laughing! Haha don’t deny it! Besides you look so pretty when you laugh at my jokes.”
He teases you constantly. Sometimes you’ll tease him back. Connie thinks it cute when you try and tease him back so he really get’s into it. Sometimes though, he might take it too far and that’s when his loving side really comes out. And he tries his absolute best to make you feel better.
“Listen, I’m sorry. I love you. I didn’t mean it like that. I love you. I’m sorry. Did I mention how much I love you? Uhhh wanna hear a joke?”
Picnic dates. He likes to be out in the open. Not because of nature but because being inside all day and doing nothing isn’t a always appealing to him. So you guys will pack up some food on a not tooo sunny day and go find a grassy patch to sit out on.
Connie absolutely adored when you play with his fingers. There’s just something about it. He thinks it’s so cute. It makes his heart stop.
💃🏽 ✨ 🕺🏽
also new theme guys 😈
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heliiosaa · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Attack on Titan Farewell collection is now on my etsy! I'm gonna miss this manga so much 💕
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lillebloody · 20 hours ago
I feel like Jean, Sasha and Connie are the kind of friends who make out to "reinforce the friendship". Now, Sasha and Connie don't really think much about it but Jean might get confused until the other two tell him that it's not a big deal (?????
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