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Yes! If you look through all my stuff with her, Dahlia was born blind!

Her basic backstory is her birth parents left her at an orphanage a few days after she was born. The orphanage was not a good place (I want to acknowledge not all orphanages are like this and there are places that I know are great…but story). Jason and Roy do pro bono work shutting down these places and making sure the kids end up somewhere better.

Jason….adopted her? Adopted is a loose word since for the most part Dahlia didn’t really exist to the government and the process wasn’t entirely legal. But let it be known that Jason Peter Todd adores his daughter. He never treats her blindness as a handicap. He acknowledges it and the challenges that it poses for her, but refuses to make her feel weak or fragile.

Around the time Jason finds two year old Dahlia, Tim and Kon are about to have a baby via surrogacy. Cassie Sandsmark carries Grace for them (and chose her name which is so beautiful!!) Grace inherited Cassie’s powers sooooooo….that’s fun when the one year old can lift the batmobile 😂

Grace and Dahlia are actually super close growing up. Like almost funnily so considering how their fathers got along.

Grace is a lot girlie than Dahlia, which helps when they go undercover because Grace can do her make up for her. They make all sorts of blind jokes because that’s who they are

Wrestling is a common pass time of theirs.

Funny headcannon after Dahlia starts dating Beck, her non-binary partner: Grace always points out Dahlia cannot truly appreciate what a gorgeous human Beck is (because they’re ridiculously beautiful). Dahlia calms says that didn’t seem to be a problem the night before.

They honestly act more like sisters than cousins

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