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#conservatives be like
Response for when the far-right pick a fight by spewing ignorant divisive bollocks, then claim that they're being 'bullied', or 'cancelled', or 'oppressed' or 'silenced' when other people argue back or criticise them for said bollocks.
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wongbal · 16 days ago
few things aggravate me more than the conservative hot take that “telling me to not be racist is bullying!!”
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mishtikoisorigin · a month ago
India has had a heinous history of female foeticide and it is disgusting and just outright sucky of them. But I'm so but glad that instead of banning abortion as a whole, only sex determination of foetuses was banned.
Instead of taking away the freedom to choose, they focused on massive campaigns and education and mitigated sex selective abortion.
It is hard to imagine that we could've so easily had our rights taken from us.
There is always an alternative.
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mnemosyne2110 · 2 months ago
“I also proudly served in 3 tours of duty in the war on Christmas. So you can believe me that I guarantee you that I will replace all Christmas programs at state public schools with ‘how to be gay’ classes” I lost it
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hells-favorite · a year ago
let me get this straight...y’all hate Big Goverment but love the cops and fantasize about being an FBI agent and stan the president harder than a kpop girl
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willow-of-stars · 11 months ago
I’m having the time of my life watching ppl bully Ben Shapiro and Candace Owens on Twitter this morning
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bubbadabad · 11 months ago
Conservatives one minute: fuck your feelings snowflake, you're stupid for believing what you do and I'm gonna piss on your grave.
Conservatives the next minute: it's a sign of maturity that I can be friends with people I don't agree with. It's something that *some* people could learn to do.
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ourladyofsorrow · a year ago
the statement you can’t be actively racist and a good person shouldn’t be controversial in the slightest but people still act like it is
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i-am-corbin-dallas · 3 years ago
Fighting rightwingers be like
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mishtikoisorigin · 2 months ago
Sometimes when I feel worthless and mediocre, I go read a conservative's posts to cope.
I am an average Joe but tiers above them in the society, and I sleep well knowing it.
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not a fan of the term “politically correct” as shorthand for “using a community’s preferred language as a basic sign of respect.” that’s not catering to an agenda, it’s just the bare minimum of decency. 
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uncanny-tranny · 5 months ago
Some of y'all are truly uncritically transphobic toward trans men and it's kinda disgusting.
I see y'all calling a trans guy's chest "mutilated" or "gross" after his top surgery. I see y'all making fun of our voices, or the way we don't (or can't) pass, or calling our facial hair "neckbeards," or making fun of our sexualities, or just because we're existing as we naturally are.
Trust me when I say trans men see your infantilization of us and how you'll treat us as broken women or how you'll only recognize us but only when we're able to be weaponized. Or how we're erased from history and from narratives of trans liberation.
I see how our transness gets erased to call us gross for being men, or how our status as men is erased to call us confused, broken women.
Transphobia toward trans men hurts the entire community. An injustice for one of us is an injustice for us all.
Please reblog, but don't belittle trans mens' real experiences or our experiences with transphobia.
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