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#consider this the answer to your destiel prompt anon!
ekingstonart · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Gotta get a little creative when walking in on a Situation™ while wearing your civvies.
— based on a conversation with @searidings: what is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear supercorp call out ‘that’s my wife!’?
kara walking in to lena's office with her arms full of food for lunch, seeing two men attempting to kidnap lena and yelling 'that's my WIFE' as she throws lena's kale smoothie at their heads
Tumblr media
“It’s strawberry, Lena. You can’t go to battle with strawberry. Unlike kale, it has no interest in violence.”
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clairenatural · a year ago
Suptober 2020, Day 30: Dress Up (destiel, 1.1k. anon prompted me with “meet cute halloween costume party where Cas is dressed up as Dr. Sexy,” which I realized also worked perfectly for Suptober day 30 (which I’m late on, sorry) and also is perfect for Halloween!)
Dean Winchester, for all the big game he talks about not caring about holidays, loves Halloween.
He loves it because it’s the one day, out of all 365, that he can be exactly who he wants to be—no expectations, no questions, no strings attached. This year it’s a cowboy, and he’s feeling good; and not just because the chaps make his ass look great. Cowboy Dean doesn’t need to balance his engineering classes with D1 baseball, the reason he’s even allowed at this school. Cowboy Dean only has to walk into this house party, get drunk, and maybe even find someone who’s also trying to be someone else for the night.
He enters with Charlie but gets abandoned pretty quickly for some girl in a Leia bikini, which he can’t honestly be that upset about. Besides, it’s not long before he’s making eye contact with someone himself, a pretty girl wearing cat ears who beckons him to the other side of the room.
Apparently the Halloween gods have other plans, though, because he only makes it a few feet before he abruptly runs into someone else, clear liquid sloshing out of both cups and splashing onto the other guy’s black scrubs and Dean’s cowboy boots. He starts apologizing immediately but Dean just swears under his breath and looks down to check his boots—then stops when he sees two pairs. The other dude, the one in black scrubs, is also wearing cowboy boots.
Dean snaps his gaze back up, any irritation forgotten, and looks more closely at the person he’d just spilled vodka on. He has a white labcoat, a stethoscope, and the bluest eyes Dean’s ever seen. And cowboy boots.
“Dr. Sexy,” Dean blurts, as the guy is launching into another round of apologies that suspiciously sound like offering to pay dry-cleaning fees—and he stops, obviously taken aback.
And now, Dean’s the one blushing. “I just meant—your costume. You’re Dr. Sexy, right?”
The other man just blinks at him again, and for a moment Dean considers bailing entirely and going to find that cat girl, but then a slow smile spreads across his face and all other thoughts leave Dean’s head.
“You’re the first person to get that tonight.”
Dean raises his brows. “Dude, no way. It’s obvious.”
“You would think.” Dr. Sexy guy takes a sip from whatever is left in his cup. “I’ve gotten ‘doctor’ plenty of times. Twenty minutes ago someone got close with ‘hot doctor,’ but I think she was just flirting with me.”
“Hey, I can’t blame her,” Dean replies—and taking risks is why he’s there in the first place, but he’s still relieved when Dr. Sexy guy smiles into his solo cup.
“Yes, well. She wasn’t my type.”
“What is your type?”
Dr. Sexy guy grins and leans in closer. “Everyone knows what makes Dr. Sexy sexy is his cowboy boots,” he says, punctuating the end of the sentence with a pointed look down at their feet, and now it’s Dean’s turn to grin.
“Well, then. I’m glad my Han Solo costume was in the wash,” Dean replies, then sticks out his hand. “I’m Dean.”
“Castiel,” Dr. Sexy—Castiel—replies, and shakes his hand. He lets his hand linger for a beat too long before he drops it, and Dean almost misses the contact.
Castiel. He rolls it around in his head a few times. He likes it.
Someone in a pirate costume passes too closely behind Dean, jostling him again, and Dean has to fumble with his cup to stop the puddle at their feet from growing. He swears softly and glances behind Castiel, towards the open door to the patio. “Hey, do you wanna, um—” he nods towards the exit. “Go where it’s quiet?”
Castiel looks relieved and nods immediately, as if he’d been waiting for Dean to ask that question. They make their way outside, settling shoulder-to-shoulder against the brick wall of the house.
“So,” Dean stars again, taking a deep breath of the crisp October air. “Who are you, under all this?” he reaches out to tug gently on the lab coat, and Castiel lets himself be tugged closer.
“I’m a biology major. Pre-med.”
Dean raises his eyebrows. “Dude. You realize Halloween is about being who you’re not, right?”
Castiel feigns surprise and reaches out to return the gesture by flicking the fringe on Dean’s vest. “You mean to tell me you aren’t a real cowboy?”
Dean chuckles. “Just an engineer. That a deal breaker?”
“That depends. Do you wear those boots any other time?”
“I wear ‘em every chance I get.”
Castiel tilts his head and considers Dean for a moment before nodding. “I suppose that’s acceptable.” He looks down on himself. “Besides, this is someone I’m not. This show is entirely medically inaccurate, Dean.”
“Then why do you watch it?”
“Because when I get angry at the inaccuracy it reminds me that I actually do care about this, and that motivates me to get through Organic Chemistry.”
“Huh.” Dean thinks about this for a second. It does make sense, even if it was a deeper answer than he expected from a Halloween party. “Okay, well. If you’re a real doctor, does that mean this is a real stethoscope?” he reaches out to poke at it, continuing their back-and-forth of small touches.
“I’m not a real doctor, yet—but yes. It was a gift.” He eyes Dean. “Why?”
Dean grins and turns to face Castiel, leaning one shoulder against the brick. “Can you listen to my heart?”
Castiel raises his eyebrows. “Yes, but—” he pauses for a moment, hesitating, then—”but I’d rather just do it like this.” Then he’s reaching out and placing two fingers into the pulse point on Dean’s neck, and he’s letting his thumb rest across Dean’s jaw, and Dean feels his traitor heartrate double.
“What’s the verdict, Doc? Am I gonna make it?” Dean manages to get out, his confident tone undermined by how fast Castiel can definitely feel his heart beating.
“Yes,” is the only response he gets, and it’s almost whispered, and Dean feels a little bit better knowing he’s not the only one suddenly having trouble breathing.
They stare at each other for a long minute before Castiel pulls himself together with a sharp intake of breath and starts to pull his hand away. Dean catches it as it slips off his neck, links their fingers together, and pulls Castiel closer. Their lips meet in the middle.
The next morning, Charlie swears as she stumbles back into their apartment, tripping over two pairs of cowboy boots discarded by the front door.
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frostbitten-written · a year ago
So, you wanna request a fic...
Before you request a fic, please read the FAQs!
What kind of fanfics do you write?
I typically write one-shots, on occasion, I work on multi-chaptered fics. I do write smut, fluff and angst. I tend to write for Mr Tom Hiddleston, Lucifer (Netflix) and Supernatural. 
I did enjoy Vampire Diaries, Good Omens, Sherlock and The Originals once upon a time. I could attempt them, but I don’t guarantee! 
How can I send in a fic request?
Note: If you request anything to be written, you must be following me. I don’t mean to be “that person” but, if I’ll be putting so much effort into creating a one-shot, the least you could do is support my work, which would include your future one-shot.
If you request a fic anonymously, it will be considered a “prompt” and given less priority than a “non-anon” request. This is only because it’s less personal given its anonymity. 
If fic requests are open, you can send an ask (either anon or not), or send me a direct message.
How do I know if fic requests are open?
It will be listed in my Tumblr bio whether fic requests are open or closed!
How do I write my fic request?
Give me the basic idea that you have in mind. You can include (some) intricate plot ideas and dialogue you’d like included. Tell me the character you’d like me to write about, give me an OC (original character) name to use and the theme or scenario you want. Let me know what kind of one-shot you’d like, meaning: does it include smut, fluff, angst or any combination of the three? The more detailed you are, the better idea I get for writing your request. Feel free to be as vague or detailed as you want.
Notes: I don’t write for Y/N or reader. I tend to write in the third person and on occasion first person. 
Also, my OCs, for the most part, have anonymous identities. I know that is quite the oxymoronic phrase, but let me explain. I try to make my work as inclusive as possible. To accomplish this, I try not to add any details that would make you believe that the character is one race over another. The idea is for the character to be uniform enough that no matter your race, you can still relate and mentally fill in details, specific to your race.
Ex: When he plays with her hair: you can imagine what hair colour, hair type, hairstyle, etc. (I don’t specify too much, but I give just enough information.) 
Sometimes, though, I do like to try and explore ethnic characters, respectfully, but for the most part, my characters remain anonymous.
Do you only write smut?
Although I usually default to smut, I do also write non-smut fics! 
When I do write smut, it will ALWAYS be consensual. 
If I think it may or does come off as dubious or non-con to others, I’ll warn in both the notes beforehand and the tags.
What characters can I request?
Note: Although I do so sometimes, I don't like to write for real people. I try to avoid it as much as possible, but when an idea comes a-knockin' it happens. I kindly ask that you don't request for real people. I could write the same plot, but for a character.
I write fics for Tom Hiddleston's characters! That list includes Professor Hiddleston, CEO / Jaguar Villain Tom, Jonathan Pine, Loki, Dr Robert Laing, Captain James Conrad, Sir Thomas Sharpe, (Hiddleston’s rendition of) Hank Williams and Adam. I could try to give his other characters a go, but I don’t guarantee that they would be in really good characterisation.
I also write for Supernatural. Typically, I stick to Dean Winchester and Castiel (not Destiel, but x OC), however, I might be able to try writing for other characters after reading the request, so don’t hesitate to ask because you never know!
Lucifer is too tempting to resist. He’s been around for quite a while, and he’s also fun to write for. Again I typically only write for him (possibly Mazikeen) so keep that in mind, but same rules apply. I could always give another character a shot.
What pairings can I request?
Hiddleston character x OFC
Lucifer x OFC
Also, see the previous question for a detailed answer.
Is there anything I can’t request? (TW)
Yes, there are a few things I don’t like to write/refuse to write. These include:
Dubious consent
Nonconsensual relations
COVID-19 related topics
If your request contains a sensitive or triggering topic/theme, please consult me, and I will determine whether or not I feel comfortable writing this request.
How long will it take for my fic request to be published?
This depends on how many fics I have lined up to write. Some days, I have the time and can write all day, on others? I can have time but still, get nowhere. In addition to requests, I primarily write my one-shots (WIP) and multi-chapters that haven’t been requested. I try to publish every weekend, but life can get busy. I will always let you know if something may take longer than expected.
Can I check up on the status on my fic?
Of course! Feel free to ask for an update on your fic’s progression. I’ll let you know how far along it is and provide any details you’d like to know. If I think it’s good enough, I might even send you a little snippet as a preview.
Will my fic request be a one-shot or a chaptered work?
All requests will initially be published as one-shots. If the fic gets enough comments asking for a continuation of it, I might add a second or third part to it. Chaptered fics are usually something I work on at my leisure and don’t come from requests, but as Ian Malcolm said in Jurassic Park, “Life finds a way,” so an idea might just take root and become something more!
Will you say no to a fic request?
As the author, I reserve the right to deny a request, alter it or even abandon it. Whether it is due to the content of the request or the number of fics I have lined up, I do hope you understand. Declining a request is nothing personal and I encourage you to continue to seek out another author to write your request, there are so many excellent ones to choose from! If you have any other questions, just let me know! I’ll do my best to answer you as quickly as possible!
Also, note: This FAQ is subject to change at any given moment!
Although I write for free, would you mind supporting my work on Ko-fi? I’d really appreciate it! 💕
Visit my Masterlist for more!
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destiel-love-forever · a year ago
Day 1: First Date
Combined two prompts from two anons for day one on 14 Days of Destiel Valentine’s!!  - "For the Valentines' prompts... First date?" && " This high class restaurant I’ve always wanted to eat at is doing a Valentines day dinner special that’s like half the price of a normal meal there and my ass is broke so will you pretend to be my date and come out to eat with me?" 
Read Below or on AO3: HERE
“So,” Dean begins as he leans on the checkout counter to look at Castiel. “Any Valentine’s Day plans this weekend?”
 As usual when his most frequent customer talks to him, Castiel ducks his head to hide his blush and tries his best not to sound flustered. “Ummm, no. Nothing special planned.”
 “Any regular plans?”
 “Nope.” Castiel laughs awkwardly, his hands shaking as he rings up Dean’s coffee and donut. It’s the same every night. 3 a.m., Dean in his police uniform, wrapping up another patrol shift, stopping at the gas station by his house – the one Castiel happens to work at – buying coffee and donuts. Castiel teases him relentlessly about the whole ‘cop with a coffee and donut’ cliché. It never fails to make Dean smile.
 Castiel really likes making Dean smile.  
 It’s been two years of Castiel working this shift and Dean working his, the two of them seeing each other at least three or four times a week. At first it was Castiel fumbling and stuttering as he tried to ring up the officer with the gorgeous smile and witty remarks, but thankfully Dean’s insistence on small talk has loosened Castiel up. 
 A bit. 
 As loose as you can be when you’re head over heels in love with a man ten times out of your league that likes to flirt with anyone that moves. 
 “Do you have any plans?” Castiel asks politely as he waits for Dean to fish out his money. 
 “I don’t.” Dean leans further over the counter and Castiel finally looks up at him. He realizes that Dean isn’t trying to get his money. In fact, he doesn’t seem at all concerned about his coffee and donut at the moment. His eyes are locked on Castiel. “You don’t work?”
 “Surprisingly I do not.”
 “Great. Neither do I.” Dean grins. “Listen, this is gonna sound crazy but I promise I’m not trying to be a creep and come onto you, okay?”
 Castiel laughs nervously, his heart in his throat. “O-okay.”
 “This high class restaurant I’ve always wanted to eat at is doing a Valentine’s Day dinner special that’s like half the price of a normal meal there and my ass is broke so will you pretend to be my date and come out to eat with me?” It all comes out in a rush and for the first time, Dean is the one blushing instead of Castiel. 
 Well, that’s not entirely accurate. Castiel is still blushing, but Dean is at least joining him now. 
 “H-how expensive are we talking?” Castiel asks, doing a mental calculation of his current bank account balance. 
 “Don’t worry about it. I’ll cover your half. I just can’t go alone. They’re only letting couples go.” Dean beams at him as if Castiel already agreed. “So, will you come with me?”
 Castiel doesn’t even have to consider it.
 Dean has never seen Castiel outside of his gas station attendant uniform. Don't get Dean wrong, the little blue vest and name tag are adorable, but Castiel cleans up well. He's gorgeous, standing outside the restaurant in dark jeans and a button up with the top two buttons undone. The blue of his shirt makes the blue of his eyes pop even though it's dark outside. 
 He's breathtaking.
 Dean has officially been launched from yeah that college kid is cute and I have a major crush on him to fuck, I might be in love with him...
 "Hey," Castiel says softly, looking slightly uncomfortable. Dean can't exactly blame him. He's been staring at the kid like an idiot. 
 Dean clears his throat and pastes on a smile. "Hey. You look great." 
 "Thanks. You too." Castiel tugs at his collar. "I, um… I don't own a tie. Do you think this'll be okay?" 
 "It'll be perfect. You ready?" 
 When Castiel nods, Dean takes his hand and starts to lead him into the restaurant. He's only holding Castiel's hand because of the whole couple ruse, of course.  
 At least, that’s his excuse if Castiel questions it.
 The host seats them at a small table in the back corner of the restaurant. The scene screams romance. From the twinkle lights strung along the ceiling and the live piano music to the rose petal covered table and the bouquet of flowers in a vase as the centerpiece. Once they've taken their seats and have been handed the special Valentine’s Day menu, the host leaves. 
 Castiel's first words are, "This place is gorgeous."
 Dean swallows the flirty, "You're gorgeous," and just agrees with Castiel instead. 
 "So why this place?” Castiel asks. “I mean, yeah it's nice and the food is probably amazing, but why'd you want to come here so bad?"
 "It's new. Small town like ours, you don't get that much. Especially like this. All we end up with are crappy diners or chain restaurants, but this chef used to work at a 4-star restaurant which is amazing. I've been wanting to eat here since it opened last summer." 
 Castiel leans forward and it's clear he's not faking interest. The fact makes Dean's stomach flip. "You must really like food then, hey?"
 "Absolutely. It was actually my dream to be a chef, but it doesn't pay the bills, at least not starting out." 
 "I get that. I can barely afford to live and go to school full-time, even with my financial aid. Hence the shitty gas station job."
 Dean straightens in concern. "You're going to school full-time? I figured you were only half or online or something."
 "Nope. I go to school during the day. It's not so bad this semester, actually. Last semester I had a practicum, so I had to do all my coursework for my classes but then on top of that do 15 hours in a classroom every week. It was brutal." Castiel laughs to himself. "I survived on coffee and hatred.' 
 "Coulda fooled me. You're always so happy."
 "You're the bright spot in it all." Castiel's smile falls. Panic makes his breath hitch in his chest, the shudder visible from where Dean is sitting. "I-"
 "So, you're an education major then?" Dean asks, saving Castiel from the embarrassment. Or maybe just saving himself from sharing his own embarrassing confession that Castiel is his bright spot too. 
 Castiel bounces back quickly, relief relaxing his shoulders and allowing his smile to return. "Yeah, elementary ed. I'd love to work with 2nd grade but anything under 4th will be fine. Once kids hit 4th grade they turn into little assholes." 
 This catches Dean by surprise, pulling a laugh from him. Castiel was always so shy and soft spoken at the gas station. Now that he's opening up, his personality is really getting a chance to shine. 
 Dean is on a very slippery slope here. 
 It only gets slipperier when Castiel says with enthusiasm, "You know, you should really try out for one of those shows. Like MasterChef! I'm sure you could get some sort of leave of absence from work. There's no way all of those people just quit their jobs, you know?"
 "I've actually thought about that…" Dean darts his eyes away, feeling the same as always when his dreams come up. "Michael told me not to waste the money flying out for the whole interview process or whatever, though. Said I'm housewife good, not actually good."
 "Umm, who the fuck is Michael?"
 Dean looks back at Castiel before answering. He startles when he sees the rage on the young man's face. "My ex."
 "Well fuck him. Seriously? It's not up to him. It's up to Gordon Ramsay - or whoever else tests your food. I don't know how the process works exactly but it's not up to him. And he sounds like an asshole anyway. If it's your dream then you need to do it, Dean! Isn't the chance worth it?" Castiel shakes his head in amazement before laughing once under his breath. "And I bet you're really fucking good, too. He sounds like an asshole that didn't deserve you. You should go on that show and kick some ass and then do a little shout out video with a huge I told you so." 
 Dean needs to blink a few times as he tries to process the mini-rant Castiel just spewed at him. As the words sink in, his lips spread into a wide smile that borders on painful. "You've never even tasted my food. How the hell are you so passionate about this?" 
 "Because I care about you." Castiel's eyes soften for half a second, something deeper passing between them. Then they light back up with humor. "And if I can't make an informed decision without eating your food, I guess you'll just have to cook for me some time." 
 "Yes. I suppose I will. But then you'll owe me a meal." 
 "Oooh, no. No, no, no. Trust me. You don't want that."
 Dean chuckles. "Can't cook?"
 "I held my own for a while. I made a mean hot pocket. And toast. I'm like an expert at getting the toast just the right amount of crunchy where it's not too soft and it's not burnt either." He makes a chef’s kiss with his fingers, the sound loud in the air between them. "Then, sadly, my toaster became out of commission. So, it's mostly just cereal and pb&js for me. Unless my microwave decides to work, which is extremely rare." 
 "What happened to your toaster?"
 Castiel looks up at him with both amusement and shame. "I may have gotten a piece of frozen waffle stuck in there and I can't figure out how to get it out, so every time I start to cook something it sets on fire…"
 "On fire?" Dean's eyebrows shoot up as he laughs. "Jesus. Yeah, okay. I'll be the one cooking then." 
 "Perfect." Castiel picks up his menu and waves it. "We should probably actually figure out what we're going to order hey?"
 Dean's immediate instinct is to say no. To ask Castiel if they can just spend the night talking. Who cares about the food?
 It's a terrifying thought.
 It's also exhilarating. 
 "I can get a bottle of wine for us to share," Dean offers. "Would you like red or white?"
 The blush that warms Castiel's face is so familiar, setting Dean at ease. "I'm actually not of age. Only 20."
 "Oh." Dean puts the wine menu down and laughs. "Well, then. Never mind."
 "You can get some though! It won't bother me."
 "I actually hate wine to be honest. Much more of a beer guy."
 "Yeah, I can handle maybe two wine coolers before I'm a mess anyway. Total lightweight." Castiel's chin snaps up and his eyes bulge. "Shit! I mean - not that I'd ever drink, because like that's illegal - and I'd - well-"
 Dean bursts out laughing. "Calm down, Cas. You think I never drank underage? Long as I'm not in uniform we don't have a problem." 
 "Okay. Good." Castiel takes a drink of his water, his hand shaking. It nearly spills when he tries to put the glass back down. "If it makes you feel any better, that's pretty much the sum of all illegal activity in my life. Unless you're counting the time I stole a chap stick because all my friends were stealing stuff, but since I felt so guilty about it that I went back 2 hours later and put it on the shelf again without ever opening it, I don't think it counts. So, I'm officially arrest free, officer." 
 Dean laughs. "Why does it not surprise me that you would do something like that?"
 "Nerdy… I know."
 "I was going to say adorable." Castiel flushes at his words, ducking his head. It's so goddamn endearing that Dean finds himself admitting something for the first time since it happened. "I was arrested once. When I was 15." 
 "Yup. Sent to a boy’s home and everything." 
 Castiel looks confused. Dean expects him to ask how he could be a cop then, in which Dean would explain the whole juvenile records being sealed thing. Instead, he surprises Dean by asking, "What did you do?" 
 "I stole some bread and peanut butter. Or, well, I tried to." Dean shrugs like it's no big deal. 
 Castiel doesn't brush it off so easily. He reaches a hand out and places it on top of Dean's where it rests beside his water glass. Dean stares at their hands pressed together as Castiel says softly, "You must have been really hungry. I'm sorry." 
 "It's uh... it's-," Dean needs to stop and clear his throat, suddenly overwhelmed.
 "It's okay." Castiel squeezes his hand gently. Like a reassurance. Like a promise that he's there. Still there. Not going anywhere. "Is that why you love food so much? Because it was such a luxury growing up?" 
 Tears threaten Dean's eyes. Castiel isn't pitying Dean or looking down on him. There's no judgement.
 Castiel understands. 
 "Yes," Dean whispers in relief. "Yes."
 Before they can discuss things further, the waitress comes to take their order. Since neither of them have really managed to look at the menu, they’re both caught a bit in the headlights. Thankfully their choices are limited on the special menu for the night, making it easier to rush through picking things out. They stumble through an agreement on pan seared scallops for an appetizer before Dean orders a medium rare filet mignon with a side of three cheese risotto and Castiel requests the same. 
 Dean worries that things will be awkward now that the conversation was halted but it’s not. The moment the waitress is gone to place their orders, it picks right back up. 
 “Hmmm.” Castiel glances around the restaurant, the wheels in his mind clearly turning. “On a scale of one to our asses getting kicked out, what do you think the rules are in me taking out my phone at a fancy place like this?”
 “They’ll probably just think our date’s going bad and feel bad for us.”
 The little scoffing sound Castiel makes is endearing as he pulls out his phone.
 Castiel starts scrolling through his phone as Dean is left to just stare at him. He laughs awkwardly after a minute. “Ummm, are we having a bad date?”
 “What?” Castiel looks up at him in confusion before shaking his head adamantly. “Absolutely not. This date is the best I’ve ever had. Which is kind of pathetic… since, you know, it’s not real or whatever.”
 “Feels real,” Dean admits. 
 Castiel blushes. “It does, doesn’t it?”
 Unsure of what he should say, Dean redirects the conversation. “Well, if it’s not that, then what the hell are you doing on your phone?”
 Instead of directly answering, Castiel says, “MasterChef auditions for the next seasons starts in October. Locations are L.A, Boston, Atlanta, Houston, New York City, and Chicago.”
 Dean’s heart skips. “You’re looking into MasterChef auditions?”
 “Yes.” Castiel looks up from his phone. “Didn’t you mention a while ago that your brother goes to Stanford? You mentioned you were going to visit him - I swear I’m not a creep, you mentioned it when-”
 “It’s fine, Cas. Yes, he goes to Stanford.”
 “Well then, there you go. L.A. in October and you can stop by and visit your brother while you’re at it.” Castiel beams at him. “That gives us nine months of preparation.”
 “Okay. It’s a plan.”
 A plan. 
 Dean decides to go out on a limb, wanting to check to see if Castiel means what he thinks he means. “So, you’re going to help me?”
 “Help you? Psssh.” Castiel puts his phone away and winks. “I’m going to be your official taste tester.”
 “Oh, you think so?”
 “And what exactly do I get out of this situation?”
 “Other than my excellent taste testing skills?” Castiel’s smile freezes before dropping a notch or two. "My company?"
 The way he says it, like he's suddenly very unsure of himself, breaks Dean's heart. 
 He reaches over for Castiel's hand now that it's free again, pulling it towards him so their intertwined hands can rest in the center of the table. "I'd say that's more than enough."
 "Yes." Dean takes a deep breath to steady himself. "And Cas?"
 "I was wondering if maybe you'd-" Dean pauses, looking away from that gorgeous face and bright blue eyes in case he's rejected. "I was wondering if maybe you'd consider going on a real date with me sometime? Like… ya know.. for real."
 The pause that follows is so long that Dean is sure Castiel is going to say no but when he takes a chance and looks at Castiel again, Castiel is grinning. He nods enthusiastically as their eyes meet. "I'd love that. Can we count this as our first date though? Because I am terrible when it comes to first dates and this is already going so well." 
 Dean laughs in relief. "Sure.”
 “Perfect.” Castiel pauses, raising an eyebrow at him. “You’re not just dating me for the discount on coffee and donuts, are you?”
 The question is clearly teasing but there’s the slightest undertone of panic beneath it, as if Castiel can’t understand why Dean would genuinely like him.
 That will be something Dean fixes. He doesn’t care how long it takes.
 “No, Cas. I don’t give a shit about the coffee and donuts.” He leans forward and looks Castiel directly in the eyes. “Considering it’s 3 a.m., do you really think I’m coming to the station for coffee and donuts anymore? I usually eat half the donut, wash it down with a sip of the coffee – which is decaf, in case you were wondering – and then crash into bed thinking about the cute boy at the gas station.”
 Castiel seems to puff up. “Really?”
 “All this time?”
 “Mhhm.” Dean’s smile fades as he turns serious. “The first time I came to the station was after a homicide. A man killed his wife. I’d been to their house twice before because of neighbors calling in the domestic abuse but the woman… no matter what we tried, she never pressed charges against him. Always took him back. Walking into that house that night and seeing her – shit, seeing her on the floor like that. It… wrecked me. I couldn’t get myself to go home after that. Just kept driving around. When I saw the station, I decided to stop on a whim. But then there you were, humming along to the song on the overhead radio as you arranged the candy display, and I was hooked.”
 With a shake of his head, Castiel mutters, “That’s not true. That – you’re not serious.”
 “It was a Tuesday. Winter. One of those nights where the air is crisp but warm so every inhale is relieved, not pained. I had to go to the station to change out of my uniform and into civilian clothes because I had blood on my shirt and it became part of evidence. I was in jeans and a ratty old flannel. It was the worst night of my career to this day, and one of the worst nights of my life.” Dean closes his eyes, letting his smile grow as he pictures the scene before him. “It was a Taylor Swift song and you were into it. Like, humming under your breath, shaking your ass, bobbing your head, into it. You had no idea I was even there. It was so… happy. You were just radiating this joy even thought it was the middle of the night and I doubted you were enjoying the fact that you were awake and working at a gas station. There was just something so freeing about you. I only used the bathroom because you were distracted and I didn’t want to pull you out of it, but the next night I came back in my uniform right when my shift ended and bought my first ever coffee and donut from you. And you-”
 “Laughed and said, ‘a cop buying coffee and a donut?’ Is it your life mission to become a cliché?’” Castiel finishes, his voice taking on the same tone as it did two years ago. He smiles at Dean in wonder. “I was very proud of myself for that, by the way. I was so flustered because you were gorgeous, and I just knew I was going to say something stupid. When that came out instead, I was stoked.”
 “Don’t worry, I figured out pretty quick it was a fluke.”
 Castiel’s jaw drops. “Hey, now!”
 “I’m just speaking the truth! You’re a god damn mess. Always dropping shit and stuttering and blushing.” Dean takes Castiel’s hand in his and smiles fondly. “It’s okay, though. I love that.”
 After staring at Dean for a few seconds, Castiel shakes his head. “I can’t believe it. All this time…”
 “Yeah, Cas.” Dean pushes forward, leaning across the table so his lips ghost against Castiel’s. “All this time.”
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ao3spnkinkmeme · a year ago
oh haha im the anon from the destiel/cull amount thingy and i didnt mean to like offend u guys or anything -- if i happened to im rly sorry!! but thanks for the answer, that does clear up a lot i was confused ab -- and ya, i am trying to work on claiming prompts/giving them lol. thank you!!!
Offended, no, but it did seem like you raised things you were concerned about without really considering how, logistically, such things could actually be implemented in the spirit of the kink meme! Sorry if I came on a little strong in my reply, and I’m glad that we could clarify the matters that you raised!
I look forward to seeing your prompts and fills...and if I already have seen them, then awesome, because everything we’ve gotten so far is A++++!
-mod unforth
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jemariel · 3 years ago
A, V, and Z
HI ANON sorry I didn’t get to this last night, I crashed out before checking my inbox 0__0 Anyway I hope you still catch this
A - Ships that you currently like a lot. (They don’t have to be OTPs because not everyone has OTPs.) Friendships, pairings, threesomes, etc. are allowed.
I answered this one for @rosemoonweaver but I’ll answer it again here! Destiel and Cockles are the obvious ones, but I’ve also been curious lately about Denny and Destiny, and have been experimenting with DCJ. I also have a super soft spot for Saileen and I adore Donna/Jody. One that I didn’t mention before is Charlie/Dorothy, because I want Charlie to live her best life with a gorgeous brunette power top lesbian. SHE DESERVES ALL THE HAPPINESS.
V - Which character do you relate to most?
Oooooo… tough. It really depends?? Usually, though, (and if we’re just talking spn characters,) it’s Castiel. I’ve always identified strongly with the archetype of the oddball who doesn’t fit in, who has a foot in both worlds, who trends toward loneliness, the non-human amongst humans who sort of struggles to understand them and their emotions, who struggles with their own emotions first and foremost. Their arcs are full of questions of identity, of “who am I and where do I belong?” I have a huge fondness for that kind of story and always have, and Castiel scratches that itch HARD, for me.
Z - Just ramble about something fan-related, go go go! (Prompts optional but encouraged.)
I’m going to treat this as a “random” button and pick one from the list that I like. G! Have you ever had an OTP? If so, do you remember your first one? Who was in it?
Yes. Well, sort of. It depends on how you define OTP. But I have a list of pairings I feel very strongly about or have done so over the years.
First it was Richie/Methos, from Highlander the Series, because I am WHAT? FANDOM OLD.
Then it was Remus/Sirius (apparently now known as Wolfstar?) from Harry Potter who preoccupied me for the entirety of high school.
Then it was Kirk/Spock, who kept my head above the water during some of the darkest times of my life.
Then it was Jack/Ianto, my first big fandom heartbreak. 
Then it was Johnlock, about whom I still have traumatic feelings, though I’m getting better.
And now, finally, I have come home to roost in Destiel.
Through all of this, these past two decades, I have been in several fandoms. I have written at least one thing for all of these pairings but NOTHING has ever unlocked the creativity that I’ve found with Destiel. And no fandom has ever welcomed me the way the spn fandom has. I’ve found more friendships and more involvement here than I’ve ever found before. I love you guys. Seriously. You’re my favorites. (I would tag a bunch of people here but I don’t want to forget anybody and I haven’t had coffee yet so basically if you think I might be thinking of you here, I probably am, and CONSIDER YOURSELF TAGGED. I LOVE YOU. I LOVE ALL OF YOU.)
[send me letters and I will answer the question!]
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